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WE seek to establish a jus- easily be intimidated or to speak up or he will be or buy decisions. BUT if we tampering with justice, we tion is being attacked by
tice system whereby it is bought. BUT if we put this jailed until they agree to place this power in the are sure that the abusive the Jury Systems.
the people themselves power in the hands of a speak up by the power of hands of a Trial Jury, a group and corrupt shall learn to toe With all corruption
who exercise the power to Grand Jury, usually com- contempt; law enforcers of 12 ordinary persons cho- the line and observe the rule laws assured of implemen-
say who must be arrested posing 23 persons selected will be compelled to gather sen at random from the vot- of law. tation, the usually corrupt
and brought to trial and by raffle from a voters’ list evidence or they will be ers’ list and whose faces and The vision here is we see officials will be compelled
who exercise the power to and whose names and held in jail in contempt un- names are kept secret, we everybody to be “PATAS to stop stealing people’s
judge if those brought to faces are kept secret, we are til they agree to work as are also foreclosing any op- SA BATAS.” money. The swindlers will
trial are guilty or not. foreclosing any opportu- detectives. portunity for the decision to With jury, all laws can stop because they know
The power to say who nity for the influential crime Now, the power to say be bought or influenced. now be implemented. If we the long arm of the law will
should be tried in court is doer to use his power, whether an accused is guilty Here, ordinary persons are have laws against discrimi- surely reach them.
now exercised by the money and influence. The or not is exercised by one tasked only to know what is nation by one tribe against Businessmen will deal
prosecutors in the Philip- role of the fiscal shall be lim- judge in the Philippines; true and what is false; the another, or by Christians fairly with the consumers
pines. So that if the one ited to the presentation of may be of a regional trial application of laws shall be against Muslims, or by the because the assurance of
being accused of rape, evidence in court. The court or a municipal trial the duty of the judge who is rich against the poor, we can implementation of the laws
murder or corruption is Grand Jury is vested with court. As we know or hear, learned in law. say that rebellions (by NPA keeps them at bay.
influential, which is most the power to compel intimi- the powerful and rich ac- The fact that we are fore- and MILF) will die because Sign up at http://
likely, the prosecutors can dated or bought witnesses cused can easily influence closing opportunities for the root that is discrimina-

Celebrity A Muslim Aiming for

Woman of the but loved by ‘Hydra GM’
VOL. I NO. 29 • ISSN 2094-4098 DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010
Year 2009 Christians
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Backhoe operator, helper remain missing THE MUTE WITNESS --

The backhoe that witnessed

the goriest-ever, politically-
motivated massacre in history
stands idle. It’s operator and
helper have remained

The said backhoe was the
one found to be marked with
the “Province of Maguinda-
nao” as the owner and “Andal
Ampatuan Sr.” as the governor
at the time of its acquisition.
It was said they were killed
to deprive the prosecution of

one more important evidence
that should have been the
“missing links” to the master-
minds and actual doers of the
massacre of at least 31 journal-
ists, two lady lawyers and 25
others that included Genalyn
Mangudadatu, the wife of Vice-
Mayor Toto Mangudadatu of
the town of Buluan in Ma-
solution. in Ampatuan, Maguindanao, guindanao province, and his
By TOTO CAUSING Dyaryo Magdalo has gath- and the operator’s helper have sisters Faridah and Eden, who
ered from various police sources remained missing. is also a vice-mayor in another
that the operator of the back- They were said to be the town.
AS the New Year enters, the hoe used in the goriest-ever ones who operated on the back- Aside from the backhoe
Ampatuan Massacre is still political crime, which is the hoe when it was used in bury- operator identified as Hamid
gripped by puzzles that defy November 23, 2009 massacre ing 25 of the 57 victims of the Alimudin and his helper, also
still missing until this writing
is media worker Reynaldo
Privileged Spits By TOTO CAUSING “Bebot” Momay, 62.
Mindanews reported that
Momay’s dead body has yet
Keep the fire of justice burning! to be found to account for all
the 31 journalists identified to
OTHER than the no-election scenario or the failure-of-election plot, one of the specters have joined the convoy of six
hovering over the country as the year 2010 begins is another shocker: the collapse of justice vehicles that traveled from
in the most-outrageous political crime ever, the Ampatuan Massacre. Buluan to Shariff Aguak town
The author has seen the vivid details of the first video footage taken of the scenes while (formerly Maganoy) to file the
the bodies of 57 murder victims, including 30 journalists, two lady lawyers and other certificate of candidacy of Toto
women were being dug up. for governor of Maguindanao.
Those who want to watch this video, here is the exact website: http:// Evidence and witnesses claimed that the convoy was DYARYO MAGDALO has de- that the only way for the coun-
burning?commentId=2661799%3AComment%3A3176&xg_source=msg_com_video. stopped at a checkpoint set up cided to come out with a page try to have good leaders to be
All those who have watched this video in the website of the author cannot help but by the police and was seized called “FACTS CHECK,” dedi- elected is for the voters to be
shout to their biggest despair! thereafter by more than 100 cated to checking all the facts informed of all true facts so that
It is really extremely disgusting! Even the most naïve hearts will get angry and appalled armed men led by Andal “Datu being claimed by any candidate they would become intelligent
upon seeing the bodies being dug up by the backhoe, the same equipment that buried them Unsay” Ampatuan Jr., the to strengthen his or her bid in in their decisions whom to vote
in three mass graves. mayor of Datu Unsay town. the elective position he or she for President, Vice-President,
As this author said before, there is danger of the whole exercise of the trial of Andal Carolyn Arguillas of Min- is running for. Senators, Congressmen, Gov-
“Datu Unsay” Ampatuan Jr. and the rest of his family going to the dogs. danews reported that one place The official campaign sea- ernors, Vice-Governors, May-
In this author’s article in the previous week, he saw the grim possibility of Datu Unsay was spotted to have been where son has not begun, but all the ors, Vice-Mayors, Board Mem-
invoking the defense of insanity to get acquittal from the goriest-ever crime made by a the backhoe operator and candidates are already busy bers and Councilors.
politician in the country. helper were said to have been promoting their own candida- Dyaryo Magdalo also takes
buried. cies and shooting down their notice of the past where the
How insanity will be invoked This spot was dug up by opponents’ bids by presenting voters have been easily de-
the Scene of the Crime Office what have been claimed as ceived by the candidates’ spin
Let this author quote what he wrote in his said previous article: (SOCO) with the help of em- facts. doctors who issue statements
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2 DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010

