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strongly believe that all

teenagers are talented and
I'm delighted to announce deserve to have a medium of
the publication of the first issue showcasing and sharing their
work. This is why Top-Mag is
of Top-Mag Teenmagazine.
both a free and online magazine,
so that teens around the world
My name is Maya and I'm the
editor. Oh, and I also happen to can have access to it.
be 15 years old. Actually, every
But anyway, you're probably
single one of Top-Mag's
wondering what you'll find inside
journalists, designers and
the magazine, right? Well first of
members of staff are aged
all, Top-Mag is not your usual
between 13-18 years too :)
teen mag that only focuses
mainly on one particular subject
You see, this magazine is
(celebrities, sports, fashion etc).
completely created by teens,
like you and me. My team and I Instead, our issues cover a wide
variety of topics ranging from

music and culture to sport and

arts & crafts. Because we have
so many different teenagers both girls and guys alike involved in creating the
magazine, we try to include a
diverse array of interesting
articles that will appeal to
The magazine is divided into
seven sections that will be
present in each issue:
Entertainment, Sport & Health,
Culture, Studies & Careers,
Special Topics, the Creative
Section and Puzzles.
This month, we've reviewed the

latest music, book and film

releases, we're giving you a tour
of Germany in our Culture Page
and we've also got some handy
tips to help you study for any
looming Easter Exams. As well
as this, you will find an article
about the upcoming Formula 1
Championship, a super-easy
Fashion DIY tutorial and an
intriguing debate on whether or
not you should drink milk.

The latest Book,

Movie, Music
and App

The Theory of Everything, directed by James March

The theory of everything, tells the exceptional love story of Stephen Hawking
and his wife Jane Hawking. It is based on Janes memoir Travelling to infinity:
My life with Stephen. Jane and Stephen meet at a party in Cambridge, where
both are studying, and get together shortly afterwards. When doctors
diagnose him with a nerve disease and tell him that he has only two years to
live, Stephen tries to push her out of his life, but she stays with him. He is
getting weaker and weaker, but with her support and love, he comes to
fame as a theoretical physicist that exceeds all his doctors expectations.
The touching movie shows the difficulties for both of them to manage
their children, Stephens career and his disease while still keeping their
relationship and love alive. Eddie Redmayn and Felicity Jones did a great
job as the main actors - Redmayn's performance as Stephen Hawking
especially was very emphatic.
by Matilda

So far, this year has been a

brilliant one for music. All of the
genres are coming out with
brilliant new tunes! Here is a
snippet of the music this month.
In pop, we have the ever popular
Uptown Funk byMark Ronson,
featuringBruno Mars. I mean
everyones singing it, including my

Of course we cant forget the

unstoppableMeghan Trainorwith
All About that Bass and My Lips are
Moving, which are firm favourites
on the charts. I expect that well be
hearing more from her this year.
In classical music,Andre Rieuis in,
his song Love in Venice at the top.
Accompanying him is Jim Liu with
his song Piano Encores perfect for
In rock,Fall Out Boyhas nabbed
top places with Centuries, Uma

Thurman and Irresistible. You

cant beat a bit of Fall Out Boy,
and I personally love his music!
In the dance charts,Philip
Georgeis at the top with Wish You
Were Mine. A close second is
Heroes (We Could Be) byAlesso ft
Tove Lo. Both real dance floor
fillers if I ever heard one.
by Mairead

Title: Wonder
Author: R.J. Palacio

"Wonder" is a wonderful book, if

you'll excuse my pun. It is about a
young boy, ten years old to be
precise, named August Pullman. He
has a skin disease which has led to
a facial deformity hence, leading to
many reconstructive surgeries and a

lot of time in hospital. So, he has

never gone to a proper school.
However, in the fall, he begins fifth
grade at Beecher Prep Middle
This book portrays an excellent
insight to what happens in the
crucial age where a child/adolescent

is in middle school. It is all about the

difficulties that each child faces in
school, including being bullied, and
being the bully.

