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information you need to know.

This book is the result of years of

research, combining the wisdom and experience of saints and holy
men of every tradition. You may be interested in increasing your
intellectual understanding, but ultimately it is only by putting Right
Thinking & Right Action into practise that you will actually achieve
your spiritual purpose. In this small book, the complete and thorough
mass of spiritual information relating to Right Thinking & Right Action
has been condensed for your convenience.
Do not doubt that it is possible to live according to the
standards of Right Thinking & Right Action. All it takes is patience
and endurance.

Ariane McMinn & Colin Jones

Would you like to find

your true purpose,


You dont ever need to feel depressed, frustrated, dissatisfied, unhappy,
confused, stressed, helpless...
You can definitely discover true and lasting

Peace, Happiness & Wisdom

Contained within
is the information YOU need.

- 39 -

The Problem
It seems the greatest problem in many peoples lives is a deep
sense of frustration and hopelessness. In Western society almost
everyone seems to be suffering from this in some way. Some people
experience it frequently, others only occasionally. Those who don't
seem to experience it at all are often just bottling it up, refusing to
accept their inner-most feelings. The root cause of all this depression
is that our lives seem to lack true purpose. We have a deep inner
knowing that there is more to life than what most of us are
experiencing. But the mystical, elusive Meaning of Life appears as a
far distant concept. We feel totally hopeless to find it. So we live our
lives with that vague but very real sense of discontent ever-present.
We try to cover it up with dreams of material success, but we
know deep inside that no level of attainment can bring lasting
happiness. We look at the rich and famous, the wealthy and
successful, and see that most often even they are not satisfied. But
we try to fool ourselves - "If I was them, I would be different, I would
be totally happy." Even the people who seem to be looking after
themselves, who live simply and are generally happy and enjoying
life, often still have the same inner feeling of emptiness.
Most often we surround ourselves with as many luxuries as we
can afford to distract us from our inner emptiness. But every time we
get something new, the satisfaction is only temporary and we move
our hope for happiness onto some future event. And we also know
that when we die, we won't take those luxuries with us.


Releasing Negativity
If you have trouble releasing negative thoughts in daily life, the
next time they occur try turning your attention to your breathing. Be
aware of the breath going in and out. Listen to the sound of it. This
will usually allow the negativity to be released. If the negativity
returns, repeatedly return yourself to your breath awareness. This
will lead to inner peace at times that would otherwise disturb you
greatly. Regular practice of breath awareness will bring immediate
detachment from disharmony.
Most spiritual traditions have taught the importance of Love. It
has not been discussed in this book because spiritual Love cannot be
learnt, it can only be experienced. Spiritual Love cannot be taught,
but through Right Thinking & Right Action you will automatically
release the disharmony and negativity that is stopping you from
naturally experiencing Love in every moment. Love is a natural byproduct of living in harmony.
For further introduction into spirituality, try reading
"Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda, "Out on a
Limb" by Shirley MacLaine, and "A Search in Secret India" by Dr Paul
Brunton. For more advanced readers we recommend "Hands of
Light" by Barbara Brennan, "Dancing in the Light" by Shirley
MacLaine, and "A Course in Miracles". All these books are good for
increasing your understanding of spirituality, and describe interesting
personal experiences, but they are completely unnecessary because
this book already contains all the practical

- 38 -

Above all, develop harmony and positivity. If you wish to be
truly happy and live in accordance with your soul, your deepest aim
above all else must be self-transformation. Accept and appreciate
yourself as you are right now, don't ever judge yourself - all faults are
only temporary. But be constantly aware of ways you can improve.
Give up procrastination and idle thought and discussion. Thinking
about the Path will do you little good. Stop seeking answers and start
finding their reality in your life. Live in Right Thinking & Right Action.
You must actually walk the Path if you wish to succeed. Transform
these thoughts from words to actions. Make daily life a series of
spiritual victories.
For real benefits you should read this whole book again and
again and again. Otherwise you will have trouble actually developing
and retaining the all-important life-transforming qualities.
repetition, remembrance will grow. With remembrance, selfawareness will grow. With self-awareness, Right Thinking & Right
Action will grow. With Right Thinking & Right Action, harmony will
grow and life's purpose will be attained.
We recommend that you try to fit short meditation sessions into
your daily or weekly schedule. The purpose of meditation is not to
have visions and revelatory experiences. Meditation brings a great
sense of well-being, and even beginners experience this almost
immediately. Meditation allows the mind to calm down, thereby
developing natural balance, clarity and harmony. Meditation can be
as simple as closing your eyes and becoming aware of your breath
going in and out, listening to the sound it makes. A popular way of
meditating is to use a guided meditation tape, these are very good
and are readily available.

- 37 -

All those years of hard work, all the years of enduring long days
filled with anxiety and stress, so that you could eventually drive a nice
car, live in a nice house, have a nice TV, etc. Of course you could
only appreciate those luxuries in the small amount of time off from
work, and not during illness, in between moments of pain caused by
personal problems, relationships, financial difficulties, loss of loved
ones, and all the rest of life's ceaseless string of disturbing events
and traumatic experiences... Then your own time of death arrives were the few moments of luxury worth a lifetime of hardship?

Life doesn't have to be like that, there is a solution. If you really

want to make the effort to understand and act on the principles in this
book, then a whole new way of living life is in store for you, a life of
True Success, True Satisfaction, and True Freedom. Or you can keep
living in depression, hopelessness, anxiety, doubt, discontent,
suffering, and emptiness.

The Choice is Yours.

The sooner you dedicate yourself to this process, the sooner
you will find true happiness, lasting satisfaction, and the real purpose
of your life.


