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A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for PDCS Project in
BBA <3rd SEM>




NAME – Indrajith.H
Enrollment No. 1371921707
(In B.B.A 3RD SEM)

Under The Supervision of

Guide name : DR Rakesh Kumar Gupta

Department of Management
Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sc.
Affiliated to GGSIP University
Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi.
This is to certify that the dissertation title STRATEGIES OPTED TO KNOW THE
BRAND AWARNESS ABOUT JAKSON GENSET Ltd. is confide & original research
work done by “Indrajith .H” student of Lalita Devi Institute of management n Sciences ,
Under my supervision and guidance.

This subject on which this dissertation has been written by his original contribution
towards the discipline of management and it has not previously formed the basis for the
award of the degree, diploma, or other similar title to any candidate.

This dissertation represents entirely an independent research work of the candidate

under my guidance

Guide Signature
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Date:- ………………..

Place:- ………………..



This work has not previously been accepted in substance for any degree and is not being
concurrently submitted in candidate for any degree/diploma.



This project is the result of my own independent work/investigation, except where

otherwise stated. Other sources are acknowledged by giving explicit references. A
bibliography is appended.



This project work has been a great experience on STRATEGIES OPTED TO KNOW
have been possible without the help, cooperation, constructive suggestion and well
wishes of many people. I would like to thank all of them, as I mention a few here.

I owe my profound respect to Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, my project guide, and express
my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness for their inspiration, valuable and
scholarly guidance, imperative suggestions and personal attention at each stage of the
work. Their gamut of knowledge, dedication towards research, exemplary devotion and
trust towards me has unique and is the prime key behind the success of this project. His
personality has been instrumental in blending an exciting spirit and atmosphere for
research. It has been a great opportunity and experience to work with him, as I will
forever cherish the deep interaction I had with him.

Finally, I am most grateful to my parents for the moral support and blessings and for
being an immense source of inspiration for me all through my life.


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1 Introduction 5

2 Objective 14

3 Methodology 16

4 Corporate Profile 17

5 Trade Profile 20

6 Comparison Between Available Engine 26

7 Customer List 30

8 Management Hierarchy 33

9 Government Policy 37

10 Conclusion 39

11 Swot Analysis 41

12 Recommendation 44

13 Bibliography 47

14 Appendix 51



It was a century and a half ago the electricity become commercial with the
development of dynamo. A rapid growth was seen there after.

The first electrical car was in operation in Scotland in1885, while the year of 1880
saw the invention of electric supply station in New York bu Edison. Other parts of
the world too witnessed the arrival of electricity as a power of source.

In India electricity supply began in Calcutta in the year 1889 close to a century
ago .And India tops the electricity produced from 200 KHW it ranks as low as 53 in
the list of 100 developing countries.

Power is considered to be the one of the main foundation in the development of any
country. In each country the problems concerning the electrical power supply and
the possibilities to over these difficulties differ and consequently each country has
to find out its own for an optional solution. If there is a dark spot in India tryst with
liberalized economy it is in the power sector.

Today when economy stand too poised to record over 7% growth on annual basics,
the one major factor that is holding every thing back is the widespread shortage of
the power.

The current energy scenario is in India is disheartening in the total installed power
today on India is about 69000 MV and during the eight plan period approximately
69000 MV is expecting to be added to installed generating capacities. Even this
proposed addition is unlikely to reduce the ever widely supply demand deficit.

Not only is there an inadequate availability of power in India, it is marketed by a

persistent shortfall of supply with reference to its targets. The short fall of supply
with reference to it targets. The shortfall has in most years been of double digits.
Massive generation of power is needed in order to keep pace with demand.

The magnitude of resource required can be gauged from the following statement
made by the union ministry of power to parliamentary committee sometimes back
with a view to meet the growing demand for the power in the ninety five ear plan

generation to be added to wipe out the energy is about 57000MVW which after
allowing for the investment being made in 8 five year plan on various outgoing
projects would require a provision of Rs 12500000 Crores for generation alone and
we where to provide adequately for transmission and distribution the total
requirement comes to Rs. 250000 crores.