My favourite character in this book

is, like most people, Auggie. This is
because I find him inspiring. The fact
that he is so different to everyone,
yet by the end, he makes you feel
like he is perfectly normal. As it says
in the book: "You can't blend in when
you were born to stand out", which I
think is a very important message to
send out to today's younger society.
The book was written in the
perspectives of seven different

people who are close to Auggie,

whether in a good way or bad, which
I thought was very smart as you get
to see what different people thought
of him and his uniqueness.
My favourite part was probably
reading all of Mr Browne's (Auggie's
English teacher) precepts, which
were very inspiring, and just made
me think: "#TrueDat" as our
generation would probably say
nowadays ;)

I give this book extremely high

recommendations. 10/10 easily!

By Risn

decided to check it out. - You can add your own

photos or search for
them on YouTube,
APP:Pic Collage PRICE:
Facebook, Instagram or
Free from the App Store
the web.When you are
This month, I have been
finished, it will give you
- It is fast loading.
looking for a photo
the option to post to
editing app that will
social media as well as
contain everything that I
add a watermark and
need to perfect my
save to your library!
you enter a new
photos and make
collages. Then I found collage, tap the screen VERDICT:
Pic Collage, that claimed and you will get multiple This App is definitely for
options such as to add all of you creative
to be just that and
photos, text, stickers, a people. The colours and
more. It had loads of
background and layouts. patterns are vibrant and
good reviews, so I

will help you to add

your own personal
style to each collage.I
really enjoyed testing
out this App;within
minutes you can have
personalised a photo
or collage and have it
uploaded (or saved)
in no time!

by Julie

Tricks, shortcuts or
cheats that you can use
in your day-to-day lives
that will help you to be
more productive!
At your next BBQ or
meal, use a muffin tray
and scoop your fillings
- ketchup, mustard,
mayonnaise, into
eachindividualhole of
the tray to serve.

Next time you eat
anice-pop, slide a
cupcake case up
theice-popstick so it
h theice-pop this will
prevent the sticky
melted liquid
frommessing up your
Turn a CD spindle into
a container for your

To remove the green

stem of a strawberry,
slide a straw from the
bottom up the centre
and out the top of the
strawberry, until the
straw pushes the stem
out with it.
When making
pancakes next time,
fill a washed ketchup
bottom with the
pancake mix for the
perfect control and

1. Spice Up a Top or Tank Top!

Cut a slit 1/3 of the way in the

middle front of the top.
Tie the two separated loose ends in
a knot or a bow.
Voila! You have a new, cute top!
Easy as that.

2.The Five-Step Dress

1. Cut across the middle of an oversized t-shirt to separate the 2 halves of
the tee the top and the skirt.
2. On the top half of the cut t-shirt, about 2 inches from the end, cut a
small hole (make sure you can fit 1 middle and 1 index finger in it
3. Where you previously cut the skirt half of the oversized t-shirt cut a 2
inch straight slit down the middle of it. Dont make it too split, or the
bottom will be very short and loose!
4. On the skirt half, gather the 2 sides of the split.
5. Loop one at either side of the hole you made in the top and knot
together to tie the top to the skirt.
And there you have it an easy way to make an old dress look classy in

Weve all heard the

milk hype. Drink
your milk, its good
for you, Drink your
milk, dont you want
to be strong? Drink
your milk or your
bones will snap like
twigs at the first gust
of wind.
Well actually, it
might not be as great
as you think, it might
not be great at all.
Have you ever noticed
that no other animal
on earth drinks milk
after early childhood?

lactose intolerant and

they get on just fine.
Were told about the
dangers of sugary
drinks, yet sometimes
were told to drink up
to three cups of milk a
day which contains
more than 36 grams of
sugar (more than the
recommended daily
But I bet youre
worried about your
bone strength well,
Well thats because it
isnt really necessary at theres plenty of
research to say milk
all, billions of people
worldwide dont drink isnt at all crucial for
bone health. In 2011
milk because theyre
And how no other
species steals the milk
of another animal!
Have you ever
wondered why we
need milk so much
when there were
humans around for
thousands and
thousands of years
before we began

the Journal of Bone

and Mineral Research
published the findings
of a team of
researchers who tried
to gather all
prospective studies
looking for a link
between milk intake
and the likelihood of
developing a hip
fracture, which are
common among those
with poor bone
strength. There was no
statistically significant
On top of that a study
published last year by

