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FMI Centre, Room (904), 9th Floor,

JJ-Pun (S) Pte Ltd

No. 380, Bogyoke Aung San road,

Pabedan Township, Yangon
Tel: +95-1-248061
Fax: +951-246882
Website: www.jjsea.com


Joint venture with Serge Pun & Associates Group to begin in July

Singapore, Aug 26, 2011 Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) (JJSEA), a manufacturing, engineering and
distribution company, has entered a 50-50 joint venture in Myanmar with family-owned Serge Pun
& Associates Group (SPA Group), to form JJ-Pun (S) Pte Ltd. The new entity is currently registered in
Singapore. This new development is part of JJSEAs ambitious expansion strategy in South East Asia
which began last year.
JJ-Pun (S) Pte Ltd will be headed by Mr. Philipp Hoffmann, former Business Development Manager at
Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals. Mr. Hoffmann, General Manager of JJ-Pun, will be based in Myanmar and
will work closely with Mr. Ivan Pun, son of SPA Group company founder and Chairman Mr. Serge
Pun, to actively explore and pursue potential business opportunities in Myanmars growing
JJSEA has successfully completed projects in Myanmar through its Material Handling, Chemicals and
Cable Technology Regional Business Units, primarily on an ad-hoc basis with the help of local
agents. Having a locally incorporated legal entity with full-time management, staff and
infrastructure would allow the group to serve the market in a more strategic and consistent manner.
Further to that, JJSEA is also looking for local investments which are slightly outside of the scope of
its core businesses.
Having operated in Myanmar for more than 20 years, SPA Group was the perfect partner for JJSEA
because of the companys extensive infrastructure and market experience in the country. SPA
Group has a diversified portfolio of business units in the finance, automotive, real estate,
agriculture, trading & services, and manufacturing services.
In the SPA Group and their company founder and chairman Mr Serge Pun, we have found a very
reliable and experienced partner in Myanmar. SPA's corporate governance approach is also very
much in line with our own stringent business principles with both companies sharing the same
business values, says Mr. Heinrich Jessen, Chairman, Jebsen & Jessen (SEA). We very much look
forward to this partnership with one of the most respectable, entrepreneurial and forward-looking
companies in Myanmar.

A joint venture between Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd and Serge Pun & Associates Group.

Added Mr Serge Pun, Chairman, SPA Group, Jebsen & Jessen has an extensive experience and track
record in South East Asia. Our partnership will allow us to tap on their expertise in diverse industrial
applications, and forge ahead to win new business in Myanmar.
About Serge Pun & Associates Group (SPA Group)
Established in Hong Kong in the early 1980s, SPA Group moved into Myanmar in 1991 as an
investment holding and operating company. Over the past 20 years, the group has shown dynamic
growth and an impressive track record of successful businesses. Today, SPA Group comprises over
40 operating companies, including First Myanmar Investment Co., Ltd. (FMI), a Myanmar public
company and Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. (YSHL), a Singapore exchange main board listed
company. For more information please visit http://www.spa-myanmar.com
About Jebsen & Jessen (SEA)
Since 1963 Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) has worked in partnerships with global market leaders, facilitating
and capitalising on opportunities throughout South East Asia. An industrial enterprise, their
business spans manufacturing, engineering and distribution activities. The core business units
include: Cable Technology, Chemicals, Communications, Life Sciences, Marketing, Material
Handling, Packaging and Technology. Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) serves over 17,000 customers in the
region and beyond. Through more than 50 subsidiaries and associate companies they employ over
3,000 people. Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) is part of a global enterprise that dates back to a trading
partnership formed in Hong Kong in 1895. For more information please visit http://www.jjsea.com

Contact in Myanmar:
Philipp Hoffmann
General Manager
JJ-Pun (S) Pte Ltd
FMI Centre, Room (904), 9th Floor,
No. 380, Bogyoke Aung San Road,
Pabedan Township, Yangon
Tel.: +95-1-248061
Mobile: +95 97315 4059
Mobile 2: +65 9755 7858
Email: philipp_hoffmann@jjsea.com

Media contacts:
Ms Laja Mensdorff-Pouilly
Manager, Corporate Communications
Jebsen & Jessen (SEA)
Tel: + 65 6305 3820
Mobile: +65 9177 1595
Email: laja_mensdorff@jjsea.com
Mr Andrew Wong/ Ms Adeline Goh
ICON International Communications
Tel: +65 6220 2623
Email: Jebsen&Jessen@iconinternational.com.sg