2 Pajeros full of money?

From page 1 not put money in the bank. Mindanews reported that SOCO team was accompanied found in Sitio Masalay, Ba- The 22nd body was found
They stacked monies in their the police chief of Datu to the site by members of the rangay Salman, Ampatuan early morning of the next day.
ployees of Collado Funeral own homes. Abdullah Sangki town, Arvies Commission on Human Rights town, which is three kilome- Twenty-four bodies were
Homes of Koronadal City. The story about two Altiche, said they were tipped led by regional director Chris- ters from the highway where dug from a mass grave on No-
As the digging went deeper, Pajeros full of money has been off about the said gravesite of tina Hovero, members of the their convoy was said to have vember 24 while 11 more
stench of dead bodies of hu- pinpointed by the police Alimudin and his helper on media and relatives of one of been stopped. bodies were dug on Novem-
man beings pervaded the place sources as the reason that there December 27. the 57 victims of the Ampat- Twenty-one of the victims ber 25 in two gravesites al-
but the diggers did not find have been unidentified groups Arguillas said that Altiche uan Massacre of November were found in the afternoon most beside each other.
anything. who have been raiding houses told her they coordinated with 23. of November 23 scattered In the second gravesite, six
From all indications, there in the frantic bid to find the the barangay captain in the Hovero noted why the site dead in vehicles and grassy bodies were retrieved, along
was no hope in sight that they much-storied billions of pesos. morning of December 27. was not guarded between De- area. with three flattened vehicles.
would ever solve the puzzle of From other sources, they Together with the SOCO cember 28 and January 3,
finding where are the bodies of claimed that there were other team, he said that they went Arguillas wrote.
the backhoe operator, his accounts also that said that by foot to the burial site at 4
helper and that of the only-un- some of these monies were ac- p.m. Even psychic cannot find
accounted-for journalist. tually looted from the vaults Upon reaching the sus- reporter’s body
As this story of the miss- of the Ampatuans by Army pected burial site, Mindanews
ing link unfolded, Dyaryo soldiers. reported that the SOCO team Mindanews further re-
Magdalo gathered from police It was reported that the first suggested they return to the site ported that when Hovero re-
sources who asked not to be to have entered the mansions the next morning for it was al- ported the matter to CHR
identified that the monies sup- of the Ampatuans were the sol- ready getting dark. chair Leila de Lima, the latter
posed to have been placed in diers from the 6th Infantry Di- On his observation, asked to check if another al-
the vaults of the Ampatuans vision that was led before by Arguillas quoted Altiche as leged burial site seen for her-
are also the subject of “trea- the controversial officer, Maj. saying that the soil in the sus- self by the Human Rights chief
sure” hunting. General Alfredo Cayton Jr., the pected grave site appeared to remained secured.
The police source said that one being blamed by Toto have receded. This other site referred to From page 1
they got tips that the monies, Mangudadatu for the massacre. She said that Altiche took by de Lima was said to be lo- aimed to destroy opponents allegations being claimed as
amounting to more than two Toto claimed early on that photographs thereof on De- cated near the town hall of and these statements usually facts, check now the veracity
billion pesos were moved by he requested for the military’s cember 28 and would compare Datu Hoffer Ampatuan, came in the package with justi- against available records, like
the Ampatuans to a secured help in escorting him to file his them with the January 3 pho- which site turned out to be fications using allegations archives from the Internet and
site. certificate of candidacy for gov- tographs. unsecured when the team claimed as facts. newspapers. And after know-
They claimed that these ernor but Cayton denied the proceed there. Dyaryo Magdalo believes ing which are opinions, study
monies were stacked full inside request alleging that the road Buried in sack At the said alleged burial that the foundation of one how sensible are the opinions
two Pajeros and the vehicles to Shariff Aguak was safe and and retrieved site in Datu Abdullah Sangki, democratic country is election. made whether they are logical
were driven to whereabouts no- clear. relatives of Momay and a You elect bad leaders and your or merely passed around as
body knows. Arguillas said that Senior psychic waited only to be country will be bad. You elect logical but in truth false.
A police officer revealed to Positive negative Supt. Willie Dangane, police saddened again of not finding good leaders and the country On these premises, Dyaryo
Dyaryo Magdalo that some chief of Cotabato City and their relative, Mindanews will be good. Magdalo is proud to serve the
accounts said that these were “It is positive but negative,” member of the Joint Task Force added. Dyaryo Magdalo, however, country by doing what it can
driven to a secret underground Arguillas quoted Chief Super- Alpha, theorized that the bod- Local journalists counted recognizes the problem of do with the view of informing
safe place of the Ampatuans. intendent Felicisimo Khu, Joint ies may have been in a sack Momay as among the 31 jour- knowing who is bad and who the voters.
The police sources revealed Task Force 12-Alpha com- when buried and when retrieved nalists massacred but only 30 is good. This is because every- Dyaryo Magdalo is also in-
that many enterprising groups mander, as saying. from the grave. of them have been accounted body projects himself or her- viting other Filipinos, individu-
knew about the story on two Arguillas wrote that Khu A medico-legal officer, thus far. self as a good candidate. als or groups, to do their own
Pajeros stacked full of 1,000- said it looked likely that bod- Mindanews said, theorized Although Momay’s re- Even the candidates who and share what they have to
peso bills and these have been ies were buried in the former that if the bodies were buried mains remain unaccounted ex- the people already know to the greater populace by post-
racing against each other in banana plantation in Sitio in November in the alleged site cept for his set of dentures, have bad deeds in the past are ing these as blogs on the
looking for the said two Pajeros Katep but he suspected that the remains may have already his relatives had not lost hope even not ashamed of claiming Internet or writing the same to
owned by the Ampatuans. these may have already been been skeletons during that of finding his remains. to be good; others of them just the newspaper publications
“The Ampatuans are known dug up between December 28 time. It is recalled that the dead simply give justifications to and television and radio sta-
to be wealthy people who do and January 3. Arguillas said that the bodies of the victims were argue they are good while some tions. Dyaryo Magdalo also in-
others just insist they are good. vites you to let Dyaryo
With this, most of the vot- Magdalo know about them so

Keep the fire of justice burning! ers who give concern to their
country only during election
season are helpless. Plenty of
them are ignorant of the pasts
that you may email Dyaryo

From page 1 “It would be relatively trial in court begins, the law- brutality of the manner of of the candidates., or
easy for Datu Unsay to prove yers of Datu Unsay will even killing. To the mind of Dyaryo You
“Even assuming all reports he was insane at the time of admit all the evidence of the “They will argue that any Magdalo staffers, there is no may also post your photos,
about the goriest-ever massa- the commission of the crime prosecutor and use these to criminal with a sound mind best way to know whom to videos and blogs on the
cre are proven true that it was because of the two principles turn the tables on the accus- will not commit such extreme vote but to unravel the past of Facebook campaign page of
indeed Andal Ampatuan Jr. of criminal law working in his ers. brutality. the candidates and know Dyaryo Magdalo, which cam-
who led the massacre of at favor. “The evidence that will be “True enough, the lawyers whether they are lying or not paign is entitled “WAR VS
least 57 persons in “These principles are (1) presented by the prosecutors of Datu Unsay would even by checking all the claims be- VOTE BUYING ATBP.”
Maguindanao province, in- presumption of innocence un- would be used as proofs that admit any claim that he even ing made to the public. So, together with all of you
sanity will acquit him if his til proved guilty beyond rea- Datu Unsay was indeed in- shot the sex organs of the And in doing the checking, on the vision of making our
lawyers will succeed in prov- sonable doubt and (2) any sane at the time of the killing. women victims, raped them, there is a need to know what country good, let’s all vote for
ing he was insane at the time doubt is resolved in favor of “The first material evi- plucked the eyes of some, are the claims presented as facts good candidates. Let’s all know
of the occurrence of the mas- the accused. dence for the proof of insan- buried the others alive with and what are opinions. each candidate by heart so that
sacre. “I predict that when the ity is the fact itself of the the use of the backhoe, After knowing which are you vote by your heart.
chopped off the arms and legs
of Genalyn Mangudadatu, the
wife of Buluan Vice-Mayor G/F Volets Commercial Building, Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway,
Toto Mangudadatu, and all Dasmariñas, Cavite 4115
other bestial acts. (046) 416.6521 •
“Thereafter, the lawyers
Rm. 305-A, National Press Club Bldg., Magallanes Drive
of Datu Unsay will present
proofs that he must have been
insane for he was feeling he
was haunted by ghost inside
his jail cell, that he was al-
ways laughing like a mad man MAGDIWANG
whenever talking over a cel-
lular phone, and that he was
appearing a man out of his
mind when you see his face Publisher:
in hearings. RONALDO E. RENTA
“Then, the lawyers of Editorial:
Datu Unsay would close their TOTO CAUSING RONALD B. HERICO
presentation of evidence with Editor-In-Chief Associate Editor
the testimonies of two or Disclaimer:
three professional psycholo- All news articles and opinions expressed by the writers are en-
gists who would claim to have tirely their own and do not reflect the opinion of the publisher, the
examined him and they would management or the editor of this publication.
ENTERPRISING INMATE -- Dionisio Maet, a 31-year-old inmate of the sells ‘pan de conclude he was indeed a All Rights Reserved:
sal’ within the confines of the Caloocan City Jail. A livelihood project of Jail Warden “mad Unsay.” No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced nor trans-
JSupt. Lyndon Torres to help the inmates to earn while serving time. “If the lawyers of Unsay lated in any language or form for commercial purposes without prior
Photo by NICK GALINO To page 5 written permission from the publisher and its writers or colum-
DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010 3