It can reasonable be said that the govt. sector would not able to find such an order
of resource and our domestic financial institution would not be in a position to
provide for
This order

After rehabilitation process it was expected the power sector would enter in power
sector in a big way but result are not encourage. There are many hurdles in inviting
big power plants as tariff rate, environmental issues, unstable government, lengthy
paper process and so many others. Recent hike in bank rates would means costlier
for mega power project in pipe line. So situation in front is also bleak. Another factor
is position of various electricity boards is deteriorating day by day. The are many
reason for that but one factor which is very much relevant while we talk about the
genset industry is that the cost of the electricity generation and price settled for
different categories. The average cost of power production in different state in
2006-2007 is RS 3.80 per unit. But the cost various from different states in Kerala it
was 1.80 per unit in Assam 2.84 per unit in Bihar Rs 2.12 per unit and in Delhi it is
2.11 per unit.

In the same way the price tariff varies lot from different states. The power consumer
can be divided in to four categories namely Agriculture, industrial and other
commercial railway etc .In 1995-1996 total power distributed was 28%,17%, 36%
and 19%. Different price tariff are applied for these different categories subsides for
agriculture and domestic use forRs1117 crores and Rs 3419 respectively in 1995-
19996. To cover this loss price for other sectors are increased still the total loss of
state electricity board in 2006-2007 was as high as Rs 7103 crores.

To reduce the mountaineering loss Govt will have to increase the price. Govt would
not like to hike the price of agriculture and domestic use. So the other sectors will
have to bare the hike.

Given bellow are the tables which given us a clear picture of consumption of power
and tariff charges.



2005 2006 2007

INDUSTRIAL 1.558 1.719 2.0166

DOMESTIC 0.905 1.719 2.166

COMMERCIAL 0.868 1.512 2.034

AGRICULTURE 2.16 0.156 0.218



Industrial 121.36

Transport 5.64

Agriculture 70.70

Domestics and 67.75


Total 265.45

This discrimination among the users regular hike from the industry commercial
users have created chances for the genset industry
According to an expert in power sector the installed capacity in the country about
82288 MW by March 31 1996. Though the generation of power has about increasing
regularly but the extension of infrastructure and the opening of the economy have
pushed up the demand for power leading to the shortage in all the region of the
country. Power consumption is expected to grow at nine percent per annum during
nine tenth plan periods. This would imply the additional capacity of 140000 MWS
would have to be created by the year 2008.


(%) (%)

18.5 8.0 12.4

18.0 2.4 12.1

19.0 8.2 9.6

14.5 8.4 8.3

13.3 7.2 5.9

13.4 8.2 6.7

17.9 2.0 9.2


Northern region 5%

Western region 0.705%

Southern region 14-.20%

Eastern region 8%


Northern region 11.4%

Western region 13.10%

Southern region 13.20%

Eastern region 19.70%

In terms of demand projection only a grim scenario can be painted. For instance as
a high as 30-40 percent of the total electricity demand all sectors including ancillary
transmission and distribution losses, will remain unfulfilled in India in the seeable

All the power sector in dark shades if not totally black. Apart inefficiency,
unprofessional approach and monopolistic nature of electricity have contributed
there hues to this picture. After though with the opening of the economy the private
sectors can infuse this large capital but still power will be a major problem as there
are many hindrances in this regard.


With the gap between supplies of power from the national grid widening by the day
the answer to the future need lies in genet’s diesel power generator. Diesel engine
is a prime move of portable and mobile equipment. Dg is available in wide range of
Constructional the diesel generation units can be classified:


Diesel power plant

Normally diesel sets of smaller capacity are compactly arranged as a skid

facilitating easy relocation as a whole. Diesel power plant comprise large capacity
DG sets which are mainly used as a alternative power source not merely as stand
by these construction huge in physical proportion and before start up-up these
diesel plants require large machinery electrical and chemical auxiliary system.

