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Your work should be submitted in a Word document, 12 pages in length, typed in

double-space, in 10- or 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. The page margins on
the top, bottom, left side, and right side should be 1 inch each. You should use the APA
guidelines for writing and citations. This is for each of them (1-4).

1. (M5A2) Research the criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award or a
similar quality award provided by another organization. Investigate a company that
received this award. What steps did the company take to earn this quality award?
What are the benefit of the earnings a quality award? Summarized your findings in a
two page paper.

2. (M5A3) Read the case study below and write a paper explaining whether the right
decision was made
Scott Daniels assembled a team to identify and resolve quality-related issues with
the EIS and to develop a plan to help the medical instruments company prevent
quality problems. The first thing Scotts team did was to research the problem with
the EIS. They created a cause-and-effect diagram. They also create a Pareto chart to
help them analyze the many complaints the help Desk received and documented
about the EIS. After further investigation, Scott and his team found out that many
of the managers using the system were inexperienced in using computer systems
beyond basic office automation systems. They also found out that most users
received no training at all on how to properly access or use the new EIS. There did
not appear to be any major problems with the hardware for the EIS or the users
individual computers. The complaints about reports not giving consistent
information all came from one manager, who had actually misread the reports, so
there were no problems with the way the software was designed. Scott was very
impressed with the quality of the entire project, except for the training. Scott
reportd his teams findings to the project sponsor of the EIS, who was relieved to
find out that the quality problems were not as serious as many people feared.

3 (M7A2) Find a example of a company that took big risk on an information

technology project and succeeded. In addition, find an example of a company that took
big risk and failed. Summarize each project and situation in a two-page paper where
you should also discuss whether you believe that anything besides luck makes a
difference between success and failure

4 (8MA1) Search the Internet for the term IT outsourcing. Find at least two articles
that discuss outsourcing, whether beneficial or controversial. Summarize the articles
and answer the following.

What are the main types of goods and services being outsourced?
Why are the organizations in the articles choosing to outsource?


Have the organizations in your articles benefited from outsourcing? Why or

why not?