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Motion : THBT Paedophiles chemically castrated

1st speaker affirmative team

Ladies and Gentlemen, the honorable adjudicators and the member of this house, Im
standing here as 1st speaker of affirmative team. Today we have a beautiful motion THBT
Paedophiles chemically castrated.
Many people consider sexual abuse one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Sexual
offending against children is a highly emotive tissue. Sex offenders trigger to child abuse. The
prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult to average. Indonesia is a nation which the highest
rates of paedophiles in Asia. The most do sex offender to child is paedophiles. Paedophiles
increase year by year even though the government had toke the responsibility to give punishment
in jail. But, in this fact, isnt effective to decrease the number of sex child abuse because of
paedophiles. The one way to do in this case is give chemical castrated to paedophiles. In
scandanavia suggest chemical castration can cuts the rates of re-offending from 40% to 5 %. We
believe, paedophiles are sick and dangerous people who will never be full members of society,
and this is why, this goal, is to protect healthy people, our children, who have their whole lives
ahead of them. So, we as affirmative team really agree with this motion.
Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all, I will define this motion. Paedophiles is men who do
sex offenders with physical or mental abuse to prepubescent male or female children age under
12 years old. Chemically castrated is a punishment which inject some chemical compound to
paedophiles three month period to decrease produce testosterone hormones and libido, this
castrated programmed in the prison service all nations in the world who do sex offenders to
Overall Standing
Our theme line of this motion is paedophiles chemically castrated because paedophiles
can do same without any responses. We have two team split. First is about castrated chemical is
effective will deliver by me. And second is about future impact will deliver by my second
Welcome to my argument. In status quo right now , the government cant control the
number of paedophiles to do violence and sex abuse to children. Increasingly severe sex offender
laws nationwide are convincing some criminals to take drastic measures in an effort to prove
they are fit for society. Unfortunately, psychological and behavioral treatments alone are not

effective in treating all paedophiles. A number of released paedophiles will not even seek out
treatment unless their urges cause them great distress. Paedophiles who have attacked large
number of children usually have not disclosed all of their offense. Chemical castration is the one
way to decrease libido to paedophiles. Chemical castration has been experimented with ever
since the 1940s with the use of anti-androgens to lower the testosterone levels of sexually
dangerous. Besides that, chemical castration doesnt give any pain and of course in limit of
human right. We dont kill paedophiles, we just give some punishment what they have done to
children. Automatically we can change the habitual of paedophiles itself to prevent any sex
offender will rise. A Ministry of Justice spokerman said they support the uses of pharmaceutical
interventions for high risk sex offenders given the evidence that it can be useful in reducing risk
for some perpetrators. Scientists have observed the link between testosterone and aggression and
conclude that high levels of testosterone correspond with increased violent and aggressive
behavior in men. So, we want to decrease ability of libidos paedophiles. It will take away sexual
interest and make it impossible for a reason to perform sexual acts. The process of chemical
castration has been used in various forms, either forcibly as as punishment to reduce their jail
time in several countries including Argentina, Australia, Estonia, Israel, Moldova, New Zealand,
Poland and Russia. We believe it can reduce sex victims of children. Besides that, we can make
paedophiles be better person, can motivated them to decrease their abuse for better life. So, we
believe, paedophiles chemically castrated is effective for decrease sex violence for child.
We believe, chemical castration is very effective than physically castration. Chemical
castration is more humanity than physical. Physical castration is like life sentence for
paedophiles. In reality, active paedophiles who find their way into their wanted. Scientists
realized that punishment alone is a wasteful and useless procedure for a child sexual abuser.
Time spent in prison does nothing to treat the offenders sexual towards children. These offenders
need serious help in controlling their urges and leaving children without any violence. Yes,
chemical castration. These can be highly effective in suppressing libido, though none are without
side effects. It cant suffer paedophiles because of physical castration without cut testes. The use
of chemical agents to suppress libido in sexual offenders who are judge to be at risk of
committing serious crimes is an established practice provided the offender gives his consent.
Government takes the responsibility to fund it. Government fund from income budget for the
prison which take this punishment to paedophiles. As of 2002 in United States weekly injections
of chemical castration cost $160 per month. Because fulfill the society more safe is a government
obligation. If government can reduce sex abuse from paedophiles, society can fell safe anymore.
We believe sexual crimes are a significant public health problem, efforts to prevent recidivism an
protect the society are worthy, and public safety can take precedence over criminals right.
Chemical castration reduces recidivism effectively when offered to sexual offenders within the
context of simultaneous comprehensive psychotherapeutic treatment. Chemical castration under
the current laws is vaguely positioned between punishment and treatment due to lack of informed
consent by the recipient. Chemical castration gives to paedophiles step by step for three month
period. So, paedophiles chemically castrated.

Chemical castration can give another impact of it. if we dont do castration to

paedophiles, paedophiles will be increase. We believe, child become victims can be paedophiles
too because of their trauma. Victims of these crimes experience extreme trauma and may suffer
chronically as a result. In addition to the pain suffered by victims as a result of psychological and
physical difficulties resulting from an cases. Human right of child must uphold too. Childs right
protection is far more morally important than the freedoms of paedophiles. We want to prevent
trauma of victims, we want to upold both of their human right. We want to makes good future
without any scared of sex abuse. We want to decrease sex violence without touch human right.
So, we believe, paedophiles chemically castrated effective for decrease children sex abuse.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ill remind you why we agree with this motion. First, in status
quo right now, many cases of child sex violence rise because of paedophiles. To decrease their
necessary of sex, we want to give punishment to paedophiles like chemically castrated. We
believe if paedophiles just give punishment in jail, it can changes nothing to decrease child sex
abuse in society. So, we give chemical castration to decrease testosterone hormones. I rest my
case and I beg you to propose.