Though the basics systems for all the diesel sets small or big are same for large sets
the system cannot be engine mounted. The system need to build and inter
connected around the central plant.

The basic auxiliary systems that go with diesel power plants are

Fuel oil system

Lube oil system

Starting water system

Nozzle temperature control system

D.C power system

High voltage outlets.

There are about 38 manufacture of diesel engine in the organize sector and nearly
850 units in small scale sectors. In fact so because of the future power generation in
the country is bulk. Consider this at present India produces nearly 85000 mega
watts of power. About 70% of this comes from terminal power stations
approximately 27 % from hydro and rest from nuclear plant. We need 65000 MW

The capital investment behind producing each MW of terminal or power hydro is
present day costs about Rs3.5 cores so to produce 65000 MW we will need an
astronomical Rs 2, 27,500 cores.

Quite obviously the gap between the projected demands and supply from national
power grid will only deep increasing. The power deficit goes up to nearly
20%.Industries in different regions of the country have been hit by power shortage
in varying degrees and both quality and reliability of this vital input for these
industries growth continuous to be poor.

Additional backing measures are absolutely necessary and hence the tendency to
make use of numerous captive power stations for improving the nation wide power
supply to support developments endeavors.

These power payers of genset industry can be divided into mainly two basic
categories. These are

1 Organized sector

2 Unorganized sectors

Unorganized sectors with an enviable market share is operating is concentrated

areas. These local manufacturers produce gensets mainly range from 15 KVA to 200
KVA. As they are concentrated in same particular region of the country and do not
produce wide variety and range.

Wide network

Better production facilities

More inclined customers

Qualified technical workers

Good base for customers and after sales service

The India Genset Industry with the advantages in the held of availability of cheap
raw materials and technical labour is moving smoothly but it is speedily trying to
feed up nation power generated by it , but to really boom, it need favorable
government regulations, more effort on research and development and adequate
quantity productivity and reduced cost of production.
These problems of genset industry will have to tackle properly in order to achieve
greater development.

Government policies on tax rate not only for genset as a whole but also for ancillary
industries, which produce different component used as raw genset, effect industry
Productivity and cost of production can be favorable by choosing the right facility
place, quality worker and giving more emphasis on logistic system that includes
inventory, storage, process control and transportation, further to boom genset
industry government will have to improvise its regulation. Central excise duties,
sales tax, import, export tariffs, government fuel policies (especially diesel rate)
have a great impact on performance of genset industry tax.
On genset product as a whole and also on ancillary component are vital. So taxes
duty on industries which produces component or product used in genset such as
engine, alternator etc, should be such that it could hinder progress of the genset
There is a great potential for export of the genset and particularly to those countries
where labour and technology cost is high this will help exchequer to get foreign
So government should also try to prompt to export of genset industry by providing it
a conductive environment with helpful policies.
This deficit is increasingly being met through power produced by diesel and heavy
fuel power generator sets.
It is estimated that genset contribute about 25,000 MW mainly to industry in India.


The main objective of the project were

• To know the awareness of Jakson DG set in the Noida and Delhi region.

• To create the awareness of Jakson DG in the market.

• TO generate the enquiry about the demand of new sets.

• To collect the information about the problems being faced by the existing
customer and report to the company.


To carry out the project the whole area of study was divided into small segment,
these segment were mainly.

1. Okhla Phase 1
2. Okhla Phase 2
3. Nehru Place A
4. Cannaught Place
5. Khan Market
6. Peerangari
7. Noida Sector 18

8. Kalkaji

I was told to visit these areas to both type of potential as well as existing customer.
I had to visit both industrial houses as well as shopping complexes in these areas in
shopping complexes in these areas, in shopping complexes I used to meet the
building owner and in the industrial area I was told to meet either engineer of
electrical department or the person in charge of the store and purchase. A prior list
of question was provided by our guide these question were:

1. Are you presently using DG set?

2. What capacity of DG set are you presently using?
3. Are you aware of sound level norms prescribed by the pollution committee for DG
4. Which make of DG set you are using?
5. Are you aware of Jakson DG set?
6. Would you consider Jakson silent DG set for your future requirement?

