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Thesis Statement

Padiberas Nasional Berhad (BERNAS) has gained more profit as part of their
business strategies by having Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that has affected
more customers by organizing a campaign called Bowls for Humanity.

It has been nourishing the nation since the establishment of BERNAS in 1971.
Ikut resmi padi; semakin tunduk; semakin berisi This Malay proverb reflects their
philosophy of humility behind their mission to ensure that every Malaysian has

steady access to rice.

BERNAS 1,800 strong staffs are dedicated to supply the nation with rice, an
important staple of our diet.

M1 BERNAS launched a CSR campaign called Bowls for Humanity through which
will feed the orphans across the nation.
Bowls for Humanity is BERNAS initiative to reach out to every level of society
and local communities.
Their target is to help orphans from various races and religion around
the country.
Every rice purchased by Malaysians BERNAS will donate 25 grams of
rice for every 10kg pack of BERNAS rice
The rice will go towards feeding orphans at the participating orphanages.
Every Malaysian can now become a true community giver with the rice they buy
and taking care the needs of an the orphans
This new campaign will be sustained by a series of interesting events in urban
and rural areas, including the monthly donations of rice to ignite a spirit of giving
amongst the public.

M2 Bowls for Humanity promote togetherness and awareness within the communities
from all ages
Most of the participants aged around seven to 64 years old.
Give initiative on how to increase harvest among the farmers to help improve and
develop the farmers lifestyle
Bowls for Humanity inspire Malaysians to help the less fortunate
Since the launch BERNAS has donated 600,000kg of rice worth RM1.5 million to

orphanages nationwide
This campaign is also participated by several BERNAS subsidiaries such
as Jasmine Food Corporation Sdn Bhd, Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd and Era
Bayam Kota Sdn Bhd from peninsular Malaysia

M3 For the year 2012 BERNAS profit has increase because of the business strategies
implemented throughout the year.
Bernas has taken initiative to increase their profit by organized event such as
Bowls for Humanity.
Sales made through the campaign, the more or less contributes to the increment
of BERNAS profit for the year 2012
Starting March 2012, the percentage of profit margin plummeted from 4.2% to
The percentage profit margin sets a climb back after the month September 2012
until December 2012 by 1.0%
CSR is an essential part of our business strategy, while they strive to achieve
their vision, which is ensuring their food products are consumed in every household in
Malaysia. By having a friendly approach for the communities to realize their
responsibility towards the needy. Thus the company has gained more profit as part of
their business strategies that has affected more customers from the campaign called
Bowls for Humanity. Just by doing what they normally do, they will be making a
humble gesture towards making life much better for the orphans of Malaysia