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Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Course Name : Probability and Statistics, Course No. MATH

Assignment 1
Chapter 1 to 4 (Lecture 1 to 20 as per handout)
NOTE: Students are advised to solve all the questions given bellow,
out of which one question may be asked in any of the
examinations. (Don't submit to any of the Instructor)
1. In Kent County, 52% of the adults are males. One adult is randomly selected for a survey.

Subject of the survey was drinking coffee. 9.4% of males drink coffee, whereas 1. 8% of
females drink coffee. Find the probability that the selected subject is a male.
2. An aircraft emergency locator transmitter (ELT) is a device designed to transmit a signal
in the case of a crash. ABC Pvt. Ltd. makes 80% of the ELTs, the DGC Pvt. Ltd. makes
15% of them, and the AFC Pvt. Ltd. makes the other 5%. The ELTs made by ABC Pvt.
Ltd. have a 4% rate of defects, the DGC Pvt. Ltd's ELTs have a 6% rate of defects, and
the AFC Pvt. Ltd's ELTs have a 9% rate of defects.
a. If an ELT is randomly selected from the general population of all ELTs, find the
probability that it was made by the ABC Pvt. Ltd..
b. If a randomly selected ELT is then tested and is found to be defective, find the
probability that it was made by the ABC Pvt. Ltd..
3. A random variable X has the following distribution:
7k2 + k

a) Find k and hence calculate

b) E(X),
c) Var(X),
d) P(X < 6), e) P(X 6),
g) If P(X a) > 1/2, find the minimum value of a. Also
h) determine the distribution function of X.

f) P(0 < X < 5)

4. If X is Poisson variate such that

f(X = 2) = 9f(X = 4) + 90f(X = 6),
find mean of X.
5. Determine the binomial distribution for which mean is 4 and Variance is 3.

6. In a binomial distribution consisting of 5 independent trials, probability of 1 and 2

successes are 0.4096 and 0.2048 respectively. Find the probability density for X.
7. The marks obtained by students for course MATH F113 are assumed to be normally
distributed with mean value 65 and with a standard deviation of 5. If 3 students are taken
at random from this set, what is the probability that exactly 2 of them will have marks
over 70 ?
8. Let

X N ( , 2 ) ,


2= 2 , ( >0 ) ,

cumulative distribution function of


P( X <X < )

in terms of

N ( 0,1 ) .

9. A certain mobile company has given a stall during OASIS to sell its product. Inter-arrival
time of customers follows exponential distribution with mean time 4 minutes. A customer
arriving the stall within 5 minutes of immediately preceding customer will receive a 25%
discount. If the interarrival time is between 5 and 8 minutes, the discount is 20% and if
the interarrival time is between 8 and 10 minutes, the discount is 10%. If the interarrival
time is longer than 10 minutes, the customer gets a 5% discount. Determine the average
discount per arriving customer.
10. a) An unbiased die is thrown 3600 times. Apply Chebyshevs Inequality to find the lower
bound on the probability of obtaining the number of sixes, strictly between 550 and
b) An unbiased die is thrown 720 times. Find the upper bound for the probability that
number 1 occurs either less than 106 or more than 134 times, by using Chebyshevs