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Board of Player Representatives

NFL Players Association

1133 20 Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
RE: NFLPA Executive Director Candidacy
March 1, 2015
Dear Members,
It is with great respect and humility that I present this platform to the NFLPA Board of Player
Representatives for my candidacy as Executive Director. The path I took to achieve my NFL
dream was strategic, hard-fought, and relentless. My Ivy League education and experience as a
Special Teams Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion, and NFLPA Executive Committee member
has given me a range of unprecedented qualifications.
As NFL Players, we are conditioned to never reflect, to live in the moment, and to focus on the
process. As a recent retiree who has dealt with the debilitating consequences of post-concussion
syndrome, battled back, adapted, and coordinated a continuum of quality medical care to
function at a high level, Ive acquired the experiential hindsight, foresight, and resilience to build
the right team of experts, lead our men, and execute the duties of NFLPA Executive Director.
When asked by Kevin Mawae to serve on the Joint Player Safety & Welfare Committee in 2008,
I worked tirelessly to gain clarity from NFL trainers, coaches, doctors, and players to understand
the pressing health issues affecting our members. Despite union leadership working as an
impediment, we formed the NFLPA Mackey-White TBI Committee to educate players and
engage the NFL throughout the negotiation process to advance the medical standard of care
provided to our members. I also worked closely with the Competition Committee, Player Safety
Summit, Lifecycle Transition Study, and the NFLs new Head, Neck, and Spine Committee to
advocate on the behalf of our members. I propose to be a responsible steward of our game, an
effective facilitator of information, and a fierce advocate for the health, safety, and welfare of
NFL Players.
Owners continue to socialize their costs, privatize profits, and abuse their political influence to
insulate themselves from uninsured liability, while diminishing the rights of our members. NFL
Players must understand that we are a rapidly depreciating luxury good. We have decades of
personal investment and a PhD in football, and yet we are considered migrant workers in a
sharecropper system. Agents, Financial Advisors, Scouts, Coaches, and General Managers will
all continue to generate revenue for the league as we are forced to retire and become a liability. I
believe the business and health care models of the NFL are fundamentally wrong. Our union
business is in disarray, and we must be prepared to engage in courageous conversation and make
difficult decisions based on complete information. As active NFL Players, you each have more
power and influence than youve realized. We can no longer afford the lack of transparency,
conflation of critical health information, and collusion left unchecked between the league and our
company union.

Moving forward, we must come to terms with our past, acknowledge our failures, learn from our
mistakes, and take remedial action now in order to preserve our gains, pay homage to our
predecessors, and make our game better for future generations. I would greatly appreciate the
opportunity to continue advocating on your behalf, to commission all the requisite expertise to
analyze every financial, legal, and health matter affecting NFL Players, to make informed
business decisions based on data, and to represent each of you with honor and distinction.
The era of procrastination, of half measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of
delays is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.
-- Winston S. Churchill
We are here to save the owners from their lawyers, the NFL from the owners, the NFLPA from
Mr. Smith, and the game of football from the NFL. Participation rates in large markets are
dropping steadily due to the NFLs intransigent nature and refusal to provide adequate medical
care to our disabled retirees suffering from brain damage and occupational disease. At the same
time, Mr. Smith has masterfully weaved countermeasures into the 2011 CBA to restrict active
players rights and their ability to recover lost wages, medical costs, and quality of life.
This election cannot be a matter of personality or popularity; it must be about performance. Real
wages have not increased in six years, union revenues are down $95 million, the pension gap has
grown to at least $1.4 BILLION, and our dues-paying membership has decreased by 10%.
During the same period (2009-2015), NFL revenue has increased by 31% net of inflation. The
current agreement is a fraud. Too many undisclosed side letters, back room deals, and acts of
collusion have left well-intended player representatives ineffective.
In order to achieve peace and reinstate equitable balance, one must prepare for war. In order to
win a war, an army must be properly staffed and provisioned. Clearly, the NFLPA is neither
properly staffed nor provisioned, and the NFL knows it. The NFLPA is in crisis. Rather than
engage in harmful whispering campaigns used to divide our members, we must come together to
embrace our challenges with a critical eye, learn from history, and instill a culture of
transparency and inclusivity to formulate strategic plans.
The past years events have illustrated the NFLPAs inability, or unwillingness, to form and/or
execute a strategy to take advantage of the owners legal missteps and the Commissioners
embarrassing performance. In the face of this, the NFLPA has lost ground, and the NFL has
consolidated its gains and applied a chokehold to the membership. Commissioner Goodell is paid
well for accepting fault on behalf of the owners, while Mr. Smith was gutted during negotiations
and is still busy blaming the players.
Mr. Smiths reliance on futile legal methods to advance the NFLPAs interests is not just
lamentable but has effectively stripped our members of their rights. Mr. Smith betrays his limited
business acumen with legal jargon used to confuse members, conflate real issues, and give others
a false sense of security. Only a fool goes to court when he has already bargained away his
clients rights. Further, the long-term disability costs associated with treating CTE, footballs
occupational disease, should not be the financial responsibility of current players. Crucial
provisions in the 2011 CBA remain corrupted and/or unrealized.

