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Workshop outline - Building a Curriculum: A Recipe for Success

Team members
Zehour Al Sabban
Corey Heerschap
Christine Racette
8-12 INTAPT learners
4 Hours
Attitude: Be aware of at least three different models of curriculum development
Skills: Experience the application of Kerns method to build a curriculum
Knowledge: Identify Kerns 6+2 steps of curriculum development
Workshop Outline
15 minutes - Ice-breaker + Pre-evaluation
15 minutes - Planning a Curriculum/Curriculum models - Presentation
15 minutes - Problem Identification - Think/Pair/Share
10 minutes - General Needs Assessment - Presentation
20 minutes - Learners Needs Assessment - Interactive Teaching
15 minutes - Goals and Objectives Setting - Interactive activity + Presentation
30 minutes - Break
35 minutes - Educational Strategies - Presentation + Small group work
20 minutes - Curriculum Mapping - Interactive Teaching

15 minutes - Implementing a Curriculum - Presentation

30 minutes - Evaluating a Curriculum - Interactive Teaching + Presentation
15 minutes - Maintenance and Enhancement - Presentation
15 minutes - Dissemination - Presentation
5 minutes - Conclusion - Presentation
10 minutes - Assessment - Pre/post Evaluation
30 minutes - Questions and Feedback

Audiovisual setup (Computer, Projector)
Whiteboard/Flipchart and Markers
Papers and Pens
Meeting every 2nd Thursday
Email, Google Drive, Skype
October 24, 2014, Workshop Outline
January 27, 2014, Complete workshop lesson plan and reference list
March 1, 2014, Workshop Finalization
March 9, 2014, INTAPT Week
Dent JA, Harden. A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers. Second ed. United Kingdom: Elsevier Limited;
Kaufman DM. Applying educational theories in practice. BMJ 2003 BMJ Publishing Group
Kern DE, Thomas PA, Howard DM, Bass EB. Curriculum Development for Medical Education. United
States: The Johns Hopkins University Press; 1998.
Mohanna K, Cottrell E, Wall D, Chambers R editors. Teaching Made Easy. Third ed. United Kingdom:
Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.; 2011. p.81-99.
Diamond R. Designing and Assessing Courses and Curricula. United States: Jossey-Bass; 1998.

Workshop Outline Feedback

Excellent step-by-step approach to your topic. Very good learning objectives, but I suggest
you also need to state the overall goal of your workshop.
From your current timeline it is hard to exactly quantify the number of minutes which can
be counted towards experiential interactive learning for your participants. Remember the
minimum is 25% of your allotted teaching time, i.e. 90 min. in various activities and
exercises where the workshop participants are working.
Your agenda should show which group members (primary and secondary) are responsible
for each section.
In the resources section you may consider also including backup AV equipment, Plan B.
Your group work plan has good variety of communication media and frequency of contacts.
Please also indicate when your group charter will be completed and the groups internal
work plan timeline and how you are sharing your tasks.
Your references are appropriate, you should ensure you have the most recent edition of
Kern etc.
- Helen