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REME Instrument Trade

A record of Instrument Technicians / Mechanics and Artificers who served in
the Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers spanning the years 1954
to 2000.

Draft 09 March 2015

This document has been compiled by Dave Knowles, who served as an Instrument Technician /
Artificer between 1977 and 1999. The information and photographs within have been provided by
numerous fellow tradesmen over a number of years. I neither claim, nor stipulate any copyright to
this material and view it very much as open source to all fellow tradesmen, and their families, who
served in the REME Instrument Trade over the years. The work is simply an attempt to record all of
us in one place and provide a meaningful memento which can be passed on to families and friends
The information covers the period 1954 to 2000, which is effectively the year in which the REME
Instrument trade passed into history as the trade was merged, along with a number of other REME
trades, into the REME Electronics trade group.
The work has relied on input from many fellow tradesmen and is by no means complete. It
summaries almost three years of information gathering. There is every chance a revision or two will
be created, to reflect further information as it becomes available.
Any additional information, photographs; amendments; or indeed suggestions or enquiries can be
sent to :

Dave Knowles
Melbourne, Australia
March 2015

Contents :
Course photographs and names 1954 to 2000..1
Consolidated list of apprentice & basic trade training courses...X
Consolidated list of upgrader trade training courses..X
Consolidated list of artificer trade training courses.X
Consolidated list of Instructors at Arborfield, Carlisle, Bordon...X
Orphans list of names from the trade with no course yet identified.X
Trade postings over the years, by country..X

Instrument Trade Training Course Photos (or placeholders) in chronological order

On the following pages are all photographs which have been contributed by fellow tradesmen, detailing courses attended, attendees and when the course dispersed.
Where a photograph hasnt been sourced for an identified course, a placeholder has been inserted. Photographs are presented in chronological order, not by course type.
You will see there are many gaps. Due to changes in course scheduling and student availability, it was not always the case that courses ran with sequential numbering.
Sometimes a course number was dropped as two intended courses were amalgamated into one. Sometimes an original course did not finish, due to too many failures and
surviving course members were moved onto an oblique course e.g. 44 did not finish, but 44/1 did. So a missing course from the list can be explained by:
1. The course did run, but it simply has not been identified. No information has been found regarding the course or attendees.
2. The course did not run, or did not complete. In the case of apprentice courses, there were normally three intakes per year e.g. 61a, 61b, 61c. It was not
always the case though that Instrument Technicians were loaded onto each intake. So it is possible some missing intakes simply did not have an
Instrument Technician loading.
Notes on apprentice training.
It is believed training for apprentice instruments mechanics at Arborfield started in the mid 40s after responsibility was transferred to REME from? Prior to this training was
probably conducted at Woolwich. The earliest report found to date of anyone attending apprentice training at Arborfield is Bob Spiller in the mid 40s.
Length of training for apprentices was 3 years.
It is believed that in 1959 a decision was made to transfer the training of apprentice instruments technicians to Carlisle. Courses which were mid training relocated to
Carlisle. It is believed 56c may have been the last apprentice instrument course to pass out of Arborfield.
Training at Carlisle lasted until 1966, when the decision was made to discontinue apprentice instrument tech training. Courses which were mid training (64A, B & C) were
relocated to Bordon and finished their training there. It is very likely that the last apprentice instrument tech course to pass out of Carlisle was 63c, although to date there
has been no records found of this course.
Apprentice training for Instrument Technicians was reintroduced in ? Conducted at Princess Marina College, Arborfield. Length of training was XX. The first course to pass
out after training was XX in XX

54B Apprentice Instrument Mechanics Arborfield 1957

Rear : Clive Soord, Jim Ashworth, Tony Lyne, Don May, John Richards, Derek Palmer, Bill Cleaton.
Front: Jock Greves, Spike Riley, Clive Swatton, Robin Tomsett. (Photo taken by Terry Bunyard who was also on the course)

60b was the first apprentice course to pass out of Carlisle, after the training had moved there from Arborfield.
Norman McClaren, Alan Wilton, Bernard Fuller, Dennis Lunn, Derek Grater, Chris Nurse, Dave Walker

61b Apprentice Instrument Tech Carlisle finished 1964

George Kirkpatrick, ? Stewart, Phil Williams (DNC)
Peter Winter, ? Iheme, Andy Hamil, Mick Zambra

61c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1964

Words from Bernie Baker
(There were three intakes each year A, B & C. I
believe that there were six on our course although
my memory seems to think that we were joined by an
A/T from 61B who had been back squaded (Alan
Thornton). I think that that we were the first to
start and finish at Carlisle and that we were also
the first to be posted as (L/Cpl) Technicians. Dave
Sanderson, Bernie Baker, Geoff Cashmore-Thorley,
Mick Barker, Chalky White, Freddy Mills . As for
instructors, Head of Section was ASM Bob Pringle
and I believe that Gus Gorse, of Bordon fame, also
did a stint

