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UCU Election for Vice-President (FE)

Statement of support for Sean Vernell

Dear Colleagues

The education sector is facing major challenges. In Adult Education

there are massive cuts in provision. In Universities we see
unprecedented job losses. In both FE and HE there are problems in
achieving decent pay settlements.
We see academic freedom and genuine education under threat
from marketisation and privatisation in many forms, including the
endless talk about education as a business, not a public service, and
outsourcing of provision. For many UCU members workloads are
going through the roof.
Whatever the outcome of the next General Election, we are likely to
face further massive cuts in education and other public sector funding,
and attacks on our jobs, conditions of service, pay levels and pensions.
In this context we need to fight back and to link educational and
industrial struggles.
This election is important for all UCU members, whether working in
Adult, Prison, Further or Higher Education. It is important whether you
are academic or academic-related, whether you are an administrator,
researcher, tutor or lecturer. We need to elect a Vice-President who is
committed to defending education standards, academic freedom and the
jobs and conditions of the education workforce.
Many of us have worked with Sean Vernell on UCU campaigns and
committees. We know Sean to be a dedicated trade unionist, who takes
the responsibilities of union leadership seriously, attends meetings
regularly and is committed to building UCU as an effective and
democratic trade union.
Sean’s priorities are the same as most UCU members: defending
education, jobs, and working conditions. Sean understands that a
good quality education for students and good conditions of service for
education workers are two sides of the same coin. This is why Sean
has been active as Vice-Chair of UCU’s national FE Committee in
supporting UCU members when they are taking industrial action.
We believe that Sean Vernell has the vision, energy and commitment
to lead the union in the difficult times ahead. We call upon you to vote
for Sean as UCU Vice-President.

Signed by

National Executive Committee members

Name Area/position/workplace
Alan Whitaker Chair FEC /President elect
Sasha Callahan Immediate Past President
Lynne Chamberlain UK-elected FE/Greenwich College
Maire Daley Representative of women members FE/Chair Education Committee/Liverpool Community
James Eaden FE Midlands/Chesterfield College
Alison Gander UK-elected FE/Nelson and Colne College
Brian Ingham UK-elected FE/Strategy and Finance Committee/Richmond College
Angie McConnell FE North West/Chair Equality Committee/Wigan & Leigh College
Laura Miles Representative of LBGT members/Vice Chair FEC/Bradford College
Loraine Monk FE South/NESCOT
John Murphy FE North West/TU & Education Centre
David Swanson UK –elected member FE
Mark Campbell UK-elected member HE/LMU
Karen Evans HE North West/University of Liverpool
Jane Hardy HE London and East/University of Hertfordshire
Tom Hickey HE South/Chair of ROCC/University of Brighton
Maeve Landman UK-Elected member HE/UWE
Ron Mendel HE Midlands/Uni of Northampton
Malcolm Povey UK-elected member HE/Uni of Leeds
Gavin Reid HE North East/Vice chair Education Committee/ Uni of Leeds
Christine Vie UK –elected HE/Manchester Met Uni
Liz Lawrence HE North East/Vice Chair HEC/Sheffield Hallam University
Dave Gibson FE Yorkshire and Humberside/Barnsley College

Branch officers: Higher Education

Name Union position/University
Mike Healy Branch Sec/Westminster University
Adrian Budd Southbank University
Paul Brookes Manchester University
City Uni
Brighton Uni
Des Freedman Past President Goldsmiths Uni,
Jim Wolfreys Kings University, Branch Sec
Geoff Abbot Newcastle University, Branch Treasuer
Sterling Uni
Liverpool Uni
Liverpool John Mores
Leeds Met
Sheffield Hallam
Graham Kirkwood Edinburgh University, Assistant Secretary, Equality and diversity
Sean Wallis University College London. Branch Sec
Rick Saull Queens Mary College, Branch Sec

Branch Officers: Further Education

Name Union position/College
Andy Strouthous City and Islington College/Branch Sec Camden Road
Phil Magee City and Islington College/Branch Sec Finsbury Park
Tony Hodges Carlshalton College/Branch Sec
Sue McDowell Lambeth College/Branch Sec
Maggie Carmen Hackney Community College/Chair
Terry Sweeney Newham College/Branch Sec
Richard McEwan Tower Hamlets College/Branch Sec
Louise Orick Westminster College/Branch Sec
Julian Thomas Uxbridge College/Branch chair
Patrick McCann Uxbridge College/Branch Sec
Timothy Dalrymple Hammersmith and Ealing College Branch Sec
Pete Green Westminster and Kingsway college, Branch Sec
Penny Charles College of North East London, Branch Chair and UCU Black members Rep
Greenwich Community College
Graham Peterson South Thames College, Branch Executive member
John Baxter Sheffield College, Committee
Rod Challise Doncaster College, Branch Sec
Hazel Raven Doncaster College, Branch Chair
Sue Christie York College, Branch Sec
Dave Carrier Richmond College, Branch Sec
Debra Callow Richmond College, Branch Magazine Editor.

Regional officers
Name Regional Position
Jenny Sutton Chair FE sub Committee London Region and College of North East London branch Sec
Louis Wood Sec FE sub Committee London Region & Hammersmith & Ealing College Branch Committee
Cliff Snaith Sec London Region
Geoff Carter Chair London Region, Barking College Branch Committee
Sean Wallis Sec HE sub committee London Region
Sec Yorkshire Humberside Region
Sec East Midlands
Sec South
Sec East