Article 65 was hijacked by the NFLs Susan Cassidy, who is not only a partner at
Tagliabues law firm but also a highly-paid employee of the NFL Pension plan. By
eliminating the signature neurobehavioral syndromes affecting our members, the NFL has
optimized the exclusion of qualifying diagnoses while minimizing its costs.
$22 Million of discretionary, annual funds secured to treat former NFL players remains
buried in a failed marketing campaign referred to as The Trust.
$50 Million of Research Funds had been diverted to The Football Players Health Study at
Harvard University, which is still formulating survey questionnaires.
The absurdity of willful indifference perpetuated by the NFLPA, permitting NFL Physicians
to ignore the return-to-play guidelines, makes our union a farce and puts our members at an
increased incremental risk of permanent brain damage.
Workers Compensation denies latent neurological afflictions by design. With that, active
NFL Players continue to incur uninsured medical costs.
I was forced to resign from the Mackey-White TBI Committee before the NFL could co-opt
me to sign off on a 13-year, $100 Million dollar joint study designed to quantify the risk of
neurobehavioral syndromes in former NFL Players compared with aged-matched college
controls, without allocating any funds to treat former players.
The 2012 NFLPA Health Report remains withheld from our members.
Resolution 15, passed in 2012 by the Board of Player Representatives, was violated by
employees Smith, Fishman and DePaso, as well as President Foxworth and Drew Brees.

Please take the time to review the Request for Information submitted to the Executive Committee
and President Winston on February 18. It contains crucial information covering Personnel &
Financial Details, Legal Matters, Pensions, Discipline, Health & Safety, Conflicts of
Interest/Related Party Transactions, and Suggested Election Oversight.
Below is a list of forward recommendations for the Board of Player Representatives to consider.
The NFL Players Association requires every aspect of union business to be independently
reviewed. I have identified a highly-qualified independent law firm to conduct an end-toend analysis of our union.
In an effort to empower our Board of Representatives, I intend to initiate a complete
analysis of all prior collective bargaining agreements, including, but not limited to all
NFL revenue streams and deductions, both included and excluded from the players share
of revenue.
NFL Players, Inc., the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players
Association, requires a complete and thorough analysis by forensic accountants. This
team of experts will report directly to the Board of Player Representatives.
A review of all liability limiting strategies executed by and between the NFLPA, third
parties, and the NFL intended to insulate one another from a very large and damaging
class action lawsuit stemming from concussions against the league and union will be
conducted. Members of the NFLPA Legal Department will be prosecuted by the proper
authorities, if any federal or labor laws were violated.
The execution of the medical standard used to qualify former NFL Players as
experiencing mild-to-moderate neurocognitive disability will be investigated, scrutinized,

and revised accordingly, to account for signature neurobehavioral syndromes indicative