Adel Tamano: By TOTO CAUSING

A Muslim who cracked

religious wall to be loved
by Christian voters
national elections where the T’Boli tribesman, the traditional
voters are not only Muslims malong, the traditional scarf or
but more of Christians. Muslim hats.
In real sense, Adel success- To my mind, there is always
fully ingrained himself to be a special occasion for each cos-
very acceptable in the eyes of tume. And I argue that it does
Christian voters. not necessarily mean that you
He sports qualities that have do not love your religion or
made him successful in rising tribe if you dare to dress snap-
above religious divide to get ac- pily with the universally-ac- speak other’s tongue do not formed with distinction due to
cepted by Christian voters. cepted coat and tie, barong know what he is talking about. the fact that he was well pre-
So what are the qualities of tagalog, or signature clothes. It Why? After all it is not bad to pared for the job.
Adel that has made him very does not make one an inch-less copy as long as what you copy He conceptualized summer
much acceptable? Muslim if he dresses impres- is a good one. classes for all Manila public high
The top quality he has is sively. It does not also mean The fourth quality that school graduates to improve
his face. He possesses the face one is ashamed of his religion made Adel lovable to the Chris- their chances of passing the ad-
of a matinee idol. Any woman or tribe if he presents himself tian voters is his ability to write mission tests of PLM. He jus-
can easily get in love with him. as a handsome guy or girl in well. tified this project as necessary
And to have a handsome face impressive getup. This was proven by his le- in the eyes of poverty besetting
is a fact of life that all should It must be remembered that gal writings in the two books most students from these
accept. Let us face it. To have a there are always people who and one manual for impeach- schools, arguing further that the
face that can launch a thousand are pretenders, including those ment that he has published thus mind cannot learn when the
Atty. Adel Tamano: An honest man dedicated to serve ships is different: you are ahead who wear Muslim clothes yet far. stomach is empty.
the country. even the race has not yet not doing what a Muslim A person is betrayed by the It was also Adel who suc-
started. should do. way he writes. The depth of his ceeding in fixing transparency

HE hard and brutal fact Hadji Butu, Sinsuat was also The face is the first key to And frankly speaking, I knowledge and intelligence in problems in the financial affairs
is that it is too difficult appointed. acceptance. Without saying have not seen Adel wearing a tackling issues is shown readily of PLM.
for Christian voters to Looking away from the Sen- who you are and how pure your Maranao hat or a malong in by his writings. His management style en-
vote a Muslim candi ate, there are two Muslims who heart is, having a good face is public. He may be doing so in From his writings and speak- deared him to the students and
date. managed to win in Christian ter- enough to get warm acceptance. his house but he does not do so ing style, you can also notice the faculty. His performance at
In the election history of the ritories. These are Datu Pax So that any Muslim who in public appearances. that he wants all his works to the PLM won for him the hearts
Philippines where Christian Mangudadatu and his son, wants acceptance from Chris- The third quality Adel has be products of perfection or and minds of all students, teach-
voters comprise about 90 per- Sukarno “Teng” Mangudadatu. tian voters right away should is his eloquence in speaking. trying to be perfect. ers and alumni of PLM, includ-
cent, it is very rare for Muslim Pax won three straight terms have a good-looking face, not Due to the power of speech The fifth quality that Adel ing this author. These PLMers
candidates to get the votes of as governor of Sultan Kudarat necessarily handsome or pretty that he carries, his inner has that many Christian Filipi- are actually his top campaign-
his fellow Filipinos who are province despite running against but a neat face. thoughts have been revealed. nos know is his being an aca- ers.
Christians. Christian politicians in the prov- And to have a neat face, we And when these inner things are demic performer. The sixth quality that Adel
So far, there have been only ince where 75% of the voters should shave off our mustache. unraveled, you can sense his Not a few Christian Filipi- has is he has never complained
two Muslim candidates who got are Christians. After serving out Let us face it. Mustaches make deep knowledge on almost ev- nos know that Adel is the first whenever he was discriminated
elected in a national elective of- his third term, he ran for con- one look untidy. Of course, no erything. Filipino to be chosen as the against just by reason of his be-
fice. These are Santanina Rasul gressman of the province and one wants to look at untidy per- By his tongue, his inner heart commencement speaker of ing a Muslim. Both his father
of the Tausugs and Mamintal won handily. Due to his sterling sons. is also revealed. And when it Harvard University when he and mother are pure Muslims
“Mike” Tamano of the Mara- performance not equaled by any I do not mean to offend my reveals, it silently speaks of his graduated with the degree of of Lanao and Sulu.
naos. They won Senate seats in Christian governors before him, Muslim brothers but I do be- passion for academic excellence master of laws. With his own style of not
elections held at large or elec- the voters rewarded him more lieve that having a mustache is as the key to individual’s suc- To be chosen as a commence- complaining about those dis-
tions where all Filipino voters, by electing his son Teng, first to not a requirement to be called a cess. He speaks on various ment speaker in the world’s best crimination but projecting him-
particularly the Christians, become congressman and later good Muslim or a religious one. topics of life, national issues and university in the world is an in- self as one Christians can rely
vote. to become governor. This is because one Muslim may Muslim issues with clarity and controvertible piece of evidence on, he won the hearts of those
However, we must not lose To give the readers an idea have the longest mustache but convictions. in itself to say what kind of man who committed acts of discrimi-
sight of the fact that the victo- how Pax did in his governance, he actually does not do what an In other words, Adel is a is he. It means you are the natory acts against him.
ries of Rasul and Tamano were he launched a livelihood project obedient Muslim must do un- gifted speaker. brightest among the graduating What he did in countering
a result of the full support of for the poor. The poor Mus- der the tenets and five pillars of As such, any Muslim Fili- class. racial stereotypes has been his
their respective political parties. lims were given chicks and kids Islam. pino who would wish to get a And because Harvard is ability to accept the truth that
This author posits that were it (young goats) to be raised on With this, all other Muslims good chance in national poli- considered as the best in the discrimination is a fact of life.
not for the strong support of the condition that they would who want to get a good chance tics composed mostly by world, you are like a world And with this in mind, he has
Corazon Aquino, Rasul and pay back the stocks with equal must do some corrective mea- Christians, he should develop champion if you are chosen as strove hard to excel in academ-
Tamano could never have been number of chicks and kids that sures first on their faces. Go to his speaking skills in a manner the one who is at the top of the ics and other fields in order for
elected at all. would be given birth by these derma clinics if you must. Al- that when he speaks, he speaks class. him to be loved in school and
The Muslim senators who livestock. For the poor Chris- ways sport a clean-shaven face. like a Tagalog or like an Ameri- And this feat of Adel is a by his friends.
came before them managed to tians, Pax gave piglets upon the By being clean in your face can if he delivers a discourse in record in Philippine history. At With this, it is the theory of
get elected because election of same condition. His reason is brings out an impression that English. the same time, his entry to this author that for any Muslim
senators during those old times that it does not violate Islam you are also a man of clean-liv- To my mind, loving your Harvard is the first by any who wants to be loved by non-
were done by regions. Among because these piglets shall be ing and of pure heart. language is one thing and speak- Muslim Filipino. Muslims, he should be ready to
these Muslim senators of that raised and eaten by the Chris- What makes the looks more ing a language is another thing. Due to his academic perfor- accept the truth that discrimi-
mold were the late Salipada K. tians. Eventually, these pigs in- important nowadays for the Is- And when you speak a lan- mance and his eloquence in nation is a fact of life and he
Pendatun, the late Alauya Alon- creased in number and the votes lamic believers is the negative guage not your native tongue, it public speaking, Adel was cho- should welcome these criticisms
to and the late Achmad Do- of Pax from the Christians also effect brought about to the does not mean to say that you sen to be invested as the sev- as inspirations to strive harder
mocao Alonto. Alauya was the increased in number every elec- Muslims by the 9-11 bombing do not love your own. Rather, enth president of Pamantasan to excel in academics or other
first Muslim to get elected to tion. of the World Trade Center by if you speak one language with ng Lungsod ng Maynila, one of fields.
the Senate and serve three terms Now, against this backdrop, terrorists who masquerade perfection it only bespeaks of the best universities in the Phil- In fact, Adel recognized the
therein, including the term of is there a chance for Adel Tamano themselves as children of Allah your love for perfection and you ippines. fact that Christians in the Phil-
office during the war against the to get elected to the Senate by and the kidnapping and must be very diligent and very As such, it is argued by this ippines are very much more in
Japanese. his own merits? beheading traditions of terror- intelligent. author that any Muslim can get number than the Muslim Fili-
But the first Muslim sena- Yes, there is a chance. And ists who mask themselves as If you speak the language of these rare chances if they only pinos.
tor is Hadji Butu, of Sulu. He the chance is very big. the Swords of God or “Abu the voters, you will experience aspire and succeed in having As such, he insisted he is
was appointed as senator from This big chance of Adel is Sayyaf.” how the power of language academic excellence. One good running for senator not as the
1916 to 1931 by American gov- not because he is a son of the The second quality that brings home your points. candidate to follow the path of candidate alone of the Muslims
ernor generals to represent late Senator Mamintal “Mike” Adel possesses is the way he Most importantly, the lis- Adel is Atty. Mylene Amerol, but more of the Christians.
Mountain Province, Baguio, Tamano. It is more of his very dresses himself up. teners can feel that the speaker the MSU graduate who He recognized that without
Nueva Vizcaya, Agusan, Bukid- own merits. Without offense to the tra- has concern for them if he emerged No. 2 in the Bar Ex- the Christian votes, he will ne-
non, Cotabato, Davao, Lanao, Before talking why, let it be ditional clothing or costume of speaks their language well. ams of 2008. ver ever win. And if wins, he
Sulu, and Zamboanga. said that Adel is an example that each of the tribes, we have to After all, there is nothing bad While serving as president will dedicate most of his time to
The second Muslim senator all bright Muslim fellows accept the fact that you cannot in getting an impression of be- of this school where the author look into the interest of the
is Datu Sinsuat of the empire should copy if they want to win everybody’s acceptance by ing of “colonial mentality.” graduated from with a degree of Christians while at the same time
province of Cotabato. Like have a winning chance in any dressing up like an Igorot or a Those who say it is bad to bachelor of laws, Adel per- To page 4
4 DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010