The Solution
So we will now discuss one of the most important ideas that
you can ever learn. From childhood we are conditioned to believe
that we need to be constantly achieving in order to be happy, so the
need to achieve is translated into a never-ending list of future plans
and dreams. All these plans and dreams are your way of placing hope
for satisfaction in some future event. You will eventually have to
accept that this is a false hope, for external events never bring lasting
inner satisfaction.

Positive affirmations have a very beneficial effect on the mind, helping you
change your negative habits much more easily. Regular repetition of positive
affirmations brings definite results in a very short time. The following affirmations
will be most effective if read daily, or even twice daily if you wish. If you are serious
about Right Thinking & Right Action, this is a necessity. Read them slowly, with a
pause between each for contemplation, and be sure to expect success - you will
soon find yourself living more harmoniously with less effort. Although it certainly
isn't necessary, you may like to start off by asking for God's assistance.

I am becoming more positive and harmonious every day.


So obviously then the only way to achieve true inner

satisfaction is to not need anything external to be content. And if you
don't need anything external then obviously you must already have
exactly what you DO need - a mind capable of choosing contentment.
So why wait any longer. Choose it NOW. Perhaps you will find that
you need to keep reminding yourself that satisfaction is accessible to
you right NOW. Recall this simple fact often in order to firmly implant
it in your mind. It will definitely work for you. Just remember this :

I am releasing all negativity and disharmonious qualities.


I appreciate my present circumstances and

am content and happy right now.

I am replacing anger with forgiveness.


I am replacing frustration with patience.


I am releasing any negative self-judgements I accept and appreciate myself as I am now.


I CAN be satisfied with my situation right NOW

Now you know that satisfaction is only internal and not related
to anything external, life becomes EASY. To support your new
satisfaction, you must stop striving for external goals to be happy.
This does not mean that life becomes

I am accepting and appreciating everyone unconditionally,

without judgement, intolerance, or disrespect.

I am trusting that my soul is in control of my life's circumstances.

I recognize that everything is in my best interests
and is going just as it should.

I am remaining open to learning opportunities

as they present themselves to me.

I am giving up any worry and anxiety,

and am staying calm and relaxed in every situation.


- 36 -

dull and you can't enjoy luxuries and pleasures. It means that if the
pleasure is not immediately available, you remain totally satisfied.
Living without the need for plans and dreams is living simply in the
present - being satisfied with whatever you have now.
You can look forward to some future event, as long as you
realize that the event will not satisfy you any more than you already
are. For example, you could look forward to a well-deserved holiday,
a new car, etc, but remaining aware that it will not add to your inner
Perhaps the planned event will never eventualize, or perhaps it
will not be as enjoyable as you had planned. And if it does eventually
occur, and is actually enjoyable, then the enjoyment is still only a
fleeting and temporary experience and then you will worry about it
ending and life becoming dull again. But there would be no loss of
happiness if you had only ever let it be viewed as an event, not a
desire for some future life-improving experience.
By living in a constant state of satisfaction, your enjoyment of
everyday simple things will grow deeper. There is no need to cut
yourself off from your favorite pleasures. But life gets easier when
you cut down on indulging in continuous activities to gratify the
senses. Simple eating, simple entertainment, simple comforts bring
the greatest inner rewards. If you feel that you are ready to benefit
from these, move towards them gradually so as not to suffer
withdrawal symptoms and end up just as entwined in the need for
sense-gratification again.

-4- 35 -

Happiness has much in common with satisfaction. You can't be

truly happy with something. You can only be truly happy. There can
be no object attached. As soon as you attach an object to the
happiness, it becomes temporary. Whether you are happy with a
person, a possession, an achievement, or anything else, you can be
sure that sometime in the future it's happy-inducing qualities will
diminish and you will seek to find a replacement. Only by stopping
the search for an external object of happiness will you discover the
true source of ever-available happiness within. When you can
maintain your connection to this happiness continually, it
automatically transforms your life into joy. Make it a habit to be
happy - it is not as hard as it sounds.

There is a story involving a man talking to his blind friend.

They were repeating a conversation they had often. The blind man
said, "You keep speaking of this thing called light, but I don't
understand it. Can you hand me some light so I can touch it?"
His friend replied, "Oh no, you can't touch light."
"Oh, well I will taste it then," the blind man said.
"No, no, you can't taste light!"
"Very well then, I will listen to it."
"I'm afraid you can't do that either."
"And I suppose I can't smell it either?"
"That is correct."
"If you will not prove to me it's existence,
I refuse to believe in it!"


feldenkrais method, alexander technique, myofascial release,

chiropractic work, vibrosaun, float tank, and more.
These activities are a much better investment of your time and
money than chasing luxuries and entertainment. The results last
longer, and you'll be far happier.
The Influence of Food
Meat contains enormous amounts of artificial growth
stimulants, unnatural hormones and chemicals, and much more. All
are toxic to our sensitive organs. There are many many other
reasons, at both a physical and spiritual level. The sooner you
become vegetarian, the sooner your body can start fully healing itself
and releasing it's toxic residues. It is OK to cut back to chicken and
fish at first, but it is best to stop eating even these eventually. If it has
a face, don't eat it! As for other food, the most important thing is to
stick to natural, fresh foods with a minimum of additives and
Better Digestion
It is best to stop eating before you get full - you should only eat
until your stomach is 1/2 to 3/4 full. Any more than that results in
food not being fully dissolved and digested properly, which is not
good for your body. Always chew thoroughly, this helps digestion
and complete nourishment. Don't drink too much while eating, or
your stomach juices become diluted, resulting in indigestion. Don't
eat snacks throughout the entire day - try to give your digestive
system a chance to rest. Try fasting on juice for 1/2 a day or a full day
once a week - your body will be immensely grateful for it's chance to
relax and catch up on the healing work that it's usually too busy to do.

