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LY LEET WITHOUT A LEADER zy Fe Face THE MI6AT OF The vibrant VALKYRIE! The high-flying NIGHTHAWK! The happy-go-lucky HELLCAT! The incredible HULK! Evil-doers TREMBLE at the names——for these four form the crux.of the greatest NON-TEAM in history, heroes called together only when the’ need arises-—to battle MENACES that threaten the security——or the very LIFE—-of the planet EARTH! Stale TE DYRMALUE DEESIDE THE DEFENDERS™ is published by MARVEL COMICS GROUP, OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 875 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.V. 10022. Published monthly. Copyright©)1977 by Marvel Comics Group. A Divison of Cadence Industries Corporation, All rights reserved 575 Madison Avenue, New Vork, N.Y. 10022. Vol. 1, No. ,47, May, 1977 taue, Price 30¢ per copy ia the U.S. and Canad, Subscription rate $4.00 for 12 issues. Canoda, between any of the names, characters, persons, and/or institutions in this magazine with those of any living or davd n oF Ynetitution Ws intended, andl any such similarity which may exist is purely coincidental. Prigted in the U.S.A, THE DEFENDERS (including all Drorminent characters featured in the issue), and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are trademarks of the MARVEL COMICS GROLP. y THeted Wey ee +0. @raanoe, POWER \ OE, Star eat eae ARCH URTING LK S FRIENCS. TRUTH To TELL, \ ay | ABE > = SS y Bs’ BPO ES IE. ONCE oad Kew nn —“S i { , qe hha Se eee 2 ICHMOK | WOULON TING A UTE PEACE CONE TAN Tene: F SOMETHING x PeeOds CES * ITH THE HULK IND. Wr LOOK AT THIS MESS! YESTERDAY |S HAPPENING Y DOORSTEP BUT KLE Is cone Y AVY He We yi) = my rarer TO THINK OF Ji t 4, ON Ries. AWHILE. Teo er muet ae YOU THINK) BUT iT A THEY WANT ) BE RINT 1 Z| HIM FOR? 4 4 AND AFTER WHAT I JUST WIT ESSE _T “Z2OU'RE GOING yOu ROC EN TOL ae ANSWER TO. f ISWER A, = TIONG YOMARSELVES! ONLY 4 YER GONNA GET! METER, T'Ve DUKED Apes sam ie Yer. Zina we MASK Wit MOPTA BEHIN' ENT: - ONLY JUSTICE! CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE AND FROM WHERE wie, | MEY. FIRY'S My Isit, AeRest AND Ih | Gevnee | TAKING I PEON ACOY | MAD! if GTS er CAUSE T WANT TO SHOW / BUT SINCE I've PUT MY ~ TH Po YOU KNOW WA THEY'RE, AFTER YOU 7 “ YALSS WASAY WELL, 406. I'VE BEEN CONCERNED TH YOU MAY HAVE THOUBHT ME AOE FOR RETURNING TO MY AP COSTUME: Lp Assumer x = YOu FOUND you LYON" 2ike THe ONE T Gave You. eee ne HOW S7ELY IT I6, 7 YOU WON'T A YEr"t's REALLY ; THERE: HAVE ANY TROUBLE Now. " ‘CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE FUNNY, I WAS gfe WITH THE AND YET, I SUDDENLY Feel / ALMOST AS Ie COMING HOME, HMM. NO SIGN OF ANYONE, MUST BE JARVIS! NIGHT OFF. Ws SE a ss rls you KNOW WHAT YOU! Wee roe ee? Bieri ont CAPYy, 2 ss Asbipet "TACK NORRISS. “Onoy He FINDS RT OORERT OR | gene ae 3 WING, TO SPARE HER ys SOMEONE WHO WANTS 1G. g| [ANORD WITH aon MEMIEN HG. « REY WENT TD ABOUT A PRE = | noioare ie mia | Se THE ELECTION, THEY WANT| ee es pur waeK CANT. loo Senin HE KNOWS WITHOUT OPENING BOC STRANGE UP FOR RUBY TUESDAY WAS| Ly ONE OF THE HM WHO JACK HELPED TO EXPOSE, SEE RS ANNUAL Obes a THAT. AR (FT JUST CUED f ny c IS WELL PUBLICIZED-~ THe yes 1d TRANSPIRES », BLT EVEN IN SL BNCE, H MELLCAT'G REPLY WOULD WALT A INUTE 1 7 REALIZE Y OPINION POBEN'T COUNT FOR MUCH LATELY... N Te oon: NSEE THE STARTLING Ale Be Sesto HONORS EOD, OWS ALL BUCH ORGAN EA. N AVENGERS */60, ON SALE NO "WONDER MAN" ‘ON THEIR ROSTER! MEE FR! BUT ALTHOUGH WHAT GOES UP pres?” OWN $9 Di QUIT WASTING MY BREATH / 5 CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE ss Vaeenge’ N oreeeei- cae won't Tp yOu WANT brea ce Bin AF MUN. SL aby 1 ; ee ‘I DON'T A@RMALLY LIKE HITTING A WOMAN. BUT IM AST (AY VAL AND MOON KNIGHT f ARE TAKING ON A POW GRHOUSE- - AND kA somesecy’s Gonna /HE‘eaveD GOT AORAMED”AIY C1E/ SI a g CK IE, STOP! S Ee OK pot ae THIS COMPUTER CONTAINS THE AVENGERS EHORY- "ANE, GWE ME SUST += MOGNOEAGON Avo Wil ALWAYS. BE WELCOME TO, PETERN To THE AVENGERS ¢. Bitoioer ro rine THE i) “ SS UAMMING THE NSS MONITOR Pte Y. EARRY TO CLIT >a We S RUNNIN, SCARED! GD IF YOU FIND Him, UKE THIS, AVENGERE, BUTT QE PARANOID TYPE. we'S GOT Tuer ih! Ove PUTTIN OUT A PRIORITY * 70 FEAR, WE TuST Sp ELD MERTON A MAN CALLED TACK GB NEC PUSARIMATION AND (WO 16 BENE 16 8 Cue BEST RELAVED TO OUR COMPUTER, ao : s Sth 7a WOW. WHAT DO WE DO? Hey, t poN'T UKE Wh THE WAY YOU SHIP THAT / we 5 GEONPION