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Facts and Opinions

Penal reform puts Mexico in a race against


MEXICO CITY ( CNNMxico ) - Mexico is a little over three years to achieve the
reform of criminal justice operates throughout the country , forcing governments ,
congresses and courts to speed up the pace in the implementation of the "
necessary actions " pending , officials and analysts say .
With the enactment of the reform in June 2008, an eight-year period was
established to , among other things, Congress passed secondary legislation at the
federal level , the 32 states adjust their laws and judicial powers align their
facilities and train its staff.
Nearly five years after its publication, however, the Legislature has not yet
approved key normativities as the new Federal Code of Criminal Procedure , while
the reform has begun to operate in less than half of the institutions , said in an
interview in last March Fromow Mary of the Angels , head of the Technical
Secretariat of the Coordinating Council for the Implementation of the Criminal
Justice System ( Setec ) .
Much remains to be done. You have to see where we need to propel entities among
all to get the system to work in 2016. We are in a context in which we require more
effort. I 're three years with a series of truly indispensable actions to the system
can be effectively implemented throughout the country, "he said.

Among other things , the reform requires that trials be oral and public rather than
relying on written records , establishes minimum rights for detainees and victims ,
mandates that the State strengthen its public defenders and make alternative
arrangements to which two parties agree the solution conflict , rather than having
to hold a whole proceedings .
Locally, in August 2012 the reform had begun to operate wholly or partly in 11
states , was about to enter into force in five and planning had " low levels of
progress " in the remaining 16 , according to the White Paper Setec for the period
2009-2012 .
By May this year , the number of entities in which it operates rose to 13 with
Chihuahua , State of Mexico and Morelos as the most advanced -while seven more
will begin to do so in the coming months , Fromow said.
The Setec , which depends on the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry ) , was
created to monitor the implementation of these changes , as well as to coordinate
the delivery and implementation of federal grants to local governments .
Tuesday begins the Fifth Forum on Security and Justice , organized by the
National Network on Behalf of Oral Trials and Due Process . President of the
Supreme Court of Justice , Juan Silva Meza and President Enrique Pea Nieto ,
participation in the opening of Alejandro Mart , president of Mexico SOS
organization provides .
The forum, which wills last three days, he seeks to create commitments from the
main actors in the criminal justice system to implement the new rules.

I Vocabulary - Match each word it the correct meaning

1. Enactment

(10) impulsar

2. Align

(4) confiando

3. Throughout

(8) pendiente

4. Relying

(1) promulgacin

5. Strengthen

(9) entidades

6. Seeks

(2) alinear

7. Grants

(6) pedir

8. Pending

(3) por todo

9. entities

(5) fortalecerse

10. Propel

(7) becas

II Reading Comprehension Answer the following questions.

1. In what does penal reform consist?
A= juices de forma oral y hacer los procesos legales ms rpidos y eficaces.
2. - In how many entities does the penal reform start?
A= 11
3. - Who is expected in fifth forum security and justice?
A= Juan Silva Meza y el Presidente Enrique Pea Nieto
4. In what year the reform was enacted and when it is going to work in the
A= 2008-2016
5. - What is the meaning of the acronym Setec?
A= Secretariat of the Coordinating Council for the Implementation of the
Criminal Justice System

III Reading Strategy Write F (fact) or O (opinion) according to the information

in each statement.
1.-The number of entities which are penal reform operates 13.


2.-Much remains to be done. (O)

3.-In the current system is not enough to change people removing bad people. (O)

4. - In May 2013 to start the fifth forum on security and justice. (F)
5.-We will make an effort for the system to operate in 2016. (F)
6.-In the system is sufficient for a few people to overthrow corrupt justice. (O)
7.-With the new systems and have transparent oral trials.


8.-Judges do not have time to analyze people and only analyze records.


9.-We have until 2016 to have a functioning justice system. (O)

10.- Whit the enactment of the reform in June 2008.


11.-The SETEC depends on the government secretariat. (F)

12.-Everything that is used in a trial for or against is public.
13.-The legislature has not adopted the federal code.
14.-Forum will last 3 days.




15.-In Mexico in 100 just 10 crimes are reported. (O)

16.-Reform there will be a judge overseeing the investigation and another
sentencing. (F)

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