I used to talk to person require and the collection of information was oral. The
respondendent was not given any thing to write upon, at the end of interview the
persons visiting card was collected that was after submitted to our project head. He
use to further follow up the concerned person through sales engineer. Telephonic
Interview was also conducted since the person required was not available.


Jakson Company is the leader in India for manufacturing sound proof & open diesel
generating sets from 2KVA to 625 KVA with KOEL (Kirloskar- Air-cooled / Water-
cooled) engines coupled with Kirloskar green/KEC/Stamford/others alternators.

Jakson & Company and its groups where found in 1950 with a dream and
determination to bring to India world class products and services for power
generation, distribution, protection, control and automation.

Jakson & Company is presently manufacturing soundproof diesel generating sets.

These generators have been designed and engineered in compliance with latest
technical knowledge and production process. These are suitable for all industries,
small, medium and large hospitals, hotels, restaurants multistoried buildings
farmhouses, resorts, cellular operators etc.

Kirloskar Oil engines limited began operations in 1946 to manufacture engines. With
annual manufacture volume exceeding 1, 80,000 engines, today, Kirloskar is India’s
leading manufacture of finest and widest range of diesel engines. Initially Kirloskar
engines are manufactured with technical –know how of man DG set of West

Kirloskar Oil engine is the first engine manufacturer in India to get the certificate of
compliance as per the latest emission norms applicable central pollution control
board (CPCB) .Jakson and Company have factories at Mayapuri, New
Delhi,Pondicherry and Daman.

It has following product to offer:

a. Standard Genset from 15 KVA to 2000 KVA.

b. Ready to use Genset from 15 KVA to 500 KVA.
c. Standard genset from 15 KVA to 2000 KVA.
d. Silent DG set manufactured to CPCB norms from 15 KVA to 2000 KVA.
e. Gas genset from 62.5 KVA to 750 KVA.
f. Captive power plantup to 10 MW.
g. CPRI approved complete range of control panels i. e. PCC panels, MCC panels,
and relay panels. Bus ducting up to 600 amps and PLC based auto
synchronizing load sharing panels.

It has ISO 9001 certified contracts division for undertaking captive power station
upto 10 MW jobs from concept to commissioning which includes design,
manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning and with auxiliary
mechanical and electrical sub system.

IT has a base over 10000 satisfied users with endless list of customers like
Parliament House, Rasrapati Bhawan, Supreme Court of India, High court of
Delhi, NTPC, NHPC, EIL, Citibank, IDBI, HDFC, ITC, Hero Honda to name a few.
It also offer services for installation O & M, AMC, Power on Boot, Rental Power,
Heat Recovery System, Power House consultancy, Room Acoustic and equipment


1. Standard DG set with Cummins engines.

From 25 KVA to 2000 KVA

2. Silent DG set with Cummins engines

From 25 KVA to 2000 KVA

3. Captive power plants with Cummins engines.

From 1. MW to 10 MW

4. Gas genset will Cummins engines.

From 62.5 KVA to 1250 KVA.

5. Special application DG set with Cummins engines.

From 25 KVA to 1250 KVA.

6. Super silent standard DG set with simpson engines

From 10 KVA to 25 KVA.

7. Control panel
For various application


30 KVA to 2000 KVA

1. Super sound proof can design upto 65 DB level.
2. Compact and truly weather proof – genset is integral part.
3. DG set powered with Cummins engines.
4. Engines coupled to single bearing, brushless alternators mounted on specially
designed common skid base frame fitted with special vibration free.
5. Operational even under harsh ambient condition while maintaining specified
noise level.
6. Modular construction first of its kind in India.
7. Power coated for long lasting finish.
8. A high efficiency residential silencer located inside the enclosure.
9. A high quality insulation material as per IS 8183 is used for maximum sound
10. AMF operation comes to life in less than 10 seconds.