- 34 -

* Give up smoking.

It contributes to physical, mental, & spiritual

* Don't wear tight clothing, especially tight underwear.

* Wear natural fibers as much as possible - cotton, wool, and rayon.
Artificial fibers mixed with natural fibers are okay.
* Researchers have concluded that the color of your clothes highly
affects your mental states. Wearing black or gray is not usually very
good for keeping us happy. Generally you should try to stick with
lighter colours and shades. Always go for the colours that you feel
most drawn to personally. Don't worry about what other people may
think about your clothing changes - it is more important that you are

"I have heard that there is a wise man visiting our town, let us
go and visit him, perhaps he can help you understand..."
So off they went. Immediately upon hearing the problem, the wise
man said, "This man will never be able to understand light in his
present condition. But it seems that his blindness can be easily
healed through a simple operation." So the blind man underwent the
operation and was finally able to see the light.
"I was totally disbelieving in the existence of light, and now I can
see it with my own eyes!" he exclaimed.
This story can be likened to society's attitude to spirituality.
Most people in our culture are like the blind man, refusing to accept
spirituality's existence because it is not directly obvious. Yet if we
underwent the operation, that is if we made the effort to actually live
according to spiritual principles, then we would finally observe it's
constant influence in our lives.

* Wear shoes as little as possible, let your feet breathe.

Yoga classes are extremely highly recommended. Regular
yoga helps your biochemical, psychological, skeletal, structural, and
nutritional well-being, and more. It also helps detoxify all the body
systems and internal organs. It was originally designed by advanced
spiritual teachers not merely as physical exercise but as a means to
Perfect Health in order to help sustain us on our journey to complete
Spiritual Awareness.
Alternative healing therapies help release tension from past
problems that are still being subtly held onto in your body &
subconscious. Reiki is of course 1st choice, but consider additional
sessions of such therapies as deep tissue massage, Polynesian
Kahuna massage, aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage,
Chinese massage, kinesiology, rebirthing, lymphatic drainage,
reflexology, acupuncture,

- 33 -

Many people believe that spirituality is only an escape for the

weak, for those people who need to hide from the harsh reality of life
and suffering, with inevitable death. It is easy to judge the whole
question of spiritual existence by the frustration and doubt which has
arisen through past experience of organized religion.
innumerable church leaders have displayed obvious hypocrisy and
lack of integrity, and the original messages of most religions'
founders have been corrupted or superseded over time, it would be
unfair to rule our spiritual existence as being entirely false. If wisdom
and truth are what you seek, then an open mind, free of preconceived
ideas and judgement, will surely be the most beneficial to you.


The Truth
The soul is here on this planet to learn. It learns through
experience. Every part of life, from the standard daily activities to the
totally unexpected dramas, are being experienced by you for your
soul to learn.
Every single experience, every situation, every
difficulty, every accomplishment, every work duty, every activity, it is
all being experienced purely for spiritual advancement. Please reread that last sentence - it is very important to understand it's farreaching consequences.
There is nothing you can do in life without affecting your
spiritual advancement. Most people are unaware that they are already
actively travelling on their spiritual journey and have been since birth.
Reading this book will help you walk along your spiritual path with the
conscious awareness that your actions are constantly working
towards your spiritual progress.
If you live in accordance with your soul's harmonious nature,
then the learning process of life will be made easier, and life becomes
meaningful. At present you are very often unconsciously conflicting
with the natural harmony of your soul, thereby separating yourself
from it and causing you to live in the confusion of purely materialistic
existence. By following the ideals outlined here you will definitely
find the complete inner satisfaction of living in accordance with your
true purpose, thereby reconnecting with the harmony of your soul.

The Body
Now we will briefly discuss the need to look after the body.
Your body, mind and soul are subtly but integrally linked. Caring for
the body leads to a more relaxed and stable mind. And a relaxed and
stable mind leads to increased harmony. There is no need to be
obsessed with the body. The most important thing is just to maintain
general fitness and above all to remain free of tension. Some helpful
information :
* Regular exercise, in any form, is absolutely essential.
* Try to keep your spine straight by not slouching.
* Try not to breathe shallowly. Breathe slowly and fill the lungs well.
This oxygenates the entire system.
* Try to smile and laugh more - it's even been scientifically proven to
be very good for you at the physical and mental levels.
* Keep your face relaxed, and try not to keep your jaw tightly shut.
This releases much tension.
* Stretch your arms, legs, and especially your neck regularly to
release tension. Relax tense muscles throughout the body as soon as
you become aware of them.
* Try to soak up a bit of sunshine every day. 15 minutes is enough.
Make sure it's direct sunlight, not through glass, which blocks out
some life-sustaining frequencies.

-7- 32 -

* There is no situation in which the harmony of Right Thinking & Right

Action does not fully apply.
* Living in Right Thinking & Right Action implies that you will consider
right use of your money and right use of your time. The way you put
this into practise is up to you, just keep it in mind.
* Accept responsibility for all your actions. But don't condemn
yourself. Live your best. If you think or act negatively at all, know
that it is your choice and you have the freedom to choose positivity if
you wish.
* Once you have started putting Right Thinking & Right Action into
practise fully, and are making solid progress, even more difficulties
than usual may arise. These are God's way of testing your stability
and dedication. When faced with the hardest tests, you must endure,
endure, endure, if you wish to pass successfully. Don't worry, you
will be ultimately rewarded. It is always worth it. So keep going.
* Be on the lookout for self-deception - be aware of the source and
motive of your thoughts and actions.
* Don't be afraid of change - it is inevitable.
* Don't be a victim of your circumstances - take action to change
anything that stands in the way of your happiness. Do it NOW.

