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26 Management Products Found in a PRINCE2 Project:

Benefits Review Plan

Business Case
Checkpoint Report
Management Strategy
Configuration Item Record
Configuration Management
Daily Log
End Project Report
End Stage Report
Exception Report
Highlight Report
Issue Register
Issue Report
Lessons Log

Lessons Report
Plan Project, Stage and
Product Description
Product Status Account
Project Brief
Project Initiation Document

Defines how and when measurement of project benefits

achievement can be made
Provides justification for the project in terms of benefits,
costs, risks, and timescales and is used to assess viability
Reports Work Package progress and information from the
Team Manager or team to the Project Manager
Describes the means and frequency of communication
between the project and its stakeholders
Describes the status, version, variants and relationships for a
configuration item (product, product component or release)
Defining how and by whom the projects products (each a
configuration item) will be controlled and protected
Records problems and concerns to be handled informally by
the Project Manager
Confirms handover of the projects products to the Project
Board and assesses project performance against the PID
Provides information about project performance and status
for the stage to the Project Board
Describes an exception situation, its impact, options, and
Project Manager recommendations to the Project Board
Reports stage progress and status to the Project Board on a
regularly scheduled basis
Captures and maintains information on all project issues that
are being managed formally
Describes, assesses the impact and makes recommendations
for issues that are being formally handled
Provides an informal repository for lessons learned that
apply to the current project and lessons from previous
Documents lessons learned from the current project that can
be applied to future projects
Specifies the what, when, how and by whom required to
achieve an objective at a project, stage, or team level
Describes the purpose, composition, derivation and quality
criteria for a product
Reports product status by identifier or the part of the project
where they were developed
States the purpose, cost, time and performance requirements
and constraints for a project
Logical set of documents bringing together key information

to start and to manage and control a project

Project Product Description Defines project scope and requirements, customer quality
expectation and acceptance criteria
Quality Management Strategy Defines quality techniques, standards and responsibilities to
be applied during a project
Quality Register
Contains summary details of all planned and completed
quality activities for the project
Risk Management Strategy Describes goals, procedures, roles and responsibilities,
tolerance, tools and techniques for applying risk
Risk Register
Records identified project risks, their status and history
Work Package
Contains information for creating one or more products,
describing the products, the work and any constraints