62c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1965

Howard Emerson, Ray Gatward, Bob Reid, Gig Dawson, Dave Nickerson,
Dave King, ? Mcphereson, Graham Paddy

63c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1966(at Bordon)

Simon Purton, Bob Blake, Chris Pollard, Ian Johnston, Mike Franks, Dave

64a Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1967 (at Bordon)
Pete Douglas, Colin Bazen, Bob Barkas, Pete Hoskins, Johnny Hove

64c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1967 (at Bordon)

Dave Alexander, Dave Burrell, Mick Burrows, Roger Cross, Steve Hammond,
John Preston, Bob Stone, Steve Portman

64b Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1967 (at Bordon)

Ben Bentham, Blackie Blackwell, Chris Compton, Eric Culshaw, Mugsy
Murgatroyd, John Gridley, Tony Little, Jan Skuratko

33 Artificer Instruments Bordon - Sep 1966 to Nov 1967

Rear :Brian Gisborne, Barry Williams, Dave Hall, Sgt Kordjonie (Ghana), Mahmoud Sihaden (Jordan), Sgt Oladmadji (Nigeria), John Smith,
Sgt Peprah (Ghana), John Lee
Front : Charlie McGill, Mr Vern Wood, Capt ?, Mr Green, WO2 (AQMS) Tozer, Harry Gostling

35 Artificer Instruments Bordon approx Nov 1968

Rear : ? Robinson, ? Van Rensberg, Abdul Rasip - overseas student, ? Pike, Wilf Hurst
Front : Mr Green, Lt Col Smith, Maj Nicholson

02 Basic Instruments finished 1968

Neil McCole, George Edmondson

5 Basic Instruments finished 1970

Ian Richardson, Brian England, Gordon Rose

03 Basic Instruments finished 1969

Deryk Washer, Barry Frangleton, Maurice Smith, Dave Ward, Heinz Bonzio,
Dave Heap

06 or 07 Basic Instruments finished 1970

Dave Barker, John Beresford

36 Artificer Instruments pre course photo 1969

Rear : Pete Curphy, Peter (Taff) Williams), Bernie (Taff) Fuller, Bernie Baker, Al Kitchin, Dave Jackson
Front : Bill Ewen, Dave Bellis, Tony Bricknell, CSM ?, Pete Tiley, John Taylor


36 Artificer Instruments finished 1970

Rear : Pete Tiley, Dave Bellis, Pete (Taff) Williams, Dave Jackson, Pete Curphy, Alwyn Kitchin, Bernie (Taff) Fuller
Front : Bill Ewan, Mr Green, Lt Col Bagnall Oakey, Capt Penfold, Bernie (Spud) Baker, John Taylor


11 Basic Instruments finished 1970

Rear : Ray Dixon, Dave Stow, Tony Turner, Pete Hatherly (bench fitting instructor), Tony Ash, Andy Smith, Ralph Small, Eris Scargill
Front : Tony Derry, Tom Fisher, Wally Green, Ian Dall, Brian Devlin.

12 Basic Instruments finished 1971

Chris Jackson, Brian Barry, Bob Fairclough, Steve Jepson, Barry Knowles, ?
Ryan, Steve Birley, Ian Williams, Lester Piggott, Graham (Matt) Busby,
Philip ? (Sierra Leone), Alec Peacock



37 Artificer Instruments finished Nov 1971

Rear : Phil Harris, Ray Gatward, Pete Mullen, Dennis Lunn, ? Ridley
Front : Ron Thompson, Mr Green, Lt Col Hockley, Capt Benfield, Mohamed Momani (Jordanian Armed Forces)

12a Basic Instruments finished 1972

Rear : John Russell, Dave Krane, Roy Sudron
Front : Dave Blackham, Steve Jepson, Taff Sharland



38 Artificer Instruments finished approx Nov 1972

Rear: ? Phillips, Mick Zambra, Geoff Cashmore-Thorley, John OBrian, ? Hewitson
Front : Mr Green, Maj Soar, ? Ashworth, Lt Col Cornish, ? Harrison


39 Artificer Instruments finished approx Nov 1973

Rear: George Kirkpatrick, John (Jock) Davie, Bob Alleway, Mike Spaul, Tex Houston
Front: Capt Benfield, Mr Green, Dave Goff, Lt Col Cornish, Mick Stevens, Maj Trevors


