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101 Bluebird Lane Millville, NJ 08332

(856) 300-2088

(in the Lowes Center adjacent to Big Lots)



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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 8 | MARCH 25, 2015


S O U T H J E R S E Y. W E E K LY.

Hope for the Hungry

ShopRite Associates featured on a special-edition
Cheerios box sold exclusively at ShopRite stores.

As one of the winning stores in a competition sponsored by ShopRite

and General Mills, ShopRite of Landis Associates Mike Alvarez (of
Vineland) and Diana Kurtz (of Franklinville) are featured on specialedition Cheerios boxes available for sale in regional ShopRite stores.
Vineland resident Peter Forcinito (pictured at right), who works at the
Somers Point ShopRite is also pictured on the Cheerios box.

hopRite associates across six states banded together

last September in a friendly competition sponsored
by ShopRite and General Mills, the annual
ShopRite Partners In Caring
Cheerios Contest. The theme of
this years contest was Providing
Hope to the Hungry and in this
spirit, ShopRite associates collected donations at check-out and
held various events, raising $1.27
million to support regional food
banks in communities served by ShopRite stores.
Each of the winning stores was awarded with the
selection of two ShopRite associates to be featured on a
special-edition Cheerios box. The customized boxes,
sold exclusively at ShopRite, were unveiled at an instore celebration at the ShopRite of Landis on Friday,
March 20. Additionally, each winning store was awarded funds ($3,000 for the top five stores, and $500 for
the remaining winning stores), that will be presented to
local food pantries chosen by their store team.
Among this years winning stores is the ShopRite of
Landis, which selected Associate Mike Alvarez of
Vineland and Associate Diana Kurtz of Franklinville to
be featured on 125,000 special-edition Cheerios boxes
for their stores commitment. Vinelander Peter
Forcinito was selected to represent the Somers Point
ShopRite on the Cheerios box. Both Alvarez and
Forcinito are appearing on the box for the second time.
The ShopRite Partners In Caring program has been
providing hope to the hungry in our communities for
more than 15 years, said Christine Magyarits, spokesperson for ShopRite Partners In Caring. This contest
highlights the partners in the programour dedicated
ShopRite associates, our generous customers, and one of
our long-time vendor partners, General Mills, who shares
our passion for helping those in need of food assistance.

County Asks You

To Report Potholes
The Cumberland
County Department
of Public Works
and Property is
working hard to
address potholes
that have been created due to the
extreme weather
the county has
been challenged with this past winter.
County Engineer John Knoop said, The
harsh winter has taken a toll on our County
Road Network. Now that we have a break from
the snow and severe cold temperatures, our
Public Works crews have been busy addressing
numerous potholes that have developed over
the winter.
Since the break in the weather, the County
has had a minimum of six crews filling potholes,
using over 50 tons of cold patch. In addition, the
Countys Spray Patch Truck has been on the
road every day.
Deputy Director and Freeholder Liaison to
Public Works Doug Long said, We are encouraging the public to report potholes or dangerous
road conditions.... We also ask that the motoring
public use caution when navigating the roads
especially in areas where crews are working to
repair roadways.
If you have access to web and would like to
report a pothole, go to the County Website
(www.co.cumberland.nj.us) and click the submit
a service request button on the left side of the
page. Otherwise, contact the county Department
of Public Works and Property to report potholes
or dangerous road conditions at 856-453-2192.

Residential Customer



I Does and Donts



School Woes

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


10 off
L u n c h 15% off
D i n n e r 20% off

expires 6-18-15
Not to be combined with an other offers.

MonSat 7am10pm Sun 7am9:30pm


{ 2 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

484 S. Brewster Rd.

Vineland, NJ 08361

Merighis Savoy Inn

4940 E. Landis Avenue
E. Vineland NJ 08360

learn, not for comparative testing. Speaking

of schools and being all about the money:
(Before I get into this I have to say that
I am a proud grandparent of two children
who attend the Vineland Public Charter
I read the story in the daily paper the
other day about the hearing last week on
the charter schools request for a zoning
variance to move to a new location.
The new location, on Garden Road, is
an abandoned factory near the citys
industrial park. It would be the third
relocation in three years for the charter
school, which is one of the highest-rated
schools in the district.
Apparently, some tenants of the park
dont want anything to do with the school
or the children and hired Lou Magazzu to
present their case. According to the story,
Magazzu tenaciously questioned expert
witnesses, leading to a prickly and confused exchange.
I guess so.
The school, which is currently at the
old St. Francis school on Chestnut and
Delsea, is being evicted.
Again, according to the story, Magazzu
made the point that the school was being
evicted for, among other things, making
renovations of the properties without
Thats lawyer speakmaking it sound
like a bad thing because you make something better.
There was no resolution at the meeting
and a special follow-up meeting will be
held on Tuesday, March 31.
Among the questions that the story
didnt answer, but should be addressed at
that meeting, are:
Why isnt the school board supporting
the charter school? If they dont get the variance, those children will have to be absorbed
in the already crowded public schools.
Why are the tenants so adamantly
opposed to the project and exactly who
are they? The only one identified is
Mamacita, Inc., a meatball maker.
Magazzu is also the director of the local
CEO Group, of which Mamacitas president is a member. If we dont get the
names of the tenants who oppose the
school, is it safe to assume the CEO
Group, which has a number of members in
the industrial park, is opposed to the plan?

Faces in the News

News in Brief

A Poet From Here


emember that old saying about
not buying a pig in a poke?
It refers to the old days when a
farmer would buy a pig and get
handed a tied-up poke (bag), which when
he got home and untied, out popped a cat
or dog. A couple of things in the news
lately make me wonder if some of our
elected and appointed officials are getting
what the taxpayers are paying for.
First, we have the reports about the
federal government having spent some
$360 million developing a national standardized test for our children.
The individual states then spent additional millions (New Jerseys cost is estimated at $20 million-plus for just this year)
to administer the test.
When all is said and done (the tests
were given over the last couple of weeks),
educators will supposedly have a snapshot
of how well the nations students are doing.
Seems like the biggest waste of money
since the government put millions into
developing an elevator to the moon (yes,
they really did).
The test results, as I understand it, will
be disseminated to the school administrators only, who will then determine what
to do with the information. Kind of like
saying the school administrators will be
the only ones allowed to 1ook out the
window to see if its raining.
Seems to me its all a part of that phony,
it takes a village philosophy, which is just
a monumental way to avoid responsibility
by spreading it around among so many people that it means absolutely nothing.
Administrators administer, teachers teach.
And, if their commercials mean anything,
the teachers are adamantly opposed to this
testing because it interferes with the teaching process for no discernable purpose.
There simply is no national norm for
students or teachers.
Fans of the tests (which were administered to third through 11th graders) say it
will provide better data on how students are
progressing and help improve curriculum.
I just have a hard time believing that
how students and teachers are doing in
Arkansas or Minnesota relate to New
Jersey unless we really are talking about
pounding square pegs in round holes.
Seems to me its all just about the
money. Children should be in school to

Hope for the Hungry

Community Calendar







Prizeweek Puzzle


Food for Thought





In Our Schools


Easter/Passover Events

MIKE EPIFANIO Editor & Publisher
DEBORAH A. EIN Managing Editor
MARIE HALPIN-GALLO Advertising Executive
MICHELE LOW Advertising Executive
JESSICA RAMBO Advertising Coordinator


S O U T H J E R S E Y. W E E K LY.

907 N. Main Rd., Ste. 205, Vineland, NJ 08360

PHONE: 856-457-7815 FAX: 856-457-7816
EMAIL: letters@grapevinenewspaper.com
WEB: www.grapevinenewspaper.com
The Grapevine is published on Wednesdays by
Grapevine News Corp. Copyright 2015.
All rights reserved.

Again, because its the central question

and one the story didnt address, what is
the reason for the opposition?
And, why oh why, is the city planner,
Steve Hawk, so opposed to the plan? Isnt
his role to help move the city forward, and
isnt that what this plan does?
The charter school plan seems on the
surface to be a win-win all aroundfor
the kids and the community.
Maybe its just me, but whenever something thats so obviously a good idea gets
ambushed by a bunch of legalese, it seems
that somebody, somewhere might be putting a cat in a poke. I
Paul Doe can be reached via e-mail at

Join Us for Easter Dinner

Sunday, April 5th
Roast Leg of Lamb
w/Pan Gravy & Mint Jelly

Happy 50th Birthday

Baked Honey Mustard Ham

Anthony Tramontana, March 26

w/Honey Brown Sugar Mustard Glaze

Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus


Many years have gone by

Happy 50th Birthday

Includes Choice of Soup or Salad, Potato and Vegetable

Regular Menu Also Available

Love and prayers,

Your family

Every Tuesday 47 p.m.

