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Did you know that the OTHER mentioned by Paul in his epistles is the Man Christ Jesus?

The Man Christ Jesus explains Romans 7: 4 where it speaks of the OTHER, that is the risen one,
the bridge, to bear fruit unto God. It is not Jesus of Nazareth.

What does the Catholic Church teach? Jesus of Nazareth (the rosary, the image of the boy, the
Sacred Heart, the cross…). The protestant church does too. Jesus of Nazareth himself said it:
“He who falls on this stone…will be crushed” (Matthew 21: 44).

We are already dead unto the LAW, it cannot condemn us and we now belong to the OTHER
(Romans 7:4), but RELIGION is fixated in the Jesus manifested in flesh, the “blonde of Galilee”.
We now belong to the one who rose from the dead to bring “fruits”, not for denomination; if that is
the reason why you do things, then you are two thousand years delayed, you are bewitched
(Galatians 3:1). You have another husband, in the flesh, and you must be brought to the OTHER
husband, the one who rose. What happens to a wife when her husband dies? She can remarry.
What happened to the church when Jesus of Nazareth died? It had to marry the OTHER, the one
which revived, that is the analogy.

In 1st Corinthians 3:10 Paul speaks of a foundation which is Christ, and later affirms: “AND
ANOTHER ONE builds on it. That “ANOTHER ONE” is the one of Romans 7: 4, the revived one,
which hid in a glorified body and later followed that seed in Doctor Jose Luis De Jesus, the Man
Christ Jesus, who since 1973 the root of Jesse manifested in him, and that branch was deposited
into that veil.

Today the religious apostates are still with Jesus of Nazareth and that does not make them
Christians; neither does reverting to Jesus Christ in the cross. What makes us Christians is
understanding our identity (that we are: healthy, complete, prosperous, blessed, without spot,

We declare that your eyes of understanding are enlightened and we receive that you see God in
the Man Christ Jesus and you bear fruits unto him.

Dear Reader: Only Doctor Jose Luis De Jesus exhorts us that we are called to receive the spirit
that leaves his mouth, which is the brilliance of his arrival. Blessed!

God is on Earth. Investigate: www.cegenglish.com