JAMA Paediatrics
revealed the findings
of a long standing
study in which they
asked 96,000 teenagers
about their milk
consumption and then
followed them over the
next 25 years. There
was no significant
correlation between
the number of hip
fractures and the
amount of milk they
And, believe it or not,
too much milk can
even be dangerous.

g to Duke University
Health System Cows
milk is low in iron and
can actually prevent
iron from being
absorbed from the
diet. Low iron can lead
to anaemia- when the
body does not produce
enough of the red
blood cells resulting in
fatigue. As well as this
milk can actually cause
bleeding in your
digestive tract, which
contributes further to
anaemia. Children are
often hospitalised due
to these anaemia.
Sometimes at a

point of anaemia that

would kill an adult.
Dont get me wrong,
Im not saying give up
milk altogether. What
else will you dunk your
Oreos in? How else will
you soften your cereal
to that impeccably
delicious texture? But
please dont go
drinking litres of the
stuff, no matter what
your mother says.

Everyone's excited
about this year's
Formula One World
starting March 15th.
Are you a F1 fan?

speeds of up to 360
driver that crosses the
km/h. These engineering finish line after having
Last year, 425 million TV masterpieces race in the completed a set number
FIA Formula One World of laps on a circuit (which
viewers worldwide
add up to a total distance
watched the F1 season - Championship, the
highest class of singleof about 305km).
though that's not
Sound interesting? Then
surprising. We all love a seat auto racing in the
don't miss the 2015
good race - its one of the world.
season, which was soon
oldest sports known to
mankind, dating all the was held in 1950. Each kicked off this month by
season consists of a
the Australian Grand
way back to Ancient
Prix. Of course, the real
Greece. Only the horse series of races called
question is - will Lewis
and chariot have been
replaced by F1 cars, the various countries around Hamilton win once again,
the globe. The eleven
or will a new racer claim
fastest road course
competing teams have the title of F1 World
racing cars around
two cars in each race, the Champion this year?
reaching incredible
winner being the first
Only time will tell.

apples are good for you, but eating

only apples is not good. So try new
things! Continue to have your
occasionally treat, like a chocolate bar
with your lunch, just as long as you
don't go overboard on a vending
machine spending spree! Simple
exercise such as being dropped
further from your school can really
help. Again with exercise there is no
need to go crazy so take it easy. Here
Healthy eating does not
are some healthy lunch ideas to help
necessarily mean having to cut out
sugar, fizzy drinks etc. If you wish to you get started on your way to a new
eat and live healthily you should take and healthy you! Plus feel free to
everything in moderation. Example; experiment and mix up your lunches.

Homemade jelly, apple,
banana, tomatoes, brown
bread Cajun chicken and salad
sandwich, water.
Popcorn, veggie salad, kiwi,
mango, yoghurt, fruit juice.
Fruit salad, carrots and
celery dip, tuna and sweet
corn panini, chocolate
digestives, water.

Roll and flask of soup,

orange, pomegranate, olives,
homemade jelly, fruit juice.
Roll with filling of your
choice, banana, raisins,
grapes, crisps, fruit juice.

At the end of the day your weight

and your looks are the way they
are. You are all amazing in your
own way, and this beauty does not
depend on whether you're taller
or shorter, bigger or smaller. Love
yourself for who you are and stay
by Mairad

An advanced society

plishments artistic tattoos were

often designed for warriors. The
Despite the fact that Aztecs are often Aztecs also played a variety of games
portrayed as a savage-like
especiallyFinally there was,
civilization, this isn't true.
Ullamaliztli, an important team sport
For a start, education for children
that involved throwing a rubber ball
was mandatory until the age of 14. through a stone hoop.
The Aztecs had their own language Of course, we can't forget the
called Nahuatl which had a picture famous Aztec architecture. One of
alphabet - a bit like the Egyptian
their greatest achievements was the
hieroglyph system - and they had a Templo Mayor (Great Temple) built
very advanced system for writing
in their capital Tenochtitlan (now
and keeping records. They were also Mexico City) to honor their patron
very artistic, being excellent potters God, Huitzilopochtli, and the God of
and sculptors, as well as possessing rain, Ttaloc. The temple, measuring
a love for poetry and drawing. In
an enormous 100m x 80m, was built
fact, to honor military
in 1325 and later destroyed in 1521

by Spanish conquistadors.

magic, the night and the earth.

