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Alex Mclarty

330 Dundas Street East Apt. 201

Toronto, Ontario M5A 2A1
(416) 655-0425 – Email: akmclarty@gmail.com


Highlights of Skills and Qualifications

Excellent marketing and communications skills both written and verbal

Proficient in Microsoft Office
Excellent problem solving skill and communications skills
Over 10 years of providing direct customer service
Facilitation in leadership training and support
Excellent file Management Skills
Punctual and reliable
Fast learner with a strong ability to multitask
Ability to work productively and independently or with a team
Takes a very mature approach with dealing with issues
Strong leadership qualities and organizational skills
Over 10 years in peer support counseling in mental health
Facilitation in social activities, peer support and wellness groups
Computer Skills in Microsoft Office, Outlook and Power Point

Work Experience

Responsible for daily cash flows, payroll, employee scheduling and training of new
Assisted manager of small café business
Developed coffee cart manual
Over 15 years of cashier experience
5 years of dishwashing experience
2 years of office support and mail room work
3 years of security guard experience

Employment History

Out of This World Café 1996 to 2009

Lead hand/customer service

Center for Addiction and Mental Health June 03 to Sept 03

Sars Screener

Center for Addiction and Mental Health 1994 to 1996

Health and Science - assisted librarian
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Queen Street Patients Council 1992 to 1994

Office support person

Barnes Security 1991 to 1993

Security duties and other responsible assigned

Cultures Fresh Foods – College Park 1987 to 1990

Dishwasher/Kitchen help/Cashier

Education and Certificates

Speakers Bureau Training Course – Ontario Council of Alternative Business 2005

Business Communications and Conflict Resolutions 2003
Courage to Come Back Award 2004
Leadership Training Certificate 1994
Food Safety Handlers Certificate – City of Toronto 2004
WMISIS Certificate – Paragon Security 2006
WRAP Program in Recover and Wellness in Mental Health 2009

Volunteer Training
Boy Scouts of Canada
People and Pets working group
Committees in developing non-profit business
Empowerment Council Of CAMH – board member
Friends and Advocates Center for Toronto
Employment Task Force Group
Educational workshops in mental health
Evergreen Christian support counselor in training
Davenport Perth United Church – peer support training for youth