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INCI: Lauryl Glucoside

Officially listed in / Quality conforms to

Bra Miljval
approved for use in products eco-labelled Good Environmental
Choice (in Swedish: Bra Miljval) by the Swedish
Society for Nature Conservation

Product properties
Yellowish, slightly cloudy and viscous liquid which tends to recrystallize below 30C.
Example of use
The foam behaviour of anionic surfactants can be positively influenced by adding alkyl polyglycosides. The
foam height and foam stability of fatty alcohol sulphates can be especially improved by addition of
GLUCOPON 600 CS UP at higher levels of water hardness.
For anionic surfactants that are typically thickened by electrolyte addition, combination with GLUCOPON
600 CS UP results in higher viscosity levels at lower salt concentrations. In these cases GLUCOPON 600
CS UP is a good alternative to Nitrogen containing viscosity builders such as alkanolamides.
Alkyl polyglycosides represent a technology advantage in manufacture of mild dishwashing agents
combined with excellent cleaning performance. The synergistic effects of GLUCOPON 600 CS UP with
other commonly used surfactants yield a performance improvement that can be the basis for a reduction
of surfactant content while maintaining the same performance level.
Processing instructions
By reducing the pH value, e.g., with citric acid to below 8.5 the cloudiness being specific for the product
disappears thus also enabling the formulation of clear products. Below pH 11.5 GLUCOPON 600 CS UP is
no longer sufficiently protected against microbial contamination, that means the end formulation has to be
preserved in a suitable way.
For neutral aqueous solutions of GLUCOPON 600 CS UP the following preservatives are suitable:
- Bronopol
- Dowicil 200 *2
- Formaldehyd
- Germall II *3
- Glutaric aldehyde
- Glydant *4
- Compound 240 (dehydracitic acid) *4
- Preventol D 2 *5



as well as relatively high quantities (> 8 %) of ethanol.

Temperature for product handling
The maximum short time handling temperature is about 60 C. Heating devices to liquify the product, e.g.,
in liquid containers, are only allowed to have max. 70 C. The transportation temperature in tank cars can
be raised to 50 C.
Stability of material towards GLUCOPON 600 CS UP
The high-grade steels 1.4541, 1.4571 and 1.4401 as well as ASTM 304 and 316 possess a sufficient
stability at storage and handling temperatures usual for the product and pH values up to 12 at first contact
with APG paste. Furthermore, a significant surface passivation has been observed.
Seals with material contact have to be stable against aqueous alkali (e.g. Teflon or Teflon coated seals;
Klingerit K-Sil C 4500).
Feed pumps
Screw rod pumps or rotary piston pumps are recommended. Eccentric spiral pumps are not suitable. It
should be avoided that the pump entrains air into the product (foam problems).
GLUCOPON 600 CS UP exhibits good wetting, cleaning and detergency properties and is, therefore,
suitable for the use in manual dishwashing formulations as well as for the manufacture of laundry
detergents and a variety of cleaning products. GLUCOPON 600 CS UP is only partially water soluble.
However, it can be easily solubilized by other surfactants.

Characteristic values
The specifications stated in the paragraphs 'Quality control data' and 'Additional product descriptive data'
finally and conclusively describe the properties of the Product.
Quality control data
(Data which is used for quality release and is certified for each batch.)
Active substance (%)
50 - 53
Q-C 2926.0
Water content (%)
47 - 50
DGF H - III 3 a / Q-C 2927.0
pH value
11.5 - 12.5
DGF H - III 1 / Q-P 2085.0
(20% in 15% Isopropanol)
Additional product descriptive data
(Data which is proven statistically but not determined regularly.)
Free fatty alcohol (%)
<= 0.8
Viscosity (mPa.s, 40C)
2000 - 4000
Density (g/cm, 40C)
1.07 - 1.08

HPLC method / Q-C 2929.0

DIN 53015
DIN 51757

Storage and transportation

GLUCOPON 600 CS UP can be stored in sealed original containers protected from frost and below 50C
for at least 1 year. GLUCOPON 600 CS UP is a cloudy solution in a temperature range above 35C which
tends to form a flaky sedimentation. Below this temperature there is the tendency to crystallization.
For longtime storage in tanks a temperature range of 40 - 45C should be kept. A continuous pumping or
stirring of the product has proved useful to avoid sedimentation.
Revision-No. 5-09.2003



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