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Mail Architecture
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Peering for performance

Executive summary
For many organizations, IT
itself is not their core
competency let alone
managing email services.
Yet increasingly their
business emails are their
critical support
mechanism and one of the
key driving force in
todays competitive

Enterprise helps
you stay
connected to
your market and

Rediffmail Enterprise is a costeffective corporate emailing solution

designed for organizations who
would wish to utilize their valuable
time and resources on some other
better biz application development
and research opportunities, rather
then maintaining and supporting
their own internal e-mail
On-premise hosted email can quickly
raise the capital cost for hardware
and recurring maintenance costs in
addition to the need for skilled
technicians to constantly battle the
ever growing malicious viruses,
software and hardware crashes,
which can keep your business away
from some crucial and very
important information for hours.
Rediffmail Enterprise is a robust
emailing system on the cloud that
will handle all your heavy interoffice
emails, over a secured network &
will protect your sensitive
This will not only save on your cost
of printing & mailing regular
information to your network of

Rediffmail Enterprise facilitates the

email communication between a
network of people, who can be your
employees and your market Customers, Agents, Consultants,
Dealers or Distributors with all the
restrictions and monitoring that
your business just requires.
Access your mails from anywhere at
anytime, via our user friendly web
mail interface on your favorite
browser, or by configuring your
favorite desktop email client or on
any mobile OS like Android,
Windows, iOS and BlackBerry. High
service availability (reliability),
With High security, Dedicated
infrastructure, Enterprise-class
features, Powerful admin controls,
and Responsive technical support,
no wonder Top 500+ Indian
companies use Rediffmail
Enterprise and incidentally won the
prestigious CIOs choice award

About Rediff.com & Rediffmail Enterprise

Rediff.com is one of the top internet companies in India. 20 MM unique
users worldwide.

96+ Mn
Listed (RDF)

Registered users
As the1st Indian representative of MAAWG
(Messaging anti abuse working group) help
address issues relating to SPAM originating
from India.


> 15 years

(Govt. of India) Committees

Mailing Experience

Part of government and technical

committees which defines policies
regarding email transmission in

Home grown enterprise

application that is
constantly evolving

Our customer are 500+ Top Cos, CIOs & IT


Award winning Cloud email service, year after

Big Data Innovation
Award for Best
Enterprise Email 2013

CIOs Choice
Award for Best
Enterprise Email 1

Testimonials from our customers

Rediffs email
solution is pretty
good and reliable.
We are also pleased
with the quality of
support provided
by the team at
VP, Ops & Tech
Vistaar Financial

We subscribed for
Rediff enterprise
mailing solution
after migrating from
Zimbra Exchange.
We're glad to
mention that
Rediff's Enterprise
mailing solution has
benefit our
organization with
features like
Mobile client, Bulk
IDs management
and Attachment
restrictions etc. We
highly recommend
Rediff Enterprise
Mailing Solution

"Rediff's efficient
services with
prompt support
and state of the
art features, has
provided trouble
free e-mail
environment in our
organization. Today
running on Rediff
Mailing Solution
platform. Highly
mailing solution for

Coming from QLC,

We evaluated many
services and we are
very delighted to
Their 100% mail
delivery, advance
anti-spam, antivirus, and complete
mail sync across
different devices
has proved them a
Corporate mailing
service provider. We
highly recommend
them to all those
looking for a stable
and efficient mail

"We have been with

Rediff from past two
years.We're very
happy with
support. They
have been very
prompt to any of
our queries.
Head- Info Tech
Gokaldas Exports