God himself is actively pursu- ken by a religious or state fiat? Marriage ought to be for things that you must person-
ing ordination of this sacred This is absurd. God cannot permanent. Ideally, it shall only ally do:
“EVERY one deserves a pression, “My husband left me activity. be a part of any ill motive or be terminated upon death of one 1. Closure – Stop wal-
second chance.” because of I am no longer sexy And the last portion that impure design in marriages. of the contracting parties. lowing on self-pity and start
It is not just a trite state- and beautiful.” says “let no man put asunder” One of the fundamental te- However, even the Good picking up bits and pieces of
ment that rings hallow on 4. Acceptance – This is ex- explicitly declares that the ul- nets of Christian dogma is that Book provides a ground, albeit your life; and
your ears. It has a gem of emplified by the expression, timate design of marriage is one God is holy and in him there is a sole ground, with which a di- 2. Move on - Stop blam-
truth, especially on cases of “My marriage is over” of permanence. no impurity. Thus, he cannot vorce may be had. Scriptures ing yourself and start revving
failed marriages. Understandably, people Are all marriages authored support or encourage a marriage offers adultery as sole ground up your personal engine of
You must realize that the had negative perception on by God? founded on less-than-noble in- by which a divorce may be se- growth and self-actualization.
first step to marital closure is persons who had come from a This is the right question tentions and pure motive. cured. Do not be afraid to plunge
an admission that you had a bad relationship. that we must ask ourselves. We God is love is a truism even This exception has an addi- again in a new relationship.
failed marriage. The biblical injunction that can no longer close our eyes to in this secular world. But we tional qualification that a per- As they put it, marriage is
There are four stages that says “what God has joined the present social realities that cannot deny the occurrences in son who avails a divorce is pro- sweeter than second time
a person usually goes through together, let not man put many people entered marriages our midst of events creating hibited to remarry. around.
before he finally comes to asunder” still reverberates in with less noble intentions. battered wives. In the light of present reali- But this time, be extra-
terms with reality. These are: their mind. Most enter marriage for This is habitual beating and ties, the postulate that all mar- careful in choosing someone
1. Denial – This is exem- This biblical passage is convenience, for money, for inflicting injury on the wife, riages are authored by God special. Choose a person
plified by the expression, found in the gospel of Mat- sex, for power and other ill mo- physically or emotionally. This must be visited once again by who is after your own heart
“No, it’s not true. My mar- thew, specifically verse 19:6b. tives. Hence, they are abusing is perpetrated by a husband our theologians. and who is psychologically
riage is still fine.” It supports the church-articu- the otherwise sacred sacrament who once vowed to love and The newly-emerging family capable to fulfill the essential
2. Anger – This is exem- lated belief on marriage. for personal ends. support his wife. structures which give rise to marital obligations.
plified by the expressions, “I Clearly, the church teaches Let me then ask: Does it This is a phenomenon that phenomenon of second family NOW! YOU ARE FREE
hate my husband… I am that marriage is ordained by no mean that God is a party to the is now quite prevalent in a pa- and second marriage can not AS THE WIND BLOWS. BE
going kill him” and “Watch less than God himself. It is God marriages sought with ill mo- triarchal society like ours. just be brushed off as statisti- FRUITFUL. AND YOU
your back! I will get even with who is the Author of this sa- tives or impure designs? Husband uses marriage as a cally skewed. KNOW WHAT IS NEXT
you.” cred institution of marriage. And that since it is God who mere license to maul and harm But no matter the ground TO THIS. NEVER STOP
3. Rationalization – Thus, the phrase “God has authored this marriage, then the wife even for no apparent or reason for the nullification LOVING. For Love makes
This is exemplified by the ex- joined together” speaks that this cannot be nullified or bro- reason at all. of your marriage, there are two the world goes round.

Jerry’s Blogs Manny Pacquiao

knocked out in the billing
IT was like a karma struck could have been benefited. masasabi ko sa kanila. efren<> But now, bad things have the noisy sirens, he was sar-
world boxing champion Am I right, Ate Jinkee? “Mr. JB, sayang ka ... sana <This e-mail address is being been heard from the NPAs. castically told: “ANO BA
MANNY “PACMAN” bumusina ka naman. Ayan protected from spambots. You They have already ceased to ANG PROBLEMA MO?
PACQUAIO when his movie Pagcor employee: Fed up sinagasanaan ka ng BaRurot need JavaScript enabled to view be FORCES OF THE COM- TARANTADO KA!”
WAPAKMAN fell on the bot- with sexual lewdness Transit! it>” MUNITY. They are now more At the same time, the two
tom of the contest for films at casino “Ms. A, hoy ... ikaw ang of bandits. got off their motorcycle and
shown during the Metro Ma- usap-usapan sa employees Why include schools? Well, this may be because challenged the resident to a
nila Film Festival. Let me present to you an lounge, canteen, gaming area at their leader Joma Sison has al- fist fight.
He he he, WAWANG- email message from our reader. pulutan sa mga inuman ... tawag Have the New People’s ready lost the respect of his Not contented, the two
WAWA WAPAKMAN? Here it is: sayo MRS BR “Branch Army combatants become war brethren. Instead of guiding his ENCIO boys berated the rela-
That is what I have been “Sir Jerry, Eto po ay dagdag wRecker,” masahol ka pa sa freak? men, Joma Sison stays in Eu- tives of this resident while
saying all along that whenever kaalaman tungkol sa home wRecker!!!! ang BABOY Why is it that when they rope and taking his cool time. bragging about ENCIO
you are a champion in one kababuyan ni Mr. BaRurot.: mo!!!! sinira mo ang dalawang celebrated their anniversary re- This is just a request to our MATEO who is running for
field and you won enor- “Mayroon po siyang assis- magkaibigan!!! cently they needed to burn one friends in the NPA. Please don’t councilor of Pasay City.
mously from that you should tant na tatawagin natin Mr JB, “Mr BR. hayuuup ka school in Quezon province? destroy the facilities that help We have received many
not desire more to capture the maayos sa trabaho, madaming talaga!!! Ilan pang babae sa Haven’t they seen the chil- the poor Pinoys in the remote text messages about extortion
arena you are not familiar nagawa para sa empleyado, PAGCOR ang sisirain mo?!!!! dren in the remote areas of the areas of the provinces. and other activities of Encio’s
with. mahal ng mga tao, nagbigay sigla Ilan pang opisyales ang gigibain province struggling to study Just a request. boys at illegal terminals.
They say, each has his sa PAGCOR Paranaque . Si Mr. mo?!!! Wala kaming natitirang because of the insufficiency of Every time the attention
own destiny. JB po ay tinapon sa Pagcor- respeto para sa ‘yo!!! facilities in their places? Abusive man of Pasay of these ENCIO boys was
Pacman wanted to become tagaytay ni Mr BR nang dahil hayuuup!!! lumipat ka na!!! Besides, the government is traffic chief Encio Mateo called upon by motorists,
a SINGER and ACTOR and sa isang SEXYtary concierge “Para naman kay MR Bida even hard up in giving budget these traffic officers were so
he does not have the material nya. Nadiskober po ni Mr. BR Genuino ... eto na ang ikakasira for education if it comes to re- I don’t understand what brave that they would go to
requisites to become a MATI- na nagkakaintindihan si Mr JB ng anak mo sa makati ... mote areas of barangays then powers does Pasay Traffic the extent of challenging the
NEE IDOL. Ay sus! at yun SEXytary concierge na Imoralidad ... kung ang tatay they would just burn the Management Office (PTMO) motorists to a fist fight.
Then he also wants to be tatawagin natin “Ms A.” hindi naiayos ang pagcor, paano school? Chief ENCIO MATEO have SANABAGAN!
a politician-lawmaker. Does Masyado naman pong seloso pa kaya sa makati. eh sigurado In the old days, we would that it looks like that his men Pasay City Mayor PEE-
he know anything about it? eto si Mr BR. hindi lang po eto nanam tayo na ikaw ang hear from NPAs that they be- are owing from him his brav- WEE TRINIDAD, these
What do you want to ang una sa mga tinapon nya magdidikta sa anak mo ... came strong in the provinces ery that they have become two TRAFFIC ENFORC-
show, IDOL? What do you opisyal sa ibang branch. meron “pagnanalo”...? Oo nga pala ... because they were helping the excessive in front of Pasay resi- ERS are not fit to their job. It
want to prove? po din operation manager (Mr usapan ng mga makati community. dents. is much better that you
With that, the rumor-mon- MA)na tinapon sa Angeles PAGCORIAN, hindi nila We would hear NPA rebels There were these two would make them boxers and
gers have a fun time saying nang dahil din sa isang lady con- susuportahan sa leche mong helping in farming, repairing “dogs”, este, men of ENCIO security guards.
that it looks like only cierge. pero eto pong concierge anak!!! Pinapasok mo kami houses after each typhoon, de- MATEO known as ALPHA AMBIBIGAT na ng
KRISTA and his FATHER ay tumanggi makasiping si Mr noong Pasko!! Sinira mo ang fending the abused, in building FORTALEZA and MARIO YAGBOLS… mga SIGANG
who enjoyed the millions of BR, kaya po itinapon nya sa tradisyon naming pamilya!!! churches and schools even if DE MESA who did not cease LUGAW pa!
Pacquiao in making this olongapo branch. Masyado GO BINAY ... GO BINAY they were only made of nipa, to blow their intimidating si- KA ENCIO, discipline
movie. Is this true? malupeet na eto si MR BR. KAMI!!!! cogon grass and bamboo poles, rens. these two boys of yours.
If only you gave the ginagamit na po ang kanyang “Mr. jerry yap ... sana po and trying their all for a com- When a resident at the cor- Else, it would destroy the
money to the victims of kapangyarihan sa kanyang maisulat ninyo eto, kasi grabe munity to have water re- ner of Protacio St. and M. dela candidacy of Mayor PEE-
Ondoy and Peping, many kamanyakan!! eto po lang ang na po’ yan si MR. BR ...- kuya sources. Cruz St. approached them on WEE and yours.