Teotl, the central idea of Aztec
religion, is thought to be a sort of
god-like force that created the earth.
Religion was very important to the In the Aztec religion, there was a
Aztecs. They worshiped many gods number of levels of the afterlife and
and goddesses, often adopting the the way you died would determine
divinities of the tribes they
where you went. Warriors who died
conquered. The most important
in battle, for example, would go to
deity was Huitzilopochtli, the God of the 'highest' level of heaven. Those
war, the sun and sacrifice. The
who drowned would go to the
famous Aztec Stone Calendar called underworld.
the Sun Stone is thought to be

dedicated to him. Other gods

Human Sacrifice
included Tlaloc, God of rain and

water, Quetzalcoatl, God of life and No matter how advanced the Aztec
wind, and his rival, Tezcatlipoca who people were, there is no denying
was associated with
that there is some truth to their bad

reputation. You see, the Aztecs

believed that in order for the sun
to rise each day, it needed a little
persuasion - or in this case, the
blood of human sacrifice. What's
more - these sacrifices weren't
exactly rare. Some historians think
that more than 20,000 people
were killed every year.
Just two years ago, 50 fivehundred-year old skulls were
found buried in the Templo Mayor.
And it gets worse.... those who
were sacrificed were often eaten,
as part of the sacrificial ritual,

though some think that this

cannibalism was really due to the
lack of meat in the Aztec diet.
An Aztec man was allowed to have
several wives, but the first one he
chose was considered to be his
principal wife. However, though
the other wives were only
'secondary,' the man was still
supposed to respect all of his
wives equally. While in Aztec
society the man was the 'head of

the household,' women were still

well treated. In some situations
divorce was allowed, though
adultery by either spouse was
punishable by death.
The Aztecs' idea of slavery was
very unlike the idea we have of it
today. Slaves' children didn't
automatically belong to their
master. They could have their own
possessions and sometimes even
own other slaves. As well as this,

there were different ways for

slaves to free themselves. One way
was to present themselves in a
temple. Another way was to simply
buy their own freedom. It was also
not unusual for the poor to sell
their own children - or even
themselves - into slavery.
End of the Empire
In 1519, five hundred Spaniards
lead by the conquistador, Hernan
Corts, landed on the Mexican
coast. At first, Corts was

welcomed by the Aztec people and

the King, Montezuma II. Why?
Because they were worried that
Corts might be one of their gods
visiting them in a mortal disguise.
When they eventually realized that
this was not the case, the Spanish
had already started taking over
parts of the empire. Soon after a
war broke out which, ended in 1521
along with the fall of the Aztec
However, what many don't know is
that the majority of Aztecs didn't
die from battle wounds, but from

the smallpox disease that the

Spanish brought over from Europe.
So the question is, would the Aztecs
have won had it not been for the
sickness? Would the Empire have
by Maya


by Matilda

Many forget that the north of Germany

has a beautiful seaside, bordering on the
Ostsee and the Nordsee.



In 1920, a man called Hans Riegel

founded the company Hans Riegel Bonn,
today known for its cute gummy bears.
The Klner Karneval is one of the
biggest carnivals worldwide. It takes
place from the 11th of November until
Ash Wednesday in Cologne.
In the middle of the 15th century,
Johannes Gutenberg started printing
books in Mainz and triggered a media

The Currywurst (sausage

with curry sauce) is one of
the specialities of Germanys
The two Famous German
writers, Schiller and Goethe,
experienced a great time of
collaboration here. The
period of their common work
is called



Brezeln (or Pretzel) is a typical Bavarian

pastry that has become known around the
The Alps: the highest mountains in
Europe, situated in southern
Germany are perfect for hiking or
Bavaria is also home to
Semmelknde, traditional german
dumplings, served as a side dish.

