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Beneath Your Beautiful Words and Music by Emeli Sandé, Mike Posner and Timothy McKenzie DsiE Gmaj? ps DSE Gmaj? a Be, Re. Be. Sa. Bey, Ped. comt. sim. D Em G D Em G 4 tae (4 1. You tell all the boys, no, makes you feel good, 2. You let all the girls” 20, ‘makes you feel good, , 8 Be * 1 kmow you're out of my league but that won't seare me__a- way, oh, m0.) Behind your Broad-way_ show, T heard a voice say:_“Please don't. hurt me.” 2 kr Sg Smt es 46 rey Pn omar Sema ust bieing Cis ans Sonat Nunc Bubisnng” "0 Uh Rights Reserves me Authorized for use by Riehard Grossi 2 Bm D Si You've carstiod on s0_ long, . you coult-n'tstop if you tied _ i, your wall so_ high that no-one could climb. it ‘but I'm gon-na try. . Would you let_ Em(adds) A D Emadds) F Ea a ~ => ~ ef oO see be-neath. your beaw-ti- ful?__ Would you let = mp’ Ohm # i aries » is i ia i (Take it offnow, gr, take it off now, gil, ) see berneath your per - feet? Irate it offnow, boy, take it off now, boy, } Iwan-na see_ in ~ side, would you + Authorized for use by Rickard Grossi D EmT(adds) oo D Em? see be-neath . your beautiful Gmaj? Al D Em? to-night? _ Gunaj? a Gai? A? Bm? Gaal? ar Fa . = Tm gon-na climb on top your i PUL hold your hand and then we'll 2 ae Authorized for use by Richard Grossi A o Bm Em Bm out, we'll be fall ing PHL be right here, wan-na know. Would you et see be-neath yourbem-ti-ful?_ Would you let me see becneath yourper - fect? _ Take it ® @ 6 8 off now, git, take ft off now, gil, cos Twan-na see_ in - side, would youlet let = esse Authorized for use by Richard Grossi oo A D Em7adds) o A s g fl ca see beneath your beau to-night? _ Oh, won't you 2 all A © Bm? if let me see be-neath yourbeau - ti-ful_ to-night. Weein't per - fect, se] > 41 wwe ain'tper-fect,no, would you let,__you let me___see be-neath yourbeau-ti-ful__ to-night? _ - Authorized for use by Richard Grossi