19 Basic Instruments finished approx. 1974

Rear: George Mahoney, Dave Willows, Ged Williams, Tony Slinn, Steve Perry
Front: Mr Green, John Wyke, Lt Col Spurring, Steve Newman, Major Morrison


41 Artificer Instruments finished Sep 1974

Rear: Graham Paddy, Dave Alexander, Colin Bazen, Howard Emerson, Chris Compton, Peter Winter, Bob Reid,
Hank Hallam
Front: Mr Green, Maj Trevors, Mike Jeffrey, Lt Col Cornish, Ian Robinson, Maj Morrison, Ivor Webber


21 Basic Instruments finished 1975

Rear: Dick Pickering, Clive Henry, Kev Loft, John Steer, Ian Robertson, Roger Hodgkinson
Front: Kev Leggat, John Paul Silvestor Samboma (Sierra Leone), Mr Green, Dale Loynton, Lt Col ?, Trev Poffley, Jim Hewitt


43 Artificer Instruments finished approx Sep 1975

Rear: Duggie Bagshaw, Roger Cross, Andy Hamill
Front: Mr Gough, Dave Hardy, Lt Col Morrison, Tony Bentham, Maj Jessup

21a Basic Instruments finished 1976

Tony Taylor, Dave Tideswell, Pete Claydon, Bob Burgess, Roger Coombs,
George Leonard, Tim Leeming, Nick Span, Nick Everett, George Eastham



23 Basic Instruments finished 1976

Rear: Dave Wilkie, Peter Yates, Larry Haskell, Al Tomkins, Al Sample, Rodney De Pauw, Al Cook
Front : Nick White, Roger Dawkins, Maj Morrison, Alan Trussler, Mr Green

(missing from photo Jerry Blears)


45 Artificer Instruments finished 1976

Rear: Chris Pollard, Bob Littlewood, Mick Burrows, Tony Little
Front: Maj Jessup, ? Ralph, Lt Col Morrison, Bob (Chalky) White, John Kerr

24 Basic Instruments finished 1976 or 1977

Greg Davies, Dave Flood

25 Basic Instruments finished 1976 or 1977

Ken Sanders-Fox, Les Blackford



47 Artificer Instruments finished 1977

Rear: Duncan Hart, Neil (Snag) McCole, Mr Green, Barry Knowles, Gordon Rose

47a Artificer Instruments finished 1977

Tony Bowman, Dave Ward

28 or 29 Basic Instruments finished 1978

Dick Snape, Mick Leighton, Ian Shaw, Lee Hollingshead, Pete Deacon




30 Basic Instruments finished 1978

Rear: Dave Gray, Neil Malcolm, Mike Dagger, Mike Carty.
Front: Geoff Warner, Les Henderson, Col Chenoweth, Mr Green, Mick Ayers (Kiwi)


31 Basic Instruments finished 1978

Rear: Jeff Mullins, Brian Jones, Derek Dobson, Dave (Knocker) Knowles
Front: John Carr, Mr McClaren, Lt Col?, Rab Erskine, Graham Johns

(missing from photo Keith Dexter & Scouse Quinn)


51 Artificer Instruments finished 1979

Rear: Ian Johnston, Steve Hammond
Front: Steve Portman, Lt Col Morrison, Mr Green, Eric Scargill

(missing from photo is Ian Dall who finished separately to the rest)

32 Basic Instruments finished 1979

Adam Brown, Kev Wright, Gary Attew, Bob Whyte, Keith Dickson, Ron Ford,
? Benson (DNC)

? Basic Instruments finished 1980

Chris Richter, Ralph Sheridan, Baz Jenkinson. Mick Higginson (retrading
from VM), Jim Redfern, Boggy Marsh. Paul Tickle

? Basic Instruments finished 1980

Dave Stiff
? Basic Instruments finished 1980
Mike Chadwick, Mark Knights, Mick Harvey, ?Keith Miller, ? Miller

? Basic Instruments finished 1980

Mike Chadwick, Mark Knights, Mick Harvey, ?Keith Miller, ? Miller


Consolidated list of apprentice & basic instrument technician training

courses and attendees.
1943 intake of Apprentice Mechanics will have
finished around 1947
Bob Spiller
49b Apprentice Instrument Mechs Arborfield
finished Jul 1952
B Baker

John Lee
56? Apprentice Instrument Techs Arborfield
finished Dec 1959
Pete Tiley
Mike Dows

Colin Long

57b Apprentice Instrument Techs Arborfield

finished Dec 1960

E Thomas

M Allan

I Brown

A Barber

Ronald Marks

D Feuel

William Meadows

D Hardy

Peter Williams

D Harbron

52b Apprentice Instrument Mechs Arborfield

finished 1955

T Murray
E Schofield

Clive Hartland
54b Apprentice Instrument Mechs Arborfield
finished 1957
Clive Soord
Jim Ashworth
Tony Lyne

58b Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield finished Jul 61

R Brand
P Driver
A Hallam

Don May
John Richards

P Harris

Derek Palmer

M Stevens

Bill Cleaton.