11. Unique built in fuel tank.
12. External drain plug for oil, fuel for easy maintenance.
13. No civil work required ready to use.

The acoustic enclosure is made of 14 gauge CRCA sheet.
The salient feature of the acoustic enclose are:
a. The enclose is of modular constriction with the provision to assemble and
dismantle easily at site.
b. The sheet metal components are hot dip seven tanks penetrated before power
c. The enclose is power coated with special pure polyester base powered. All nut
and bolts hardware is made of stainless steel.
d. The doors are casketed with high quality EPDN gaskets to prevent leakage of
e. The door handles are lockable type.
f. Sound proofing of enclosure is done with high quality rock wool conforming to
IS 8183. The rock wool is further covered with fiberglass tissues and perforated.
g. Specially designed attenuators are provided to control sound at air entry and
exit points.
h. A noise level is 75 db at 1 m. distance.
i. Adequate ventilation is provided to meet total air requirement, If required a
blower is provided to meet total air requirement.


1. Silent DG set enclose is of modular construction with the provision of assemble

and dismantle easily as per site condition.
2. There is no protruding part.
3. The enclose is fabricated out CRCA sheet of 14 SWG.
4. The sheet metal components are hot dip seven tank pretreated.
5. To have long life of enclose it is pure polyester based power coated. All nuts
and bolts hardware is Zinc coated.
6. Fuel tank level is indicated with the help of fuel gauge meter.
7. There is a provision for filling the fuel from outside as in the case of
automobiles with locking arrangement.
8. Battery is accommodated is in separate tray in the enclose.
9. There is provision of drain plug for draining lube oil and diesel.
10. The doors are gasket with high quality EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of
11. The door handles are locked type.
12. Sound proofing of enclose is done with high quality rock wool mineral
confirming to IS 8183 of 50 mm thickness and density at 96 kg / m
13. Special remedial silencer attenuators are provided to control sound at air
entry to the container and exit from the container.
14. To make the system on free vibration engine and alternator is mounted on
specifically anti vibration pads.
15. Adequate ventilation is providing to meet air requirement for combustion and
heat removal. If required a bowler is used to meet total air and changes.
16. The enclose is provided with high enclose temperature safety device.
17. There is a provision of emergency shut down from outside the enclose.
18. There is a arrangement for proper illumination inside the canopy.
19. Noise level is 75 db at 1 meter. Distance.

Brand of the DG Set

Parameter Cummins Kirloskar Ashok Leyland

BHP @ 15000 RPM Same Range Same Range Low Range

Specific Fuel At Par At Par Higher

(Tolrance 50 %
gms / BHP / HR)
Fuel Consumption At par At Par Higher
100% load (Lt. / Hr)
Electricity unit cost At par At Par Higher

Warrenty 2 years 2 years 1 year

Lube oil Low High Higher

Lube Oil Low High Higher
Lube Oil System Low High High


Lube Oil Change High Low Low

Period (Hr)
Cost of Lube Oil Low High Higher
Low High Higher
Total Tube Oil Cost
Total Operating Low High Higher
Spare Cost Similar Similar Low