First Responders
Appreciation Day
Police EMS Sheriff Fire

Possumatos in Europe

Thank you to those who dedicate their lives to

save others. We extend our appreciation
honoring all who served.

Nick and Karin Possumato were on a

Grand Circle Tours Seine River Cruise
last October and are pictured here on
one of the D-Day beaches in Normandy.
They also visited the American
Cemetery, Claude Monet's estate, Van
Gogh's home and Paris.

Complimentary food All day drink specials

47 p.m.

528 N. Harding Hwy, Buena, NJ

at the Ale House

Complimentary food
All Day Drink Specials
Welcoming Teachers,
Local City, County and
State Employees


Open 7 Days 11 a.m. til







Maryalice Robinson of the Women of St.
Andrews presents the pillows to Rev.
Ellen Rutherford for blessing.


the grapevine { 3 }

The Church of the Resurrection

Episcopal had a blessing of pillows
made by the Women of St. Andrews,
Bridgeton. These are donated to
Inspira Hospital who gives them to
post-surgery cancer patients. They
are used to help ease some of the
pain following surgery.


Blessing of the Pillows

for Cancer Patients


Millville Attorney Brendan Kavanagh recently

gave a presentation in Edison, NJ before a large
group of distinguished personal injury attorneys.
The one-day seminar was hosted by the New
Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ) whose
membership consists of over 2,600 of the top
personal injury attorneys in the State of New
Jersey. Kavanagh was invited by the Association
to lecture on the topic of how to prevail in personal injury actions filed against public entities pursuant to Title 59, the New Jersey Tort Claims Act.
Kavanagh is the managing partner of Kavanagh
& Kavanagh Law Offices in Millville and
Woodbury. For more than 20 years, he has primarily practiced in the areas
of personal injury, civil and criminal litigation, municipal court, and real
estate. He is also the former Solicitor/ County Counsel for the County of
Cumberland, and the current Assistant Solicitor for Deptford Township. His
firm also specializes in workers compensation claims, social security disability law, bankruptcy law, corporate law, and family law matters.

Kavanaugh Invited to Lecture


I News in Brief
Youth Speak Out About Big
Last Wednesday, March 18, marked the
20th annual Kick Butts Day. The day is
organized by the Campaign for TobaccoFree Kids, a group made up of youth leaders, health advocates and teachers. Their
vision: A future free of the death and disease caused by tobacco.
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids seeks
to empower youth to be tobacco-free and
to inform the public about the consequences of tobacco use. They strive to

expose the tobacco industrys efforts to

deceive and market to youth as well as
promote smoke-free laws and public policies. The United States has made tremendous strides against tobacco use, however
more than 2,800 of our nations youth try
smoking for the first time each day. Some
270,000 kids become a new regular smoker each year and sadly, a third of them eventually die from it. Regular smokers lose 13
to 14 years of life because of their smoking.
The Gloucester County Partnerships for
Success Coalition, an initiative of the
Gloucester Regional Addictive Substances
(GRASP) Coalition, and the Salem/
Cumberland County Partnership for
Success Coalition, and initiative of the

Salem-Cumberland Regional Action

Toward Community Health Coalition
(SCRATCH), has been focusing on substance abuse prevention efforts that

include tobacco prevention. One of the

many priorities of the PFS Coalition is to
advocate for increased compliance checks
at tobacco establishments to prevent
underage youth from purchasing tobacco.
We need to work as a community to protect our youth.
Philip Morris, one of the leading international tobacco companies, noted in a
1981 report, Todays teenager is tomorrows potential regular customer. Big
tobacco spends $13.3 billion annually on
deceptive advertising and marketing. They
continue to study youth behavior as part of
their efforts to appeal to the youth population. When most of us look at teens, we see
individuals who have only begun to face
lifes challenges, and we hope for them to
have a bright and healthy future. When Big
Tobacco looks at teens, they see replacement customers for the smokers they kill
every day.
Youth in Cumberland, Gloucester and
Salem counties have joined forces with the
Partnership for Success coalitions to participate in Kick Butts Day by speaking out
against Big Tobacco. We have asked high
school students to share photographs via
social media accounts on Instagram,
Facebook and Twitter. Youth will be holding a personalized sign which reads, I am
Not A Replacement, I am a high school
sophomore or I am Not A Replacement,
I am a high school junior who loves to play
basketball. They are letting Big Tobacco
know that they will not be future customers of the tobacco industry. They are
teenagers, students, athletes or musicians
and they will not be deceived by the industrys efforts to mislead them. Join us and
thousands of youth around the world as
we stand out, speak up and seize control
against Big Tobacco!
For more information about Kick Butts
Day, visit: kickbuttsday.org. To learn more
about or to join the coalition, visit us
online at www.SWCCoalitions.org or for
Gloucester County, contact Tara Clay at
856.794.1011 x321 or tara@southwestcouncil.org; for Cumberland/Salem County,
contact Gloria McCoy at 794.1011 x318 or

{ 4 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

New Session at YMCA,

Classes Include Yoga, Spinning
Spring has arrived, at least in the form
of the YMCA of Vinelands Spring I session
of group exercise classes. These will run
for eight weeks, and registration for them
is ongoing. The starting date was the first
week in March, but participants are welcome to begin at any time. Classes are
open to Y members and to the community.
Prices vary according to number of
meetings. Days range from Mondays to
Saturdays; starting times are as early as
5:45 a.m. and ending times are as late as
8:15 p.m.
High intensity courses currently offered
are Adrenaline Rush 60 and (moderately
high) Cardio Strength Interval, Group
Cycling, and Kickboxing.

Horticulturists Asked to
Participate in Survey

Womens Hall of Fame's

Scholarship Deadline Nears
The Cumberland County Womens Hall
of Fame, Inc. is seeking applicants for the
Halls annual scholarship award, given to
young women who attend any of the high
schools in Cumberland County.
Applications are due April 5. Any young

woman who is a senior maintaining a 2.75

GPA who plans to attend a school of higher
education can apply. Applicants should
exemplify academic achievement, community/school/church involvement, extracurricular activities, athletic achievement, pride in
and loyalty to family and community.
Scholarship applications are in the
guidance departments of all Cumberland
County high schools, and winners will be
announced later this spring.
The Womens Hall of Fame honors local
women of outstanding achievement who
have made significant contributions to a
profession, the community and/or womens
issues. In the past six years, 34 women
have been inducted into the Hall. I

Discover Imperial by EPHenry

See how wallet-friendly backyard living can be.

Make your backyard a showpiece for

less with Rustic Brick Stone and Double
Face Wall. Part of EP Henrys Imperial
Collection, these beautifully aged pavers and
walls capture the essence of nature. All EP
Henry Hardscaping products are backed by a
limited lifetime warranty. Plus the EP Henry
exclusive installation warranty.*
With easy, flexible financing
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budget. Lets
talk about your
project today.
Come visit us were your EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Distributor

(Distributor contact info here)


1200 Harding Highway (Rt 40) Newfield www.garoppos.com (856) 697-4444

Spend time with those you love on a smooth and clean cut style patio.

Inspiration Guide!

the grapevine { 5 }

NASS is conducting the 2014 Census of

Horticultural Specialties to gather detailed
information on horticultural production
and sales across the United States. There is
still time to be counted and show the
importance of what you do for the economy of New Jersey.
The Census of Horticulture includes
producers of floriculture, nursery and
other specialty crops, said Bruce Eklund,
State Statistician of the NASS New Jersey

ers who receive a form to respond and

requires NASS to keep all individual information confidential.
NASS will publish the results in
December 2015. For more about the
Census, visit www.agcensus.usda.gov or
call 717-787-3904.


