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L-1 Business Visa Requirement petitioning in U.S.

There are two types of visa that lies under the head of L-1. One is L1A visa (meant for the intra-company executive or manager transfers), and another is an L1B visa (intra-company transfers of employees with specialized knowledge). Both are a non-immigrant temporary visa that features as going overseas for the candidates who are working with the MNC’s and can also carry the dependent members of their family with them. The maximum stay period is for seven years.

In order to migrate successfully, there are few L-1 Business Visa Requirement petitioning in U.S that are needed to be fulfilled by the individual. They are as-

Petitioner requirement- these are meant for the employer:

A) In this, the individual must have a strong relation holding with the qualification of the

MNC likewise the branch office or any subsidiary known as qualifying organization. These

organizations must include any NGO, charitable trust / institute/ organization.

B) Then the next is the individual must be doing business in U.S directly or poses a link

with any other country. It means the work must be carried out continuously with the

dealing of goods or services.

• Beneficiary/ Alien or an employee requirement- these are meant for the employee:

A) The candidate must have a work experience for continuous one year in the three years

at abroad company.

B) The candidate should hold the qualifying position of a manager or an executive for the

same branch or the organization. The candidate should not only be qualified but also be

experienced with respect to the education.

C) The employee must hold the managerial ability where he can easily supervise the

organization to reach the goals and objectives easily.

D) Intend to depart from the US soon after completing the work and stay time.

The listed above are the specific requirements for the L1A visa and some of the specific requirements for the L1B are:

• The candidate is controlled under the supervision of the work site.

• The specialized knowledge for which the service is needed for the employers.

• There are many other requirements of which only two are stated above.

Following are the requirements for the visa in case one needs to set up the new office:

• The organization must have sufficient place for making the new office.

• The employee who is going to set up the office must be employed and be appointed as a manager for regular one year for the previous three years.

• There must be complete executive and managerial support in the office of the U.S and getting the approval for the formal request in one year

The candidates who go through fulfilling the above requirement gets the visa to travel US and meet their requirements easily.


There are L1 A and L1 B two types of visa that has set some requirements according to the nature. If somebody needs to open a new office, go for the work for the related nonprofit organizations or an employee, etc. some requirements are fixed. And those who pass it can travel to U.S for a maximum of 7 years. So If you are a business owner and would like to open up a new branch in US. Then send your updated resume at ashutosh.abhinav23@gmail.com Or fill the form http://goo.gl/5uUooS