Service Cost Similar Similar Low

Capital Cost Equivalent Equivalent Equivalent


S.No Customers name Rating Qty

1 M/s Hutchison Essar Telecom Ltd 15 800 Nos
Delhi,Punjab,Haryana,UP&Rajast 25 100 Nos

han circle
2 2M/s Adhunik Power system 10 27 Nos
(power grid corp)
3 M/s ASKS infrastructure (BSNL) 15 104 Nos
4 M/s Bhariti Cellular Ltd 15 60 Nos
Panjab,Haryana 25 15 Nos
5 M/s Hexacom Ltd Rajastan 15 200 Nos
25 50 Nos
6 M/s Nokia India Ltd-a/c BSNL 15 450 Nos
7 M/s Nokia India Ltd-a/c BSNL 7.5 160 Nos
8 M/s Nortel Network Ltd 7.5 33 Nos
9 M/s Nortel Network Ltd 15 150 Nos
10 M/s Tata Tele Service Ltd 20 40 Nos
11 M/s Tirupati Construction 625 01 No
Company 250 01 No
12 Army Welfare Housing 200 02 Nos
13 M/s Ansal Build Well 10 25 Nos
14 M/s Sunny Valley 600 01 No
15 The Institute of Charted 500 01 No
Accountants 200 01 No
16 Nagmal Sugar Ltd 600 01 No
17 M/s Sahara Computers 320 01 No
18 Dalip Trading Co 320 01 No
19 M/s I.S.I.D 320 01 No

20 M/s Air France, Delhi 250 01 No

21 M/s System and Service 250 01 No
22 M/s Murli Control Power 250 01 No
23 M/s Neelson Overseas 250 01 No
24 M/s Indian Airlines 200 01 No
25 M/s Kuriyamal Real Estate 200 01 No

26 M/s Sanico Electronics 200 01 No

27 M/s Tata Teleservice 200 01 No
28 M/s S.K Consumer Service 200 01 No
29 M/s Capital Food 140 01 No
30 M/s Murali Power Control 250 01 No

31 M/s Superfil Engineers 400 01 No

125 01 No
32 M/s Sargan Exports 30 01 No
33 M/s Chemical Industries 82.5 01 No
34 M/s Gopal Soap Industries 82.5 01 No
35 M/s Bashuling Suppliers 100 01 No
36 M/s I.S.I.D 320 01 No

JAKSON has been in service for five decades and is the largest player in design and
manufacture of high quality Generating sets and control panels.

Jakson is professionally managed group with strength of over 400 people and a
group turnover of 200 millions.
Jakson has three ultra modern manufacturing plants for generating sets at Daman,
export oriented unit (EOU) at Noida phase 1 (U.P) and control panels & acoustic
enclosure at Noida Phase-II (U.P)
I was sent to undergo eight weeks training under Mr Swami GM Marketing at
Rajendra Place at New Delhi.
The total number of employee in this office is 22. The following are the person at
different position of hierarchy:
1. Chairman Mr. M.K.Gupta

2. MD Mr. Sandeep Gupta
3. Director Mr. Vardhan Chadha
4. GM (Marketing) Mr. Swami



2. MD






1. The user should make efforts to being down the noise level due to D.G set
outside his premises within the ambient requirements. To achieve this he
may adopt one ore more of the following measures.
a. Locate the D G set at proper site
Make use of standard acoustic enclose or get the D G set room itself as an
acoustic enclose.
Lead the exhaust gases away through suitable exhaust muffler.

2. The customer should insist on D.G set manufacture to tarnish noise power
levels o d G set as per standard prescribed
3. If required the customer should insist on the manufacture to provide a
standard enclose of minimum 25 db insertion loss.
4. The second power level D G set at the user end shall be with
In 2 db of the sound power level of D G set at the manufacture stage as

5. Installation of a D.G set must be strictly in compliance with the

recommendation of D G set manufacture. This would ensure an

installation free from vibration and exhaust gas leaks which are also
major contribution to increase noise level.
6. A proper routine and preventive maintenance procedure for the D G set
should be set and followed in consultation with D G set manufacture
which would prevent noise level of the D G set from deteriorating with
use. In this regard some of the important aspect are:

a. Minimize vibration levels and maintain at all times in the limits prescribed by
the D G set manufacture to ensure this have engine have alternate alignment
checked tightness of all belts and bolts and other clamping device.
b. Anti – vibration mounts on which the D G sets in mounted
c. Generally have rubber elements which prove to deterioration when they come
in contact with oil and diesel fuel. Hence they should be kept clean and
replace whenever necessary.
d. The exhaust piping from the engine exhaust main should be checked
periodically for leaks and accordingly plugged.
e. Exhaust silencer also tend to deteriorate with use and will need replacement
when performance degrades.