Vineland Public Schools is proud to

offer preschool programs to all eligible
three- and four-year-olds who reside in
the City of Vineland. Registration for the
2015-2016 school year is now under way,
according to Nancee Bleistine, preschool
There are two ways to registervisit a
preschool near you and pick up a registration packet or contact the Vineland Board
of Education at 856-794-6700, ext. 2287 to
pick up a registration packet.
Copy and paste this URL into your web
browser for a chart with the preschool
Eligibility is based on:
Parent or guardian being a resident of
Child being three or four on or before
October 1.
The Vineland Preschool Program is
provided at a variety of sites located conveniently throughout the City of Vineland.
All programs are supervised by Vineland
Public Schools and meet Department of
Education requirements.
Preschool Programs offer P-3 Certified
Teachers, a class size of 15 children, classroom assistants, developmentally appropriate curriculum, extended days (10
hours) and extended year (245 days).
Meals and transportation may be available.
The daily schedule includes Greeting
Time/Circle Time; Planning, Work
Time, Recall; Small Group Time; Gross
Motor Time; Story Time; Large Group
Time; Lunch and Snack Time; rest time;
and closing activities.
Information is also available by viewing
the flyer available here:

*When installed by an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor through Project Services.

Registration for Vineland

Public Schools Preschool

Office. According to the most recent

Census of Agriculture results, nursery and
floriculture products were almost a $359
million industry just in New Jersey.
Last conducted in 2009, this census will
provide the only source of comparable and
consistent data at the national and state
levels for the industry. NASS will gather
information on horticultural activities conducted during 2014, including production
of horticultural crops, value of products,
square footage used for growing crops,
production expenses and more.
Producers can fill out the Census online
via a secure website, www.agcensus.usda.
gov, or return their form by mail. Federal
law (Title 7, U.S. Code) requires all produc-


Moderate intensity classes include Y

Muscle Max, Pilates, Zumba, Zumba
Toning, Family Zumba, Candlelight Yoga,
Gentle Yoga, Belly Dance/Yoga, and Hoops
for Boomers. Each class is designed to help
participants reach their own fitness goals.
All levels of experience are welcome.
The next session of exercise classes will
begin on April 27. For information, please
call the YMCA of Vineland at (856)6910030 or check www.ccaymca.org.


Mulch Stone Boulders Hardscaping Premium Topsoil Pond Supplies Plants

3 12% Sales Tax

20 lb Propane $1800
Century Savings Bank Promotes Lore

Get Ready for Summer

Grill Island Kit 96" x 36"


Includes: Weber Grill Countertop Block

Out Sale
Pond Supplies Blow
Canadian Cedar
In Stock
Call to Schedule
Your Spring
Pond Cleaning

2 cu. ft. Bags


While Supplies Last

Want GREEN Grass?

Save Time With
Start Now
Crab Grass Preventer

Step 1


5,000 sq ft


15,000 sq ft

4 Step Program




10,000 sq ft

Equals 10 Bags Lime

1363 S. Delsea Dr. Vineland Mon.Fri. 8am6pm Sat. 8am4pm

Sewerage Authority Earns Forward Thinking Award

(856) 563-1500 www.sjlandscapesupply.com

The Landis Sewerage Authority (LSA) at

a recent conference of the Association of
Environmental Authorities (AEA) received
the AEA's "Forward Thinking Award" for the
design and operation of its receiving station that handles food processor waste and
turns it into energy, both hot water and
electricity. The LSA has a combined heat
and power plant (CHP) that burns methane
in an engine, produced from the food
Thomas Merighi, Jr. LSA Chairman stated " We would like to thank the AEA for
this statewide recognition award and recognize the US Dept. of Energy/NJ
Department of Agriculture for their support
in funding this project."
The AEA award "Forward Thinking
Award" recognizes an authority's innovation
and looking to the future. It is presented to
members that adopt successful new
approaches or techniques in use of technology, facility design, or management. The
AEA membership is statewide consisting of
many types of environmental authorities including water, wastewater, and county
improvement authorities.
"The LSA project was a in house project, the engineering design as well as
the NJDEP permit to construct/operation approval process and the actual construction was performed by LSA employees as a great team effort" stated
Executive Director Dennis Palmer. "We hope this is not only a benefit to the environment to produce this domestic energy, but to help our local food processers
to have a lower cost, environmental sound disposal/utilization option," Palmer
further stated.





A Benefit of the Daretown

Volunteer Fire Company

Sat., March 28, 2015

Elmer Grange Hall at Pole Tavern
Reservations available for:
2:30, 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30


Breakfast Lunch
Special Specials Specials

279 $599 $999

For reservations call:


Includes 3 eggs

Adults & takeouts: $20

Children under ten: $7

{ 6 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Century Savings Bank announces the promotion

of Megan E. Lore to the position of Vice President
of Mortgage and Consumer Lending.
Megans hard work and dedication have been
instrumental in our growth and development, said
Peter Bertram, Senior Vice President of Lending at
Century Savings Bank. Her well rounded background and expertise in mortgage and consumer
lending are vital to the banks strategic growth and
have led to this much deserved promotion.
A seasoned banking professional, Lore has been
a vital member of the Century Savings Bank
Lending team for the past 23 years. During her
tenure at Century Savings Bank, Megan has served
in various positions in the Banks Operations and Lending Departments. Lores
comprehensive knowledge of the financial industry and sound lending practices
led to her promotion to Assistant Vice President of Mortgage Lending in 2007. In
her role as Vice President, Lore will be responsible for growing the Banks mortgage and consumer loan portfolio and managing operations of the Mortgage and
Consumer Loan Department.
Megans impressive array of experience in mortgage lending makes her a
very valuable asset in the Century Savings Bank team, said David J. Hemple,
President and CEO of Century Savings Bank. Her strong analytical skills coupled with her passion for delivering good customer service make her a perfect
choice for Century Savings Bank and our customers in southern New Jersey.

Includes soup
or salad

Includes soup or
salad & dessert

601 E. Landis Ave. Vineland

856-696-3412 landisdiner.com
Open Every Day 7am8pm

Over 12 Companies to
Better Serve You!
Best CoverageBest Pricing!
Live Person on PhoneExcellent
Customer Service
Family Owned and OperatedServing
the Community for Over 45 Years


(856) 696-1698 FAX (856) 691-8693

Mario J. Ruiz-Mesa, A.A.I.

Get a jump on
Fertilizer programs
Cleanups Lawn Maintenance
for the 2015 season

(856) 466-4266

LSA team from left: Anthony Tobolski, LSA Engineering/Construction Technician;

Thomas Merighi, Jr., LSA Chairman; David Kennedy, LSA Superintendent; Dennis Palmer,
LSA Executive Director; Gerry Savidge, JSH International; Jeff Beach, NJ Dept. of
Agriculture; and William Quigley, LSA Asst. Superintendent.
At podium, from left: Dennis Palmer, LSA Exec Dir; Thomas Merighi Jr., LSA Chairman.

I Downtown Vineland

Laughs on
Keeping you in stitches for a great cause

Friday, April 3rd


Crabs & Spaghetti Dinner

Crabs Steamed
Clams Raw Clams
Red or White Sauce
Salad, Bread & Butter

Platters Available
Doors open at 6pm
Take Outs 5:30

Clockwise from
above: Dave Evans,
Dennis Ross and
Gary Keshner.

For more information on Main Street

Vinelands events and activities, call 856-7948653 or visit www.mainstreetvineland.org, or
check them out on Facebook. You can also
e-mail rswanson@vinelandcity.org.