A Muslim who cracked religious wall to be loved by Christian voters

From page 3 compared to other Muslims. Christians is his being a one- to all Muslim men who desire he would use the post to fur- ance before the public.
articulating the voice of the The first reason he gave is woman man. to have good points in the eyes ther his candidacy. Many even insisted that he
Muslim Filipinos. the fact that his family name, His wife is only one, Ro- of Christian voters must project All these qualities combined should have been in the lineup
There is wisdom why Ma- Tamano, does not immediately wena Kapunan, a lawyer like themselves as a man loyal to together present an idea that he of the opposition senatorial can-
hatma Gandhi invoked the prin- sound a Muslim family name, him. Of course, Christians, par- one wife only. is really an honest man dedi- didates. This is only a proof
ciple of no vengeful response. which was popularized by his ticularly the women Christians, The eighth quality noticed cated to serve the country. that indeed Adel Tamano has
Gandhi said that one must not father when the latter run for love men who are devoted to in Adel is his lack of greed for All these qualities summed cracked open the wall that di-
give the enemy a reason to strike senator and later won it and his wife and family. power. up together to present Adel to vides Muslim Filipinos from
back even if there is sufficient which Adel himself propped up It is therefore a big risk to Although he was not re- the public impressively like Christian Filipinos.
cause to take revenge or to hurt further when he impressed ev- present yourself to Christian quired to resign from the posi- when he was doing his job as It is from this crossroad that
the opponent. erybody delivering his job as voters yet they know you have tion as president of the PLM the spokesman of Genuine Op- he can answer his own question
However, Adel disclosed in the spokesman of the opposi- four wives. Thus far, only Jo- because election campaign and position Senate team. in his commencement speech to
one interview that what hap- tion senatorial ticket in 2007. seph Estrada has made himself filing of candidacy was still far In fact, almost all voters in the graduating LLM class of
pened in his case is that he rarely The seventh quality Adel as an exception to this rule. away, he immediately quit the the 2007 election campaign were 2005 in Harvard: “Where do we
experienced discrimination has that endeared him to the It is therefore recommended post to avoid the impression that mesmerized by Adel’s appear- go from here?”
DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010 5