of TBI sequelae. Any conflicts of interest between Susan Cassidy and the NFLs team of
neuropsychological experts will be thoroughly examined. Any pension, insurance, or
disability fraud, conflicts, or illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
The composition of the Accountability and Care Committee will be thoroughly examined
by an independent medical ethicist to ensure there are no conflicts and that appropriate
grievances are being made in a timely manner.
VII. All Conflicts of Interest will be exposed, documented, and eliminated. A thorough
investigation will commence reviewing the conduct, conflicts, and performance of all
legal representatives of the NFLPA, including, but not limited to, the NFLPA Workers
Compensation Panel of Attorneys.
VIII. The criteria used to identify and select Mr. Smith will be carefully reviewed to ascertain
the qualifications used to promote union business. As stated in the Request for
Information, Mr. Smith is a noted white-collar criminal defense expert in tort liability,
congressional investigation, corporate fraud, and deferred prosecution. Background and
conflicts of interest will be checked.
I will ask the Executive Committee and Board of Player Representatives to alter our
constitution and bylaws so there are effective checks and balances in place to ensure our
union will never again be put under the thumb of an Executive Director.
All NFLPA employees work for and must answer to the players. Employees are afforded
an opportunity to work alongside NFLPA staff to serve the membership, not the other
way around and not exclusively for the Executive Director. Employees must decide
whether they wish to serve the members or find other means of employment.
We will begin preparing for the next CBA negotiation by developing a negotiation
oversight committee composed of former Executive Committee members who have
institutional and negotiation experience. We will devise a strategic plan to address
complex multi-dimensional bargaining to compete with the owners and bring in experts
to serve as advisors to the Executive Director, President and Executive Committee.
The Board of Representatives will be run like any other reputable board in any other
corporation in America. We will select a Compensation Committee to determine the
salary of our employees and an Audit Committee to ensure there is a complete, clear, and
accurate accounting of our business. Semi-Annual Reports will be provided to the Audit
Committee and Executive Committee for proper oversight.
NFL Player Health, Safety, and Welfare
There will be no 18-game season.
We will closely examine the injury rates of Thursday Night Games, the inability to fully
recover, and the cumulative and compounding risk associated with short-week games.
Thursday Night Football may impose a statistically significant impact on the health,
career longevity, and earning power of our members, which the NFL failed to consider.
Data being collected on active NFL Players, as well as all prior research conducted and
risk models developed on NFL Players, will be assembled, analyzed, and interpreted for
the betterment of our members.




Workers Compensation will begin to work for our injured players, and the NFL will in
turn feel the impetus necessary to raise the standard of medical care in NFL locker rooms,
knowing they will bear the cost of inadequate medical treatment.
Electronic medical records made available to injured players will be reviewed and
confirmed by an independent third party on a weekly basis, so that players can be assured
that accurate medical records are being kept.
League and team sponsored medical care will be reviewed carefully.
Players will have access to online educational tools necessary to understand the potential
risks of the medications being prescribed by team medical staffs.

Comprehensive / Multidisciplinary Clinical Research

Resolution 15, Players Health Research: is an open-science, comprehensive clinical
research platform integrating medical care and treatment for symptomatic former players.
We will review, revise wherever necessary, and enact a strategic plan to support it. We
will become leaders in the research community by rewarding scientific innovators and
supporting the medical experts who are producing advanced treatments.
We will work with like-minded entities to establish a consortium of qualified research
experts to track the efficacy of treatment options offered to former NFL Players and
Military Veterans experiencing complex and debilitating symptoms of Post-concussion
Syndrome. Effective treatments will serve to enhance the open science, clinical research
platform intended to drive scientific progress and provide more intuitive patient care,
while improving the quality of life for patients and their families as well as reducing
long-term disability costs associated with misdiagnosed or untreated medical conditions.
The NFL Players Association will host an annual Exit Symposium geared towards
educating families on the unique challenges of career transition, integrating a
comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment, and facilitating appropriate medical care.
This will occur at the beginning of every season to improve the difficult transitions of
recently retired NFL Players, to help address residual injury, and to promote healing.
The Board of Player Representatives will have access to a series of online educational
resources to help develop the core competencies necessary to effectively manage the
business of football; accounting, filing grievances, salary cap, benefits, etc.
Realizing that the inevitability of retirement is both certain and unpredictable, our union
will actively engage vested players to complete a series of professional development
courses aimed to transfer skill sets and excel in the workforce.
The NFL Players Association will provide information sessions to NFL families who
qualify for disability, discussing the broad spectrum of treatment modalities available
through a diverse network of specialists and medical centers in their area.
Every member will receive a copy of the 2012 NFLPA Health Report.
The Group Licensing Agreement will be revised to ensure that our members are provided
with the de-identified data analysis, regarding any research efforts utilizing player data.
The NFL will be engaged swiftly to share any and all data analysis provided to Co-Lead
Counsel throughout the NFL Concussion Settlement, to quantify the risk of playing
professional football, so that NFL Players and their families are afforded the opportunity
to make informed decisions regarding their career duration, health, and welfare.

