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Shelley 1

Justin Shelley
Ms. Glasbrenner
Public Speaking AA07
24 January 2014
Never Eating Again
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about a liquid food called Soylent.
Thesis: Soylent has the capability to completely replace the need for solid food.
Who here eats food? We all do. Food is crucial for each and every one of us. It is one of a few
things that have stayed steady throughout history, until now. Soylent is a liquid food that claims
to substitute the need for solid food. There are some advantages and disadvantages to using
Soylent that will be addressed along with the history behind it.
(Transition: First, I will cover the history of Soylent.)
I. Rob Rhinehart is the founder and CEO of Soylent. Rhinehart first mentions liquid food
substitution in his blog Mostly Harmless in February 2013.
A. He started researching food substitution for many reasons.
1. Food preparation takes a long time.
2. The alternative, fast food, is horrible for the body.
B. Rhinehart gathered funds using crowdfunding.
1. Forbes says that Soylent had gathered $425,000 as of June 2013.
2. A quick glance on the website of Soylent shows that they have now gathered over $2
3. The amount of funding shows that people are interested.
(Transition: Next, I will outline some disadvantages of Soylent.)
II. There is no evidence to support health benefits.

Shelley 2
A. MedicalDaily did an evaluation of Soylent and found that there are no statisticallysignificant scientific test that have been conducted to support any health claims.
B. MedicalDaily also outlines that it is highly doubtful that a liquid drink created by a
Computer Science major could provide all that is needed to survive.
(Transition: Finally, I will point out the benefits of using Soylent.)
III. Soylent provides many benefits in todays fast paced society.
A. Todays fast paced society lacks the ideal nutrition for the human body.
1. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases found that
roughly 68% of people are overweight or obese.
2. Fast food restaurants create a hard choice for nutrition which is more inconvenient.
B. Soylent provides all the nutrition the human body needs fast and quick.
1. For $255 you can live off of Soylent for a month
2. Soylent boast being quicker to make then oatmeal.
3. Their newest version claims to meet the full requirement of all FDA nutrition
Soylent certainly sounds like the cure all replacement for those who are dissatisfied with the
current state of food, but they have little to back up their claims. Will Soylent become the food of
the future that solves the problems associated with modern feeding? Only time can tell.