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Possible Project Ideas New Guide 2009

The projects listed below are not intended to address all of the criteria. The teacher
should decide on which assessment criteria is to be assessed before asking students
to complete an investigation.
Topic 1
Design Task Packaging
Using CAD to design a virtual product.
Drawing exercises and the production of new ideas. (limited assessment)
Use of CAD using CAD as a development tool (Draw a torch and assemble parts
evaluate its function and redesign it)
Topic 2
Personal music players The last 30 years and how this has affected battery performance.
Topic 3
Product analysis of similar products to compare materials green issues and life cycle
analysis redesign product to consider design for disassembly, recycling or reuse.
Test a range of similar products for power consumption consider battery life and
Design a piece or furniture from recycled materials.
Topic 4
Test a range of materials to determine their suitability for different design contexts.
Topic 5
Team task team is asked to manufacture a part for a client. They must open a new
factory, consider most appropriate method of manufacture for different numbers of
products to be made. Should they use a laser cutter or mechanisation? Consider costs,
break-even point, wastage, etc

Topic 6

Design and make a childs chair. The child is aged 3-4 years of age. Students are limited
to using 800 x 800x 9mm MDF. No mechanical fixings or adhesive to be used. Final
outcome will be made using CAM.
Collect ergonomic data from a group of students and design a piece of furniture to meet
their needs.
Observe a group of people using the same product. Notice changes in behaviour and
redesign the product to account for weaknesses in its design.
Topic 7
Product Analysis Consumer performance testing of a range of similar products.
Topic 8
Calculate the energy consumption of a building and suggest methods in which new
energy sources could be used to reduce bills.
Topic 9
Youngs modulus - testing metals.
Bridge design and manufacture.
Topic 10
Automata Design and make a childs toy.
Redesign and make a tool/product to increase mechanical advantage.
Topic 11
Design and make a chocolate box, which has a vacuum formed inner.
Design and make a piece of furniture/salad cutlery that incorporates lamination of timber.
Topic 12
Architectural model sustainable building

Option A
Travel - Design and make a nutritious 3 course meal to be consumed by passengers
onboard an aeroplane.

Option B
Alarms - Design and make a remote control alarm system for a bicycle.
Option C
Furniture - Design and make a flat pack piece of furniture to be used by a student.
Disability - Design and make a bottle jar/opener for those who are elderly or have
Jewellery - Design and make a range of jewellery to be worn at a special event.
Option D
Weddings - Design and make a bridesmaids dress to be worn at a friends wedding.
Young Children - Design and make a new garment to be worn by a baby.
Option E
Disability - Design and make a product to be used by people with disabilities.
Major project work should be focused towards the chosen Option.