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This is D e s i g n Forge. People that Craft.








Design Forge is a media and creativity Studio specialised in identity, graphic design, web, print,i

Design Forge is a media and creativity Studio specialised in identity, graphic design, web, print,i llustrations, photography and architectural renderings.

The Forge is located in Bucharest, Romania and was launched in early 2008 as a brainchild of Mihai Stancu and Mihai Velcescu, students in technology and architecture respectively.

First intended as a web studio, the firm stretched its services across to identity development, strategy, naming and visual, as well as print and illustrations.

We are proud to have a team of skilled youngsters, kicking around their tools to craft some pretty interesting stuff.

This stuff went to serve some major romanian brands, such as Adevarul Holding, or CD Press, and bands, such as K1 or Ro-mania and a myriad of thriving companies who worked with us for the greater good of proper design and communication.

Just what we do is shown next. Hope you’ll have the patience and enjoy the ride.


What we do

Brand Identity Design

Design Forge is specialized in the development of brand designs, starting with sketching up the strategic approach on the market, further on with naming, copywriting, visual elements and ending in the hard evidence of a good day’s work: seeing the identity implemented through a

powerful and memorable logo and how this takes communication to a new level for our clients. In short. Logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, and literally anything that represents your company to the outside world: the face you want to show and that best suits you.

What we do

Web design & development

Communication goes yet further as we go digital and

We craft web-site layouts to suit the client’s identity and

These are some of the web-sites we’ve built:

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needs to be part of something

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greater and smarter in order

way. Content Management


to truly be successful and reach an audience and

Systems, Newsletter Management Systems and

www.mesterimaramureseni.ro www.truparomania.ro

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memorable and friendly. This

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PHP, mySQL, Ajax, Javascript


good web design. We’re good

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at the process.



What we do

Graphics & DTP

Ads, posters, cover artwork, flyers, brochures, catalogues, magazines, letterheads, envelopes, business cards,

folders, stamps, stickers, stencils and any other graphic design for virtually any communication need.

What we do


We draw and there are hundreds of thousands of illustrations made by the Design Forge studio, seen by at least as many people across Romania, who read the books from the

Adevarul Collection. We craft illustrations in ink, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, aquarelle, oils, or just a pen tablet – tools of the trade for people who really know the trade.

What we do


It’s all about face. The team of Design Forge photographers know just what to do about it.

We shoot any event, product or being we have in our reach. Consider yourself warned!

What we do

360 Virtual Tours

Convincing through the web needs innovative solutions. 360 degree tours are the perfect presentation method for those neat places that you

really want to show in every detail. They give the user an immense ability to snoop around and see the full picture in every direction possible.

What we do

Architectural Renderings

It may all start from an idea but the shortest route to seeing the job done is getting it in photorealistic 3d renderings.

These do wonders for buildings, interior designs, real estate and products, and can boost your plans faster to the real deal.


Constantin Architectes

Clichy based architecture and urban planning studio Constantin Architectes were a great sight for sore designer eyes. A new identity, defined by the new logo and design guidelines went smooth to

produce and although there were some time setbacks, the final piece was a breath of fresh air. The web-site showcases some great works of architecture and is definately worth visiting.

Adevărul Holding

Adevarul Holding is one of the largest media trusts in Romania, handling among - other things - the daily newspaper “Adevarul”. We were approached for the task of crafting the illustrations for the promotional books that

“Adevărul” offers once a week as part of a cultural capaign. We embarked on a long journey with this media giant, and its demanding business environment. It’s been clear sailing till now, and no cloud in sight.

Protoieria 1 Capitală

Protoieria 1 Capitală is an administrative unit of the Orthodox Church of Romania, that oversees the 60 churches across Northern and Western Bucharest. Our task was to build a website hub for this institution that could handle

websites for all 60 parishes. We added a comunicational feature to the mix, to help the public relate to this institution. The result was blessed by the Patriarchy of the Orthodox Church of Romania.

Societatea Paidea

The Paideia Society is an academic organisation, publishing rare books with a unique form and craftsmanship. We were approached by this elite society to brand their new product “Cadouri Alese” (Chosen Presents) - a web-

shop of rare and special gifts. The project was tremendously creative in nature and we enjoyed each step of it, crafting their communications material (print & web), as well as an intricate content management system for their web-shop.

CD Press

CD PRESS Publishing House is one of the five most important publishers of textbooks and auxiliaries in Romania, and it also leads the segment of periodical publications for children on the Romanian market.

We painted their new website layout and wrote a custom tool to handle their web-shop, content and site adds, the work was fun, the feedback was great, the result looked good and felt good (score 2 for custom craft).

