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E-Handyman Services
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(UndertheMinistryofPower, Govt.ofIndia) Affiliatedto

September, 2014

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Executive Summary
E-Handyman services aims at providing a wide range of home
repair services. It plans to connect millions of household
customers with locally available repair service provider.
Handyman is an online portal available 24 X 7 on the internet
users. It is a virtual online service place facilitating easy access
to local electricians, plumbers carpenter etc. Home owners and
apartment renters have requirements for "small job"
maintenance, including tasks constructing prefabricated
furniture, installing shelving and curtains, hanging artwork,
changing lighting fixtures, and many other tasks that are
typically referred to as "handyman services .These days people
find it difficult to find skilled service providers for repair works
like minor electric works, faulty water pipes repair ,exterior
services so on, which causes wastage of customers time and
money as well as causesinconvenience specially if the
customers are senior citizens. E-Handyman aims to solve these
problems by providing skilled handymen quickly and at an
affordable rate.
E-handyman services will offer a wide range of home repair
services. The services are generally fairly minor tasks, if the
problem becomes major a contractor is best suited to solve the
difficulty. We will offer the value-added feature to pre-screen a
contractor when we is unable to perform the repair. This will
develop a trust bond with the customer so that when a more
minor issue comes up the customer is more likely to call us due
to honesty displayed earlier. E-handyman service so ffers fix-it
services for: plumbing, electrical repairs, painting, carpentry
Competitive Edge
E-handyman services will differentiate from the competition by
offering: low price and low minimum charge. We will charge a
reasonable 100 per hour in an effort to encourage people to
hire us for tasks that they would otherwise try themselves of

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just ignore until it became more of a problem. The second

element of the competitive edge is low one hour minimum.
This compares favorably with the other industry competitors
who often have two to three hour minimums. This edge also
creates an incentive for the customer to call for our assistance
earlier than they would with comparable service providers.

E-handyman services plans to start in Delhi/NCR region. This

business plan gives information about the company in terms of
Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values. This document describes
the basic business model describing the categories of business,
details of the processes and salient features. The operations
describe the operations, logistics involved. How we would
optimize it to give best value to the customers. It also talks
about the inventory management and type of operations model
we use. The market analysis gives us the clear picture of the
present situation and how we handlethe situation for our
benefit. How we form a brand and spread the awareness
customers. The marketing also segregates the customer
segment and how we reach them. It also talksabout the
advertisement strategy. The financials take care of the capital
estimation, breakeven analysis, and profitestimation. It also
talks about the fund sourcing, fund distribution and growth

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1. Company Information
E-handyman services in is focused on online service providing
business for home repair and maintenance. It plans to connect
millions ofhousehold customers with locally available
handyman service providers. E-handyman services.in is an
online portal available 24 X 7 to theinternet friendly customers.
E-handymanservices.in aims to provide quick reliable and
affordable handyman services to the customers. We plans to
start inDelhi NCR and then expand its business in future .
1.1 Vision:
Doing what is best for our customers by providing
excellence and quality service.And to be an innovative
leader in the Home Improvement Market.

1.2 Mission

The mission of E-handymanservice.in is to enrich the life of

each customer by providing unique services to our
maintaining a pleasant work environment.. W ewill provide
every customer with an honest days work and will fix
anything that is not done right.

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1.3 Objectives

The main objectives of e-handymanservices.in are as

To Develop the business into full time employment
with in 12 months
To generate steady revenue per year by the end of two
To create 20 percent of business form repeat
To give our customers the best value for money and
quickest service.

2. Opportunities
About 93% of Indias workforce is in the informal sector. Too
many of these people work in pitiable conditions, lacking
predictable income and basic labour standards like ajob
contract, paid leave and access to basic insurance while on the
other side,urban India is facing a severe shortage of reliable
plumbers, electricians, housekeepers and other handyman
serviceproviders. People in urban areas have less than
satisfactory experiences at home with plumbers, carpenters,
electricians and the other usual helpers. These people often
turn up a day late, with the wrong tools, and often do a shoddy
job, after which follows the usual haggle over rates. This is an
opportunity waiting to be tapped, with time and luck it could
prove the norm rather than the exception, like the telecom and
auto revolution.If this informal workforce with a bit of training ,
stable income and better working condition is put to use in
urban area for these small repair work, it will result in twin
benefit for both customers and the labour.All these opens up
huge business opportunity for e-handyman services.