Above all, give up Negativity & Disharmony.

Develop Positivity & Harmony.
- 31 -

Now we will speak briefly about God. Some people feel

uncomfortable with the word God. God is just a way of referring to
the Universal Mind, the consciousness that exists within everyone
and everything. If you wish, you can think of God as the Source, the
Creator, the Provider, All-That-Is, Life, Truth, Christ, Buddha, Allah,
Jehovah, the Divine Father, Divine Mother, or Constant Companion.
The Universal Mind is not concerned with how you actually refer to it God resides in all forms throughout the entire universe.
Universal Mind knows that however you refer to it, it is still essentially
the same.
The true peace & happiness that we all spend our lives
searching for can never be found in the material world. For we really
are seeking to reconnect with God. In some of us that desire is not so
obvious, but it is always subconsciously present. It is the source of
our dissatisfaction and our deepest motive to keep living, but since
the final goal is not apparent we search elsewhere for lower forms of
satisfaction to distract us from our sense of aloneness.
Some people get confused because they feel that there is some
sort of God-presence is our lives, but if it really exists, why does it not
show itself in some way to help us? Well it has shown itself indirectly
through the teachings and wisdom of a great number of saints and
spiritual teachers throughout history.
But it rarely shows itself directly because we have all been
given the privilege of Free-Will. This means that we have a right to
choose our thoughts and actions, including the ultimate choice of
believing or disbelieving in our Creator. If the Universal Mind was
directly obvious, we would have no free-will to choose our beliefs.


Even though reconnecting with our source is our ultimate

motivation and purpose, the simple fact is that most people are
unwilling to change their current way of living to become harmonious
with their soul. So there is no need for God to be present in their
lives, until they recognize that their self-centred reality is only
bringing them temporary satisfaction.
The Universal Mind is always aware when a person becomes
ready and willing to learn Truth and change. So then it ensures that
the most suitable teachings become available according to the
individual's needs. This book has definitely landed in your hands
because the Universal Mind feels that you are ready to learn
something from it. That is the way God works. But it is up to your
free-will how much you choose to open up and allow yourself to
accept Truth and live in harmony.
The Universal Mind is like an endless ocean. Each one of us is
like a single wave, rising up from the ocean. The ocean and the
waves are one and the same, even though the waves seem small and
insignificant. If the waves became calm, they would merge back into
the ocean, discovering their united source. If you live according to
the ideas in this book, your mind will become calm and you will
dissolve back into your source, recognizing your oneness with God.
We sincerely wish you the best fortune in this growth into
Understanding, Truth, and Harmony.


* Forget yesterday's problems.

Appreciate your life today.




* Avoid triviality in daily life.

* In order to release your inner fears, doubts, and other negative
qualities, you must turn and face them head on. If you try to hide from
them, they will never go away. It is only by recognizing and accepting
them that they can be released. You can try writing a list of your
fears, as well as the things about yourself that you criticize and are
unhappy about. Then work to change these disharmonious attitudes.
* The only true obstacle to your progress is your stubborn attitude to
* There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more attractive than the joy of
truly living with God. Physical wealth and pleasure are mere tinsel
compared with the inner treasure of Peace & Freedom. There is no
adventure as great, no experience as wonderful, as your spiritual
path & journey to Truth & God.
* Don't feel overwhelmed if self-analysis reveals a host of negative
habits - just start releasing them now before they get any worse.
* Try to stop the endless internal worrying in your mind caused by
anxiety and confusion. Especially become aware when your mind is
working too hard - slow down your thinking. Ask less irrelevant
questions, release your worry, doubt, frustration. And when the mind
becomes still you will find the solution to all your problems.
Ultimately you can become aware of the stillness between thoughts in this silence you will feel inner peace.

- 30 -

* Remember that whilst it is your desires that have always brought you
happiness in the past, this pleasure only existed in the few short moments
in between the much longer periods of anxiety, frustration & suffering. You
can't choose to preserve all your materialistic desires and drop your
suffering - that is asking the impossible - it is not going to happen.
* Let the joy in your life arise from simple living and simple pleasures, not
from the continual seeking of fleeting experiences.
* All your attachments, all your worries, all your desires only relate to the
temporary body you are inhabiting - the deeper you realize this, the sooner
you will be free.
* When faced with a challenge, there is no need to act like a victim there is
never an appropriate time to choose weakness.
* Try not to be attached to life's circumstances, let the Universal Mind unroll
the experiences of life as it always knows what is best. Remember that all is
* You are not a human trying to attain spirituality. You are a soul residing in
the temporary tool of a human body, in the process of returning to your
natural state of eternal peace and harmony.
* Realize that you are not really your body, you are not really your thoughts,
you are not really your feelings - these are all temporary. Try to recognize
that in essence you are a beautiful Divine Soul.
* You can overcome any difficulty - let nothing stand in your way.

* Patience is your greatest strength. Patience and endurance will

overcome any obstacle.