R Sutton

Jock Greves

W Todd

Spike Riley
Clive Swatton
Robin Tomsett
Terry Bunyard
55a Apprentice Instrument Techs Arborfield
finished 1958

P Watson
59a Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield finished Dec 61
Barry Cooper
Charlie Collard

Andy Rackstraw

Was A Twyning on this intake? Was R Markham?

Ken Staves
John Cunnell
John Davie

59b Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield finished March 62

Geoff Elmes

Alan (Doddy) Dodds

61b Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished


Bill Ewan

George Kirkpatrick

A (Kipper) Haddock

Stu Lee
Phil Williams (DNC)

Mike Jeffery

Peter Winter

Mick Phillips

? Iheme

Barry Williams

Andy Hamil
Mick Zambra

C Collard
59c Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield finished 1962
David Jackson
John Taylor

61c Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished

Alan Thornton
Dave Sanderson
Bernie Baker
Geoff Cashmore-Thorley

Was R Sterling on this course?

Mick Barker

Was J C Davie on this course?

Chalky White

60b Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished


Freddy Mills

Norman McClaren

62b Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished


Alan Wilton

Ed Livingstone

Bernard Fuller

Ed Spence

Dennis Lunn

Ian (Slim) Saddler

Derek Grater

Norman (Paddy) Lang

Chris Nurse

Inikio Iyabi (Nigerian Forces)

Dave Walker

Augustine Ikedi (Nigerian Forces)

61a Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished


Roger Lavery

Tony Bowman
Keith Neale

62c Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished


Pete Glover

Howard Emerson

Jock Spence (DNC)

Ray Gatward
Bob Reid
Gig Dawson
Dave Nickerson
Dave or Peter King
Billy Magfarquar
Graham Paddy
63b Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished
63c Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished
1966 (at Bordon)
Simon Purton

64c Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished

1967 (at Bordon)
Dave Alexander
Dave Burrell
Mick Burrows
Roger Cross
Steve Hammond
John Preston
Bob Stone
Alan ? (DNC)
Steve Portman
02 Basic Instruments finished 1968

Bob Blake

Neil McCole

Chris Pollard

George Edmondson

Ian Johnston

03 Basic Instruments finished 1969

Mike Franks

Deryk Washer

Dave Atkins

Barry Frangleton

64a Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished

1966 (at Bordon)

Maurice Smith

Pete Douglas

Heinz Bonzio

Colin Bazen

Dave Heap

,Bob Barkas

05 Basic Instruments finished 1970

Pete Hoskins

Ian Richardson

Johnny Hove

Dave Ward

Brian England

64b Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished

1967 (at Bordon)

Gordon Rose

Ben Bentham

06 Basic Instruments finished 1970

Blackie Blackwell

Dave Barker

Chris Compton

John Beresford

Eric Culshaw

Lou Wildsmith

Mugsy Murgatroyd

11 Basic Instruments finished 1971

John Gridley
Tony Little

Ray Dixon
Dave Stow

Jan Skuratko
Tony Turner

Tony Ash

19 Basic Instruments finished ?

Andy Smith

George Mahoney

Ralph Small

Tony Slinn

Eric Scargill

John Wyke

Tony Derry

Gerald Williams

Tom Fisher

Steve Perry

Wally Green

Steve Newman

Ian Dall

Bill Peacock

Brian Devlin

Dave Willows

12 Basic Inst finished 1971?

20 Basic Instruments finished 1975

Chris Jackson

Mick Sharp

Brian Barry

21 Basic Instruments finished 1975

Bob Fairclough

Dick Pickering

Steve Jepson

Clive Henry

Barry Knowles

Kev Loft

? Ryan

John Steer

Steve Birley

Ian Robertson

Ian Williams

Roger Hodgkinson

Lester Piggott

Kev Leggat

Graham (Matt) Busby

John Paul Silvestor Samboma

Philip ? (Sierra Leone)

Dale Loynton

Alec Peacock

Trev Poffley

12a Basic Inst finished 1972

Jim Hewitt

Steve Bradley

21a Basic Instruments finished Mar 1976

Dave Kane

Tony Taylor

John Russell

Dave Tideswell

Roy Sudron
Pete Claydon
Dave Blackham
Taff Sharland

Bob Burgess

Stan Voellner (DNC)

Roger Coombs

Steve Winnick (DNC)