For More Information Call 692-9862


on the Lodge Grounds S. East Ave. & Virano La., Vld, NJ

Chef Fredric

(856) 213-7624

N Events for 2 200

N Full Service Catering
N Bridal Parties
N Rehearsal Dinners
N Engagement Parties
N Bachelor &
Bachelorette Parties

When Your Taste Demands the Very Best

Now Accepting Orders for

Passover & Easter

N Formal to Casual Barbeques to Banquets N
N Let Us Do the Work So You Dont Have To N
N Call for Menus and Information N
Specialty Diets, including:

Celiac, Vegetarian, Vegan,

Lactose Intolerance, Low Sodium

N Specializing in Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes N

the grapevine { 7 }

You get all this for

just $30 per person.
We can give you a
table for your party
of eight for $200.
While youre laughing, know that your
money will be going toward the revitalization of our downtown. You can get tickets
by going to www.mainstreetvineland.org or
the Main Street Vineland Facebook page
and clicking on the event link. Tickets are
also available at the Main Street Vineland
office, or by calling the office at 856-7948653. Sponsorship opportunities for the
show are also available.
Dont forget about our Get Acquainted
with Main Street Meet-and-Greet coming
up this Thursday, March 26, from 5:30 to
8 p.m. at the Main Street Vineland office,
603 E. Landis Avenue. Its the perfect
opportunity to make friends, network, and
find out what we do in Main Street
Vineland. Bring a friend or two. Wed love
to know whether youre coming, so RSVP
by going to our website and clicking on
the event link for a free ticket/reminder.
You can also stop by our office or e-mail
me at rswanson@vinelandcity.org.
Make downtown Vineland your destination for shopping, entertainment, and
fun all year round. To save additional
money, purchase a Main Street Vineland/
Landis MarketPlace Loyalty Card. I

Bring your own Containers


ho doesnt like to laugh? Well,

have we got some great comics
for you wholl give your funny
bone a thorough tickling! Main Street
Vineland will be presenting Laughs on
Landis on Thursday, April 16, at Grant
Plaza, 619 E. Landis Avenue, in Vineland.
Those of you whove attended our
comedy shows in past years will know
that youre in for a hilarious evening of
entertainment and, while you laugh, youll
also be helping our cause in making
downtown Vineland the best it can be.
The evening will start with some light
snacks and cash bar at a happy hour beginning at 5:30 p.m. Thats just to get you
warmed up for the main event. The show
starts at 7 p.m. and this is what youll get:
Headlining the show will be The
Jersey Comic Dennis Ross, a favorite in
comedy clubs from coast to coast. Hes
been around the comedy circuit for 20
years, working with everyone from Lewis
Black to Chris Rock, and has opened for
the Beach Boys. Hes worked throughout
North America, and for the troops in
Japan, Korea, and Iraq. Hes made numerous television appearances, including a
half dozen on Canadas Comedy Network.
Youll like his unique take on everyday life.
Straight from Brooklyn, Gary Keshner
will supply his self-deprecating humor in
Loves Loveable Loser, which has made
him a favorite everywhere he performs.
Hes been the featured comedian in NBCs
Janes New York and appeared in the film
Last Night in Brooklyn as Lil Phil, the mob
boss, and the voiceover for Moo. Hes also
performed in shows with comics such as Al
Lubell, Don MacArthur, and Paul Venier.
Tying all this zaniness together will be
emcee Dave Evans, known as The
Worlds Funniest Accountantjust the
right touch for the day after Tax Day!
From doing a stand-up job as a genuine
CPA from Cherry Hill, hes become a successful stand-up comic. He made his
debut at the Comedy Crap Shoot at
Atlantic Citys Taj Mahal in late March
and, before that he appeared at the
Comedy Cabaret Northeast in
Philadelphia in February, as well as at
other venues in the Delaware Valley area.

STILL the Leader


Aordable Healthcare

I Vintage Vineland


A Poet From Here

Poet Anne Waldman is a native of Millville.

For over 15 years,
CDI has been your local leader in radiology services:
STILL the Lowest Radiology Prices in Cumberland County
STILL the Best Technology with the region's most advanced
Wide Bore MRI, Low Dose CT Scanner, PET/CT and more
STILL the Most Experienced Radiologists
1450 E. Chestnut AWFt#MEH 4VJUFA

1119 Hwy 77, Carlls CorneStBldg 2, Suite C
(Across from WalMart)


Shailendra Desai, M.D. NPI 1073553152
NJ State License 25MA04122300

Ernesto Go, M.D. NPI 1265489207

NJ State License 25MA02907100


Ajay Munjal, M.D. NPI 1972550911

NJ State License 25MA5574100


Steven Rothfarb, M.D. NPI 1285674358

NJ State License 25MA03531300

Satish Shah, M.D. NPI 1730129826

NJ State License 25MA03178300

guide you . . .

Construction Loans

NJ 1st Time Home Buyers

Loans with credit scores of 620 and above


{ 8 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

for Pre-Qualification on a Loan or for more information

(856) 692-9494


1117 E. Landis Avenue, Vineland
The Original Office of Gateway Funding that has Serviced Cumberland County for 20 years.

Licensed by the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance

Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services L.P. NMLS #355360

ith the start of National

Poetry Month about a
week away, well take a
look at Millvilles most
notable contribution to the literary world.
While a resident in this South Jersey town
for only about five years, Anne Waldman
carries with her the biographical note that
she is a native of Millville, New Jersey.
Waldman was born on April 2, 1945, in
a town well known for its glass factories.
World War II was in its final phases and
the staid poetry of America was about to
be assaulted by a group of writers looking
to carve a new style and attitude into the
Much of the backgrouand of Waldmans
parents, John and Frances, has faded with
time, but we do know some facts.
According to Waldmans website, her
father was a professor of journalism and
literature at Pace College and a speed-reading expert. Her mother was a translator
and the former wife of Glaucos Sikelianos,
the son of Greek poet/dramatist and Nobel
candidate Angelos Sikelianos. Genealogical
studies show that Frances Le Fevre first
married in 1929 at the age of 19. The following year, she gave birth to a son, Mark.
In 1939, while her marriage ended in
divorce, she co-translated her father-inlaws book Dithyramb of the Rose. She married John Waldman in 1944.
According to Waldman, her mother
scrimped to send her to art classes at
the Museum of Modern Art after they
arrived in New York Citys Greenwich
Village, and treated her to a variety of
artistic events, including ballet, modern
dance and classical music concerts. She
has described her parents as sufficiently
original and found them supportive of
her literary interests. Waldman and her
younger brother Carl began attending
Grace Church School in seventh grade. At
this early age, according to Elizabeth H.
Oakes in her book American Writers,
Waldman was already reading
Shakespeare and Moliere and debating the
merits of both writers as well as contemporary politics.
Waldman attended high school at
Friends Seminary, editing the school
newspaper, The Oblivion, and contributing
to The Stove, the literary magazine, as well
as becoming a subscriber to such periodicals as the Evergreen Review and the
Village Voice. Attending Bennington

College in Vermont, she studied literature

under Howard Nemerov and Bernard
Malamud. During a 1965 trip to California,
an experience she admits changed the
direction of her life, Waldman met Lewis
Warsh, a fellow writer whom she would
marry. The couple spent the next five
years establishing a literary publication
and book company, both titled Angel Hair.
In the late 1960s, Waldman would also
serve as an assistant to Joel Oppenheimer,
the director of the St. Marks Church-inthe-Bowery poetry project, the program
that featured leading Beat poets as well as
younger artists like Patti Smith throughout the next decades. Within two years,
Waldman became director of the project
and served in that capacity until 1978. It
was during the 1970s that she began to
feature her own work in the series, drawing the attention of such writers as poet
Allen Ginsberg.
By the time she left her job at St. Marks,
her performance poem Fast Speaking
Woman, inspired by the chanting of the
Mazatec Indian shamaness, had earned
her even more attention. The piece was
not only published by City Lights Books,
Lawrence Ferlinghettis book company, but
also featured in Bob Dylans 1978 film
Renaldo and Clara in which Waldman is
heard reciting the poem over Toronto
street scenes that follow the Renaldo character: Im the twilight woman/The trumpet woman/Im the rapier woman/Im the
volatile womanThe detonating
woman/The thunder woman/The demon
music thunder rolling street woman.
In the mid-1970s, Waldman and
Ginsberg co-founded the Jack Kerouac
School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa
Institute (now known as Naropa
University) in Boulder, Colorado. Its
founding principles involved melding
poetry and meditation. Today, she is a
Distinguished Professor of Poetics there
and the Director of the institutions summer writing program.
Waldman married Reed Bye in 1980.
Most recently, she is a recipient of a 2013
Guggenheim Fellowship and the Poetry
Society of Americas Shelley Memorial
Award. She also was appointed a
Chancellor of The Academy of American
Poets. And as the former Millville residents website proudly proclaims, the
Huffington Post has named her one of the
top advocates for American poetry. I

Star Bound Gymnasts Place Second at States

The Level 4 team from
Star Bound Gymnastics
Academy in Deerfield
Township came in 2nd place
at the State Championships
out of 50 teams. Their team
total of 114.35, was only .1
off of the 1st place team.
Gymnasts competing on the
level 4 team were: Brooke
Lancetta, Ava Foster, Emily
Ford, Mikayla Otero, Olivia Crabtree, Julia Heath, Angelina Stanfa, Talia Battavio,
Becca Roscoe, Brooke Watt, Cami Kwap, Peyton Hastings and Aly Sobczak.
Brooke Lancetta was State Champion in the 10-year-old age group winning 1st
place on the beam with a 9.825, 1st on floor with a 9.775 and 1st All-Around with a
38.35. All 3 of these scores broke the NJ State Records. Brooke also placed 4th on
bars and 5th on the vault.
Ava Foster won 1st place on the balance beam with a 9.7 in the 9 year old age
group. Ava came in 2nd in the state with an All-Around score of 37.9. She also
placed 3rd on bars, 5th on the floor and 6th on vault.
Also, in the 9-year-old age group Emily Ford won 2nd place on the floor with a
9.625, 4th on bars with a 9.525, 5th on vault with a 9.3, and 4th over all.
Julia Heath was state champion in the 11+ age group on the floor with a 9.475.
Julia took 2nd on bars with a 9.525 and won 7th overall.
Becca Roscoe placed 2nd on the floor in the 11+ age group with a 9.45.
All of the gymnasts from Star Bound had a fabulous meet and contributed to
the success of their team. Many of these girls have now advanced through level 5
and will be competing level 6 for the remainder of the season.