The key to success in your mission upon this planet is

something we will term Right Thinking & Right Action.
Right Thinking & Right Action is about living in harmony with
your true nature, your soul, and God. Then you will discover The
Meaning of Life. This is guaranteed. Right Thinking & Right Action
has been taught by absolutely every spiritual tradition, every religion,
every saint, every mystic, every advanced ancient culture. The form
of the teaching has only differed because of the individual needs of
the people at that place and in that time and culture.
In some religious traditions, the founder has stated that their own
way was the only way to reach God. From the larger perspective this
is true, since every individual path to God is only an adaptation of the
common path communicated in all traditions. When they have stated
that people should follow them and not anyone else, this has been
with good intent - people without leaders have a tendency to run
around like chickens, always searching for Truth but never actually
stopping to put any level of Truth into their way of living. So the hope
is that by forcing allegiance to a single religion, some stability will be
reached. Ultimately there is no need for allegiance, as long as you
take responsibility for your own spiritual progress, through actually
living with the principles of Right Thinking & Right Action.
Right Thinking & Right Action is concerned with developing ideals or
virtues, and discouraging negative qualities. This book will give you all the
directions you need. But putting the directions into practice is not always so

- 10 - 29 -

Nevertheless, it must be done if you wish to be truly deeply

happy. Rest assured that it is definitely possible for those with
dedication and endurance.
Right Thinking & Right Action corresponds with the core
teaching of every spiritual tradition - to recognise the total Unity of
every one of us with God, and to act in accordance with this viewpoint
in order to eventually experience that Unity. Right Thinking & Right
Action is the Path to that goal. Whenever confusion arises and we
leave that Path, we slip into living in a manner that can bring us no
lasting satisfaction. Here is your chance to return to the Path, the true
purpose of your life.
Know that your true nature is harmony. Harmony is felt in life
as a sense of positivity and purpose. The alternative of harmony is
disharmony. This is felt as a sense of negativity. The basic idea of
Right Thinking & Right Action is to develop our positive qualities and
to cease our negative qualities. It is important not to immediately
condemn ourselves and others for our negative qualities - else we fall
back into a state of negativity & judgement. We must simply see
every situation in life as an opportunity to develop our harmonious
It is vital to remember that God always ensures that everything
is perfect, all is exactly as it should be. This is not immediately
obvious from what we can see around us, but this is because every
soul is learning what they need at their own pace. All negativity in
this world is only temporary, we are all slowly moving back to
awareness of God.

- 11 -

* Some people give up their efforts at Right Thinking & Right Action,
because they decide it's too hard to keep it up for prolonged periods.
But you have to accept the fact that you will need to start sometime,
and if you give up now, you'll most probably have a harder job in the
future. So START NOW. And don't give up, no matter how many
hurdles you have to leap.
* You must try to overcome all selfishness. Selfishness is a giant
setback in the progress to Unity.
* It is our God-given privilege of Free-Will through which we become
bound in limitations by continually choosing disharmony. And it is
your Free-Will to continually choose harmony that can and will lead
you to Ultimate Liberation.
Don't let yourself







* Suffering is an unavoidable part of conventional life. Right Thinking

& Right Action act like a spiritual aspirin - problems may still arise,
but the pain is absent, there is no confusion, no frustration, no anger,
* Don't think that Right Thinking & Right Action will result in
displeasure and hardship through having to give up all your luxuries
and physical pleasures. Once you get used to it, releasing your
materialistic desires is in fact the best thing you will ever feel complete freedom.
* Always choose harmony, but at the same time be prepared to
withstand disharmony if it occurs.
* Important - try to stop your mind from constantly dwelling on the
past and planning for the future. Then you can appreciate the
present. Be Here Now.

- 28 -

* Self-observation and self-analysis are your greatest tools on the

Path to Truth. Self-transformation must be your most vital aim.
* Give up your need for appreciation and the approval of others. Give
appreciation and approval generously to others instead.
* God doesn't want us to be perfect, God just wants us to try - it is
better to work at self-transformation imperfectly than selfdegradement perfectly. Give up your fears of inadequacy, failure,
rejection, being judged.
* Acceptance of others includes giving them the right to choose
disharmony and ignorance without criticism and judgement.
* Add up your joys, never your sorrows.
* Be grateful for your enemies and opponents, realising that they are
your best teachers, for they always show you where you are still
vulnerable to negativity.
* Roam in the world as a lion of self-control, don't let sense-desires
kick you around.
* Everyone has problems. You undoubtedly will be faced with many
more problems. But there is no need to turn these problems into a
source of unhappiness and discontent.
* Be humble enough to ask the Universal Mind for help. God is more
interested in forgiving us than hearing our excuses. You don't need a
scapegoat, just be honest with God and yourself.

- 27 -

The physical world can be compared to a stage in God's Play,

we are all actors playing our predetermined parts for the benefit of our
souls. The whole world, the entire universe, is just as real as the
stage in a theatre. All that takes place on our stage is in fact only
seemingly real, with God and our souls as the audience. Our whole
life is like a story made manifest for us to learn. All difficulties are
placed in the story by our soul in order for us to learn and seek selfimprovement. Without obstacles, you would not become aware of
your inner disturbances that leave you vulnerable to disharmony.
Always always always remember to approach all situations with
positivity, and trust that God has your best interests at heart.

Every problem we encounter in life is created by God as part of a
learning experience. This is true for absolutely every type of problem
- illness, accidents, relationship problems, work problems, any life
situation that creates emotional or mental disturbance. Not many
people notice that their individual problems are merely the obvious
signposts of a larger learning experience. Sometimes we manage to
relieve or suppress the obvious symptoms through willpower,
medicine, or just by ignoring them, depending on the nature of the
But the learning experience that created the problem will
not have dissolved. It will instead be manifesting different or less
obvious symptoms.
God's intention is not just to upset you! It is God's intention for
you to become aware of the negative attitude or quality that has been
persistently stopping you from experiencing your natural harmony.
You are in effect separating yourself from your soul. God is hoping
that your

- 12 -

difficulty will point you in the right direction towards ceasing the

* The longer you persist in succumbing to materialistic desires, the

more knots you place between yourself and your natural harmony that
will eventually have to be untied.

