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Name: Beatriz Marie S.

Subject And Section:STC111 12M
Narrative report in NSTP
Life is like a light, when it is turn-on we are at the brightess part where we feel like everything is
perfect. But when it is tun-off we are in the dark where we feel that we are always alone. I
thought NSTP is one of the difficult subject I will encounter, but I was wrong. Why? Because as
I started to enter this world, I noticed that NSTP is all about bayanihan always presenting the
presence of helping others. Thats the thought comes in my mind when I hear the NSTP. In our
first baranggay visit the first thing we did is roaming around the place to be familiarized to the
place that were going to clean. At first I was shocked because the place was a big big place. So I
was thinking how can we clean all of this? But me and my groupmates planned well to pursue
our goal to clean it well. Then on our second baranggay visit, we brang some of the cleaning
materials although were all tired and at the same time hungry we cleaned it well just to help and
make the people around satisfied. I learned many and things in NSTP like I lerned to stand on my
own. Why? Because I dont have any idea what life or experiences I will have in this subject.
Second, I become a better person, a better Filipino citizen. Why? Because I knew the essence of
helping others without paying back.
Before im a type of girl that will never ever able to hold broom, a dustpan. Im a lazy girl I
admitted it. Im a big girl now so I need to be independent to do things on my own. NSTP doesnt
affect just only my physical perception about many things but also my spiritual, social, and
specially my emotional. In how can I communicate or socialize with other people. I think NSTP
touches many heart of a teenager like me because were not just helping others. But instead we
helping others as well as we also help ourselves to be better than before. In this generation, I will
say that teenagers is worst than before, because they try things that in the wrong path. In our
country many criminals was ages 13 and above, this shows that teenagers was forgetting the
famous line of our hero Dr. Jose Rizal kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan and I hope NSTP class
is one of the wake up call for the teenagers to be a better Filipino citizen. Its not late to change,
change for the better and left the wrong/bad attitudes. Wake up! And be proud to be a Filipino.
I hope in the future generation, they will reflect the things they will learn in the NSTP class. Its
such a good experience having a NSTP class, but I hope in the near future more effective projects
have teenagers experience to boost their self- confidence and to think more about on how they
help others instead of sleeping and playing computers at their homes. I think its much better to
focus on the major problems of our country. To tell the teenagers the status of our country. When
they will realize that they are the only hope of our country the future generations. If I will
become a baranggay personel someday I think that the youth should focus on the sporty activities
so that they are physically strong. Its better to have games like basketball or liga instead of taking
drugs, playing computer games DOTA rather. In my community many teenagers focus

theirselves in going to a date with their boyfriends or girlfriends, I think its also one of the
problem that needed to be abolish. I think having a zumba session will also a big help. Because it
will make our body much healtier. I also want to manage an activity for all the teenagers at the
barangay like a dance contest and beauty pageants. Simple things but a student like me will make
it possible. Well in this world full of tragedy and wrongs I think I need to take one step forward
to make some things possible. I know is always their at my side. No matter what happen God is
always their to give me strength. Entering NSTP makes me more helpful, God believer and
thankful in everything I had.