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Sincerity remit be selfish

His preaching holy

His preaching Buddhist pendant Kong
Given the opportunity as the 2 - day
conference at the fair Hwa Tai Muang
Sunday, 28 September 2551.
Good person respectfully ask His
lecture guide.
Teachable person to head the pupil has
not stopped. To help people carry the
correct astray blue.
Ethos to mental output signal of Qatar
to have reached a fair time coming
We are Buddhist pendant Kong
abnormal commanded from the trails.
His junior policeman just want parents
to welcome Guy to Tai Hwa Eciim
Buddha Beach Cup needs battery Dong
drug application. Ask a pupil love all
people Breaking text OK
Mental decline peaceful mind.
Ha Ha.
Walking trail output President
committed mental body guard to be as
difficult to feel bitter struggle of
memory Ontkar painstaking pupil To
pull to pull you round. To modulate
the flow of said Si post drug daily
reminders do not play a departure sky.
Earnest help teachable person-focused
learning morals spread spread Clear
implication screening fair Property
deeds look from suffering. Every
courageous step Valiant effort at the
world's pioneering lead output President
knew this time panic. Request a
peaceful disciple wrong committed
Bachelor passion flow generation this
world. And the strength to break
through pain Pain not be disappointed
Zhang is suffering transient know eon
third live in poverty to be relieved as
President Roy output perform. Love
wicked pupil confidence. Mental
perception and realize (Repeat) songs
such Forgot your humble heart
O disciple love …………………….
Loosen sincere reputation benefits.
Mercy shown to increase fair practice
sincere emotions loosen accustomed
Add to the atmosphere to make wrong
Loosen sincere self selfishness.
Practice appears to enhance the integrity
Sincere desire to want to relent.
Mental practice increase charitable
review to appear.
Frank loosen the hold firmly committed
Perform increasingly hospitable to
appear forgiving.
In principle c true Allowed the fact that
succession is not a sustainable change.
There many other world nations.
Michelle was born and then fight to
make fair. Achieve excellent path. Make
fair practice outside straight white era.
Practice within the pure silk with
genuine understanding.
Pupil love Si ... O post
Turbulent flow over mundane world
through cross out all you can Served
every day life With four factors in the
physical body feed. Mental perception,
but never forget and fade genuine.
Mental top seed in the conference just
to restore good mental perception
sesame.New back to the roots at the
origin of the output was President. And
now you do not see the light works.
Let life be indifferent to the current
world every morning evening.
So turn back side: for love thick pupil.
With a human heart desires like
unlimited textDrying zone that is their
passion. Enlightened person said that ...
there is only a fair practice. Mental
light to the Wisuttis It can be cut by
the avarice of their own anger astray If
people make wrong deeds to perform.
Proven true will manifest. World vision
condition C breaking current teachers
hope so. You run into a high principle.
Will change bad habits, emotional end
to the fighting or not.
From this day to the next period of
days Although the test met or hinder
how But the test then obstacles is a
strong ladder of the practice by some
genuine insight.
O disciple love ... the Hotel Welcome
You two knot formula enlightened
person is taught how to bring the
platform across the coast To follow the
practice in attaining nirvana. If life is
faith, it is considered distressed Famous
gold. If held firmly committed too
many will be suffering. So say all
principle. Guide to teach you all to
forward to the saint from human heart.
Mental decline was still sitting down.
O disciple........................
Teachers will have before retirement
Saying much. Hope that the pupil
knows everyone. But when see the
faces of the crystal you are innocent.
Teachers are difficult to express what
words can speak. You just have to
maintain their care. And also not lax to
strict Buddhist rules MR Away in the
wrong way you will fulfill the need.
Path clear mind. This is because every
time something happens cheat cause.
Try Wisdom of you all wrong. If you
identify real truth lies not make a
mistake you will go astray by the
wrong direction.
The woman era white with blue signs
decree Principle is actually delivered
every move, but will maintain the
practice of their faith sincerely how.
And to maintain the principle Brrp rules
always have accurate models of how to
model this is concerned about the
behavior Valley Leave told everyone
pupil at night on pending Ping Sun is
alone waiting waiting for every pupil.
Or forget to walk the three other world
landscape. Not know this wind holds.
Do not mislead another. Know that life
has been notified wake thickness. The
remaining wild goose nest came from
Fr New long as the net present King
Victor teachers to bring you all back
home, back home.
Say goodbye Ha Ha mean
Note Mercure Hotel Welcome you
Two knot formula That with an poison
His likeness formula suggests the
importance of switch schedules Inc Tbk
Na discussed Inc. is a switch to bring
sorcerer West Wagga support drug
schedules Inc. Tbk The mind knows the
body For example, we know what the
mental eye support schedules Inc. Tbk
Know that mental recollection
Cognizant thoughts Mental self-aware as
we know are angry ESG Inc discussed
support the recall Na wrong Knowledge
of religion in everything.
North ever before Evening darkness

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