Keep the fire of justice burning! Spits
From page 2
would be able to produce ex- with reference to two funda- accused, according to a physi- They should, to repeat, start
pert psychologists who mental propositions: First, cal examination and investi- now researching about insan-
have track records, they that the burden is on the pros- gation, is a violent maniac, and ity, hiring consultants and ex- “These assaults of the der case against the
would likely create a doubt ecution to prove beyond a that this mental state has con- perts. CVO can now be resolved ei- Ampatuans would be in
of whether Datu Unsay was reasonable doubt that the de- tinued through many years, In fact, the prosecutors ther as mere acts of obstruc- danger of getting dismissed.
indeed an insane or not. fendant committed the crime; constituting a danger both for would be surprised later that tion of justice for trying to Even if it were true that
“And when they suc- and secondly, that the law himself and for the commu- the lawyers of Datu Unsay obstruct the prosecution of the armed followers of the
ceeded in creating doubt, presumes every man to be nity.’ The total lack of mo- would admit that all evidence the Ampatuans or as mere Ampatuans engaged the
this doubt shall be resolved sane. tive of Bascos to kill Romero point to him as the actual acts of the CVOs to resist army soldiers in gun battle,
in favor of the accused, and The conflict in the deci- bears out the assumption that leader of the band that mas- their arrests as they them- these by themselves do not
that Datu Unsay will be de- sions arises by reason of the the former was insane.” sacred 31 journalists, two selves were actually among constitute rebellion.
clared as “insane.” fact that the courts differ in To stress, it is seen in this lady lawyers, other women those being charged with the If at all, these engage-
“And when he is insane, their opinion as to how much Bascos case that the only and relatives of Buluan Vice- multiple murders of 57 ments in exchange of bullets
the court will now order his evidence is necessary to over- proof of the murder accused Mayor Toto Mangudadatu. counts. can be classified only as ob-
confinement at an asylum or throw this original presump- that he was insane at the time The threat of “insanity” “What separates the ordi- struction of justice or resist-
hospital for the mentally ill. tion of sanity, and as to what of killing was only an opin- therefore is clear and present. nary crime of murder from the ing arrest.
To this, Datu Unsay will quantum of evidence is suffi- ion of a rural doctor! crime of rebellion is the pur- Without those pieces of
even stage a drama to make cient to enable the court to Yet, the Supreme Court The ‘rebellion’ charge pose. “martial law” evidence, the
it appear before the public say that the burden of prov- during that time put premium that gives escape route “If the purpose of the kill- prosecution would not have
that he is indeed insane. ing the crime beyond a rea- to the defense of insanity ing is simply to kill, then the no option but rely on the
“After a few years inside sonable doubt has been suffi- when the rural doctor’s testi- In addition to the danger case is simply murder. evidence gathered before the
the hospital, the drama ciently borne. (14 R. C. L., mony was combined with the of “insanity,” another shocker “But if the purpose is to declaration of martial law,
would extend whereby the 624.) testimonies of the neighbors. in Ampatuan case is the very grab the government author- including the backhoe, the
doctor would now certify “The rather strict doctrine As such, the prosecution loose case filed by the pros- ity or to seize a part of the testimonies of witnesses and
that he is already cured of ‘that when a defendant in a should not laugh at the possi- ecutors against the rest of the territory of the Philippines, the SOCO reports.
mental illness. criminal case interposes the bility that the Siegfred Fortun- Ampatuans. then it is rebellion.
“This certification by defense of mental incapacity, led field of 80 lawyers will How can a rebellion charge “How could an ally of the All citizens must tell
the doctor would now be the burden of establishing that seriously employ the defense prosper when the incident President be a rebel is beyond about massacre
used by the lawyers to file fact rests upon him,’ has been of insanity for Datu Unsay. was clearly one of massacre imagination.” stories everyday
a motion seeking the court adopted in a series of deci- is like punching the moon.
to issue an order declaring sions by this court. (U. S. vs. Prosecution must To explain this, let me Inadmissibility of In order to keep the
Datu Unsay as already men- Martinez [1916], 34 Phil., prepare this early again quote what I wrote in evidence gathered prosecutors on guard, the
tally healed and that he 305; U. S. vs. Hontiveros the previous article. through forensic evidence toe the line
should now be freed. Carmona [1910], 18 Phil., 62.) In the Fort Hood shooting “Along with his freedom martial law of conscience and the judge
“With this, the deaths of The trial judge construed this incident inside an army base by insanity, Datu Unsay will ruling on what is just and
30 journalists and 27 others to mean that the defense must in Texas, USA recently, the tow to freedom his father Another problem hound- right, there is a need for all
would now be put to prove that the accused was lawyer of the accused is seri- Andal Sr., brother Zaldy who ing the quest for justice is the citizens to cry for justice ev-
naught.” insane at the very moment the ously considering the defense is the incumbent ARMM fact that the evidence gath- eryday.
crime was committed. of insanity that caused his governor, brother Sajid who ered during the declaration of By crying for justice,
Supreme Court ruling “Not attempting, there- client to run in rampage to kill is the acting governor of martial law can be declared what do we mean?
as basis fore, further elucidation of the 13 individuals. Maguindanao, brother Anwar null and void or “fruits of poi- In every gathering, be it
authorities, we find it more This early, the prosecu- who is the incumbent mayor sonous tree.” on bottles of beers or wine
Let this author cite an practicable to dispose of this tors must now start consult- of Shariff Aguak town, and Why? or cups of coffee, inside the
old case decided by the Su- case on the facts. The wife of ing and hiring forensic and brother Akmad. This is so because all evi- homes, offices and schools,
preme Court regarding a de- the accused and his cousin psychology experts to dis- “This is because the dence gathered without the everybody must continue
fense of insanity that ended testified that the accused had prove that Datu Unsay was charge of rebellion will surely supporting search warrant to talk about the most-bru-
up with the ruling acquit- been more or less continu- not insane when he led in or- not stand against them even cannot be admitted for any tal massacre ever until the
ting the accused because he ously out of his mind for dering Senior Insp. Sukarno if the prosecution would in- purpose or any proceeding as judgment is rendered.
succeeded in creating doubt many years. Dicay and Senior Insp. Rex sist that the armed groups of clearly said under Section 3 All radio and television
whether he was insane or Doctor Gonzalo Diongon to stop the the Ampatuans fought and at- of Article 3 of the Constitu- commentators must also talk
not. Montemayor, assistant dis- Mangudadatu convoy on the tacked the army. tion. to their listeners anything
With this precedent set trict health officer, who, by highway, when he ordered his “This is because there is Recall that those cache of about the massacre. Better
out by the Highest Court, order of the judge, examined men to seize the wheels of no evidence that would show arms and ammunition, the pri- yet, they deliver comments,
anyone could sense danger the accused and conducted an the vehicles in the convoy to that these Ampatuans ordered vate armored personnel car- ask their listeners to call in
if the prosecutors led by investigation, found that the be driven to the mass grave these CVOs to assault the rier (APC), the private police and exchange views on air
Leo Dacera would be negli- accused is a violent maniac, prepared for them. army. car, and many others were or send text messages.
gent in handling the case. and that from the information It is better to be diligent “Now, even if they would gathered from the possessions On the part of the col-
Here is the case the au- he had received from the than confident. claim that the Ampatuans or- and houses of the Ampatuans umnists of newspapers,
thor is saying, People vs neighbors of the accused, the This author noticed that dered these CVOs, the as- by virtue of martial law and bloggers, or even simple
Donato Bascos, GR No. L- latter had been insane for some the pieces of evidence against saults are more of an obstruc- without any supporting war- Facebook users should help
19605, Dec. 19, 1922, where time. Datu Unsay are plenty and tion of justice than an act of rant of arrest. by discussing about the
our Supreme Court says: The physician expressed weighty. Thus, it is believed rebellion. Now, if the court will de- massacre story. Better yet,
“In reference to the bur- the opinion that the accused that the accused cannot get “And if these other clare the said martial law with- they talk about and criticize
den of proof of insanity in was probably insane when out of the strong proof to dis- Ampatuans claim benefit out factual basis, all those the events and actions done
criminal cases, where the de- Victoriano Romero was killed. prove that he was not the one from the principle that any evidence gathered during that in the unfolding drama in
fense of insanity is inter- The official declaration of who led the crime. doubt is resolved in favor of brief martial law cannot now and out of courts.
posed, a conflict of author- Doctor Montemayor in his In the face of overwhelm- the accused, then it will be be considered. So that let us keep the
ity exists. At least, all the capacity as acting district ing evidence, the prosecutors resolved that there was indeed And if they cannot be con- fire of justice burn.
authorities are in harmony health officer was ‘that this should not sit back and relax. no rebellion to acquit them. sidered, the rebellion or mur- Let us all talk the talk!

The Last Debates will raise

By TOTO FETALINO Gibo’s survey rating
IF I were Gibo I would spon- ticipate in an exercise that administration’s standard right now he is preferred by course. worry is that her camp fights
sor more debates. This is won’t benefit or most prob- bearer. more Filipinos over Gibo if dirty. They can hit Loren’s
where his intelligence is seen ably do harm to him? There can be some possi- Noynoy is out of the equation. Loren will win enemy way below the belt
and appreciated by millions Never mind Erap. Let him bilities on this prediction con- Why? He had the balls to start in dirty elections? without expecting retaliation
of viewers. self-destruct by making a fool sidering the information that I campaigning way ahead of the with the same nature because
The latest debates shown of himself during the debates. got from a well-placed infor- rest, spending billions of funds An interesting prediction of she’s a lady.
on TV demonstrated how But Gibo must seek for more mant who said that Manny and from sources many of us would Acuin was that the coming But who knows? Some-
sharp Gibo is. Only Gibo debates because it the arena Gibo are on the same boat. And want to know. polls would be marred with one among the other vice
answers with sense on the where he can defeat all his op- riding with them is Erap. So These funds are working fraud. And after the elections, presidentiables might decide
questions thrown at him. ponents. the administration has three favorably for Manny espe- Acuin said Mar Roxas would to fight it off with Loren just
Even the overrated Noynoy candidates pretending that they cially those being used in his not be the vice president. Nei- like another lady. He he he.
cannot equal the ability of Manny, Gibo, Erap don’t know about it. campaign materials. Imagine, ther Bayani Fernando nor Jojo If he wins, he becomes the
Gibo to deal with the press- on the same boat? They have to keep it a se- even my own son is now sing- Binay. next president shortly after
ing issues asked to all the cret because otherwise, their ing Manny’s theme song on his The future teller fearlessly the elections. This is because
presidential candidates. Jojo Acuin’s fearless predic- grand plan of splitting the votes TV political ad. predicted that a woman is go- Acuin expects the newly-
It was noticeable that tion on the outcome of the 2010 for their common and toughest If Manny wins, the Palace ing to the next highest official elected president to be ousted
Manny is not interested in polls is that there will be an enemy represented by Noynoy wins. If Gibo wins, Malacanang of the land. He said its no other and the next in line assumes
joining the debates. His ad- exciting face-off between would be destroyed and the is still a winner. GMA still wins than Loren Legarda. his position.
visers are telling him not to Manny and Gibo. However, he genuine opposition wins. if Erap miraculously win. This In fairness to Loren, the Well, that’s one hell of a
do so and they are right. Why expects Manny to have an But again, Manny has the was carefully planned with lady senator is a fighter and she prediction. Let’s all be guided
would they let their bet par- upperhand over the upperhand. This is because corresponding logistics of fights well. Her opponent’s accordingly.
6 DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010