3. Business Model
Startup summary

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E-handyman services.in will incur start-up costs associated with

the beginning of the business. The following table details the
start-up costs as well as indicated the needed capital for initial
operations. Stan will be using his personal tools for jobs but will
need to purchase the following additional equipment/tools:
Assorted plumbing tools including: slip wrenches, snakes,
teflon tape, and assorted caps, nuts, and bolts.
Electrical tools including: electrical gauge meters, wire
cutters, various wires and wire caps, and soldering iron.
Painting material including: paint brushes, paint roller,
pneumatic paint sprayer, air compressor, sand papers,
spackle tools and masking tape.
Pressure washer.
Various general tools.
Assorted power tools (drill, saw, sander, Dremel).
Assorted nails, bolts, screws, and fixtures.
Laptop with portable printer for mobile invoice printing
and submission.
E-handyman services.in offers the People of Delhi/NCR the
finest home repair and maintenance for home owners and
property managers. All services start at just 150 per hour plus
parts. We will give every customer at least one hour of work at
their property. All work is handyman work, for larger jobs that
require a contractor, we will pre-screen a service provider free
for the customer. By providing only handyman services,
Ehandmanservices.in will always attempt to repair the problem
first, replacement is only an option if the item cannot be
repaired. This differs from a contractor philosophy which is
generally to replace everything first. Repairing items is far less
expensive for the consumer. We willoffers a one year guarantee

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for all of their work, if something goes wrong.We will make it

right. The goal is to not have any unsatisfied customers.
Market Segmentation
The market has been segmented into two distinct customer
47% of home owners attempt to make small repairs
themselves, often starting the repair and realizing that they do
not have the skills to complete it. The remaining 53% do not
attempt to repair it, they call a professional from the start.
62% have owned their home for more than two years.
73% wait until several small problems accumulate before they
call a handyman. This behavior can be explained by not
wanting to incur a large upfront charge just to have someone
fix one thing.
Property managers
Manage between three 20 units.
Typically do not have their own in-house repair man in an effort
to reduce overhead expenses.
Target Market Segment Strategy
The two customer segments, home owners and property
managers have been targeted because they are the most likely
consumer of handyman services.
Unless the home owner is particularly crafty, he/she does not
have the skills, time or desire to tackle most jobs. Their
preference is to hire someone and have them take care of it.
The property manager are also likely consumers because they
are managing a group rental property which needs periodic
maintenance. Property managers with less than 20 units rarely
have on-site maintenance personnel, it is less expensive to hire
someone as needed.

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It is rare that the property manager would have any

maintenance skills themselves and those that do usually do not
have the time in the day to perform the repair.
It should be noted that the majority of business will be coming
from residents and rental property from within the Duluth city
limits. As you venture farther out of town into the country
people tend to have more free time and more fix it skills and
are therefore more likely to try to repair things themselves.
Service Business Analysis
Handymen operate within the general home repair industry.
This industry encompass both handymen as well as general
contractors. The distinction between the two is as follows:
handymen can fix most minor problems, items that are not to
extensively damaged nor do they require expensive special
Contractors are most useful for jobs that are very technical in
nature, extensive in the repair, or require very specialized tools.
A handyman is typically far more of a generalist, he can handle
a wider range of repairs whereas a contractor has a smaller
realm of expertise.
The Handyman
The handyman would go through multiple soft skill training sessions and
a verification process. This would ensure that we provide quality services
and that no casual amateur is taken for the job.
We would like to set a benchmark for the quality of service we provide,
for this we would ensure that our handyman reach the customers place
on time and if for some reason there is a delay, the customer would be
accordingly intimidated.

We with our e-handyman services would make life easier for the people
living in busy cities. We would initially start on a small scale in tier-1 city

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and according to the response would expand in other cities and would
like to be known throughout the country for the services we provide.