The cost of typical acoustic enclose providing an insertion loss of around 25 db will
be between 25 % to 40 % of the cost of DG set.

The lower figure corresponds to DG set of higher rating, 250 KVA to 500 KVA where
the higher figure of 40 % will correspond to DG set of smaller rating 5 KVA to 25
The ministry of environment and trust Govt. of India notification GSR 7, deled 22nd
December 1998 has prescribed noise standard for DG set ranging between 15 – 500
KVA at manufacturing stage. Further the notification specifies mandatory caustic
treatment of room for DG sets. The guide liner for suitable stock height for DG set
exhaust has also formulated by the central pollution control board as given below.
The minimum stock height to be provided with each generator set can be worked
out by using the formula


1, Manufacture should ensure that sound power level of DG set 15-500 kva do not

2, Manufacturing should after acoustic enclosure with minimum insertion loss 25 db.

3, Manufacture should furnish sound power level of base DG set. Manufactures

should offer exhaust muffler with DG set with minimum insertion loss of 25 db.


1, Users should ensure compliance with ambient noise standard by providing

enclose acoustic treatment of DG room with minimum insertion loss of 25 db for Dg

2, Users should ensure provision of suitable exhaust muffler with insertion loss of 25
Users should install suitable stack height for DG sets.

3, Users should follow proper routine and preemptive maintenance of DG set in

consultation with Manufacture.

Genset industries have to taken the following consent from pollution control board
every day.

Water pollution

Air pollution

Hardazous waste control consent

Pollution Board check on monthly basis the environment condition of the company
and report there head office Luknow if they find as per the norms so approve
content of the year. Genset industries has also planted more than 1200 tree to
make environment clean.


The DG sets have been a load of taxes which are detailed below:

So the taxes are taken as following:

1. Local Sales Tax @ 8.8 % is different for different states.
2. For outside states the tax is @ 10 %
3. Octroi @ 1.5 %
4. Excise Duty @ 16 % extra.
5. If the customer is registered with tax department then the tax against CST No.
is against C form.

The main aim of the project was to study the Jakson Genset in Delhi and NOIDA
where for it is heading what is the scope and what are the challenges industry is
going to face.
The facts that emanated after the details study of secondary data, which was
available to researchers are:

a) As the power supply position is quiet bleak and future of Jakson Genset in
India is bright.
b) The trend today is to install multiple Genset.
c) Entry of world class player has led to fierce competition for Indian companies.
d) Deregulation of the fuel price could increase the use of Genset. So it reduced
government control on fuel with help industry.
e) Genset today in India is bright.
f) A regular upgrading of technology is need of time.
g) Emission control, fuel efficiency and fuel option are areas where research and
development efforts will have to increase.
h) Industry will have to concentrate on exports, there is a great scope in this
field, earning from export will be cushion of offset lowering of volume in home
market. Jakson manufacturer will also find new way to help customer. A new
approach of industrial marketing calls for the system buying and system
selling. System selling helps in quality productivity and cost reduction. Also

the new way of manufacturing like lean production should be adopted for cost
reduction. Lean production represent constellation of new organization and
relationship both inside and outside the company.Consisting the different view
to view the workers suppliers, dealers, and different way to view the quality
and improvement.
i) DG sets are used as stand by source of electric power by hire and by
j) The quality of power is the major criterion forgoing for manmade source of
electric power
k) DG set should be available on competitive price.
l) Local made of DG sets have major share of market.

m) Cummins is major established brand among the different brand.

