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Your inspiration: include the following images that serve as inspiration in creating your unique final

EX3 Master Original

Contemporary Artist: Candido Bido.

Contemporary Artist: Dominica Alcantara


Your reasoning:

Both of my inspiration choices are Caribbean paintings. Candido Bido is a Dominican

contemporary artist and Dominica Alcantara is a Cuban contemporary artist. I chose these two
artists as my inspiration because I am from the Dominican Republic. I would like to use my
final project as a gift or representation of my culture. Candido Bidos artwork is more
unrealistic and animated. It represents the women of our culture well because it focuses on
hardwork, family, fertility, and motherhood. The drawings are unsymmetrical, imperfect, and
have design patterns in the background. Candido Bido uses complementary colors in his
paintings with give them an interesting and attractive tropical look. Dominica Alcantaras
artwork is more realistic looking and also uses a lot of tropical colors and fruits. The
masterpiece drawing I used for Exercise 3 Part 2 is a pencil drawing and it has a very delicate
and light look to it. It is definitely a very different style from the Caribbean paintings I chose.
Id like to combine these three different styles to create my own personal final


Your proposal: write a narrative of at least a paragraph, proposing your ideas for creating a dynamic
final drawing that is (1) based on the research portion of this project part and on what youve learned in
the course and (2) that represents the highest quality you can produce in this course, demonstrating
that you have mastered drawing composition and media. Through this proposal, set a SMART goal, as

Specific: I want my final drawing to be of a small cottage in the Dominican Republic with a
woman and her daughters outside helping with fruit baskets and pottery. This image can take
place in the 21st century because there are still people that live in places like this. I want my
drawing to have tropical colors and to be in the middle of realistic and animated. I really like
this scenery because it combines all three styles and represents the culture in more detail.

Measurable: I will compare it to other Dominican/ Caribbean artwork and my family would be
able to judge

Attainable: I believe that my goal is realistic

Relevant: This piece of artwork with includes perspective, atmospheric perspective, and
different shading techniques.

Time bound: I believe that I can manage to complete this project on time without rushing it.