Rediffmail Enterprise as a preferred solution

Rediff.com is perhaps the best available partner in the web based email
solution space in India.
1. Cost effective enterprise email solution provider with flexible mail
boxes that allow reallocation of space and pay for what you use.
2. Expertise Home grown application with with over 15 years of mailing
experience. The longest working web based email service in India.
3. Constantly evolving product development process to provide you
cutting edge features.
4. Multiple data centers in INDIA
5. Time tested technology for guaranteed delivering communication to
96+ Million users on Rediffmail platform and thousands of corporates,
6. Fully integrated and managed email service with no CAPEX and
reduced OPEX
7. Highly secured mailing system with encrypted data transmission and
regular security audits
8. In built advanced multi layered SPAM and virus protection
9. 99.9% uptime - Robust infrastructure with Data and network
redundancy to take care of any surge in email usage or growth of users
and storage.
10.Easy integration with other core applications and unlimited
bandwidth and data-transfer
11.Dedicated account management & responsive customer

Rediffmail Enterprise - Security

Secure transmission
Since security is an
inherent requirement of
any business email, we
provide a secure login to
the mail service using
'https', where 's' stands
for secured. This
ensures that no
unauthorized entity can
intercept your
The email security over
SSL can also be
enforced when
accessing mails on mail
clients such as outlook,
thunderbird, etc.

Secure storage
We know how important your
data is for you and hence we
make sure that all your all mail
data is stored at secure
locations at multiple India
datacenters at at Reliance
DAKC, Navi Mumbai, Tata and
Bharti Airtel.

Data leak protection in Admin control

Vulnerability detection
Hacking is foiled before the
process begins. It blocks the
access to mails if any deviation
is found from the standard
email usage.

Attachment and mail flow restrictions Protect the inflow and outflow of data by
framing suitable policies on the attachment
and sent/received emails from a domain or
an individual.

Security Audits
Systems are fortified through
rigorous security drills and are
up-to-date with latest security
patches. They are also audited
by third party tools to ensure no
vulnerability is left.

Mail access restriction - Prevent people

outside your network from accessing your
email. Restrict certain users from accessing
mails outside your company network or allow
them to access mails only on secure channel.
Control user mail access for more than 10
channels like HTTP, POP3 , IMAP etc.

Mail monitoring - Prevent a mischief or

control the quality of the mails sent or
received by an individual by setting up a mail
monitoring on that account.
Admin also can set rules to have your
employees change their account password
periodically. Decide the complexity of the
password and ensure security of the email

Rediffmail Enterprise Advanced Anti-Spam

Incoming messages

Rediffmail / Rediffmail PRO MX

50-60% messages are blocked
here based on the sender's IPs
2-3% messages filtered
Filters around 25-30%

I P Black List Filters

Domain Signature / RDNS Filter /

Fake NDR filter
Identifies the mails as:
Containing Virus, Phising, 419,
Viagra, bad URLS, Bulk mail, etc

Reputation based filtering

genuine mails
delivered to the user

False +ves < 1 %



Multi-layered spam
protection -With our
advanced mail filters
such as IP check, reverse
DNS, DKIM check, content
filtering, user behavior
patterns, etc; your inbox
will always be spam free.
Inbuilt Anti-virus - The
inbuilt anti-virus is
capable of preventing any
day zero virus outbreak
as new virus definitions
are updated in real time.
Custom SPAM settings
- Customize the SPAM
settings for an individual
or entire organization by
white listing or
blacklisting an email ID or

Rediffmail Enterprise - Mobility

With Internet access
on multiple devices
becoming a norm, it
is imperative that
your mail is

Seamless access mails anywhere PC, Mobile

phone, Tablet
Mobile application
Access your mails from anywhere you want. We
have designed an app that lets you browse your
emails on the go. The app is compatible with all
the leading platforms such as Android, Symbian,
iOS, Blackberry, Java, J2ME platforms and works on
most phones and tablets
New mail notification
Dont lose track of your important business emails.
Get new mail notifications on your
Smartphone/tablet as soon as they are received.
Remote wipe
Bring your own device policy has also increased
the security threat. Administrator can block email
access when an employee leaves the organization