Dyaryo Magdalo’s
Celebrity Woman
of the Year
KATRINA HALILI relationship between famous

fire he played.
THE accompaniment of music
that shone in the ’80s and the cosmetic surgeons Hayden Kho Vicky confirmed the splitup
sudden explosion of the video and Dra. Vicky Bello. They in her interview on January 24,
clip in the year 2009 that hit eventually broke up. 2009.
the internet and spread to Hayden told an interview She reasoned out, however,
DVD pirates in Quiapo, Ma- of January 3, 2009 that he failed that it was Katrina who was
nila made this woman. his relationship with Vicky the third party named in the
This was the battle of Bello by his own fault. month of December 2008.
Katrina Halili that made most He did not mention any Showbiz critics believed in
of the women saying wow to names during the interview but the words of Vicky Bello as she
her bravery, strength and com- he said he was burned by the confirmed the involvement of
mitment to get justice against Katrina on their break up.
the infamous controversy made Notwithstanding, Dr. Katrina Halili. It boomed and cording his sexual activities plaint filed by Katrina against
by Hayden Kho. Bello said she knew all spread on the Internet. with his girlfriend without their him.
Year 2009 was the year of about the scandalous It was followed by a video consent and posting the videos In November of 2009, the
controversy in the showbiz videos, saying she dis- packed with private moments on the Internet. Professional Regulation Com-
world. covered them on of Hayden and Katrina. This The Senate began to con- mission (PRC) issued a deci-
But the most scandalous Hayden Kho’s laptop spread rapidly on the Internet duct an investigation. sion declaring the revocation of
was the sex video scandal that computer used in se- and saw brisk sales in the pi- In the Senate, Hayden and license as of Hayden as a sur-
even the Senate conducted an cretly filming his sex rated CD stores. his counsel appeared. Katrina geon.
investigation just to find out with several women, On May 16, 2009, Katrina also showed up with her coun- Before the 2009 can bid
who were the victims and who including Katrina. Halili declared in an interview sel and supporters. goodbye, an incident allegedly
was the mastermind of the said Three months later, with Startalk that the woman But before the investigation occurred in Silang, Cavite in-
controversy and what law to news broke out that with Hayden in the video was began, policeman-turned-jour- volving Hayden Kho.
make to prevent a repeat. Hayden and Dr. Bello her. nalist Abner Afuang appeared It was confirmed by Sena-
As a result, Hayden Kho As she bravely disclosed behind Hayden and poured tor Bong that a police chief of
got a two-year suspension this, she said crying: “Siguro water on the head of Hayden. Cavite reported to him that an
from membership of the Phil- nga for fun, oo, sige tanga ako, It was also that time when incident occurred in Lalaan 2nd,
ippine Medical Associa- tapos sabihin ng mga tao.. famous words were uttered by Silang, Cavite where a man with
tion and the revocation tanga nga. Di ba sorry tao lang Katrina Halili: wounds on his face and left
of his license by the po ako nagkamali ako sa “Wala akong malay na ang shoulder was found in a pine-
Professional video, tanga ako, tanga na bawat yakap at halik ay apple field.
Regulation nga di ba.” scripted. Senator Bong believed the
Commission Few days after the sex “Buong-buo kong binigay man was Hayden.
(PRC) as scandal video filmed by ang puso at ang kaluluwa ko The year 2009 was consid-
Cos- Hayden had already sa isang lalaking gumagawa ered as the rise and fall of
metic spread, Katrina filed a pala ng sariling pelikula. Hayden’s career.
complaint against “Ang tanga ko. Imbes na For Katrina, it was the year
Hayden. doktor, direktor pala…” of her fight and win.
In the said com- A known showbiz host was Now, Katrina is busy with
plaint, many names dragged into the mess when she her career.
were included in the commented on what the mother She is now seen as one of
controversy and of Hayden was talking about. the villains in the top-rated
many names were In June 2009, the National Darna aired every night over
dropped as the one Investigation Bureau (NBI) GMA Kapuso Network.
who uploaded the recommended Katrina Halili’s She played there the role as
sex videos to the criminal charges against “Serpina.” It was the second
Internet. Hayden for violation of Vio- time for her to be the leading
It was also that lence Against Women and Chil- villain to Marian Rivera.
Sur- month when Senator dren Act. It was also rumored that
geon. Ramon “Bong” Revilla In September 2009, a one- Katrina would play the lead
On delivered his privilege year suspension against role in the TV Remake of Carlo
the other speech before the Senate. Hayden from his membership J. Caparas’ Angela Markado to
h a n d , In his speech entitled A in Philippine Medical Associa- be aired soon.
Katrina is Doctor’s Perversity, Senator tion (PMA) was issued as a That is the prize of her brav-
moving on as Bong scored Hayden for re- conclusion of a separate com- ery to face the truth.
she has gone
back to her former

Derma Medica
beauty endorsement,
the Calayans. She also
has more projects in
the year 2010, includ- recon-
ing her inclusion in the ciled.
hundred of artists to But in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic
support the yearend cel- May of
ebration slated at the 2009, when
Mall of Asia grounds.
Dyaryo Magdalo
the relationship
between Hayden
and Dr. Bello and
Rolando M. Baltazar, M.D.
would like to bring back the
incident that shook the the career of Phil. Academy of Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology
world of showbiz that took Katrina Halili were
people by storm in 2009. She apparently returning
became the most controversial to normal, a George Clinic Address:
celebrity sex scandal of all time. Michael song, Careless S006 2nd Floor, CENTER MALL 2 Tel. No. 251-6656
The controversy started in Whisper, became popular
December 2008 when the name again when showed on the TUTUBAN CENTER, C.M. Recto, Mla. CP No. (0921) 547.6889
of Katrina Halili was dropped Youtube with Hayden Kho (Atop Dickies, Beside LTO)
as the third party in the love dancing together with
DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010 7


