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... through Bertha Dudde


The infant Jesus....

A Saviour was born to you, the Redeemer, Who descended from

above in order to set you free and bring salvation to you.
You humans suffered utmost adversity for you were held captive by
Satan, you were in his power and lacked the strength of will to free
yourselves from him.... Your souls were ailing and a Physician had
to come to heal you; a strong Saviour had to come to release
you.... One had to come to bring you peace....
Salvation came to earth in a child Which was born in the midst of
you, Which, in great poverty, came into the world in a stable. Yet
His birth alone already testified to His divine origin, His
extraordinary task and His great love for people, for an exceedingly
bright light shone above the child, and this light entered into the
hearts of those who were allowed to behold it and who recognised
His divine mission.
For the eternal Light Itself came to earth, It shone in the darkness
which had cast a shadow across the whole earth....
The eternal Love had embodied Itself in the child Jesus, and the ray
of love shone brightly in this significant night when the child Jesus
came into the world. And the human race should have rejoiced and
cheered about the eternal Love's act of compassion to descend to
earth and to bring light into the darkness.
But humanity kept its eyes closed so as not to have to see the light,
apart from a few who knew of their Saviour and called for help, who
cried for a Saviour and gladly opened themselves to the light from
above.... And to these few the eternal Love came to help, and it
came to pass what seers and prophets had proclaimed a long time

The Messiah came into the world, the Bringer of light.... the Son of
God came down to earth, He wanted to redeem the world from sin
because he took pity upon humanity which, bowed down with
sorrow, almost broke down under the burden of sin and was unable
to defend itself against the constraints placed on it by God's
adversary. These constraints caused humanity to stray increasingly
more towards the abyss, as it obeyed every command by the
enemy of souls because it was too weak to resist.... which thereby
only increased its burden of sin from which it would never be able
to release itself....
The Son of God descended to earth.... A most elevated being of
light from God, Which knew of the fallen beings' hardship, offered
Itself to carry the infinitely great sin on behalf of humanity and to
redeem it through a self-sacrifice on earth as a human being,
through suffering an extremely painful death on the cross.... This
being of light took abode in the child Jesus in order to accomplish
Its mission to redeem the human race from sin and its
And the brightest light shone forth when the child was born, a light
which called all those of good will, who waited for their Messiah and
who beseechingly prayed to God in their distress.
It was an act of grace of inconceivable significance, for the whole of
the universe participated in it.... Heaven and Earth touched each
other at the moment of Jesus birth.... the bridge was established
from one kingdom to the other.... war was declared on God's
adversary by the man Jesus, Who indeed remained victorious.
For He fought for and with God, Who had sent Him to earth and
taken abode in Him, Who permeated Him completely.... thus God
manifested Himself because He, being the eternal Love, was able to
take complete possession of a human being Who had unfolded the
love within Himself to utmost perfection.... Who had shaped Himself
into a vessel for the divine spirit, into the shell of the eternal
He could justifiably say 'The Father and I are One'.

He brought people redemption, He gave them light, He brought

Salvation for their souls, for through His crucifixion he became
victorious over the one who wanted to keep the souls in the abyss
and from whom people were unable to release themselves on their
own.... He became their Redeemer, their Saviour from sin and

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