Complete synchronization across devices

You take an action on one device and we
synchronize it across all. Get same view of your
mailbox on different devices.The action you take
one device is synced back with all other access
devices. Admin can assign complete sync account
to an individual email id from his admin panel.
Mail sync
With internet access on multiple devices becoming
a norm, you can keep mails on all devices and
applications like outlook, webmail, and mobile
phone in sync using complete mail sync. Manage
your business emails from email programs on your
desktop such as Outlook and Thunderbird or from
your mobile devices such as Blackberry. Rediffmail
Pro gives you the flexibility to use email from PC,
mobile as well as tablets. Use it from a browser or
our mobile app, it works equally well.
Calendar sync
Take control of your schedule as calendar events
on Outlook can also be synced on mobile and vice
Contact sync
You dont have to remember email addresses while
writing a mail from mobile as contact list is also

Enterprise class Admin Features

Your IT administrators need many different tools to protect your companys interest. Efficiently manage the
email service of your company with our easy to use control panel on the web.
User Management


Domain Level


MIS Reports &


Add or Delete User/Email id- It enables the Administrator to add or delete a

single user/ email id at any given time.
Search User/email id- A user/email id can be searched by providing any of his
unique information like user code, branch, Email ID etc
User Status- Any user / email id can be ACTIVATED or DEACTIVATED by
accessing his user status.
Access Privileges- Administrator can assign special rights and privileges to the
user/email id as per the requirements.
Change Passwords- Administrator can change the password of any Intended
user/email id.
Bulk Tasks - This feature enables Administrator to complete bulk/voluminous
tasks at a time there by saving a lot of time. For example adding/deleting a
bulk number of users/email id.
Login Page Interface with your own Company Logo, business images and
website link create / edit for login page / select theme
Password Policy Set password for different users.
Disclaimer Set your own disclaimer.
Manage Logout Link Set which URL should the logout land on
Manage Spam - Administrator can control SPAM filtering at domain level or
individual level.
Attachment Restriction - Restrict attachments of specific sizes & type from
being sent / received.
Domain / User ID Listing - Customized whitelisting of user ids/domains.

Admin gets a continuous report to help you to control the usage and costs.
1. Usage of total accounts allocated to the domain
2. Total usage of space
3. Detailed MIS reports of all user ids created
4. Mailbox quota provided to each user

Enterprise class Admin Features



Rediff Value
Added Services


Send updates to your employees via Newsletters. You can Create/

customize, Upload and Manage the Newsletter with an easy to use
WYSIWYG editor; You can also add images and links to enrich the mail.

Email Archival You can archive emails received or sent by email ids on
your domain
2. Full Mail Sync Sync your mailbox across all devices.
3. Calendar Sync Sync your Calendar across all devices.
4. Backup & Restore Restore all your mails if your system crashes or your
mails are deleted
5. Two way authentication One time password for enhanced security.
6. Bulk & HTML Signature Upload Signatures in digital format.
7. File Sharing Upload files on Rediff Cloud and Share Link. Upload &
manage large files, document, images etc to the cloud and share it with
your employees. This saves the bandwidth by eliminating the need to
upload these files repeatedly.
8. Sync with Clients like Outlook , Thunderbird, Windows Live
9. Restriction of Incoming and Outgoing - Once the restrictions are applied,
the User will no more be able to send or receive mails matching the
conditions specified by Admin.
10. Mailing List - Communicate with employees faster by creating groups for
e.g. you can create a group of your entire sales team members under
group ID sales@yourcompanyname.com, so any email sent to this email ID
will be delivered to all the members of your sales team.
11. Alias Management- Receive mails from many addresses at the same POP
12. Catch all - Never lose out on any business opportunity with Catch All
service. A smart feature that catches all the emails sent to your company
domain, even the miss-spelt ones. It's like having innumerable email IDs to
Request for a demo to see the
at no features
13. Auto-forward Emails- an email id for which auto-forward
has been set, the
mails also gets delivered to the auto forwarded email id's mailbox

Webmail user features

Here is a rich email experience that lets you do more. It has all the basic features that is expected of an
email service and much more.