Even if you are being negatively affected by someone else's

problems, you can be sure that the situation is in some way present to
reflect a negativity problem of your own. Otherwise God would not be
allowing you to experience it.

* Starve negativity by not dwelling on any thoughts that support it desires, anger, resentment, etc.

When a problem occurs, the best thing you can do is to analyze

the situation fully. Look at the events preceding the problem and see
if there was a disharmonious attitude or expression of negativity in
some way. Look at how the problem may be just one symptom of a
continuing series of similar difficulties. By ignoring your lessons,
similar problems keep being repeated. God's hope is that the
repetitive pattern will allow you to recognize the deeper significance
of these difficulties.
If the underlying cause is not immediately apparent, then don't
be overly concerned. Occasionally a problem occurs seemingly
without provocation in order to test your dedication to Right Thinking
& Right Action. If you wish, you can ask God to help clarify the cause.
In any case, know that you will be presented with the answer if you
remain aware. By releasing your anxiety, you may become aware of it
even when you're not consciously thinking about it. Otherwise, no
doubt God will provide another opportunity for you to learn the same
lesson, by creating another similar difficulty for you.

- 13 -

* Don't be attached to your current status, family, friends,

accomplishment. This doesn't mean you should give them up, just
recognize that they are all temporary and without them you would still
be complete. Depend only on yourself for happiness.
* Give up feelings of superiority, inferiority, or of being a victim of
your circumstances.
* Just as a fish living in the sea will never be able to understand the
vastness of the sky, so too while you are living in a physical body,
you will not be able to comprehend the Infinite Perfect nature of God.
This is why the greatest philosophers and intellectuals never reach
any definite conclusions - God can never be found through rational
thought. Only by living in Right Thinking & Right Action can we come
into alignment with the Universal Mind and personally experience it in
our lives. It is only through Right Thinking & Right Action that the
enlightenment found by all the saints and mystics of every age can
descend upon you. It is guaranteed that as you increase your
dedication to putting the ideals into practise, enlightenment becomes
available to you in increasing levels. It is just around the corner, and
requires only your continuing effort, willpower, and dedication.

- 26 -

always returns in order for you to release and uncreate it. This is
necessary before you can rediscover the harmony of your soul and
merge back into the Source.
* You can compare your current lifetime to be like a single chapter in a
giant book. When we are reborn, we start a new chapter, forgetting all
the memories of the last chapter, our previous life. This is to protect
us from dwelling on past pain and suffering, as well as multitudes of
irrelevant memories. But we do carry with us the qualities and
lessons we have learnt.
* Don't fear death - it is inevitable, unavoidable, every moment takes
you one step closer. Trust in the life of your eternal soul. The body
may die, but the occupier of the body will move on. The soul changes
it's physical body just as a person changes clothes when they
become worn out. There is no need to concern yourself with past and
future lives, just be concerned with living your best in the time you
have in this lifetime.
* Success and failure are both experienced continually in every aspect
of our lives. If you could try to accept both success and failure as
they arise, without attachment to either, life would become much
simpler. Your contentment can remain uninterrupted if you choose.
* Trust that God makes sure that people only receive what is
necessary for their progress, and never dishes out lessons that are
unnecessary or too difficult.
* It is not always easy to perceive signs of spiritual progress - have
patience and faith, and your clarity will come.

Ultimately you must learn to take responsibility for your life and
all of it's circumstances and situations. You may think this is an
unfair attitude. For example, some people have been born into certain
conditions such as poverty and hardship, or wealth and ease, or even
physical disabilities. And these extreme conditions may arise at any
time during life without any responsibility on the part of the individual.
Do Not doubt that this has all been chosen by the soul even before
birth - the conditions are exactly what is required for that individual's
specifically needed lessons. Every single thing that you experience is
of your own doing. Negative experiences can only be released
through becoming aware of your lessons, and developing harmonious
attitudes and qualities. Taking responsibility for your entire life is one
of the biggest steps forward you can make on your spiritual path.
Sufferers of chronic illnesses may have a hard time accepting
that they are responsible for their unending suffering. Let us look at
an example. Modern medical science has concluded beyond doubt
that prolonged depression and anxiety is most definitely the
underlying cause of cancer. It is very easy to understand - the
depressed person thinks "Life is terrible, what is the point of living,"
etc. And so the body acts as a physical reflection - a body that does
not support the living process. By the time the person is diagnosed,
even a renewed will-to-live is not enough to counter the strongly
ingrained negativity of many years. Yet there are many recorded
cases of complete healing without medical treatment in those rare
people who have managed to completely release their negativity and
change their entire life attitudes and beliefs to accept faith, hope, and

- 14 - 25 -

Every other illness is the same. Analyze thoroughly the actual

nature of the problem, and you will find that it in some way reflects
the prolonged mental state of the sufferer. We do not suggest that
you stop any necessary medication. We do suggest that you
completely transform yourself so that it is no longer necessary. While
poor diet or a biochemical disfunction may have caused the physical
illness, it was your soul that created those conditions to get your
attention. You must work at healing yourself of the physical problem
whilst simultaneously healing yourself of the deeper disharmonious
root cause.
So now that you understand, and will start taking responsibility
for any difficulties in your life, you must be sure not to blame anyone,
or you will fall back into negativity. You cannot blame yourself. You
cannot blame your parents or those around you. Since most of us are
not aware of the far-reaching effects of our negative attitudes and
actions, how can anyone be to blame?
Also be aware not to blame yourself for helping to create
disharmony and difficulties in the lives of other people through your
own negative attitudes and actions in the past. Be sure that it was the
choice of their soul to experience that disharmony as part of their
learning experience. So forgive yourself NOW.

