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Choose correct verb to complete these sentences

A. Najma eat/eats an apple daily
B. We play/played cricket match yesterday
C. Have you buy/bought something
2. Unscramble these sentences
A. two brought Ali chocolates
B. The sky shines in sun the.
C. Watered the gardener plants
D. Reading an interesting novel is Alia.
3. Finish these sentence using appropriate object
A. Dog chases the ____________.
B. Pakistani team won the _____________.
C. Alia cleans her _______ daily.
D. Alia friend helped me completing my __________.
4. Read the story and there are two characters in the story. Which one is more
intelligent and why?
There was once a wolf and he was very hungry. He went to the jungle to look for his
dinner. He saw a goat. The wolf said, I want to eat you. I am a wolf and looking for a
good dinner. The goat answered ok! You stand at the bottom of the hill and open
your jaws wide. Then I will run down the hill and jump straight in your mouth. The
goat climbed up the hill. The wolf stood at the bottom of the hill and opened his
mouth wide. The goat ran down the hill very fast and hit the wolf with his horns as
hard as she could. The wolf rolled over and became senseless.
5. My pet cat is cute. Her name is Mano. She eats meat. She likes milk. She jumps
high. I cuddle her. She looks at me when I call her. So put the numbered words in
appropriate boxes. Use only once if any word repeats.



6. You are class monitor. Your class is going to a park. Here are some guidelines.
Please identify which is an instruction command, simple statement or question.
A. Do not throw litter in the park _________
B. Walk through the poument _________
C. Help each pother ___________
D. Do you want to play here? _________
7. Write a road map to reach your school from your home.
8. Students suppose that they would visit a zoo and construct five commands their
teacher would instruct them with:
Example: stay in a group

9. Teacher divides the class in groups of four (students). Each group will be given a
situation in which they will have to write few instruction using Dont
Group A
Situation: classroom where students are very nosily. There is no teacher around.
How would a proctor maintain discipline in class?
Give instruction:
Example: Dont shout in the class.
10. Change the following imperative sentence in negative.
A. Give it to your mom. _____________________________
B. Let us forget about it. ______________________________
C. Let us think about it. __________________________
D. Be kind to her. ______________________________
E. Take the car to garage _________________________
11. Use as many sentences as you can with the words given in the column of the table
given below
What a

foolish guy
silly as
Example: What a nice evening!


is !

12. Circle the correct expression for each sentence

Im really going to miss this place
A. love
B. surprise
C. sorrow
13. Identify the exclamatory sentences.
A. how you ever tried a somersault?
B. Wow, he is up so high!
C. Be careful if you try it.
D. The gymnasts are amazing
14. Some sentences are given in column A and in column B following are shown.
Match them.
Alina has an injury.
Umer wins the game Oh
Saras doll is missing Hurrah
15. If you become the prime minister of Pakistan. What three things will you change
in the country?
16. Identify suitable words to complete the sentence.
______ is your class teacher?
a) what b)who c) whom d) which

______ is your pencil?

a) what b) which c)who d) whom
______ is time by your watch?
a) which b)what c)how d)where
______ many sister have you?
a) what b) where c) how d)whom
17. Complete following sentences by substituting the appropriate words given in the
which, how, what, where, who
A. _________ is your friend?
B. _________ do you live?
C. _________ is your favorite food?
D. _________ many days are in a week?
E. _________ one is your shirt?
18. _______ birthday is tomorrow?
A. who
B. whose
C. why
D. when
19. Change following sentences into Wh questions.
A. The book is on the table
B. The cat is sitting near fire
C. The boy is sleeping
D. This is a pencil
E. This is my book
20. Make sentences of each pair showing the difference of meanings.
example who- whose
Who: who opened the door?
Whose: whose turn is it?
(whom, whose) (how for, how long) (how much, mow many)(what, which)
21. Complete the following with suitable questions words?
A. ______ got the highest marks in the exam?
B. ______ are you doing now?
C. ______ did you spend your vacations?
22. Read the poem and ask five wh questions?
in some towns
the birds fly south
and animals sleep
in burrows below
in some towns
the leaves all fall
and everything
is covered with know but
in my town

the birds still sing

and flowers bloom
all years in their bed
in my town
the leaves stay green
and the warm sun
shines overhead
eg. What is the poem about?
23. Fill in the blanks with wh questions
_________ is it? It is a doll.
_________is he? He is an actor?
_________is it? It is a lamp.
_________is Eid?It is after Ramdan.
_________ is she? She is at school?
24. What is the possible question of the following statements?
Eat my dinner at 8:00 pm
25. Rewrite the questions with wh.
A. Are you of ror canado? ________________
B. Are your books at home? _______________