278 S. Delsea Drive Vineland, NJ 08360

Mon. Fri. 85
Sat. 912 Closed Sun.

(856) 691-8780

2015 Husqvarna AB. All rights reserved

Bra Collection Benefits


Cape Residents Visit

Vineland Museum

the grapevine { 9 }

More than 20 visitors affiliated with Cape

Mays Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and
toured the
Historical and Antiquarian Society museum. The
group spent most of the morning at the museum,
where they enjoyed the exhibits, before stopping
by the Landis Marketplace.


The Woman's Club of

Vineland,collected42 new and
slightly used bras to send to an
organization called "Free the Girls.
This is a non-profit organization that
helps women and girls around the
world who have become slaves/victims to sex trafficking and prostitution. There are safe houses and care
facilities that provide comprehensive
rehabilitation and education opportunities to survivors, but often their resources are limited.Why bras? By the
women selling bras at second hand clothing stores, they can make up to five
times the minimum wage in their community and be able to support and
create a new life forthemselves.Norene Ritter, pictured left, International
Outreachchairperson for the Woman's Club of Vineland took on this worthwhile organization.Doris Schalick is at right in photo.
The Woman's Club of Vineland will hold their next business meeting on April
13 at 7 p.m. at their club house on the corner of Washington Ave. and Main Rd.


Italian Cultural Foundation April Events


All events will be held at 468 Wheat Road in Vineland

St PAWtricks Day at Kavanagh's.

Thursday, April 2, at 7 p.m.

MonthlyGeneral Meeting with annual HomemadeRed Wine Tasting
Competition. Awards for first, second and third place.

Kavanagh's Irish Pub 326 Dutch Mill Rd.,

Malaga. Who doesn't like a St Patrick's
day party? And who doesn't like animals? So why not join us for a great
evening out that covers both things at
once and celebrate while having a HOWLING good time! Food and drink specials,
live music. Proceeds directly benefit the

Prostrate Cancer Support Group.

Inspira Medical Center, 1505 W. Sherman
Ave., Vineland. 57 p.m. (Attendees,
please enter at main hospital lobby; staff
will direct you to the event. Support
group is joining the Endoscopy
Department at Inspira, Vineland with a
free colon cancer program and open
house with presentations, raffles and
healthy refreshments.

Southern District Performing Arts

Day. Millville Woman's Club, 300 "E" St.,
Millville. Registration starts at 9 a.m.See
members of the clubs sing, do skits,
recite poetry, lip-sync, etc. $3; there will
be a continental breakfast, bring a bag
lunch. 856-825-0066.

VHS Poetry Slam Club Performance.

Vineland Public Library, 1058 E. Landis
Ave., Vineland. 57 p.m. Watch members
of Vineland High Schools Poetry Slam
Club perform original poetry. 856-7944244, ext. 4246.

Thursday, April 9, at 7 p.m.

Cultural Presentation, "The Origin of the Medici Family in Florence and
Their Social Economic Impact on the world and the Renaissance,"presented by Vincent Marolda
Intermediate Italian Course with Instructor John Finizio. Classes every
Monday, from 7 to 8 p.m., for eight consecutive weeks, through April 27.
This class will continue to build upon the instruction from the prior Fall
Italian session. The class will focus on vocabulary, simple grammar and
discussion of Italian culture. Even though the class is a continuation of the
last session, beginners are encouraged to join. The cost for eight sessions
in $50 or free for members.

National Nutrition Month Healthy

Cooking Class. Inspira Fitness
Connection, 1430 W. Sherman Ave.,
Vineland. 12:30 p.m. Inspiras registered
dietitians Diana Wind, R.D.N., chef and
Diana Alvarado, R.D., will teach attendees how to make affordable and nutritious snacks with 200 calories or less.
$3 per person. Seating limited, registration required. 856-507-2726.

VHS Senior Class Fundraiser at

Chick-fil-A. In front of Cumberland
Mall, Vineland. 58 p.m. During that
time, 15 percent of all sales will be
donated to the senior class. Includes
dine in, drive thru, and carry out. Simply
say, "I'm here for the Vineland Senior
Class" before ordering. Funds will be
used to support end of the year activities
for the students. mbanko@vineland.org


{ 10 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

In the Garden with Beatrix Potter.


Franklin Township Library, 1584 coles

Mille Rd., Franklinville. 6:157:15 p.m.
Storyteller Kathryn Ross brings the
famous childrens author to life. Open to
ages 12 and up. RSVP by 3/23 to 856694-2833.

The Secrets of Beekeeping. Luther

Coffee House. VHS South Cafeteria,


2880 E. Chestnut Ave., 68 p.m.

Vineland High Red Cross Club
hosts.Coffee, donuts, baked goods and
entertainment. Tickets $2 for children,
$3 for adults. Purchase through a Red
Cross Club member or at the door. Part
of proceeds will benefit Disaster Relief
Fund. sderose@vineland.org.

Walks in the Woods. Delaware Bay/

Heislerville Wildlife Management Area at
Matts Landing, Cumberland County. 10
a.m. Sponsored by the South Jersey
Land & Water Trust as part of its monthly Walks in the Woods series. Join
SJLWT staff member Michael Hogan for
a two-hour guided tour. Family-friendly,
free for SJLWT members, $3 per nonmember. RSVP to Michael Hogan via email:

Get Acquainted With Main Street

Meet-and-Greet. Main Street Vineland
office, 603 E. Landis Ave., Vineland.
5:308 p.m. Make friends, add connections, and become a part of downtown
Vineland renewal. RSVP: 856-794-8653
or e-mail at rswanson@vinelandcity.org.

Acres, 560 Sarah Pl., Vineland. 7 p.m.

Vineland Nature Club meeting with Tom
Shephard of Sheps Honey. All are welcome, especially young people and children.

Yard Sale on High Street. Millville. 8

a.m3 p.m. Arts, crafts, flea market
finds, household items, vintage, jolly

junkers, food and music. Animal groups,

bring your adoptable pets.

Church Landing Farm Museum and

Library Seasonal Reopening.
Townsend Annex, 86 Church Landing
Rd., Pennsville. 13 p.m. The Pennsville
Historical Society kicks off the re-opening. Local artists will show artwork. Meet
the artists. Farm House and annexes will
be open to tour. Light refreshments
served. 856-678-6435 or 856-381-2510

American Vegan Society Spring
Celebration Dinner. Caremes, Atlantic
Cape Community College, Black Horse
Pike, Mays Landing. 6:30 p.m. The gourmet dinner menu and information are
online at www.americanvegan.org or
phone 856-694-2887. Early reservations


Dance Cancer Away Zumbathon.

Dedication Ceremony of VHS South

Entranceway. VHS South, 2880 E.

Inspira Fitness Connection, 1430 W.

Sherman Ave., Vineland. 11 a.m1 p.m.
Zumbathon charity event. Support Relay
for Life team Angel of Hope. Registration
$10. Door prizes.

Chestnut Ave., Vineland. 6 p.m. It will be

decicated in honor of Charles Chalky
Ottinger, a former teacher, coach, athletic
director and superintendent of Vineland
Public Schools. All welcome to attend.

