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Date : 1st October 2014

Name : Mr. Saad Shaikh

Offer Letter
Dear Mr. Saad Shaikh,
This is in reference to your recent application and subsequent discussions; we are pleased to offer you the post
of EXECUTIVE - Training & Conferences with V4C Training & Conferences. Your expected date of
joining will be 20th October 2014.
* Please note before joining we would need Police Verificatiotin Certificate as this is a part of verification
policy of hiring in our company.

The others terms and conditions of your appointment are as follows:

1. Your annual CTC will be INR 1,87200/-. You will be entitled to usual benefits in force from time to
time. 1.87 CTC breakup is enclosed in Annexure 1
2. You are liable to be transferred to any department, office or establishment forming part of our
organization in India or abroad.
3. You will be under probation for six (6) months. During probation period your contract may be terminated
by giving 7 days notice from both sides.
4. After the probationary period, your contract may be confirmed by the management or may be extended.
5. After Probation we shall be fully within rights to terminate your employment with us at any time giving
you 30 days notice.
6. If you, in turn, wish to discontinue your employment with us at any point of time, you will be required to
give us at least 90 days prior notice.
7. However, if you are involved in an ongoing project, you will have to complete your current assignment
before you can terminate your employment.
8. You shall not either during or after your employment with us divulge or utilize any confidential
information belonging to the Company which may have come to your knowledge and you shall both
during and after your employment take all reasonable precautions to keep all such information
confidential.This is a full time appointment and you will devote your whole time and attention to your duties to
promote the interests of our organization. You will not, without our prior written permission, carry on any
business or enter for any part of your time, in any capacity, the services of or be employed by any other
firm, company or person. In case this condition is violated, the Company will be compelled to terminate
your service immediately.
9. After joining your duties, if you cease your services during an ongoing project, then the Company
reserves the right to recover the resultant losses unconditionally.
10. You will abide by the rules and regulations applicable to you which are in force for the time being and
which may be framed from time to time. In case you fail to comply with the various rules and regulations
of the Company, the Company can terminate your services.
11. All sales and other material belonging to organisation will have to be returned back at the end of your
tenure with the organisation.
12. Professional Tax & Income Tax as applicable will be deducted from your taxable emoluments as per
statutory rules.
In confirmation of your acceptance of the employment on the above terms and conditions, you are requested to

sign and return to us the copy of this letter.

We welcome you as a member of V4C Training & Conferences and look forward to many years of useful
Warm Regards,

Aasim Shaikh
I have read the contents of this letter and understood and agree to abide by the terms and condition of this letter

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