A2 – Artal Innovation

These are fun people to work with. Working on the French market of custom training, from their headquarters in Toulouse, they were closer than ever on this project. They are a spin-off from their larger brother (Artal

Technologies), so we took them from an idea and some hints into developing a tech savvy, youthful, yet simple and clean identity. We also threw in the graphics for their web-site and all’s well that ends well. As it did in this case.

Talk Partners

“Let’s talk!” is about how it all started when the newly founded literary agency/ legal aid team approached our studio. What followed were hours and hours of brainstorming and creative thinking that ended up with the name for their

new venture, together with a unique approach to the identity design: bold, recognisable and big. In one word “Talk”. The two divisions are styled Talk2u (legal) and Talk4u(literary), keeping the brand consistent and talking.

Balade din Carpaţi

This was the start of a nice tete-a-tete work with our friends at UMG - one of the thriving music production studios in Romania. The event was to herald the launch of their ‘Proud to be Romanian’ campaign and consisted in a spectacular

show held at the Concert Hall of the National Radio House by K1 and renowned soprano Felicia Filip. Tight deadline? Feeling like there’s no way to finish on time? Of course it was fun. Our computers grew to hate us for the 7/24 program though.

MeŞteri MaramureŞeni

These fellows are close to our heart. Knowing eachother for years and developing their identity and web presence over time, we decided to finally bring their entire services under one coherent brand with one strong visual presence to represent what

they are: descendants of true Maramureş craftsman who built a construction company from scratch and praise the respect for wood in all they do: houses, stairs, furniture, urban furniture, garden designs and whatever else you may need.

newAD Communication

So, these people are good at what they do: leading the market for strategic communications and marketing consulting & management. A new web-site? How about pumping up your identity a

few degrees? And we did that, to craft one heck of a visual presence. It was about design guidelines, stationery, templates, business cards and their web-site design. What came out follows


Document management for your traditional files and folders? Sure. Identnet works with nano technology implemented in sheets of paper, that enable easy handling and authenticating

of those loads of paper piling up on your desk there. It was interesting to find out about this and we gave a shot to their identity and graphic design guidelines in print and in web. You can see the results here.

BG Eurotrust

BGE is about business and making things happen. They own and operate the largest construction materials storage facility in Maramureş and build impressive stuff. We took this one from zero and developed their identity,

based just on their name. We had a very creative endeavour together with these entrepreneurs and went through a series of motifs and symbols in order to reach the final stage. Print & Web included.

Naţionala de Rock

This is a rock event we supported as a creative opportunity, our contributions came in the event’s second and third years. The fine typography on the walls, the music and the beer

were gentle to the senses, and it was all in good fun, really kicking with the vintage like logo design, posters, flyers, brochures, invites, badges, diplomas, web-site and what not.


Metavolv is a “next generation” online advertising agency, the name is a combination of the words “meta” and “evolve.” So this wasn’t your regular project, but it was fun to work on it. The witty name, general

activity and spirit of it all were a good start. So we embarked on a short trip to see if we can hit this the right way. Identity and design guidelines. The results are as follows on the next pages.

Armenească 34 Clinic

Located in downtown Bucharest this vet clinic is there for you at all times, with an around the clock schedule and completely equipped facilities. We were approached for the web-site primarily, but couldn’t

resist throwing in a few identity concept designs and we were on target. They liked it and now it’s all well and smooth. The designs are clean and to the point and we loved the several species of small furry animals part of the job.

AVPS Şoimul

Ok, so these guys are definately not up our alley and we can’t say hunting is something we support. However we realise that some things cannot be changed and we thought to craft a

nice piece of proper design and use of type with hints at camouflage and the army. Frankly we liked the several species of small furry animals much better when they were, too, kicking. We relate

ALMA Solutions

We stroke a neat deal with Alma, when we decided to partner up. They represent our main printing house solution, that provided us and our clients with high quality works that went well with our

designs. In return we crafted their identity and web-site and their business card designs. It was quite flamboyant to design all throughout but we were all pleased with the neat outcome. See for yourself


Mihai Velcescu lead designer & managing partner

Mihai Lăpugean lead project manager

Ionuţ Gherasim illustrator

Mihai Stancu

Tudor PătraŞcu project manager

Tudor Smarandache illustrator

lead developer & managing partner

Valentin Enache

Vlad Osiac

designer & developer


Gavrilă Buftea managing partner

Bogdan Georgescu designer & developer

Cristiana Apostol illustrator

Vlad Popa

Alex Ifrim



04 07 61 60 73 86 team@design-forge.ro fax. 04 03 18 16 97 53 www.design-forge.ro

04 07 61 60 73 86 team@design-forge.ro

fax. 04 03 18 16 97 53 www.design-forge.ro








14th Vulcan Judeţu st. 031429 BucureŞti