* Reincarnation has been debated by society throughout the ages.

Many people consider that it is only a story-tale for weak people who
aren't willing to face the reality of Death. Yet if we look closer, the
concept itself implies strength, not weakness, since the individual
must actually start accepting responsibility for their own future and
so act accordingly. In any case, it is interesting that most of our
greatest intellectuals and philosophers throughout history have
accepted reincarnation as a fact, including Carl Jung, the most highly
respected psycho-analyst, who became a believer after years of
research and exploration. In fact research has indicated that even
25% or more of all Christians believe reincarnation to be true.
* Almost every religion and spiritual tradition throughout history has
taught reincarnation, and even the Christian Bible does in fact teach
the idea of rebirth in many veiled statements. Research has shown
that originally there were many direct references in the Bible, but they
were removed by church officials in the 6th century. This was
because most people were complacent in their attempts at Right
Thinking & Right Action because they figured it would be easier to
wait for another lifetime with more opportune circumstances. This
was when the concept of hell was created to scare people into being
good. In reality, God has Supreme Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion,
Understanding, and Love - eternal damnation doesn't quite fit in!

It is your ignorance of spiritual Truth that has caused all

disharmony and suffering, and hopefully it is your new awareness
that will help you be responsible for creating harmony from now on.
You can be sure that your soul is hoping you will take notice and
learn, so that God is not forced to keep repeating all your difficulties.

* But your disharmonious thoughts and actions will most definitely

have to be released sometime, either in this lifetime or another.
Karma is not punishment as many people think. It is the healing hand
of God. It maintains equilibrium, constant balance in yourself and the
Universe. All disharmony that you create and thereby attach to

- 15 -

- 24 -

* Very important - recognize that everything you think and do will

come back to you. So start doing good now.
* Expect success in Right Thinking & Right Action. If the opposite
seems to be occurring, trust that it is just part of the purification
process devised by God.
* Don't sabotage your Right Thinking & Right Action with doubt and
other disharmonious thoughts.
* Don't underestimate the harmful power of negative thoughts.
* Don't underestimate the healing power of positive thoughts.
* Don't waste time in the company of disharmonious people - their
qualities will inevitably rub off. Consider breaking off relationships
that continually bring you disharmony. Don't sacrifice your long-term
happiness for the security and sentimentality of relationships. And
consider changing employment, if it is interfering with your harmony.
* Choose friends and relationships that naturally help you develop
harmony in positive surroundings.

Right Thinking & Right Action

This section provides simple and direct guidance to help you
adopt harmony into your life. It is important to read and contemplate
this section slowly and thoroughly. Much of it may seem obvious, but
it is vital to actually live according to these ideals in every situation in
daily life. Now please recognize that we are not trying to preach - we
are not trying to tell you how you must live your life. We are simply
suggesting changes that can be made if you wish to eventually be
truly deeply happy.
* One of the most important qualities to develop is equanimity - the
ability to keep the mind calm & stable in any situation. It is this one
quality that can save you from stumbling into countless acts of
negativity through frustration, anxiety, and temper.
* And if you do lose your equanimity, at least avoid acting when
irritated and upset, or it'll only make things worse.
* It is very important to take responsibility for your own thoughts and
actions. If you aren't in control, who is?

* Indulge in luxuries more sparingly, so as to avoid attachment and


* Try to free yourself of the need for continually indulging in trivial

sense pleasures. They act like an addiction that destroys your peace.
Why be a slave to your own body?

* Adopt Right Thinking & Right Action by truly changing from your
current perspective, completely influenced by society's negative
preprogrammed beliefs, to a new perspective based on an unbiased
and honest viewpoint. Be aware of the way your surroundings
influence you into negative thought, and take steps to change it.

* Similarly, give up the need for so many possessions and

materialistic expectations. The satisfaction gained from them is
temporary and ultimately leads to ongoing discontent and the need
for more, more, more. Use your discrimination to recognize the
transient nature of physical pleasures.

- 23 -

- 16 -

* Remember to convert negative experiences to learning

opportunities. Look at every negative event as an opportunity to
improve, to expand, to prove your endurance and dedication to
positivity and harmony.
* Be totally honest with yourself at all times. Don't allow yourself to
ignore your negativity. Self-deception will inevitably result in a lack of
* Don't blame others for your faults, and don't blame yourself either.
There is never anyone to blame, there are only learning experiences.
Errors only result from habits and conditioning learnt from society
and those around you. Judging yourself or others won't solve any
* Don't be ashamed of past errors. The Universal Mind doesn't see
you as guilty. It understands that faults are a natural part of being
human. So don't be harsh on yourself. Forgive yourself just as God
forgives you.
* Don't hate your negative qualities - accept them, then work at
releasing them.
Work on releasing the limiting habits and
conditioning you've received from a confused and spiritually ignorant
society. Release your old limiting beliefs. It is never too late to
change yourself.

trusting that it is listening, you will develop a personal relationship

that can help you immeasurably.
* Always try to act in the best interests of others. Be generous in
giving your time and energy. Never take advantage of anyone. Try to
always speak and deal with others honestly.
Always respect
everyone equally, and recognize that really they are all God in
* Consider this - You can only be insulted, humiliated, or upset by
someone if you choose to let it happen. Other people can't upset you,
only you can upset yourself by letting your mind be disturbed. It's
always your choice.
* Release resentment.
Resentment leads to deeply ingrained
negativity. Release long-held bitterness. Release grudges. Forgiving
others, no matter what they've done, allows you to move on and live
life freely. You'll feel so much better for it.
* Try to replace excess pride and over-inflated ego with humility and
selflessness. Avoid activities that lead to ego-inflation, for example
being overly serious about competitive sport or workplace
competition. But you should have plenty of self-confidence, because
by making an effort to live in Right Thinking & Right Action, the
Universal Mind is surely on your side and can provide all the strength
and ability you need to progress successfully.

