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Newsletter March 2015

e-mail: james@clever-pants.com

Welcome one and all!

We have a fantastic newsletter for you this month, with
our funny quotes followed by a great activity to help your
students stop making the typical mistakes they make
through direct translation. After that there is a great activity
about being happy, focusing on using gerunds in verb
patterns, and a song that is sure to go perfectly as an
end to that lesson - Dont Worry, Be Happy, by Bobby
Be happy! See you in April!

Some witty quotes to get you

When I die, I want to go peacefully like my
grandfather didin his sleep. Not yelling and
screaming like the passengers in his car.
Always borrow money from a pessimist. He
wont expect it back.

Some cause happiness wherever they go;

others, whenever they go.
Children: You spend the first 2 years of their
life teaching them to walk and talk. Then
you spend the next 16 telling them to sit
down and shut-up.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit;

wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound
they make as they fly by.

This year we will once again be working with the
African Children's Educational Trust, donating money
for every show we do to helping develop educational
projects in Africa.
For more information visit their website at

Top eco-tip: if you print the newsletter out, do it in black

and white at low resolution to reduce your use of ink.
Clever Pants 2011

Common mistakes
1. Divide the class into two teams. Give the students

2. Tell each team to take turns reading their corrected

in each team one of the sets of sentences. Tell the

sentences. The other team can say correct,

students that the sentences marked with an X are

incorrect or almost! The other team can keep

typical mistakes caused by translating from their own

trying until they get the sentence correct.

language. Give them time to work together to correct

This is a good opportunity to revise many areas of

the sentences which are wrong together.

grammar and correct typical mistakes!

1. Im actually a student. X
2. I like playing sports a lot.
3. This is my brother. Shes a doctor. X
4. My best friend is two years older then me.
5. The people in my country is friendly. X
6. How long does it take you to get to school?
7. I need some advices. X
8. There are five of us in my family.
9. Can you recommend me a good film to watch? X
10. Dogs are better pets than cats.
11. I dont like my teacher give me homework at
weekends. X
12. My parents dont let me stay out late at night.
13. I live in the same house since I was born. X
14. My parents tell me I have to go to university.
15. Tomorrow I go to the cinema with my friends. X
16. This is my brothers bike.
17. Im waking up early every day. X

1. Im a student at the moment.

2. I like playing sports a lot. X
3. This is my brother. Hes a doctor.
4. My best friend has two years more than me. X
5. The people in my country are very friendly.
6. How much time it takes you to get to the school? X
7. I need some advice.
8. We are five people in my family. X
9. Can you recommend a good film for me to watch?
10. The dogs are better pets than the cats. X
11. I dont like my teacher giving me homework at
12. My parents dont let me to stay out late at night. X
13. Ive lived in the same house since I was born.
14. My fathers say me I have to go to university. X
15. Tomorrow Im going to the cinema with my friends.
16. This is the bike of my brother. X
17. I wake up early every day.

Classroom Activity:
Being happy...
Talk to your partner. Can you think of a film, a song or an activity that makes you feel happy?
Why does it make you happy?
Read about the things that make these people happy. Is there anybody who you really agree
with? compare your ideas with a partner.
...spending time with friends, doing
something unusual! Sometimes I invite
friends to go ten pin bowling, or ice skating.
They think its crazy, but I know we will
remember it for a long long time!

...watching a film I love. Even if I have
already watched a film many many times, if
Im feeling sad or bored I love watching a
favourite film... my secret passion? Titanic!
It makes me cry every time!
...making breakfast! Even if I am very tired
and have a very busy day, I like getting up
in the morning and making orange juice and
toast and sitting down for half an hour and
really enjoying my breakfast before I start a
stressful day!

...going for long walk. On a sunny day, I

really love leaving the city and going for a
long walk or a hike at the beach or in the
...listening to Get Lucky by Daft Punk! I
know, I know, I have listened to it about ten
thousand times, but I really enjoy hearing
it on the radio, and it always makes me want
to dance.

...finding a bargain in the sales. My favourite

clothes are all things I bought cheap in the
sales in January or in Summer. I feel really
good about buying something with a 50%
discount - or even more!

1. Look at the phrases in italics in the

text. Find an example of a gerund
(verb+ing) :
a) after another verb:
b) after a preposition:
c) being used as a noun:
2. Look at the sentences on the right.
Complete them with one of the verbs
from the box below.

a) Im not very good at

b) I really enjoy
c) You cant learn English without
d) I spend a lot of time
with my friends
on whatsapp.
by plane is much faster than by train
or by bus.

We use the gerund after some verbs. We always use it after
verbs that express how you feel about doing something.
Complete the sentences so that they are true for you, then
compare your sentences with your partners.
- Something I dont mind doing at home is...
- Something I love doing in the summer is...
- Something I dont like doing alone is...
- Something I dream of doing is...
- Something I dont enjoy doing at weekends is...
- Something I spend too much time doing is...
We use the gerund after a preposition. Talk with a partner and
decide whether the following statements are true for you.
- Im not interested in learning another language.
- I dont worry about failing exams.
- Im really good at maths.
- The hardest thing about learning English is the grammar.
- Im thinking of starting a new hobby.
- I never go to bed without brushing my teeth.
We always use the gerund when the verb is the subject of the
sentence (i.e. an activity).
Decide which of the following sentences are correct and which
are incorrect. Correct the incorrect ones.
My idea of happiness is getting up late in the morning!
Its really nice eat outside in the summer.
Teachers give us homework at the weekend is really annoying!
Learning to swim is difficult for adults but easy for children.
Visit other countries is easier if you speak English.
Talk on the phone is better than text.
Do you agree with the sentences?
Write about what being happy means to you. Compare your
ideas with a partner.

Bobby McFerrin - Don

t Worry, Be Happy!

Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right. then listenb to the song and
put them in the correct places!
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

make it double
lay your head
sing it note for note
bring everybody down

fashionable clothes
the opposite of smile
the person who owns the house where you live
sing it perfectly
make all the people sad
take you to court to get money from you
the money you pay for your house
make it twice as bad

Here's a little song I wrote

You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy
(Don't worry, be happy now)
Don't worry
Be happy
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry
Be happy
Don't worry, be happy
Ain't got no place to lay your head
Somebody came and took your bed
Don't worry, be happy
The land lord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don't worry, be happy
(Look at me I am happy)

Don't worry, be happy

Here I give you my phone number
When you worry call me
I make you happy
Don't worry, be happy
Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style
Ain't got no girl to make you smile
But don't worry be happy
Cause when you worry
Your face will frown
And that will bring everybody down
So don't worry, be happy
(don't worry, be happy now)
Don't worry
Be happy
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry
Be happy
Don't worry, be happy