I'm Every Woman - Women's Health

Fair! Cornerstone Community Church,

Teen Dungeons and Fandoms

Program. Bridgeton Public Library, 150

801 N. High St., Millville. 10 a.m.2 p.m.

Rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Spirit!!!
Join Tina Graves & W.E.I for this free
event. Everyone is welcome. Free giveaways. 856-765-5587.

Soup, Bake and Rummage Sale.

Newport United Methodist Social Hall,
340 Methodist Rd., Newport. 9:3012:30
p.m. Churchs Womens Association will
sell homemade soups and baked goods.
Seafood soups $10 per quart. All other
soups and chili $8 per quart. Advance
orders available by calling 447-4679.

All You Can Eat Breakfast. Union

Hall, 904 Main St., Dividing Creek.
710:30 a.m. Eggs, sausage gravy, chip
beef gravy, potatoes, sausage, pancakes,
biscuits, toast, muffins and beverage
served. $8, for kids 3-8 $4, 2 and under
free. Sponsored by Dividing Creek
Historical Society. Proceeds benefit
Union Hall. 856-447-4470.

LEGOPalooza 4-H Brick Fair.
Cumberland County 4-H Center, 291
Morton Ave., Millville. 24 p.m. The
Bridgeton Library and Cumberland
County 4-H partner to present this free
family event. Hands-on activities, screenings of Brick Films, and a LEGO contest.
Advance registration is requested. cumberland4h.org or 856-451-2800 ext. 3.

E. Commerce St., Bridgeton. 6 p.m.

Teens, ages 12-18, are invited to role play
as characters from their favorite fandoms
in this unique take on Dungeons and
Dragons. Registration is required. 856451-2620, or visit

Great Books Discussion. Millville Public
Library, 210 Buck St., Millville. 13 p.m.

Festival of Vendors & Crafters.
Millville Woman's Club, 301 E. St.,
Millville. 10 a.m.3 p.m. Millville
Woman's Club TEAM is sponsoring.
Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warriors
Project and ARC of Cumberland County.
Bake sale, Chinese auction and hot dogs,
chips and soda sale.

Second Sundays Meet The
Author Joseph A. Grabas. Warren and
Reba Lummis Genealogical & Historical
Library, 981 Ye Greate St., Greenwich. 2
p.m. Sponsored by the Cumberland
County Historical Society, hosting an
author who has written about the areas
history. Grabas recently published book,
Owning New Jersey: Historic Tales of War,
Property Disputes and he Pursuit of
Happiness, will be available for sale and
signing. Free and open to the public.

Ramoth Church (Vineland Nazarene)
is sponsoring a NYC bus trip on
Saturday, April 11. Depart from
church at 8 a.m. and return 8 p.m.
Choice of dropoff locations: Radio city,
Central Park or Canal Street. $45 per
person includes transportation, coffee,
doughnuts, water, snacks, and driver
gratuity. Door prizes, movie on ride
home. Call 856-358-9124.
St. Padre Pio Senior Club in
Vineland is sponsoring a bus trip to
see the play Moses on Thursday,
April 16 at Sight & Sound Theatre in
Lancaster, PA. Seats are still available.
Cost is $93pp and includes, deluxe
Motor Coach, reserved seating for 2:45
p.m. show, 6 p.m. dinner at Shady
Maple Restaurant, all taxes, meal and
bus gratuity. Bus departs Rosary Hall,
4680 Dante Avenue, Vineland, at 12
p.m. If you are interested in going or
for more information, call Rosemary
Nestor at 856-226-3451.
The Friends of Vineland Public
Library are offering their popular bus
trip to Washington, D.C. and
Alexandria, Virginia on Saturday,
April 25. Visit the National Shrines
and Smithsonian Museums in
Washington and soak up the atmosphere of restored 17th and 18th century buildings in Alexandria. The cost
is $41 which includes transportation
and helpful handouts. Please call the

library at 794-4244 ext. 4734

(Monday through Friday from 9-5) for
more information or stop in to purchase tickets. All proceeds benefit
the Vineland Public Library.
Grandparents Association of
Edgarton Christian Academy is hosting a bus trip to Ellis Island and the
Statue of Liberty on Saturday, April
25. Tickets for coach bus ride and
boat ride to Ellis Island/Statue of
Liberty are $55 for children 4 to 12,
$65 for Senior Citizens, and $70 for
those 13 and over. Bus leaves ECA
parking lot at 7:30 a.m. and returns
approximately 8 p.m. after stopping
at Mastoris in Bordentown for dinner
on your own. Call Linda Adler @ 856697-3231 for further details.
The Vineland Baseball Parent
Assoc. will sponsor a show trip to
Resorts Casino, Wednesday, May 13.
"The Neverly Brothers": A Rock N Roll
Evolution from a guided musical tour
from the Beetles to Elvis. Bus leaves
parking lot on Lincoln and Dante
Avenue, 1780 Lincoln Avenue
Vineland at 10:15 a.m. and picks up
at Buena Garden, 114 W Arctic Ave,
Minotola, NJ at 10:30 a.m. Cost of
the trip is $20. Trip includes $10 slot
play and show ticket. Bus leaves
Resorts at 5:15 p.m. Call 856-6919194 for reservations or mail a check
payable to The Vineland Baseball
Parent Assoc. 2059 Venezia Avenue
Vineland 08361


For details about these reunions, e-mail or call the numbers provided.

The Delsea Regional High School Class of 1965 will be holding its 50th
year reunion on Sunday, October 25 (Homecoming Weekend), at Aulettos in
Almonesson, NJ, 1849 Cooper Street from 2 to 6 p.m. There will be additional activities planned throughout the weekend. More information will follow as
plans are finalized. Classmates and those wishing to attend are asked to provide their email and/or mailing addresses so the Reunion Committee can
contact you. For more information, please telephone Louanne Gerlack Straus,
856-589-6557 or email at lgs508w@aol.com or Monica Burgess Zuba, 856694-1112 or email at mazuba@comcast.net.

Casey Coleman
Saturday, April 18th
6:30 p.m.
~ Tickets ~
Country Buffet
including BBQ ribs
and chicken,
per person Tex-Mex, taco bar,
rice and beans
Plus much more...


Come kick up your boots at:

Merighis Savoy Inn

Landis & Union Roads Vineland, NJ 08360

For tickets call St. Padre Pio Parish

(856) 691-7526


We offer the Intralase technology, 100% Blade free
Custom LASIK... So RELAX! says Dr. Tyson. Ask for a
FREE consultation with me. See
you soon!


0% Financing - 12 or 24 Months
Eye Associates realizes you want
quality care at an affordable price!

Sydney L. Tyson, MD, MPH

OUR OTHER LOCATIONS: Cherry Hill (856) 482-5797
Blackwood (856) 227-6262 Hammonton (609) 567-2355
Mays Landing (609) 909-0700 Toll Free 1-800-922-1766


251 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland, NJ 08361

the grapevine { 11 }

Buena Regional High School Class of 1980 is celebrating their 35th reunion.
Friday, November 27 at the Greenview Inn at Eastlyn Golf Course, 4049 Italia
Ave., Vineland. All class members are urged to attend, planned the day after
Thanksgiving. Hoping to get a fantastic turnout. For more information please
contact, Judy Testa at jtesta13@gmail.com-856-498-0336 or Sharon Galbiati
at Brunozzisbg@comcast.net 609-381-6178.

Featuring Country Western recording artist


The 50th reunion for the Sacred Heart and Vineland High School Classes
of 1965 is approaching. The main event, including dinner and dancing, is
scheduled for October 10, at the Greenview Inn at Eastlyn Golf Course in
Vineland. There will be additional activities planned throughout the weekend.
More information will follow as plans are finalized. Classmates are asked to
provide their email and/or mailing addresses so that the Reunion Committee
can contact you. Call Dave or Elaine Crowell at 856-697-2851, or send email
with your contact info to: vhs1965@yahoo.com or mail to: David Crowell,102
Woodlawn Dr., Newfield, NJ 08344.

