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Appositive Basally meaning in others words Reaction are due 36 hours before class

and must be 250 words they must be informal and you must comment on 2 peoples
works and must be a minimum of 50 words and also 6 hours before class.
1. There is literal meaning
2. Clear communication doesnt exist
3. No one can read your mind
4. Repeat yourself but dont be Redundant

Points equal sections not paragraphs

Beyond Good and Evil
Knowledge is built through a metaphoric claim of metaphors
Truth is a lie that we have forgotten is a lie

Free writing
the reading was primarily about how the conscious and the unconscious are linked
because even though there is a scientific debate about how the two are not linked in
actuality the two are very much linked the science and the humanities are divided
on because the science cannot fully explain the conscious and that is why the
sciences and humanist are in a so called feud about this topic this book thing was
about how science and counsous are not two seperate two seperate things but that
they are somehow link into being one entity that is what the atricle is discussing
and that was about it i wish this book was about history but for the most part it
wasnt as bad as a read as the other book we had to read the logical steps in this
book was much eaiser to understanand that is one aspect of the book a liked also i
think the author might have had past experiences with cid i just get the type of
feeling and why did he care about man so much never understood why everything
has to be such a philosophical debate.

Physical and mental events is dualism

Meta commentary
A priori-before first assumption

The Brain is embodied and the body is embedded

Altered via signals
Neurons that fire together wire together
Emotion is in the brain
Eco niche fit/fitter is always in relation to the environment
Evolution a subset of evolution is logic
Evolution is biology over a long period of time
Consensus over a short time
Generator of a sense of diversity
Challenge from environment
Clarification of success

Neural Darwinism
1. Sectional system (lots of variation)

2. Lots of path's
3. Re-entry
Brain regions --> maps
Brain signals go from region 1 and region 2 and back again constantly
Power source
Chapter 3, 4, 5
Dualism- is the split between the mind and body the minds mental and the body
Compare and contrast between Edelman vs niche you should not simply do a
compare and contrast essay but make a solid thesis
Niche conciseness language knowing vs Edelman consensus neural Darwinism

Overall question for essay

How do we remember? ,
What is memory?
How do we forget?
Do we forget?
How accurate is memory?
Ask professor to post niche annotated
Shawn Rice website password Queens123

Chapter 7 post
Different types of truths like scientific investigation logical and mathematical truths
and then established truth of history and laws. (69, beginning)
Epistemology look
Humans have a different u understanding of themselves than nature (70, Begging)
(72, begging) there is a split between human sciences and natural sciences
(72, middle) Alfred whitehead philosophy of organ to get around split
Edelman different criteria for each valid truth
Scientific truths- Valid
Logical/mathematical- Valid
Culture and history Establishment of historical fact

Edelman is about embedded and embodied

Niche social aspect and actually of language how it changes what we see
perception is mediated by language
Edelman triad brain body and Econiche
Essay Dont forget to reference the text
1) explain niche model how does perception and language work in a way
to create knowledge
2) How would niche explain or account for memory
3) Explain Edelmans model for how perception and language work
4) How would you explain Edelman account for memory

5) Then contrast Edelman and niche account for memory we can assume
Edelman is right and we want to see how much niche got right

Edelman main points

Evolution is an important thing
Logic of evolution
Sectional system
How consciousness arises in individual brains
The Sectional system is different reproduction
Brain is computable unlike computers we figure different things with hard to
understand computation

Consciousness unitary experience

How can you tell the difference between green and orange?
Intelligent design is evolution with no sectionalism
What is memory?
Correct perception
False memories
Footnote essay Chicago style
Edelman the brain is physical
Causality is only physical
Consensus is not physical
Knowledge is in the brain and is made up of connections of neurons
Scientific knowledge and other kinds of knowledge is not inherently different but
they exist in different discourse that works together to comprehend knowledge

Objective > General laws

Subjective > not reduced
Qualia is when our brains can differentiate things into different categories
Dead metaphors that are considered truths second nature
Knowledge neutral Darwinism how does the brain work as a system

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

2D- Movement Touch
Cortical representation how your hand looks to you
Renewal connection
Memories movies
See in 3D ability/skill to perceive
People who gain sight and hearing have to learn these things
Emotions are key for episodic memory
False memory something that feels like a memory but its not real in actuality
Neuronal connections are plastic
Deeply embedded
Essay tell me how clem and joel remember each other
Remember each other
What can we call remembering?
How does memory work in ESSM?
-Trying to fill in memories
-What they say
-What they portray
While the character claim that memory works like this ____ it actually looks like ____
Howard is at least partially right
Joel and clem do remember something, somehow.

1 Tell me how it exists (memories are being erased

2 Tell me what it looks like (brain damage)

3 Analyses

Public memory constantly changes

Cultural traumas
English library room 227
Time: 4:30
Research paper public/cultural memory of an event
Annoyed bibliography

Iraq war changed over time is because the focus of the country shifted from security to the
economy after the 2008 financial recession then the iraq war turned into a big money waster

Its better to paraphrase than use quotes
Make a roadmap on what the papers is about

Then how the story changed now

Things where worse nostalgia

Things are better triumph

Cultural memory
Selection Construction
Iraq was is a disillusionment it started out as a triumph but then turned into a
feeling of disillusionment
Make 3 sections in the paper
Pat 1: Then
Part 2: What is public memory and how does it work
Part 3: Now
Triumph- it was bad then we made it good
Disillusionment we used to think it was good but it never was
Crisis/Threat and stability/safer metaphor
Whats is the threat or what are the sources of the threat
Solutions/responses to the threat
1. Gather sources
2. Start to analyze
3. While things look chaotic there actually telling ______ story
1) Then
2) How does public memory work/What is it?
3) Now
Explain how public memory works by focusing on a case study
Establish a problem
Focus the problem
Establish a program
Tie tighter the details
End with a more general thesis

Public memory
Case study
Why do we remember things differently?
Why do we remember the moon landing differently now
Deception Then/Now
Values Then/Now
Analyzes theoretically how value can change
Analyze then/now
Establish the problem
Focus on the problem how the Iraq war affected public memory in the U.S
Tell us then
Tell us now
Orient me to the material
Focus me on part of the material
Synthesis the aspects .l
Tell us what we now know of the event
What does this tell us about public memory?
Synthesis the aspects
State then concisely together
State the implication of ^
Your arguments is telling the reader how to see something

Collective Memory
Wednesday the 18th English paper is duemm
Add 2 sources on emoryh