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Did you know that God was in Jesus of Nazareth, and now he is in the VEIL of the Man
Christ Jesus?

What is a veil? And how is it formed? For the answers to these questions we will turn directly to
the Bible. Let us see 2nd letter to the Corinthians 3:13, as it gives us an idea of what a VEIL is.

There was the “veil” of Moses that was to cover and not be seen, meaning, a veil is placed on
flesh since the law would be removed.

Luke 23:44-46 speaks of the “VEIL” of the temple. In the hour of the Lord’s death, there was a
veil that separated the believer from God’s presence. Therefore, Jesus of Nazareth was another
VEIL. Due to the veil of Moses, people stayed with that veil, and later on the arrival of the veil of
Jesus of Nazareth, which the Jews did not believe him to be the Messiah, another veil was
created (2nd letter to the Corinthians 3:14). They remained believing in Moses. The apostles
only believed in Jesus and that kept them from the second husband, the risen one (before the
cross), because the flesh of Jesus was a veil (Hebrew 10: 20).

Jesus of Nazareth is not the husband of the church; the key is after he rose. For that reason the
apostles made a business and created mysticism. According to Romans 7:4 we belong to the
other (after the cross). A veil is created by concepts, for instance there is the veil of the face
(Moses), the veil of the temple (in the physical), and the veil of understanding as it dulls.

There is a way, and the one that does not cross Jesus of Nazareth DOES NOT ENTER the NEW
LIVING WAY, remains in the old way of Moses (Hebrews 10:20). There is one prophesy made
by Isaiah, which fulfills the saying in 2nd letter to the Corinthians 3:14, I will destroy the cover
and the veil that surrounds all the nations. That VEIL is Jesus of Nazareth (Isaiah 25: 7 9); in
addition it would destroy death forever. God would dress in a Puerto Rican flesh and would lead
the gentile. He would remove the VEIL and his name is the Man Christ Jesus.

Why did God not resolve this before? Well, he himself places the veil; “The Lord has poured out
on you the spirit of deep sleep…and he has covered your head” (Isaiah 29:10). Paul wrote
“Awake, you that sleeps”. This is why even to this day the religious have a veil (in their
understanding) and do not understand; they believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the fountain of
eternal life. But there would come a time when the deaf would hear, and the blind would see
(Isaiah 29:18-19) amidst the darkness (lack of knowledge). Those are the humble of heart.

The misled spirits will learn wisdom and doctrine (grace) according to Isaiah 29:24, since we
would know our true identity, not like the religious who murmur because they do not keep the

Dear reader: Nowadays, people are tired of empty sermons; full of human intelligence and they
need to hear the science of the Man Christ Jesus. Blessed!

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