George Leonard

Tim Leeming

Mick Ayers

Nick Span

Mick Carty

Nick Everett

Mick Dagger

George Eastham (joined us late)

Dave Gray

23 Basic Instruments finished 1976

Les Henderson

Nick White

Neil Malcolm

Larry Haskell

Geoff Warner

Roger Dawkins

Dave Wilkie
Peter Yates
Al Tomkins
Al Sample
Rodney De Pauw
Al Cook
Jerry Blears
Al Trussler
24 Basic Instruments finished 197?
Greg Davies
Dave Flood
25 Basic Instruments finished 197?
Ken Sanders-Fox
Les Blackford
28 or 29 Basic Instruments finished 1978
Dick Snape
Mick Leighton
Ian Shaw
Lee Hollingshead
Pete Deacon
Colin Brown
30 Basic Instruments finished May 1978

31 Basic Instruments finished Nov 1978

Derek Dobson
Rab Erskine
John Carr
Jeff Mullins
Brian Jones
Dave (Knocker) Knowles
Scouse Quinn
Keith Dexter
Graham Johns
32 Basic Instruments finished 1979
Adam Brown
Kev Wright
Gary Attew
Bob Whyte
Keith Dickson
Ron Ford
? Benson (DNC)
?? Basic Instruments finished 1980?
Chris Richter
Ralph Sheridan
Baz Jenkinson
Mick Higginson (retrading from VM)

Jim Redfern

Dave Cousins

Boggy Marsh

Michael Dugmore

Paul Tickle

Roy Foster

?? Basic Instruments finished 19??

43 Basic Instruments finished 1981?

Dave Stiff

Mike Smith

?? Basic Instruments finished 1980

Taff Davies

Mike Chadwick

Nigel Godbolt

Mark Knights

44 Basic Instruments finished 1982

Mick Harvey

Mack Mackay

?Keith Miller

Derek Hatton

? Miller

Mick Turner (RIP)

39 Basic Instruments finished 1980

Rod Buckley

Les Payne

Bob Chappell

Paul Griffin

Dave Hill

Paddy Hall

Nigel Alderson

41 Basic Instruments finished 1980

49 Basic Instruments finished 1982

Steve Coulson

Colin Sparrow

Andy Hay

Paul Fenwick

Gary Thomas

Chris Williams

Brian Marshall

1 other to be named

John Black

50/1 Basic Instruments - finished May 1983

(Transferred from 51 Basic Inst from Kremlin after 1st
week as we both - and Tony Lomax - already had BTEC
ONC. Joined 50 Basic Inst Monday at 0830 and they
all failed bench fitting and so by 1030 we were 50/1.
Tony Lomax back-coursed almost at the end. We did
bench fitting at the end with one of the armourer
instructors called Brown)

Paul Gladstone
Chris Lawson
Paddy Graham
Colin Needham
Iain Muir (DNC)

Nigel Mullins

42 Basic Instruments finished Oct 1981

Graham Perkin
Mark Surey
Spike Yeoman
Nige Shannon
Steve Brough

52 Basic Instruments finished 1983

Paul Arnott
Colin Leech

Steve Roberts

Danny Bick

Dave Foster



Geordie Lawless

60 Basic Instruments finished 1985

53 Basic Instruments finished 1983

Alan Beesley

Phil Hudson (previously Soord)

Fraser Carlyle

Tony Lomax

Martin Weston

Nigel Clegg

Alex Ward

Al Blewett
Mark (Paddy) Jackson

Les Flynn

Dave Pilcher



John ONeil

Stewart Leslie

57 Basic Instruments finished Apr 1984

Colin Sutcliffe

Mike Piearce

Jim Speers

Duncan Muir

Chris Dook

Paul Hanbury

Neil McIntyre

Steve Williams

Steve Triggs

Tim Davies (DNC)

