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Standard Competent

: Describing Places
: Senior High School Grade X
: 2 X 45 minutes

Understanding the meaning of short functional text and simple essay in the form
descriptive in the daily life context to access knowledge.
Exploring the meaning of simple monologue descriptive in daily context.

Basic Competent :
Reading ( Understanding the meaning of the text and answer the question based on the
Speaking ( exploring the meaning simple monologue descriptive using kinds of texts
accurately, fluently in the daily life context)



Studets are able to identify sentences or word of simple present tense.

Studets are able to identify generic structure of descriptive text.

Students are able to write one by one sentence descriptive text so that be one descriptive

Students are able to speak in front of class about descriptive text.



around table
VIII. Room Arrangement

: think pair and share, jigjaw II, write




Learning Activity

: students are able to describe about descriptive text.

: Cooperative Learning

The First Activity :

The teacher enters the class and greets the students.
: Good Morning, students.
: Good morning, maam.
: How are you?
: Im fine, thank you. And you?
: Im fine too, Ok, Class. Before we begin our lesson today,
lets say a prayer according to our respective faith.
- Lets pray!
- Cease praying.
The teacher check the students with present list.
The teacher shows the picture to student.
The teacher gives question about that pictures.

T : do you know about this picture?

S : yes, mam

T : what is it?
S : it is a Prambanan temple mam
S: ok student, you are right.
Today, I will give you a topic, Description text about place.
I want you to identify about Borobudur temple in a group, after
that, so you can learn to identify about another places later by self.

The Main Activities

Classification of group:
A. Jigsaw II (to discuss simple present tense, generic structure in Borobudur
Temple Text)
1. Student will be divided in Three groups, group A,B,C. Each group consist of 3 4
T: I want to divide the class into three groups. Each group must contain 3 4
2. Each student in a group get the same material about Borobudur Temple description
3. Each student in a group get different question that correlate with the text. The
question is group A must find the sentences of simple present in the text, group B

must find the generic structure in identification of description in the text, group C
must find description of descriptive in the text.
4. Student from another group who get different question meet in a new group (expert
group) to discuss their text.


After finishing to discuss, as expert group each student who has done discuss in
another group come back to source group to give answer question that has discussed


in expert group.
Teacher want to each expert group to present result of discussion.
Student discuss in the class
Teacher give strength result of discussion by giving some question oraly
Teacher help the student to make summary about discussion.


The Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is a Hindhu-Buddhist temple built in the 9th century under the

Syailendra dynasty of Java. It is located near Magelang, on the island of Java, Indonesia.
Abandoned in the 11th century and partially excavated by archaeologists in the
early 20th century, Borobudur temple is well-known all over the world.
Influenced by the Gupta architecture of India, the temple is constructed on a hill
46 m (150 ft) high and consist of eight-step like stone terraces, one on top of the other.
The first five terraces are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Buddhist
sculpture in bas-relief; the upper three are circular, each with a circle of bell-shaped
stupas (Buddhist shrines).
The entire edifice is crowned by a large stupa at the center of the top circle. The
way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passages and stairways.
The design of Borobudur, a temple mountain symbolizing the structure of the
universe, is similar to the temples built at Angkor, Cambodia.
The Borobudur Temple, rededicated as an Indonesian national monument in 1983,
is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people.
B. Write around ( to describe the place)
1. Teacher divide 4 group in the class.
2. Each group get one paper that fill a sentence from teacher, teacher give a sentence
starter :
Group I
: Surabaya is one of city in Indonesia.
Group II
: Kebun Binatang Surabaya is a zoo in Surabaya.
Group III
: Parangtritis is beautiful beach in Yogyakarta.
Group IV
: Wisata Bahari Lamongan is in Lamongan city.
3. Teacher asks all student in each group to finish that sentence, then they pass their
paper to the right , read the one they received, and add a sentence to that one.
4. After a few rounds, four great description text emerge.
5. Teacher give time to add or edit their assignment to share in the class.
C. Think Pair and Share ( summary of description text )
1. Teacher ask a question about what the characteristic of description text.
T : What is the generic structures of the text?
2. The student are given time to think about this answer.
3. Then the teacher ask them to make a pair with friend beside them.


After student pair up, they discuss their answer each other.
The students find the similar and the different about their answer.
The students make a conclusion about their answer.
The teacher ask some pair to come in front of the class to share their idea.
The teacher and students review the pairs work together.

Post Activity
Ask learners difficulties during the learning process
Provide some question as to the evaluation of learners
Provide Homework (PR) is associated with material that has been studied