Country Western Dance

Susan Laura Rios, 63, passed away on

March 7. She was born in New York to
the late Earnest and Doris Clark. She
loved her job as a school bus driver.
She is survived by her husband of 17
years, Pedro A. Rios, of Mt. Jackson, VA,
Keith Harris (MaryAnn) of Vineland,
William Benivegna (Lori) of Vineland,
Amanda Cugini (Tommy) of Buena, and
Jesse Bonilla (Nicole) of Waxhaw, NC,
two stepsons, Gabe and Jesse Rios of
NJ, and 13 grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband William
Benivegna and sister Nancy Jones.
Barbara A. Kroelinger, 76 of Vineland,
went to be with the Lord on February 13,
at Cumberland Manor, Hopewell, NJ.
Barbara was born to the late Neal and
Nellie T. (Ballard) Saxton, she was raised
in Milmay. Barbara was a Vineland High
graduate, Class of 1956. She worked as
a licensed practical nurse for over 40
years. Barbara was an active member of
the South Vineland United Methodist
Church. She was very artistic and loved
to sketch and oil paint.
Valerie Vicki DeFuria Ingles, 73 , of
Buena went home on the wings of the
angels on February 13, after a brief illness. She was born in Washington, DC
to the late Charles and Helen (McClary)
Black. Vicki worked as a nurse at the
Vineland Developmental Center for
many years. Before retiring, she was a
nurse in long term care and worked
with special needs and critically ill children. She loved spending time with her
husband, children, grandchildren and
great grandchildren.
Sergey Babenko, 85 of Vineland went to
be with his Lord on February 13 with his
family by his side. Sergey was laid to

rest at Siloam Cemetery, Vineland.

Rose (Merlock) Rosa, 98, passed away
on February 14, in Spokane, WA. Rose
was born to Philip and Amelia Merlock
in Dorothy, NJ. On June 27, 1937 she
married Amerigo Rosa, and moved to
Vineland where they farmed and raised
their family. Rose went to work for Maul
Technologies in 1969 until her retirement in 1984. For the past 10 years
Rose lived with her sons in Salt Lake
City, UT and Spokane, WA but her heart
never left New Jersey. Stephanie Marie
Hatten (Capo), 59, passed away peacefully on February 14, after a courageous
battle with cancer. Stephanie was a
graduate of Sacred Heart High and a
lifelong Vineland resident. She was a
voracious reader, counting mysteries
and crime novels as favorite genres.
She enjoyed many trips to Aruba over
the years, her very favorite spot in the
entire world was Strathmere Beach. Her
children were her greatest source of joy.
Leonard Sepers, 92, of Newfield passed
away Monday, February 16, at Bishop
McCarthy Residence. He was born in
Shiloh to the late Cornelius and
Gertrude (Oudshoorn) Sepers Leonard
grew up in Vineland and attended
Vineland Public Schools. In 1942 he
enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard. He
served on the USAT Dorchester that was
torpedoed off the coast of Greenland.
He was one of only 230 survivors. Upon
his discharge, he joined the family business, Sepers Nursery which celebrated
its 90th Anniversary in 2014. He was a
member of Saint Rose of Lima Parish in
Newfield where he served as a lector for
25 years. After retirement, he enjoyed
traveling with his wife Cecilia.

Pedro Morales, 82 of Vineland, passed

away peacefully on February 18, at his
home surrounded by his loving family.
Born in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, he was a
resident of Vineland for over 50 years and
retired from Progresso Quality Foods after
37 years of work. Pedro enjoyed spending
time with family members, equestrian
sports, and the company of his wife.
Vicki Lynn (Seidel) McCrory, 56, of
Franklinville, passed away February 19,
at her home surrounded by her loving
family. She was born on U.S. Air Force
Base in Wiesbaden, Germany to William
E. Seidel and Jaunice Zimmerman, both
of Millville, NJ. Vicki lived most of her
life in Millville and Franklinville, NJ. She
graduated from Delsea Regional High in
1977 and worked as a purchasing agent.
She loved watching football, especially
her favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens.
Theodore S. Krause, 103, of Vineland,
died in his home, surrounded by his
loved ones, on February 19. He was born
in Philadelphia to the late Mary and
David Krause. Ted was the middle son of
five children, four boys and one girl, all
who predeceased him. Ted attended the
National Agricultural College and
became a farmer on Garden Road. He
married Miriam Toplin. They had two
daughters, Judie and Linda. He swam
daily at the YMCA until recently.

Obituary & Memorial Policy

The Grapevine publishes abbreviated obituaries at no charge. Full-length obituaries are published for an added fee. Contact The Grapevine at (856) 4577815 or your funeral director for more information.
Memorial announcements are also published for a nominal fee. Contact The
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Friendly Service Great Prices

We Accept Food Stamps EBT
Hours: MonSat 8 am 7 pm Sun 9 am2 pm

{ 12 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Harry L. Morris Sr., passed away peacefully on February 16, at home surrounded by his loving family. Harry was born
in Scranton PA o the late John and Rose
(Richards) Morris. He moved to Newark,
NJ at the age of 9 and recently moved
to Vineland NJ in August 2014. Harry's
memory will live on with his wife and
true love, Marie (SanFilippo) Morris,
Best canine pal Bogie, Sister Jean
DeVesa of Toms River, NJ and Brother
Richard Morris of Woodbridge NJ, along
with his children, grandchildren and
great grandchildren. He was a dedicated
patriot and Veteran of the US Army
serving from 1953-1955 during the
Korean War. He participated in performances for the troops. Later in life, Harry
became District Manager of Finance at
AT&T, Morristown, NJ and retired after
25 years.
Sandra L. (Litwack) Osborne, 76, of
Vineland passed away peacefully at
home on February 16. A lifelong resident of Vineland, she was born to the
late William and Marion (Plaien)
Litwack. She graduated from Vineland
High School in 1957. Sandra retired
from the Cumberland Board of Social
Services after working for 12 years as a
senior clerk. Sandra enjoyed spending
time with family and friends, especially
her grandchildren.

Visit us at our 2nd location: 6531 Crescent Blvd. Pennsauken 856-330-4325

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We Buy
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2 acres of Farmland
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For Rent
Individual wanted to
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Vineland. No charge
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$100 security
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Real Estate
Condo for Rent - over 55,
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Joshua Tree & Lawn.
Insured tree removal crane
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Bikes Wanted
Have a bike taking up
space in your home?
Please consider donating
it. The Vineland Rotary
Club has partnered with
Pedals for Progress to
export bikes to third-world
countries where they are
needed for transportation.
Also collecting treadle and
portable sewing machines.
Contact Henry Hansen at
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the grapevine { 13 }

Seeking Truck Drivers

Class A or B
ask for Mark or email

Contents of House for

Sale. Living Room
Couch and Chair, 5
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Farmland Avail.

The Greater Vineland

Chamber of
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We have excellent
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This weeks


Jackpot increases by $25 each week if

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2. Having heard rumor
that the only witness has
died, plaintiff's _ case
will likely be settled out
of court.
5. Following crisis, officials had a dilemma on
their hands trying to figure out how best to get _
moving again.
6. It's great to have _
whenever it's needed.
8. Defense lawyer
knows that at trial, what
children _ of the murder
victim at time of the
crime will strongly affect
the jury.
12. According to popular
mystery writer, the thief's
actions in his stories are
usually meant to _ detectives.
13. Amphibian.
14. Shock.
15. Husband says, "Show
me a sunny _ by the sea
in July, and I'll show you
a happy man."
17. During a conference,
it may seem clear to an
impatient person that _
talk is useless.
19. If the _ remains hidden, it can be very
20. If fully exposed, _
can be blown about by
gusty winds.
21. To be able to depend
on someone whose _ is

always reliable can be


week. Winners agree to permit use of

their names and photos by SJFCU and/or
The Grapevine.
5. Entries can be mailed to South Jersey
Federal Credit Union, Attn: Prizeweek
Puzzle, PO Box 5429, Deptford, NJ
08096, or dropped off 24 hours a day,
7 days a week in the vestibule of SJFCU,
106 W. Landis Avenue, Vineland. Mailed
entries must be received by SJFCU no
later than 10 am on the Monday following the Wednesday publication of the
Prizeweek Puzzle. Entries dropped off at
the SJFCU Vineland branch must be
received no later than 8:30 am on the
Monday following the Wednesday publication of the Prizeweek Puzzle. SJFCU
assumes no responsibility for late or lost
6. South Jersey Federal Credit Union
reserves the right to issue additional
instructions in connection with the
Prizeweek Puzzle. All such instructions
are to become part of the official rules.
Visit www.SouthJerseyFCU.com for list of
additional rules.