Mike Simpson

Rich Poley

Dave Wilson

Gary Stewart

Kev Williams

Trevor Wagland

Graham Hacon

George Smith

Daz Fenn

Steve McGee

Shane Pickering

58 Basic Instruments finished 1984?

Keith Uytendhal

Mark (Taff) Evans

Darren Crook

Bo Cole

Dave Hall

Jim Logan

Stewart Leslie

Ian (Grandad) Renshaw

? Thompson

Ian Davidson

Mo Morrison

Howie Ford

Bill Earlie

Taff Allen

Dougir Campbell

Roger Mortimer

Tommy Struthers

Nigel Smith
61 Basic Instruments finished 1988

Alan McSharry

Scott Goldie


Jon Parkes

Jason Fouracres

Paul Evans

Gary O'Neill

Jeff Ormerod

Terry Moore

62 Basic Instruments finished ?

Steve Donelly

Tony Mears

Michael McCartan

John Corlett

70 Basic Instruments finished 1987 <<< Check Dates

or course Number

Kev Marshall
Jez Armitage
65 Basic Instruments finished 1986
Paul Marchant
Arthur Bloomfield
Les Ashfield
Nick Long
Mark Nanson
Frank Leet
Steve Cheeseborough
Tony Jeans (discharged during course)
Ian Maiden (retraded during course)
Al Jones
67 or 68 Basic Instruments finished ?
Dave Manktelow
Chris Robinson
Alex Dobson
Steve Gibson
Neil Knight
Andy Birtle
Neil (?) Hinchcliffe
Steve Grant - re-traded
69 Basic Instruments finished 1985?
Bruce Devlin
Wayne Dodwell

Chris Dove

Ian Bailey
Chas Newbold
Barney McCairns
Ken Stott
Carl Matthews

Richard Morris
Paul Burgess
Kevin Nichols
73 Basic Instruments finished 1987
Simon Bergman
Andy Jackson
David Gwyer
Dave Conkie
Ian Watson
Phil Carr

74 Basic Instruments finished 1987

Dave Blackburn
? Cox
? Mckenzie
? Mason

? Williams

Andy Middleton

Ronny Prouse (DNC)

John Hall

Jed Barugh (DNC)

Chris Benson

76 Basic Instruments - finished 1988

Gordon Florence

John Ottaway

John Hubbard
81 Basic Instruments finished May 1989

Dave Hattle
David Bradwell
Dave Walker

Andy Cocker

Dennis Sayles

Andrew Down

Ray Higginbottom

Ray Inman (moved onto 82)

Si Hughes

Nick Lloyd (DNC)

Sean Benfield

Barry Duffy
Aaron Kennedy

John Bull
Glen Fenby
Andy Hunter (retraded to Armourer)

Steve Kennard

79 Basic Instruments finished 1988

Ian Mayhew

Paul Robinson

Jim Pumford

Cosmo Kemp

Paul Vickers

Sean Mulvany

82 Basic Instruments finished 1989

Pete Leonard

Brian Jefferson

Bob Imber

Ray Inman (from 81)

Ian Craddock

83 Basic Instruments finished ?

Steve Hodson

Sean Blackett

Kev Church

84 Basic Instruments finished ?

Ross Campbell (did not finish)

Alf Jeff Garnett

Danny Cardilli (did not finish)

Dave Barrie

? Turberfield

Neil Hunt (Re-trading AV Tech)

80 Basic Instruments finished 1988

Carlton Tennant (Back coursed from 83)

Lee Lowe

Dave Leach (Re-trading AV Tech)

Bob Noyes

Iain McLean

Fraser Strong

? (Retrading Electrician)

Martin Ace (Back coursed from 83)

?? Basic Instruments finished 1999??

Ivan Hill
Pete Hendry (Re-trading Electrician)

Pep Brown

93 Basic Instruments finished Dec 1992

Gaz Braham

Alan Axon
Andy Allcock
Daz Moran

Neil Holmes


Billy McMichael

? Maddox

Pete Pinder

? Lord

Robert Rheines

? Cooper

94 Basic Instruments finished ?

Frank Mccaig
Clive Everett
Nigel Moffatt
Jenny Southern
Chris Walker
Brian Mooney
? Cook(DNC)
Pete Shelling
Cheryl Tomms
96 Basic Instruments finished ?
Murray Heenan
Emmett Watson
Kavon Palmer
98 Basic Instruments finished ?
98b Basic Instruments finished ?
Gareth Sterry
99 Basic Instruments finished 1996
Gary Hosken
Mick Hobson
Jon Prendergast
Neil Borthwick
Andy Milne


Consolidated list of Artificer training courses and attendees.

? Armt Art Inst Lawrence Nixon

John Smith

7 Art Inst Bob Spiller

Sgt Peprah (Ghana)

24 Art Inst (Sep 59 - Feb 61)

John Lee


Charlie McGill


Harry Gostling


35 Art Inst


? Robinson


? Van Rensberg


Abdul Rasip - overseas student


? Pike

26 Art Inst - finished 12/62

Wilf Hurst

John Brown

36 Art Inst finished 1970

Terry Bunyard

Dave Jackson

Dick Forbes

Pete Tiley

George Gallop

Pete (Taff) Williams

Dave Higman

Bernie (Taff) Fuller

John Howlett

John Taylor

Ron O'Brien

Bernie (Spud) Baker

Rollo Smith

Dave Bellis

Clive Soord

Bill Ewan

Ron Stannard

Pete Curphy

Len Symonds

Alwyn Kitchin

Pete Thompson

37 Art Inst - Finished Nov 1971

33 Art Inst Sep 66 to Nov 67

Ron Thompson

Brian Gisborne

Mohamed Momani (Jordanian Armed Forces)