NFL Player Issues

The preliminarily approved NFL Concussion Settlement is intended to foreclose every
active NFL Players ability to sue the NFL for damages related to concussion.
Assumption of risk and preemption will lead the NFLs legal defense. We must decide
how to properly address this circumstance with the NFL owners.
Transparency and inclusivity will be the hallmark of the NFL Players Association. Mr.
Smiths tenure has been marked by its opacity and lack of engagement with the player
community. The NFLPA will produce clear and cogent annual reports that will treat both
the active and former players as shareholders.
Thank you for taking the time to review my platform and discuss it with your spouse and
amongst yourselves. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, clarifications, or
concerns. I welcome the chance to speak directly, openly, and honestly with the entire NFLPA
Board of Player Representatives at your meetings in two weeks.
Simply put, I enjoy supporting my wife, coaching Sprint Football here at Princeton University,
and raising our three incredibly talented and bright young daughters. I didnt think I needed this
job, but there is unfinished, important work that must be completed. I would not be running for
this position if I didnt think a drastic change was required for our members. I will take us
through the next CBA or provide a governance structure to empower our members and find the
best executive conceivable - whoever we believe is up for the task.
If you want real change, NFL Players must now recognize that it is within our own control to
assert our rights and demand what is required. If you would please afford me the privilege to
discuss matters affecting your career, business, and family, please write President Winston to
inform him that you endorse my candidacy.

Sean J. Morey
Former NFLPA Executive Committee member
Founder and former Co-Chair NFLPA Mackey-White TBI Committee

Former Ivy League standout and Super Bowl Champion Sean Morey '99 is currently the head
coach of the Princeton University Sprint Football program. Morey moved into the coaching
ranks at Princeton after completing a two-year fellowship in the Athletic Department, where he
worked closely with the Athletic Director, Gary Walters on special projects and served in a
number of supportive roles as the Athletic Administrative Fellow.
Sean graduated from Brown University in 1999 and was the schools first Ivy League Rookie of
the Year (1995) and Player of the Year (1997). A three-time First-Team All-Ivy and All-New
England selection, he twice garnered All-America accolades as a wide receiver and led the
NCAAs Division I-AA in receiving during his junior campaign. Sean was elected captain and
had his #24 jersey retired before the last home game of his senior season. Morey established five
new Ivy records and 11 Brown records by catching 251 career passes for 3,850 yards, 39 of
which went for touchdowns, including the first scored in the new Princeton Stadium in 1998.
Morey was drafted in the seventh round of the 1999 NFL Draft by his hometown team, the New
England Patriots. After playing several seasons for NFL Europes Barcelona Dragons and being
named the 2003 Special Teams MVP for the Philadelphia Eagles, he signed with the Pittsburgh
Steelers. He was named the special teams captain in 2005 and became the first Brown alum to
win a Super Bowl. He signed with the Arizona Cardinals in 2007, where he was elected to serve
on the NFLPA Board of Representatives and made both Super Bowl and Pro Bowl appearances.
Morey was named to the All-NFL Europe Team and regarded by Peter King as the Sports
Illustrated Special Teams Player of the Decade.
While an active NFL Player, Sean was elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the NFL
Players Association and appointed Co-Chair of the NFLPA Mackey-White TBI Committee. He
vigorously defended players rights during CBA negotiations and worked closely with some of
the leading independent neurological experts to help inform and protect fellow members. Sean
devoted his energy towards advocating for comprehensive clinical research efforts intended to
understand, quantify, and treat pressing health care issues associated with the cumulative and
compounding effect of repetitive and recurrent brain trauma.
Morey is also a member of the Brown Football Association and Brown Athletics Hall of Fame.
Seans wife Cara is an Assistant Coach for the Princeton Womens Ice Hockey Team and a
former two-sport All-Ivy standout at Brown. Sean and Cara live in Princeton and have three
daughters named Devan (11), Kathryn (9), and Shea Piper (6).