Emails that auto update and show you the latest mails without having to
refresh every now and then. Rich interface that lets you multi-task using tabs.
Delete unwanted mails quickly with a handy delete button.

Mail filters

You can organize your email efficiently through our mail filters by specifying
the folders where you want to receive mails from certain people or related to
certain topics. These folders are accessible even when you access your email
from your mobile or tablet.

Pull mails from

other accounts
Auto forward

Pull emails from multiple email IDs into a single email account. From this single
ID, you can also choose to 'send mail as' any of the multiple IDs.
You can forward all your important business email accounts in to an alternate
email ID. It helps to backup the emails and monitor the email usage.

Custom logo &

company login

You can brand the email service with your company logo. Have a customized
login page for your employees to login from. You can also use that page to
show useful information or updates to your employees. Also have a custom
login url like mail.yourcompanydomain.com.

Office Chat

Enable an intra-domain instant messaging for enterprises. Instant messaging is

integrated in webmail and users can chat from their browser window only. Once
provisioned, the instant messaging gets enabled for all the users on the
Also have features Manage calender & contacts, Advanced search, Vacation mail, Change themes, etc.
Request for a demo to see the complete features in action.

Add-on Features
Complete Mail
Sync on all
devices (PC,
mobile, laptop,

IMAP protocol makes sure that you get to see same mailbox across all the
devices, be it
laptop, desktop or a mobile phone. The action you take one device is synced
back with all other devices from where you are accessing your mails. For e.g. If
you delete a mail from your laptop and then check your mailbox from mobile,
the mail would have been deleted from mobile also.
IMAP has facility where it downloads only the header of the mail which includes
from address, subject line and short snippet of mail. Only when you decide to
read complete mail it downloads entire mail with attachment. In POP protocol,
you dont have control which mails to download and all the unwanted mails
with heavy attachments get over downloaded on your PC. IMAP protocol helps
you to save your bandwidth cost by allowing you to decide which mails to

Calendar Sync

Sync the important events across the multiple devices and also have Free/busy
look up
The global address book is set of email addresses which are available to all
email users on particular domain by default. The global address book is
managed and maintained by email administrator of the domain. All the email
IDs created on a particular domain are part of global address book by default.
However, this address book is maintained at server and local desktop client
such as outlook does not have access to it. If most of the users in an
organization are using outlook to access their mails, they will not know if there
are any updates to global address book.

Global Address

Global address
book sync

Rediff.com has developed a plugin for outlook 2007 and outlook 2010 to access
global address book of the domain on desktop client. Once the user installs this
plugin on his local machine, the global address book gets downloaded in
outlook. User can search and send mails to other users on domain using
downloaded address book. The connector plugin also makes sure that global
address book on local machine is always in sync with global address book on
the server automatically. When user is writing a mail,1 the contacts is global
address can be added in To. This plugin also supports the auto-completion of

Add-on Features - Archival

Archival as a

As an administrator you can store a copy of emails from important email

accounts into an archival mailbox and prevent data loss.
All incoming and outgoing emails stored for anytime access
Each email, whether sent or received from any user is saved for immediate
Access to the Archival accounts is quick, easy and secure. Recover deleted
emails, access emails of any user that is no longer with the company or
retrieve emails for compliance purposes
Create multiple archival accounts as required, to store emails of users based on
designation/location etc
Powerful access to your email archival accounts
Access to archival accounts is available anywhere if you have a web browser.
The web based Search makes it easy to find and recover emails based on key
fields such as Sender/Recipient Names, Subject.
The archival accounts are POP3 enabled and can be easily configured onto any
local mail client such as MS Outlook/Outlook Express. The downloaded archived
emails can be further backed-up to any local resource such as a high capacity
work station, tape drive etc
Integrated with your Administrator Control Panel
Managing Email archiving has never been easier and now it can be done
directly from the Administrator Control Panel. This integration makes it easy to
use and reduces the overall complexity. The setup process Incoming Email
Archival Create a central archival mailbox which will store all received emails of
selected or all user ids Outgoing Email Archival Create a central archival
mailbox which will store all sent mails (sent from any mail client, web interface
or mobile) of selected or all user ids

