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362 Riverside Drive, #5B3, New York, NY, (646)-468-3027; as4483@columbia.edu; www.amitsingh.co.in

Columbia University- Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
New York, USA
MS in Electrical Engineering

Expected Dec 2014

Coursework: Analog Electronic Circuit, Digital VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Adv. Analog Circuits, Communication
Circuits, Analog Systems in VLSI, Broadband Wireless Systems, Modern Display Science and Technology.

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT)

B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Noida, India
Jul 06 Jun 10

Bell Laboratories, High Speed Electronics Division,

Murray Hill, NJ

High Speed ASIC Design Intern

Jun 14 Current
Performed 3D EM modeling of on-chip monolithic components and designed analog blocks using Tower Jazz
BiCMOS SiGe technology for direct conversion receiver.
Performed high-speed circuit simulation and characterization using Cadence Spectre, Agilent/Keysight ADS,
GoldenGate and 3D planar EM simulators like EMX and Momentum.
Created Layout of high-speed and mm-wave circuits and developed pcells for custom iterative cells.
Measured frequency domain S-parameter and developed test methodologies to measure two tone
intermodulation using Agilent/Keysight PNX.
Agilent Technologies, Electronic Design Automation Division,

Gurgaon, India

Research and Development Engineer

Jun 10 Jun 13
Validated electromagnetic (EM) simulators utilizing EDA tools including Advanced Design System (ADS),
EMPRO, Golden Gate Tools (Cadence Analog Design Environment) by creating as many as 400 realistic test
cases in all market segments be it High speed, Systems in Package (SiP), Antennas or RFIC Module and was
instrumental in development and establishment of automation infrastructure.
Designed RFIC applications and did detailed study on Analog/RFIC design methodology.
Designed LNA in ISM Band for Transceiver IC
Architected and designed a LNA at 2.4 GHz using TowerJazz TS18RF (0.18 um) RF CMOS kit to demonstrate
RFIC design capabilities of ADS and delivered a training for the same at ISROs Space Application Center.
Designed Smart Antenna System
Smart Antenna design involved microstrip Antenna, butler matrix and SP4T RF switch working at 2.4 GHz.
This SP4T chip was mounted on QFN package is also shipped with ADS as multi-technology design.
Designed VCO for Agilents RFIC Design based flow
Designed a 5 GHz 0.18-um CMOS differential LNA using ADS GPDK180 in Agilent/Keysight ADS.
Design included verification using caliber DRC, LVS integrated in ADS environment.
Designed 6 bit MMIC Phase shifter
Designed a 6 bit MMIC Phase shifter using TriQuint TQPED (0.5 um) process and Agilent/Keysight ADS.
Performed schematic capture, layout design, DRC and LVS on individual phase shifter designs.
Teaching Assistant, Columbia University
New York, USA
Course: COMS 3101: Programming Languages (MATLAB)
Fall 13
Columbia University
New York, US
Designed FDD software-defined radio demo.
Oct 13 Dec 13
Designed a 4 layer PCB test fixture including RFICs (transmitters and receiver IC) as well as various off-theshelf ICs, including RF Baluns, 3dB and 10dB couplers, USB controllers, power converters etc.
Implemented the design using a mix of RF transceiver system analysis and EM simulations and achieved
minimum transmission loss in the RF line.

Design and Layout of 8-Bit two-phase clocked processor core in 90nm CMOS

Aug 13 Dec 13

Implemented transistor-level design and layout of all the functional units, namely an adder, a shifter, a 6TSRAM memory array, a PLA, level-sensitive latches, multiplexers/de-multiplexers and bus-drivers.
Established functional correctness of each unit by doing timing analysis. Used both Spectre and Ultrasim
simulations for this purpose. Extracted parasitics using Calibre PEX.
Design of Trans-impedance Amplifier using 0.18 um technology.

Aug 13 Dec 13

A trans-impedance amplifier was designed using 0.18m technology as a transceiver to transmit and receive

data over long-haul fiber optics networks at bit rates up to 2.488 GB/s.
Tuned AM Radio Frequency Receiver.

Jan 14 April 13

Designed tuned AM radio frequency receiver on the 520 KHz-1720 KHz band.
Achieved a total harmonic distortion of 6.3% and a dynamic range of 26dB
Design and simulation of a 5b 100-MS/s flash ADC.

Jan 14 April 14

Designed a 5 bit, 100MS/s flash ADC in a 0.18m CMOS technology within the specified limit of an SNDR
better than 26dB with a latency of less than 15ns with a +/- 5% supply voltage tolerance, as well as over all
three process variation corners.
Design included S&H circuit, Strong arm latch comparator and Thermometer to binary conversion blocks.
Fully Differential Switched-Capacitor 10 bit and 10 MHz Sample and-Hold Amplifier

Jan 14 April 14

Designed fully differential switched capacitor including operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) with
folded cascode topology, Miller compensation for accurate gain in the multiply-by-2 block and CMFB.
The OTA had 85 dB DC open loop gain with unit gain bandwidth of 151 MHz

S.D Gupta, A. Singh, Design and Analysis of Multidielectric Layer Microstrip Antenna with varying superstrate
Layer Characteristics, International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology.

Applications: Agilent ADS, EMPro, GGTools, Genesys, Cadence Virtuoso Momentum, Anisoft HFSS, Allegro,
FEKO, Mentor Calibre nmDRC, nmLVS and Assura DRC, Cadence Spectre.
Programming Languages: VHDL, Verilog, C, C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB, HTML, Perl, shell scripting.
Test and measurement: Network analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, RF signal generator, Oscilloscope.
Certifications: Six Sigma green belt from Agilent Technologies.


Associated with NGO Bharosa
President of Teambuilding Committee in Agilent India, Gurgaon
Served as Treasurer of Jaypee Youth Club (JYC)

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Feb 13 Jun 13
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