* Stop habits through the power of your will - is someone else in

control of your actions? Your habits may be strong, but your will is
stronger if you honestly want it to be. Willpower is like a muscle, it
may be a little soft at first but with use it will grow and expand.

* Remember that daily life is not a chore but an important part of your
individual spiritual journey.

- 17 -

- 22 -

* Try to appreciate nature's beauty and God's gifts.

* It is totally your choice whether you feel happy or sad, content or

discontent. These have nothing to do with external circumstances,
they are only in your mind. So choose happiness and contentment
NOW. Choose happiness and contentment in every moment. If you
temporarily lose happiness and contentment, simply choose them
again! It really is that simple. If you make it harder, you are only
fooling yourself. It may take practise and constant reminding for a
while, but once it becomes a habit, your whole life will change.
* Refuse to let yourself be drawn down to the disharmonious ways of
those around you.
* If you have a temper, notice that often it is really caused by your
compassion - you become frustrated only because you want the other
person to listen to you so you can help them for their own good. But
does your temper ever help? Try to convert the temper into kindness
without getting frustrated, and you will be far more effective in helping
* Memorizing the following statement may help you overcome the
more difficult tests of your dedication :
- endurance is the key to ultimate success * The joy of finding God is greater than the entire world of material
enjoyment put together. So don't waste time seeking pleasure
outside yourself.
* God, the Universal Mind, is always listening. Talking to God can
help you. Don't worry about formal prayers, just speak to God in your
own words. By regularly speaking to the Universal Mind and

- 21 -

* Don't criticize anyone ever, even if they are not present - it only
results in you surrounding yourself with your own negativity. You can
give constructive help instead, but only if it will truly benefit them, and
without any judgement.
* Anger, frustration, all forms of negativity are destructive to your
well-being. These harmful qualities should not be suppressed, but
instead transformed into harmonious qualities. Convert negative
thoughts into their positive opposite.
* Your soul is the one who, with God's help, plans out the
circumstances of this life, for your greatest spiritual benefit in
accordance with your individual needs. Always try to respond to
every situation positively.
* Try to spend more time in silence - it helps calm your overworked
mind. Avoid bombarding the mind with constant trivial entertainment
and conversation.
* Try to spend less time in the company of television shows and
music that are based on negativity and violence. It has a big effect on
your mental state. Why not instead go for a walk, a jog, do something
creative, or take up some classes.
* Similarly, try to cease exposing your vulnerable mind to the
unending and irrelevant violence and scandal of daily news on
television and in the newspaper. The constant flow of negativity is a
prime factor in desensitizing your sense of natural harmony.
* Just as you are in reality a soul at one with God, it is important to
remember that so too is everyone else. That is why all religions have
taught the importance of always treating those around you as equals
and friends. But it is

- 18 -

difficult for us, with our current perspective, to understand our

essential unity. This viewpoint can only grow within you if you are
willing to try living in a less self-centered manner, considering the
best interests of others as being your own best interests. A good way
to start is by opening to charity - giving of yourself without expecting
* This is developed by giving your time and energy unselfishly to the
people around you, in whatever way is most appropriate. Approach
situations asking yourself, "How can I help?" instead of "What's in it
for me?"
Give just for the sake of wanting to help, without seeking
reward or recognition. Often the best gifts are those that go
unnoticed. Every time you help anyone, you are subtly helping
yourself through the Unity of all beings. You can be assured that God
will reward you. What goes around, comes around. "As you sow, so
shall you reap."
* Most of what you consider to be your needs are not really
necessary. Yet you let yourself get upset when you don't receive
them. Be aware of your needs as only being preferences. Don't be
addicted to receiving them.
* Trust in the Universal Mind and it will care for you. Total trust
becomes Faith - the ability to live knowing that everything is and
always will be totally Perfect, no matter how it seems. It may be
necessary to have blind faith at first. If you live in Right Thinking &
Right Action, your blind faith will become the faith of experience and
wisdom. Daily problems are nothing compared to the wonder and joy
of your goal. Worrying about things in life is one of the main reasons
you feel separated from your soul. Nothing can harm or upset your
soul. So don't allow anything to worry you. It is your choice.

* Don't strive for constant success let life flow smoothly at it's own pace.
* Try to listen to your gut feelings more - they are the voice of your
intuition, and are more in tune with your soul than the overly-rational
* Improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your
thoughts. It is simple if you actually try.
* Avoid mental stress at all costs - there is never a valid reason to
push yourself that hard. Life was meant to be easy, and it always can
be if you let it.
* Recognize that nature and life are based on impermanence - nothing
ever stays the same. Therefore don't place your happiness on
anything that is temporary.
* Become aware of yourself as an actor in God's Play, you are only a
witness to life's daily events. You cannot be upset by what you are
not attached to. Release your attachment to everything but your inner
state of positivity.
* Live simply. Live in inner freedom.
* Have a supremely optimistic attitude - See only positivity and
perfection. This is exactly what your soul always sees. How
enjoyable your life could be, if only you try to perceive it's Truth - your
life is purely a story-tale, unfolding new surprises and opportunities
every day for you to learn and expand.

- 19 - 20 -