Barry Williams

Phil Harris

Dave Hall

Ray Gatward

Sgt Kordjonie (Ghana)

Pete Mullen

Mahmoud Sihaden (Jordan)

Dennis Lunn

Sgt Oladmadji (Nigeria)

? Ridley


37a Art Inst - Overseas Course

43 Art Inst finished approx Sep 1975

38 Art Inst

Dave Hardy

(?) Phillips

Tony Bentham

Mick Zambra

Duggie Bagshaw

Geoff Cashmore Thorley

Roger Cross

John O'Brian

Andy Hamill

? Hewitson

44 Art Inst - Overseas Course

? Harrison

45 Art Inst - Sep 74 to ? 76

? Ashworth

Bob (Chalky) White

39 Art Inst

John Kerr

George Kirkpatrick

Chris Pollard

John Davie

Bob Littlewood

Bob Alleway

Tony Little

Mike Spaul

Mick Burrows

Tex Houston

46 Art Inst - Overseas Course

Dave Goff

47 Art Inst finished 1977

Mick Stevens

Duncan Hart

40 Art Inst - Overseas Course

Neil (Snag) McCole

41 Art Inst Mar 1973 to Sep 1974

Barry Knowles

Mike Jeffrey

Gordon Rose

Ian Robinson

48a Art Inst - Overseas Course

Ivor Webber

49a Art Inst finished Jul 1977

Graham Paddy

Tony Bowman

David Alexander

Dave Ward

Colin Bazen

50 Art Inst? Does anyone have any info?

Howard Emerson

51 Art Inst - Feb 1977 - Sep 1979

Chris Compton

Steve Portman

Bob Reid

Eris Scargill

Hank Hallam

Ian Johnston

Peter Winter

Steve Hammond

42 Art Inst - Overseas Course

Was Ian Dall also on this course?#


53 Art Inst - Overseas Course

Gary Attew

54 Art Inst

Brian Barry

Bob Bankier

Mick Higginson

Roger Dawkins

Billy Sellers

Danny Green

Gerald Williams

Lee Hollingshead

65 Art Inst - Finished Sep 1986

Stuart Vallelly

Ken Sanders-Fox

Another big gap here - anyone have any info

regarding Art Inst 52,55 or 56?

Derek Hatton

57 Art Inst - Guess at dates = Aug 1980 - Feb 1982

John Russell
Derek Washer
Dave Burton
Dave Barker
59 Art Inst - Guess on dates = Aug 1981 - Feb 1983
Richard Pickering
Steve Bradley
Ally McDonald
Keith Emerson
Steve Jepson
61 Art Inst - Aug 1982 to Feb 1984
Colin Brown
Denis Scott
Alan Trussler
Alun Evans
Jerry Blears
Neil Malcolm
Pete Turner
Richard Snape
Mick Leighton
Bob Burgess
64 Art Inst - Finished Sep 1985?

Matt Lane
Nick White
Kev Wright
Mick Turner
Dave Stiff
Tony Taylor
Ian Shaw
66 Art Inst - Finished Feb 1987
Dave Knowles
George Mahoney
Pete Anderton
Mike Dagger
Simon Evans
67 Art Inst Overseas Course
68 Art Inst - Aug 1986 to Feb 1988
Ged Godbolt
Rab Erskine
Mike Smith
John Wyke
John Black
70 Art Inst - Aug 1987 to Feb 1989
Rick Townson
Jim Redfern


Dave Hill

74 Art Inst - Aug 1990 to Feb 1992

Perry Milward

Wally Edge

Bob Whyte

Jon Parkes

Andy Stubbs

Danny Bick

Del Wall

Paul (Taff) Marchant

Chris White

Mark Norman

Derek Dobson

Mick Archer

71 Art Inst - Aug 1988 to Feb 1990

Paul Arnott

Colin Morgan

75 Art Inst - Finished Mar 94?

Bob Chappell

Chris Bell

Kev Miller

Ron Condie

Paul Titcombe

Dave Hattle

Steve Marshall

Frank Leet

Paul Ellis

Mick McCartan

Jim Kemp

Fraser Morrison

Pete Wood

Ian Williams

BJ Webb

Andy Hay

Ralph Sheridan

Gary Howse

Nigel Rennie

Pete Hendry

Dave George

Wayne Tilsley

Dave Cousins

Steve Donnelly

Chris Richter

76 Art Inst - Finished Oct 95?

72 Art Inst - Finished Nov 1990?

Shaun Benfield

Shaun Ellis

Chris Benson

Duncan Muir

Arthur Bloomfield

Paul Hanbury

John Butterworth

Roger Mortimer

Fraser Carlysle

Mike Piearce

Ken Gray

Nigel Mullins

Neil Hinchliffe

Paul Jess

Chris Rainey

Mick Archer?