Add-on Features - Back up & Restore

An automated, scalable and very easy to operate cloud
based email backup system where all the mails sent and
received by the user is stored in separate system along with
users folder structure - a replica of users primary mailbox.
Salient features are as follows :


Mails sent
Rediff Servers Backup
Mails received

Custom 2
Primary mailbox

Backup Copy

Mailbox structure sync

(folders & Rules)
Restoration of mails

Custom 2

Backup mailbox

1. Continuous backup - Administrator now doesnt have to

worry about the periodicity of the backup. In Rediffs email
backup solution, the mails are backed up as soon as they
are sent or received by the user. Even if users laptop
crashes, administrator can restore the entire data back as
without any loss of emails.

2. Device agnostic - As the users are accessing mails from

different devices, it is very important for back up email data
residing any of such device. Rediffs email backup solution
makes sure that all the incoming and outgoing mails of the
users are backed up irrespective of device or client user is

3. Accidently deleted emails - Since the email backup is

taken at server, even if user accidently deletes any of the
mails, it
still be available in users backed up mailbox. Administrator
can help user to restore the deleted mails.

4. Easy restoration of backed up data - The mailbox

restoration is as simple as a one click of the button.
Administrator just needs to specify the users email address
and click a button to restore the data back into his primary
mailbox. Moreover if user doesnt want entire data to
restored, administrator can select the time range and only
the mails sent or received in specified time range will be
restored to primary mailbox.
1 This facility is particularly
useful if user want to restore the deleted mail.

Seamless transition, Migration & Account

Transitioning team

Data migration

Our transitioning team

handholds you to setup
your emails and domain

If you are worried about

your existing data on the
on-premise system or
existing service provider,
you can migrate the data
on Rediffmail Pro platform
without any data loss, if
the data is compatible with
Rediff format.

The team also conducts

training and helps you with
the start-up procedure.
Integration with core
RediffmailPro mailing
solution easily integrates
with business applications
like CRM, ERP, active
directory, advanced DLP or
gateway solutions.

Do let us know the

approximate amount of
data in GB to be migrated
to Rediff platform.

Dedicated account
Account manager - Your
queries will never be
unattended as a dedicated
account manager is available
whenever you need.
Email and phone support Our technical customer
support executives are
available on phone as well as
email. Our team goes the
extra mile to help you with
your email setup.
Escalation matrix and SLA
- Aggressive SLA reflects the
confidence we have on our
service and a well-defined
escalation matrix ensures
that your query gets resolved
on time.

Mail Architecture

Highly scalable - horizontally

as well as vertically

Robust architecture to take

care of any spike in service

Near zero latency in response

Service oriented architecture

Server load balancing


Network Architecture
Robust infrastructure with
99.9% uptime
No single point of failure Components in our network
architecture have a
counterpart. An automatic
switchover makes sure that
systems are up even if one of
the components fails.
Data redundancy - Data is
stored on high performance
disks with RAIDS standard to
assure that the data is copied
to multiple disks and is
available at the right time.
24x7 network monitoring -A
dedicated network team
monitors the network
24x7x365. Along with early
warning systems, an uptime of
up to 99.9% is assured.
Data centers at 3 different

Peering for performance

Architecture of Peering with almost all ISPs and Email Service providers


Rediffmail Enterprise Online
Rediff.com India Limited (Nasdaq: REDF)
Mahalaxmi Engineering Estate,
L.J. Road # 1,Mahim(West) Mumbai 400 016. India
Tel: +91-22-61820000. Fax: +91-22-24455346