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Motion : THBT fine parents whose children are over obese

1st speaker affirmative team

Ladies and Gentlemen, the honorable adjudicators and the member of this house, Im
standing here as 1st speaker of affirmative team. Today we have a beautiful motion THBT fine
parents whose children are over obese.
Ladies and Gentlemen, in society and parents mind, they believe, plump kid is health kid
and cute kid. So, parents try all ways to make their child more fatty while they know there are
danger behind this. Yes, obesity. Obesity is described as one of the biggest problems facing
mankind to our generation. In status quo right now, Health and Social Care Information Center
last year revealed that 1 in 10 British children is obese by the age of 5, and 1 in 5 are obese.
National and local governments have struggled to address obesity, defined as having a body mass
index - based on the ratio of height to weight - of more than 30. In this era, junk food is like an
necessary to parents to fulfill what their child eat therefore parents is too busy to prepare it. it
begins to long time, automatically obesity will be increase. 33,5 % of children were found to be
overweight or obese when they left primary school increase 2 % year by year. We believe, that
obesity causes by parents lifestyle because of modern era. So, government will take the
responsibility to save their generation by fine the parents. And its effective in Puerto Rico. The
government of Puerto Rico will fine parents whose children are over obese until $800 per period
and its effective to decrease childs obesity from 13% to 8,4%. So, if we apply this fine, we can
decrease obesity, parents can more protect their children immediately and we have good
generation in health side. We can take an example from Puerto Rico.
Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all, I will define this motion. Fine is pays some money to
ministry of health 6 millions 10 million rupiah per period which period in 6 month. We want to
fine parents who is productive parents or worker has middle to high economy in their income.
Children is child age from 0 until 12 years old. Over obese is weight of children bodies which
calculate to BMI (Body Mass Index) in WHO is more than 30% of weight and over obese here is
not genetic. So, we want productive parents to pay to decrease weight of their children to be
normal weight.
Overall standing
Our theme line of this motion is we will fine parents whose children are over obese is
effective to more care with their childrens health and future. We have 3 team splits. First is
about bad impact if we dont apply this fine, second is about responsibility, and third is about
future impact of children and parents will be brought by my second speaker.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my arguments. We know that obesity is a serious,
chronic disease that can negatively effect the health of any number of systems in your body. It
makes some bad impact. first, bad impact for their childrens health, second, bad impact for
their future.
Bad impact for their children comes to their health. Because, people who are overweight
or obese have a much greater risk of developing everything from heart disease and Type 2
Diabetes to bone and joint disease. We believe, it came from what they eat and their lifestyle.
Children gets that lifestyle from that parents in duplicating time. We believe, in this era,
parents doesnt have more time to protect their children, to carry their children but they want
to make their children fulfill. We believe, if obesity comes to food problems, it come to their
parents automatically. Each year obesity-related conditions cost over 150 billion dollars and
cause an estimated 300,000 premature deaths in the US. Childhood obesity has both
immediate and long-term effects on health and well-being. Immediate health effects are have
risk factors for cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, and join problems. Long-term health
effects from heart disease and type 2 diabetes and another chronic diseases. So, we must take
the responsibility to decrease that by give fine to their parents.
Bad impact also come from their childs future. Their future comes from their lifestyle
and their lifestyle comes to their parents too. Government must takes the responsibility of it
because the goals of the country to be developed countries comes to their good generation. If
their generation has problems with their health, I cant imagine how rate that country can
develops. Children will be lazy, cant control what they eat, and they have many disease to
because of obesity. Can you imagine that generation who live sicker, suffer and die younger
than their parents generation because of obesity. We can see it in America. During the past
four decades, childhood obesity rates in America have quadrupled. More than 23,5 million
children and youth in America, nearly 1 in 3 are overweight or obese. So, government in
America can predicts that epidemic can increase year by year. And children are being
diagnosed with health conditions historically only seen in adults. Government will take some
responses to prevent their generation becomes sicker adult. Just only to parents, we can
prevent increasing obesity. We will make our generation in all nation healthier, save countless
lives, can increase productivity for the next generation. Government much do harder than
education, like make some pressure to parents who have a obese child. So, government want
to fine parents whose children over obese that trigger parents more care with their child health
and future.
Besides that, we can see in responsibility of parents. We know that parents will do
anything to make their child prosper. So, parents will work hard to get much money to fulfill
their life and of course their kids too. Obesity comes to what child eat in all time. Productive

parents have no time to makes some breakfast or lunch for their child. Parents will blame
their children with food like junk food. It likes makes a lifestyle to their children. Nowadays,
there are so many warnings about the dangers of obesity, if the parents ignores these warning,
it makes fatal for their kids. They just give some money to their kids and give their kids
freedom to buy anything that they want. Because we know, humans life is nothing without
money. We believe, parents work to fulfill their children. To fulfill their children, it takes
much money. If they makes their kids over obese, they must paid. And we believe, parents
wont waste more money to paid. Government must tell the parents if increasing obesity is an
economic issue as well. Estimates of the cost of treating obese children are relatively small
but rising rapidly. For example, Guijing Wang and William Dietz estimate that hospital costs
of treating children for obesity-associated conditions rose from $35 million to $127 million. It
higher than fine, right? The parents will waste their money to makes their sicker children
becomes health again. Its impossible to makes really healthy. We know that parents have a
right to care and choose the way they growth their child, but government have a right and
responsibility to protect their generation. If the parents know about the costs of hospital, the
parents will think twice to makes their children more fatty and more protect with their
children health because they dont want to waste money and time to hospitals. So, parents will
prevent their children becomes obese and prevent that fine and more protect their children
health. Besides that, it makes changes lifestyle to their children and themselves.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Ill remind you why I agree with this motion. Obesity makes
bad impact for our generation now and future from their health, from their future. Obesity is
epidemic disease which break the generation with sicker generation and non-productive adult
in their future. Responses of parents must be trigger one causes children becomes over obese.
We know that society right now measure anything with money. They must waste their money
to hospitals because of their obese children. So, we want to prevent it by this fine to parents
that parents can be protect and more care with their children health.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please open your heart, open your eyes, open your mind. Can
you imagine our generation suffer because that obesity? because of negligence of their parents
whose make their children obese with their lifestyle? I believe this motion will be effective to
changes all to be better. Thank you and I beg you to propose.