1. Availability of cheap raw materials
2. Availability of technical person required.
3. New favorable Government regulation.
4. Well Developed Engineering goods industry which provide raw component to
Genset industry
5. Better infrastructure facilities.
6. Matured enough manufacturing and commissioning.
7. Very low investment is needed to generate the require power as compare
power plant.

1. Technology used in genset industry is relatively less developed.
2. Research and development efforts are not up to the desired extent.
3. Do not have highly efficient vertical manufacturer.
4. Unfavorable fuel policy
5. Inadequate after sales service facility.
6. High cost production
7. Vulnerable to fierce competition from multinational companies.

8. High price of product.
9. An unaccepted higher emission level.

1. Ever widening gap between power supply and demand.
2. Shortage of power during peak hours.
3. Targeted 8 – 9 per sent industrial growth.
4. High tariff rate for power consumed by industries.
5. Advancement partner.
6. More export opportunities help to foreign tie up.
7. Introduction like new concept like rented power plant.

1. Government efforts to set up more power projects.

2. Privatization of power sector.

3. Entry of M N C which is technologogical and financially advanced.

4. Under developed economy.

5. Negative industrial growth.

Devaluation of S E Asia currencies has made there product cheaper so export could
be effected.
Higher import tariff.


1. Price basis: Price are on Ex – Works Daman basis. The prices are based on
current list of prices of engine and alternator manufacture- any increase in the
list prices of engine and alternator manufacture at the time of supply will be
customer account.
2. Excise Duty : Extra @ 16 %
3. Sales Tax : Nil against from C /D otherwise
Extra @ 10 % from C / D will be provided before dispatch of goods.
4. Delivery: 3 – 4 weeks from the date of receipt of techno commercial clear
order or from date of our acceptance of order.
5. Validity: Our offer is open for acceptance for 30 days from date of offer.
6. Terms and condition: 30 % as interest free advance along with order and
balance against Performa invoice before dispatch of DG sets. All payments
should be through crossed demand draft.
7. State taxes and variation: All state tax, duties levies like octroi, Entry, Works
contract tax and statutory variation shall be purchasers account.
8. Warranty / Guarantee: The components of the DG set stands guarantee /
Warranty of its respective manufacture for the period of 15 months from the
date of commissioning whichever is earlier. Defects rising due to faculty
installation and commissioning misuse faculty wear and tear and damages
caused due to accidents are specifically excluded. Parts found defective
during guarantee period will be replaced or repaired at out discretion.
Replacement of freight to pay basis. The warranty is not of free service.

9. General:
• All order is subject to our acceptance in writing.
• All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.
• It is subject to no claim for damages incidentally and consequential.
• Offer is subject to general terms and condition of sales.
• Insurance shall to purchaser terms and arrange by purchaser.
10. Installation and commissioning :
The offer is for supply of genset only. Once genset is supplied installation as
per inset. Guidelines including exhaust piping fuel piping, provision of fuel for
testing battery charging etc. shall be done by purchaser. Once installation is
complete as per guidelines, we shall depute our representative for installation
of the genset.


Recommendations are the course of action, which are suggested after the
project and after knowing complete information about the objective.

Some of the recommendations which are also from the customer site are:

1. The company should made more dealers so that customer find ease to DG
sets of Cummins since it has established brand.

2. DG set should be available on competitive price for the residence purpose.

3. Company should also start to sale the DG set on hire bases with
competitive price.


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7. Website – www.Jakson.com


1. Are you presently using DG set?

2. What capacity of DG set are you presently using?
3. Are you aware of sound level norms prescribed by the pollution committee for DG
4. Which make of DG set you are using?

5. Are you aware of Jakson DG set?
6. Would you consider Jakson silent DG set for your future requirement?

I used to talk to person require and the collection of information was oral. The
respondendent was not given any thing to write upon, at the end of interview the
persons visiting card was collected that was after submitted to our project head. He
use to further follow up the concerned person through sales engineer. Telephonic
Interview was also conducted since the person required was not available.