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Lecturer: Sir Khodri Bin Kholid Jati



Praise be to Allah, lord of the universe, who gives the blessing and strength to complete
this project paper for our assignment. Peace and prayer upon his final prophet and messengers,
Muhammad S.A.W the ideal role model for humankind.We have taken efforts in this project.
However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals
and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them.
First of all, we highly indebted to sir Khodri bin Kholib Jati for the guidance and constant
supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the project and also for
their support in completing the project. Secondly, we would like to express our thanks and
appreciations to our parent for giving us such motivation that makes us strong to finish this task.
Lastly , we would like to express my gratitude towards member of Uitm Segamat for their kind
co-operation and encouragement which help our group in completion of this project.





Table of content


Main Issues :


4.1 Product


4.2 Place


4.3 Promotion


4.4 Price


Target Market









FAIZUL FROZEN is company that sales and produced many types of frozen food product. It
has produced many types of frozen food such as patty, pizza, poppia, roti canai, and many
more. This company already have many distributor from grocery store until supermarket. This
company was first introduced in 2010. Since it launch in 2010, it has quickly turned into
Malaysian favorite household.

Make FAIZUL FROZEN products a household name synonymous with delicious wholesome
food that can be enjoyed in Malaysia and the world over.

Expand the market across the Malaysia by selling at various supermarket and be market leader
in frozen food products.
To ensure the our company achieve the mission, we have highlight a few things to ensure the
smooth running of all which is:
1. We will make sure that our price is better than other competitor price.
2. We will make sure that our product available everywhere.
3. We will make sure our customer satisfy with our product.


RED represent for the spiritual energies of our employee or staff , desire to expand or increases
sale and give full commitment in their job.

FAIZUL is name for grandfather owner that hes the one who give secret recipe for any product
because that was family secret recipe.


The main purpose of our branding is product identification. Product identification is the most
important objective.We used Paw Paw as our brand because firstly, we would want to allow
consumers to distinguish our product from others. By using Paw Paw, we could introduce and
acknowledge people about the product were selling is pau.

2. Trademark
The slogan we use is PAW PAW. The purpose of the slogan we want to make customer always
remember our product. When they thinks about pau they will reminder our product first before
other competitor when they think of pau. If consumers remember brand name and can easily
recall it, they are more likely to purchase its Beside, our slogan also can differentiate between
competitor products. With the long-standing presence in the local market, the slogan is quite
well established and become a strong asset to the brand. This can be one of the advantages
that FAIZUL PAW PAW has over other brands.

3. Labeling
For our latest product, our company choose informational labeling and persuasive labeling. The
purpose of informational labeling is to helps our consumer to make proper selection. Consumer
will buy our product without any doubtness. We state all kind of important information in our
packaging such as HALAL logo, nutrition information, ingredient, and expire date. This type of
labeling also can lowers the cognitive dissonance among consumers. For the persuasive
labeling, is we focus to attract consumer by telling them we are the best among the best.

Informational Labelling

Persuasive Labelling

4. Packaging

For packaging we use container as our packaging. We do not want to use plastic because its
one of the factors of flood. But if we use container our consumers can keep it and put another
item after finish eats the pau. With these methods we can make sure that our consumer keep
repeat buying our product. By the way, by using this packaging also it has own functionality like
it is easy to open , and easy to close.


For Paw Paw, we can use retailer as the middleman to sell our product. Retailer is a
channel intermediaries that sell many mainly to customer.
We also decide to contributed our product at several types of retail operations.
Consumers can get and buy our product at convenience store such as 7 Eleven and petrol kiosk
this is because it easy to sell at there because consumer always do a quick decision making
and not using many effort. We also want to put our product at hypermarket such as Tesco,
Giant, Jaya Jusco Hypermarket. This type of retailer is a large, departmentalized self service,
low cost, low margin, high volume retailer that specializes in fresh food, dried food and frozen
food. They offer large product varieties with focus on product assortments. They are among the
best market in Malaysia. So if we sell our product there, it can make our product popular and
easy to buy because they have a lot of branches at each state.
Besides hypermarket, we choose to sell our product at discount stores such as Mydin
and Econsave. They always offer the lower price and provide discount for all the product so at
the same time, it can attract many consumers to come to buy our product.

a. Discount Store

b. Convenience store

c. Supermarket



Promotion is communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds

potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response. For the
promotional strategy, firstly we are use advertising. Advertising is a form of impersonal, one-way
mass communication about a product or organization that is paid for by a marketer. We choose
to you use media advertising. Advertising is the effective ways to attract more buyer and to let
them know about our new product. Among the major advertising media are magazines,
television, internet. The media advertising that we use to promote our product are magazine,
television, social network such as Facebook and Instagram, poster and flyer. We can provide
more information about our product and attract attention of customer through these advertising.

We use social network to promote our product because people nowadays prefer to
spend their time on social network such as Facebook and Instagram. So we take it as
advantages to introduce our product and at the same time it can reduce production cost. Other
than that, customers also can give their feedback, suggestion, and comment about our product
so that we can make improvement toward our product quality and satisfy their needs and wants.
We also can tell the customers what are the benefit that they can get from our products. For email, we can send e-mail directly to everybody. As we know, most of people have e-mail and
yahoo messanger so we can send a message to promote our product.