George Smith


Alex Ward

Dennis McClaren (ditto)

Pat Webster

Mike Dows (ditto)

Terry Young

Dieter Hecht

77 Art Inst - Finished Aug 97

Ian (Ginge) Bailey
Kevin Church
Gordon Florence
Henry Heard
Ken Knowles
Tommy Struthers
78 Art Inst - Finished Jun 1999?
Jimmy Birrell
Mark Evans
Fitz Fitzsimmons
Neil Mcintyre
Andy OKeefe
Rick Pascoe
79 Art Inst finished Jun 2000?
Greg Everett
Dean Hague
Paul Keeble
Shaun Mulvaney
Bob Noyes
Kev Williams
Wayne Dodwell
Andy Down
Brian Jefferson
Dave Brunton
Gary Burton
Was Artificer, but no course found to date :
Tom Pierce (instructor at SEME)


Civilian & Military Instructors at the training schools.

Mr Green - Senior Instructor retired about 1985?
Mike Parsons - took over as Senior Instructor after Mr
Green retired. I think he then moved down to exam
centre in about 1988?
Roger Beale - taught TLS PSU before taking over as
Senior Instructor about 1988

Wally Green
Billy Sellers
Eric Scargill
Ian Johnston
Bob Bankier
Dave Knowles

Pete Tiley [1] - I think he initially took over from Vern

Woods when Vern retired. Became Senior Instructor
in early 90's when Roger Beale retired. Was Pete Tiley
the last Instruments dedicated Senior Instructor?

Rab Erskine

Mr McClaren - taught white light instruments &


Dave Ward

Vern Woods - taught theodolites & Survey eqpts, not

sure of years

Chris Richter

Colin Bazen[1]
Ian Johnston [1]
Mike Smith [1]
Bob Bankier [1] started instructing as a WO2, then
ASM, then transferred into a civilian role. Taught
Thermal Imaging.
Ron Hague
Bob McLeod
? Carpenter
Gus Gorse
Mr Pierce was it Tom?
George Kirkpatrick [1]

Tony Taylor - taught TLS 6 as a SSgt in 1989
Dave Barker (as a WO2)
Wes Robertson
Bob Barkas
Eric Irvine (fitting shop Carlisle)
Steve Jepson

Derek Dobson
Lee Holingshead

Peter Claydon

John Parkes
Barry Williams - As a Cpl 65/66 (Applied Optics, Repair
Techniques, Prismatic Compass, also taught Art Wpns
on Inspection if Field Instruments.
As a SSgt / WO2 71/74


Orphan List
Here is list of individuals who are known to have served as instrument technicians, but to date it has not been
possible to identify which apprentice or basic course they attended.
Andy Smith

Dave Bellis

Mick Machin

Pete Wiiliams

Neil Knight

Pete Curphy

Jeff Clarkson

Kit Kitson

Mark Unsworth

Bernie Fuller

Bill Till

Les Shorto

Alan Quartermain

John Taylor

Steve Clarke

Alan Isherwood

? Forbes Buckingham

Brian Wilson

Pat Webster

Harry Gossling

Russ Bower

Griff Griffiths

Paul Warren

Gary Walker

Simon Evans

Rob Walker

Jan Chapman

Glen Chadwick

Ged Godbolt

Bob Streeton

Vern Barret

Richard Pascoe

Bob Field

Keith Workman

Paul Griffin

Carl Hayhurst

Paul Nichols

Norman Killeen

Colin Witherington

Howie Chappel

Mick Harvey

Colin Brown

Tex Houston

Dave Holroyd

Phil Harris

Barry Lewis

Pete Mullen

Andy Britain

? Ridley

Gordon Orr

Ron Thompson

Colin Mortimer

Mark Knights

Colin Morgan

Neil Luczynski

John West


Brian Jones (AAC)

Graham Swift
Neil Knight
Ernie Woodhouse
Wes Robertson
Paul Tweddle
Keith Emerson
Bob Douglas
Ian Williams
Frank Meanwell
Trevor Bax
Ken Allen Hi I joined REME as a National Service Clerk
then signed on in Hong Kong and took a straight Trade
test as inst mech having done a 5 year apprenticeship
as an electrical engineer and gained an HNC at
Chatham Dockyard. I then went para and after the 1st
class trade test and rank of Sgt transferred RD and
made RSM before finishing the joined HSF and made
Capt in infantry before retiring due to pressure of