EWS about the is a no go, at least until March
Pacquiao- 13.
Mayweather Top Rank promoter Bob
mega-fight has Arum flew to Dallas, Texas to
taken over the meet with Jerry Jones, owner
boxing world recently. of the $1.2 billion Dallas Cow-
However, it was not to end boys stadium, the likely site
in official announcement of for pound-for-pound hero
their supposed March 13 bout. Manny Pacquiao’s WBO wel-
It reared an ugly head on al- terweight title defense against
leged performance-enhancing Ghana’s Joshua Clottey, also Floyd Mayweather Jr. must have a headache from all the hoopla surrounding the circumstances when negotiations
drugs and other accusations. on March 13.
fell apart with the dynamic Filipino Manny Pacquiao.
The ruckus started when The March 13 fight be-
the Mayweather camp asked tween Pacquiao and Clottey have been signed since the fight. quiao-Clottey showdown times in the past.
for an Olympic-style drug was sealed last week when Pacquiao will be in Los An- Roach knows best should be “a good fight because However, Xylocaine is
testing to be done before and Arum, flew to Dallas and sat geles any day to begin his train- Clottey is a good fighter.” proven to enhance a boxer’s
after the fight. down with Jerry Jones to seal ing at the Wild Card Gym. Roach knows exactly what Clottey put up a very good performance.
They wanted Pacquiao to the fight venue. Reports said Pacquiao will to do with the former IBF wel- fight before losing a split deci- It effectively numbs the
submit blood samples ran- Fight fans will definitely be receive no less than $10 mil- terweight champion. sion to then WBO welterweight boxer’s hands, making it less
domly leading up to fight in for a new and historic expe- lion for the fight. But this may “We have to box this guy, champion Miguel Cotto. susceptible to pain caused by
night. rience that might just change hike to $20 million in the trunk in-and-out, side-to-side motion, But Roach believes that punching constantly thus en-
When Pacquiao refused to how big-time boxing is done. of his black Mercedes when and really, really be very tacti- Pacquiao “is (a) way too fast abling the user to throw more
the testing, all hell broke loose. It will also be a better place everything comes in. cal because he’s a very strong for him. But it’s a good fight for powerful shots.
The fighters issued pungent to showcase the biggest star in Floyd Mayweather Jr., and (a) big puncher and has a Manny and certainly for fans But with recent develop-
words against each other but boxing than in any of the big- who blew a chance to face good chin of course,” said watching the fight, it’s a better ments, some disturbing news
the fans turned out to be the gest, most sophisticated and Pacquiao and earn no less than Roach. fight to watch than Manny and surfaced and may probably be
ones who have had the most to state-of-the-art stadiums in $25 million, will keep his Against Cotto, Clottey Mayweather,” he said, even if the biggest reason why
say. America. March 13 date at the MGM went down in the first round it won’t approximate the Pac- Mayweather never wanted the
Fingerpointing and deroga- Texas is also home to a huge Grand, and might end up fac- after taking a short left hook to quiao-Floyd Jr. fight in terms of Dallas Cowboys Stadium to
tory remarks have been thrown Mexican and Latino population ing Paulie Malignaggi. the face. But he gave the cham- public interest. host the fight – he was using a
around with malicious tones. that Pacquiao has captured with Pacquiao could sign the pion from Puerto Rico a hell of widely-banned substance.
It has become so ugly on his action-packed fighting style contract the moment he lands a time, a bloody one, the rest Drugs and injuries And to call Pacquiao a ste-
both camps that people have and sensational victories over at the LA airport, train hard for of the way. Some felt it was roids user when in fact he has a
started to lose interest in the the best Mexico offered. eight weeks, get rid of Clottey Clottey who won the fight. An interesting and recent history of using a widely-
fight. A fight of this magnitude is and fly back home to campaign “Again, it’s not an easy story written by boxing scribe banned drug not only tarnishes
The fans just wanted to see a welcome treat for the loyal for the May 10 polls where he fight, but it’s a fight that we Scott Heritage came out on his reputation as a boxer, but
the two best fighters in the Latino fan base in Texas and is seeking a congressional seat want to fight because it’s the, claiming that also brings his legacy to a pool
world to fight in the ring and also reunites Pacquiao with the for Saranggani province. fight that the fans will enjoy “Floyd Jr. has used injectable of mud. Soaked and dirtied.
settle who really is the “king state where he was first shot It will be the biggest fight and that’s what we want,” said pain killers such as Xylocaine If this is the case, then
of boxing.” to superstardom by defeating for Clottey, 35-3, 20 KOs, in Roach, adding that Pacquiao in the past before fights.” Mayweather may not have
It is now official that the Mexican legend Marco Anto- terms of purse and stature. will stake his WBO welter- The irony is that “this drug been fighting on a level playing
much-awaited mega-fight be- nio Barrera in 2003. Nothing would keep him from weight crown. is illegal in nearly all states, with field in some of his fights.
tween Pacquiao and Floyd Jr The fight contract should signing the contract. Arum said that the Pac- one notable exception, Ne- This news will further dam-
vada.” age the already shaky reputa-
In Nevada, these drugs are tion of Floyd Jr., who has seen
legal and presumably can be his public opinion fall drasti-
used for athletic competition cally due to the drug-testing
without any legal or financial issue. What he wanted with the
repercussions. drug testing initially backfired
Xylocaine is a pain killer to severely.
treat the pain caused by his The karmic boomerang does
brittle hands, injured numerous hurt.

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The colossal Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is a venue huge enought for major events like boxing. The
stadium seats 80,000 people. The upcoming match between Pacquiao vs Clottey title fight on March 13 and boxing
fans wonder if the giant stadium will be filled with people on fight night..

The Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas is a huge venue for major events like boxing. The stadium will host
8 DEC. 28, 2009 - JAN. 3, 2010



GM’ TITLE The goal of Wesley for

the year 2010 is to achieve
the status as a “HYDRA
Ukraine, Hikaru Nakamura of
USA, Alexei Shirov of Spain,
Sergey Karjakin of Russia
Korchnoi, Jan Timman,
Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir
Kramnik, Garry Kasparov,
GRANDMASTER.” (winner of Corus A last year), Viswanathan Anand and
This he can achieve if he Leinier Dominguez Perez of Veselin Topalov.
surpass the 2700 ELO rating. Cuba, Nigel Short of En- Anand is the only player
“I dream that sooner or gland, Sergey Tiviakov of to have won five titles of the
later, I will come to the magi- Netherlands, Fabiano Hoogovens/Corus chess
cal point 2700. I don’t know Caruana of Italy (winner of tournament in its long his-
how much time I will need Corus B last year), and Loek tory, although three of these
for that,” said the 2009 Corus van Wely and Jan Smeets of were shared wins.
Group C champion. the Netherlands. The Indian champion also
In the said Corus event, Among the prominent holds the record of most
Wesley is set to compete winners of Corus Group A consecutive games played at
against some of the world re- were Max Euwe, Bent this tournament
nowned chess grandmasters, Larsen, Tigran without a loss
pino in World Chess Cup who are: Ni Hua of China, Petrosian, Paul (70) — from

ILIPINO chess wizard ments without a coach, with- history, surpassing the ef- Arkadij Naiditsch of Ger- Keres, Efim 1998–2004.
GM Wesley So is train out a trainer, and without a forts of his compatriots GMs many; Emil Sutovsky of Is- Geller, Lajos Euwe,
ing his sights on the second. Rogelio Antonio, Darwin rael, Pentala Harikrishna of Portisch, Boris Portisch and
forthcoming 72 nd Corus To say it all: Wesley’s Laylo and Mark Paragua India, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu Spassky, Korchnoi
chess tournament set in Wijk performance was a pure hu- (who competed in the 2005 of Romania, Varuzhan M i k h a i l won Corus
Aan Zee, a North Sea resort man talent very rare in hu- edition of the tournament). Akobian of the USA, David Botvinnik, four times
in the Netherlands on Janu- man beings. After this performance Howell of England, Mikhail Tal, each.
ary 15-31. His winning run came to that startled the world of Parimarjan Negi of India, Tomi V i k t o r
This is what lies ahead for a halt when he failed to hurdle chess, including the shock- Nyback of Finland, Anna
Wesley after ending 2009 with Russian super GM Vladimir ing announcement of Muzychuk of Slovenia, and
a big score in the World Chess Malakhov (ELO 2706). Ivanchuk to retire from Erwin l’Ami, Dimitri
Cup held in Khanty- Actually, Wesley drew chess and be a fan after get- Reinderman and Anish Giri of
Mansiysk, Russia. There, he with Malakhov in their two ting humbled by Wesley, the the Netherlands.
soundly defeated world No. games scheduled for their world is big ahead for the Eugene Torre, Asia’s
12 GM Vassily Ivanchuk of match. The Filipino whiz kid Filipino teenager in the year first grandmaster who of-
Ukraine in Round 2 and 2008 was ahead in all two games. 2010. ten compares Wesley So
WCC titlist GM Gata Kamsky But Wesley failed to con- One other outstanding to Bobby Fischer, said:
of the US in Round 3. vert these into wins. feat of Wesley in 2009 is his “The talent and
These wins caused him to Malakhov, for his part, winning in the Group C class skills are already there
reach round-of-16 in WCC. had a solid plan: play on safe of the 2009 Corus chess and he has proven
But what is astonishing book lines, ensure a draw that tournament. that. This year
in that event is his achieve- is easier to accomplish than The New Year opens big could be a test of
ment was a superhuman for be creative to search for a for him. character and
a 16-year-old high school win, and to beat the kid in Wesley received an invi- nerves for him
student, one who learned the rapid tiebreaker matches. tation to play in Corus tour- because everybody
and trained on chess all by Nevertheless, the perfor- nament again. This time, he knows him already.”
himself, who played in that mance of Wesley is the best is seated in the higher cat- GM Torre etched
one of the strongest tourna- ever accomplished by a Fili- egory, Group B. RP’s mark in world chess
High-caliber tourna- in 1983 when he barged
Km. 28, Aguinaldo Highway, Salitran 2, ments like this are only for into the quarterfinals
those considered super against GM Zoltan Ribli
Dasmariñas, Cavite grandmasters. in Spain.
“W Corus or Hoogovens In Corus Group A,
participants are grand-
all e buy
chess tournament is among
the series of elite events in masters Viswanathan
of kind the FIDE calendar leading to Anand of India,
scr s
ap the World Chess Cup. The Magnus Carlsen of
” winner of which automati- Norway, Vladimir
cally qualifies for the Candi- Kramnik of Russia, Pe-

J Junk dates’ match-tournament, ter Leko of Hungary,
from which the challenger to Vassily Ivanchuk of
the world championship title

Shop will come from.

There are three sections
in tough Corus chess: A, B
and C.
A chess columnist said:
“Wesley has been invited to
play in Group B. To be in-
CP: 0912.770.8324 vited to Corus is like to be
invited to the White House.”