Besides media advertising, we also decide to use sales promotion. Sales promotion is
the marketing communication activities, other than advertising, personal selling, and public
relations, in which a short-term incentive motivates a purchase. We use this strategy to
differentiate our product There are a few tools of sales promotions which are coupons and
rebates, premiums, loyalty marketing programs, contests, sampling, and sweepstakes. But from
all the tools of sales promotions, we just use sampling and contests.


Sampling is a promotional program that allows the consumer the opportunity to try a
product or service for free. One of the best ways to promote product is through the deliberate
use of free samples. Free samples allow our company to demonstrate the quality of our product,
while at the same time we want to build good will with the customers. When the customers
receive the sampling for free from us, they are more likely to feel like they should try to make it
up so they will buy our product.

Next is contests. Contests is promotions that require skill or ability to compete for prizes.
We will offer the grand prizes for the winners at the same time we want to make sure that many
customers will buy our products frequently to join the contest. So from the contests, customers
more attractive to buy our product. We use the contest also for lead generation. We will give the
prizes for the contests, but we will make sure that the customers give their address, email and
contact number at the entry forms. This allow us to follow up with them about our product.


Price is the amount of money that charged for a product or service. Price paid is based
on the satisfaction customers expect to receive from a product and not necessary the
satisfaction they actually receive. Price can relate to anything with perceived value not just
money. Price is that which is given up in an exchange to acquire a good or service. Prices also
the key to company revenues.

Pricing objectives that we are used is profit-oriented. We focus on profit maximization

because it can make profit to our product on each sale increase. We may put some percentage
for profit to our product. Then, pricing strategy that we are choose to our product is penetration
pricing because it designed to capture a large market share, resulting in lower production costs.
Even we put our product at the reasonable price, we still can get the profit because nowadays
consumer prefer to buy the best product with the affordable price that can satisfied their needs
and wants. So at the same time our sale become increase. Our company set the price that are
specific, attainable, and measurable. These goals require periodic monitoring to determine the
effectiveness of the strategy.

We decide to set the price of our product at RM 6.90 only per box which it have 4 pieces
per box. With this affordable and reasonable price, everyone can afford to buy our product and
they can enjoy eating our product. The price that we set are suit with our product quality.
To calculate the gross profit margin we need to know the revenues and the cost of the goods
sold. Subtract the total costs of our goods from the revenues the sales generate to find our
gross profit margin.


Target market
Target market is defined as the group of customer that has need and want that can be
satisfied by the business through the supply of goods and services. Business need to focus their
marketing activities toward certain group of customer chosen based on the business ability to
satisfy the needs and wants. It focuses on all level of ages. As our concern, we determine the
target market bases on several segmentations.
Our product is for everyone. There is no market segmentation. Everyone can enjoy our
product because our product very unique and rare and our product very different than other
brand. It is because in Malaysia there is no other firm that create Pau with variety flavor as we
did. Usually we can meet with similar flavor in market such as kaya, kacang, daging, sardine.
But our product we came out with new flavor that never have in market, that is strawberry,
chocolate, mustard, blueberry and sambal.


Our product is Paw PawFaizul Company which is a pau. Our product has their own
speciality. The following are the recommendations were made.
Eco Friendly packaging
To fulfill corporate social responsibility. we decided to make an eco-friendly packaging.
Our company provide reusable container as our packaging. it can be use continuously because
the packaging is made of polypropylene that dont harm humans body. our packaging also can
be use long-lasting. Easy to open and close.
Multi Product Line
To fulfil our customer taste and preferences, we come out with five different flavour
which is sambal, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and custard. For the spicy lover, we prefer to
taste our sambal flavour. For kids, chocolate and strawberry will be their choice. For the
customers who dont have specific taste and preferences all the five flavour.

Easy to cook
Nowadays, peoples preferred to have a sedentary life. To make their day easier, we
come out with the product that easy to cook. This product can be cook using microwave or
steam it. Its just take 5 minutes to serve it. Thus, our product matched with our modern life.
Flavour Innovation
Our product are an innovation from familys secret recipe. The recipe was created by our
owners grandfather 80 years ago. Thus, the taste are unique and different with our competitors.
It will attracted the customers to purchase our product repeatedly.


Based in our research, people will buy a product that gives them a lot of benefits. So our
company comes out with Paw Paw that will give the consumer many benefits. This product has
a good nutrition for human body such as fat, protein and carbohydrate. We also giving them a
free container for every purchase. The container is re-usable and can be use continuously
because its long lasting. Besides that, the pau attractiveness also can attract customers to buy
it because of the panda design over the pau.
Recognizing the threat from other competitors will be important as there is a possibility of
this trend growing in the future and gaining greater popularity among consumers. The proposed
advertisement will enable Paw Paw Faizul company to compete with other competitiors by
emphasizing the quality and freshness of our Pau. To further maintain our competiveness, the
advertisement attempts to shift the current advertising approach from a more direct one to one
that is more creative, giving the brand image a stronger appeal.
We sell our product to most of the stores in Malaysia. This is because our product is free
from market segmentation. Its for all peoples that starving for a delicious food. We put our
product at the reasonable and affordable price. Nowadays, peoples prefer to buy products that
fulfill their needs and wants.
Lastly, we have achieved the objectives of our company by set up a affordable price and
various product lines, having more than 1 hundred thousand loyal customers in Malaysia and
maximize our profits by selling high quality products.


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