ut do not boil it)

1. Heat the milk (b
rolls. Cover and
and pour over the
leave to soak for 20
y and onions and
2. Chop the parsle
er and a pinch of
saute with the butt
at and mix that
salt. Take of the he
til it forms a
with the bread, un
dough-like mixture
with a fork then
3. Whisk the eggs
ugh and knead
add them to the do
h and form 6
it. Take a bit of doug
them in boiling
cm-wide balls. Cook
water for 15-20 m

Take all electronics (phones being number one on the

list) or anything else that may distract you out of the
room you are in. Even ask your parents to take your
devices until you have completely finished.
Make sure you have EVERYTHING you may need
before you start like a drink, a small snack, books,
copies, calculators, etc.
It is best to choose somewhere quiet, where siblings
wont be shouting and T.V.'s won't be blaring.
Focus on studying each subject you need to study for
a certain period of time depending on how big of a test
it is, e.g. Maths - 15 minutes, History - 30 minutes, etc.

In the lead up to a studying time, like the fortnight

before exams, make sure you have everything you
need to know highlighted in your textbook, or as I do,
copy it down into a hardback A4 copy, and keep it
Make sure you have on hand extra copies, refill pads,
paper and pens of multiple colours with you, to
highlight extremely important notes, rewrite pieces you
need to memorise clearly, and even create your own
essays for subjects such as English, History, etc.
When you believe you have finished studying, call up
a friend or gather a sibling or a parent and give them
your notes and books and get them to quiz you
randomly no matter how much you think you know. I
often find that during exams, the things I feel I know

best are the things that I end up losing marks on

because they slip my mind as I haven't recently studied
BONUS TIP - If you are bringing a drink, try water or
milk, as they do not contain lots of sugars and additives
so you become hyperactive and are unable to study.
The same goes for snacks. Bring a few cream crackers
or some toast, not a packet of crisps, or a nice bowl of
ice cream, or else you will get a serious sugar-rush, and
you will be jumping around, unable to keep still and

Why bother saving these languages

in the first place?

Did you know that English, the third

most spoken language in the world, is
Well, think of it this way: language is
only spoken by a tiny 5.43% of the
like a brilliantly-preserved exhibit at a
planet's population?
Now with that in mind, can you guess museum. What started off as a simple
means of communication has
how many spoken languages exist,
become part of the foundation of
today, in the entire world?
every human civilization and society
The answer is roughly 6,500. Now,
divide that figure by two - that is the on earth. Through time, languages
have become embedded with each
number of languages that are
cultures' stories and history. It's not
estimated to die out by the end of
just a bunch of words that are in
this century. If we continue to do
nothing, over 3,000 languages rich in danger here, it's thousands of years
worth of cultural and ancestral
culture, heritage and history will
disappear very soon.

What do we mean by 'endangered'? endangered' by UNESCO. Forty four

languages that have only 1-2 native
According to UNESCO experts, there speakers left in the world. These are
are nine different factors that should mostly South American tongues, such
be taken into account when
as Andoa (Peru) and Bare (Brazil).
determining whether or not a
However, almost every country in the
language is endangered. These
world possesses one or more
include the total number of speakers, endangered language.
the passing of the language to future
generations, the proportion of
Is there any hope of saving these
speakers within the population and languages?
this community's attitude towards
their own language.
I'm happy to say that yes, there is.
UNESCOs Endangered Languages
There are a little less than 600
Programme aims to "support
languages classified as 'critically
communities, experts and

governments" in maintaining and

revitalizing their mother tongues and
passing them on to the younger
generations. They plan to do this by
providing expert services to help
them with this project, as well as by
producing tools for monitoring the
trends and variations of different
Considering the enormous amount of
languages that we have already lost
(115 in the last five centuries) we can
only hope that this program is
successful in its goal. Only recently, in
2003 Marja Sergina, the last speaker
of Akkala Sami (Russia), died along

with the language. Luckily, languages

aren't just disappearing, new ones
are appearing as well. Some are a
fusion of several languages spoken in
one community, others such as
Esperanto, are intentionally
by Maya