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In the 21st century, technology has progressed in many different ways.

The definition
of technology is defined as a collection of machines and devices that are in the
process of being developed scientifically. Technology nowadays includes phones,
computers, washing machines and more. The development of technology has both
benefitted and harmed human beings. This essay will focus on the 3 advantages and
disadvantages advancement of technology including communication, dependency on
technology, loss of jobs.
One of the key disadvantages with the modern advancement of
technology is the dependency in which people have for their gadgets or smartphones.
According to an online article written by (Belcher, n.d.), the level of dependency and
the advancement of modern technology are strongly correlated. This means the more
advanced technology is, the more likely people will depend on the technology. If
technology breaks down, people will not know what to do. Many jobs that were done
before the advancement of modern technology such as research and washing clothes
have been replaced by computers and washing machines. According to a research
article done by the American Census department (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013, p.2),
71.7 % of the American citizens use internet at home while 75.6% uses computers at
home. These figures show that people are becoming more and more reliant on using
the computer. This will be a disadvantage as people need to be able to work without
the use of technology just in case it breaks, however, people are getting more and
more reliant on technology due to its simplicity and its convenience.

Another disadvantage of with the modern advancement of technology

is the availability of jobs in which will be given to people. The potential in which jobs

secured by humans will be taken over by robots. According to an article written in the
Huffington Post, (Tencer,2014), states 1 in 4 Canadians are worried they will lose
their jobs in the near future due to the advancement of modern technology. Research
shows that for every 10,000 manual workers, there are 98 robots. This is an increase
by a significant 72% compared to 2013. This trend shows that many people will be
loosing jobs in the near future due to the progression of technology. The role of
technology has also eliminated many middle class jobs. According to an article
written in the Huffington Post (Condon& Wiseman, 2013), have written that 7.5
million jobs were lost in America during the last 5 years due to the recession and the
advancement of modern technology. Furthermore, across Europe, there are over 4.3
million underpaid jobs. These figures shows that many of these jobs are either cut or
low paid or replaced by technology. These figures will only increase throughout the
development of modern technology. This means more people around the world will
lose their jobs as more jobs are replaced by technology, which can hence be negative
in the future. However, the modern technology has also brought forward many job
opportunities such as web designing, app designing and mechanical repair.
One major advantage in the advancement of modern technology is the
way in which technology improves the ways in which one could communicate with
other people: such as the use of social media, cell phone, and e-mails. Through these
uses of communication, we are able to communicate with one another more
efficiently. (Nyab, 2014) has written that with devices such as cell phones and emails,
we are able to communicate across the world in a matter of minutes. Facebook is one
of the most popular social media platforms that many of us use to communicate with
one another. According to an article written in CNN (Gross, 2014), one of the
advantages of the advancement of technology is the ability to connect with past

friends and work collegues easily. Connecting with people has never been done more
easily than ever before.. According to an online article, has written the development
of social media has changed the way businesses communicate with us. Many
companies nowadays use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to
interact with their customers. With over 1.2 billion people using Facebook and other
social media platforms, businesses use this as an opportunity to publicize themselves
to the public. An online article written by (Say, 2013) states those Facebook
advertisements are able to bring 2713 views per day to the company over the span of a
month. Without the advancement of modern technology, companies will not be able to
publicize themselves as much.

To conclude, there are both positive and negative aspects about the
advancement of modern technology. The positive aspects include the improvement in
the way in which we communicate with one another. However, the negative aspects
include the losing of jobs and an over dependence on technology.


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