1. In vaudeville shows,
the audience expected _
to bring on the laughs
and keep things lively.
2. Through the window,
wife points out how her
husband, meticulously
working with garden
bushes, always has to _
off deadwood.
3. A snooze.
4. Since he's an attractive, confident young
man, if he sees _ girl at
party, it won't deter his
flirtatious behavior.
7. Preparing meals
using a traditional _ has
been a major feature of
British estates for centuries.
9. After buying a new
outfit, university student
has second thoughts
about the _.
10. Scheme.
11. "I knew I wouldn't
like it," states petulant
child after
tasting _.
14. Getting from one
point to another will usuTHIS LIST INCLUDES, AMONG OTHERS,
ally take longer the more
_ there are along the
16. Furthermore.
18. Behind.


The answers to last weeks puzzle
are below. For a detailed explanation
of the answers to last weeks puzzle
and additional rules, visit
{ 14 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

1. Solve the puzzle just as you would in

any crossword puzzle. Choose from each
printed clue the word that best fits the
definition. Write the answers in the blank
space provided in each puzzle until all
spaces have been filled in.
2. The number of entries that can be submitted each week from any single household (mailing address) is limited to ten
(10). No facsimiles, photocopies or reproductions will be accepted. Only original
newspaper entry forms will be accepted.
3. Anyone is eligible to enter except
employees/directors of South Jersey
Federal Credit Union (SJFCU) and The
Grapevine and their immediate families.
Prizeweek Puzzle jackpot winners and
members of their household (mailing
address) are also ineligible to win future
4. A basic prize of $50.00 will be
awarded to the winner(s) of each weekly
Prizeweek Puzzle. In the case of multiple
winners, the prize money will be shared.
If no correct puzzle entries are received,
$25.00 will be added the following



Note contest rules at the top of this page.
Readers can deposit their puzzles 24/7
in the drop-slot located in the vestibule of
South Jersey Federal Credit Union,
106 West Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ 08360.
Note: Use a debit card from any financial institution
to gain access to the vestibule drop box after hours.
Entries must be deposited by 8:30 am on Monday.
Or, completed puzzles can mailed to:
South Jersey Federal Credit Union
Prizeweek Puzzle
PO Box 5429
Deptford, NJ 08096-0429
Mailed entries must be received by 10 am on Monday.

Whatever your Easter favorites are, try complementing
them with these sweet rolls.

Heating & Cooling

Your Home

SINCE 1982



Jeanie's Favorite Sweet Rolls

PO Box 645 West Blvd. Newfield, NJ 08344

2 cups scalded and cooled milk

1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp salt
1 pkg dry yeast
2 large eggs
5 to 6 cups Heckers's all purpose
1/2 cup softened unsalted butter

(856) 697-4777
1853 Vine Rd. Vineland

Fax: 856-691-2294

Lightly grease a 9 x 13 or 10 x 10 baking

pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix the first three ingredients. Add yeast
to dissolve. Stir in butter and eggs. Add flour
gradually to form a soft dough. Turn dough
out onto a floured counter and knead for 5 to
7 minutes until dough is smooth and elastic.
Place dough in a buttered bowl, turning to
grease entire surface. Cover and let rise for 1
hour. Punch down dough and shape into
rolls. Let rise 30 to 45 minutes in pan. Bake
in pre-heated oven for 20 to 25 minutes or
until rolls sound hollow when tapped.
Serve warm with your holiday meal and
enjoy! I
Jean Hecker is a full-time travel agent at
Magic Carpet Travels and a part-time foodie.
She has a BA in Home Economics Education
from Rowan University and enjoys exploring
all facets of the food and restaurant industry.
Charles W. Moren t/a Joshua Tree & Lawn
Tree Removal Crane Service
Professional Climbers Storm Clean-up
Yard Clean-up/Maintenance
Quality Work Reasonable Prices
24-hour Emergency Service

phone (856) 794-1783 cell (856) 503-3361

Mar. 2528

SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG! So spring on in to Marcacci for some great savings! We offer high
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$ 99

the grapevine { 15 }


smell of yeast rolls baking in the oven.

I do all of my holiday baking on the
Saturday before Easter and it is usually a
day of remembering as well as for looking
ahead. Make sure that you treat yourself
to real butter when you serve these rolls,
the flavors are simply incredible!
If you cant make your own Easter
goodies, be sure to visit Krust & Crumbs
Bakery and pick up a few treats! I love
their hot-cross buns and Easter cookies!


very time March comes along, I

can't help but remember that
old saying, In like a lion, out
like a lamb, and I try to gauge
the weather for the month by the first few
days. Will there be a lion at my door? Will
the wind howl and roar at night, rattling
the windows and rafters? Or will the wind
be soft and warm as lambs wool caressing
the last few leaves into a capering whirlwind? We started out as a lion and by now,
we have seen what the rest of the month
had in store for us.
We get an early Easter this year and I
cant help but remember Easters past,
memories from my childhood, the Easter
basket filled with Russell Stover Peanut
Butter or Fruit & Nut Eggs, the yellow
marshmallow chicks, the solid chocolate
crosses and bunnies, the Cadbury eggs,
and always, the anticipation of a new
beginning as if the wind carried along
with it a fragrance of fresh breath and a
brand new start.
As I look out of the window, all I see is
a brown world, brown leaves, brown grass,
the weeds and vines of yesterday, just
waiting to be plucked and pruned, some of
them still wrapping themselves around
the trees and sticking up all over the
ground like soldiers guarding the ramparts. Im looking forward to getting out
in the garden this year and I have great
ideas for the flowerbeds and containers.
I think the best cure for the winter
bluesand brownsis planning a feast for
Easter after the long Lenten fast. This
year, along with the traditional Bourbon
Glazed Ham that my mom used to make, I
will make my own homemade dinner
rolls. The recipe was given to me many
years ago and there is nothing like the


Memorials Got Talent Contest.

Red Riding Hood and Other Stories.
WheatonArts, Millville. The New Jersey Theatre Alliance
presents Pushcart Players production. This event is
part of the New Alliances Stages Festival, the states
largest annual theatre festival that provides discounted and free theater performances, workshops and,
events for all ages throughout the month of March.
Red Riding Hood and Other Stories is described by
the theater company as an enchanting musical collection of the classic tales: "The Princess and the Pea,"
"The Emperor's New Clothes," "Little Red Riding
Hood," and "All's Well That Ends Well," told with a
contemporary spin. Innovative settings and sing-along
songs provide the perfect opportunity for involvement
and participation in this fun theatre-going experience.
Show time is 2 p.m. in the WheatonArts Event
Center. Reservations are suggested. For more information about the show, or to make a reservation, call 800-998-4552 or 856-8256800, ext. 100, or visit wheatonarts.org. To learn more about the Pushcart
Players visit pushcartplayers.org. To receive a full schedule of events for The
Stages Festival visit www.stagesfestival.org.

Nightlife at Bennigans. 2196 W.
Landis Ave., Vineland, 205-0010. Karaoke
Thursdays with Bob Morgan, 9 p.m.close. Live music Fridays 9 p.m.-midnight. All Sports Packages: Drink specials
seasonally for MLB Extra Innings, NBA
League Pass, NHL Center Ice, and NFL
Sunday Ticket. Call for RSVP and details.

House Irish Pub. 123 N. High St., Millville,

293-1200. Wed.: Karaoke. Fri.: Pickles Duo
9 p.m. Sat.: Megan Knight 9 p.m.

Nightlife at Ramada. Harry's Pub at

Ramada, W. Landis Ave. and Rt. 55,
Vineland, 696-3800. Wed.: Ladies Night,
1/2 price appetizers all night. Happy Hour
Mon.-Sat, 4-6 p.m. $1 off alcoholic drinks.
Wed.Sat., live entertainment.

Nightlife at MVP Sports. 408 Wheat

Rd., Vineland. 856-697-9825. Food and
drink specials all week. Wed.: Pool tournament, cash prizes. Thurs.: DJ Real Deal.
Fri. Ladies Night 9 p.m.

Nightlife at Tre Bellezze. 363 Wheat

Rd., Vineland. Wed: Ladies Night (karaoke
and free pool. Thurs: Tony Mascara 710
p.m. Fri.: DJ Joe Gorgo from 92.1 WVLT
610 p.m. Sat.: Tony Mascara 7-10 p.m.
Nightlife at The Centerton. Ten22, The
Centerton Country Club & Event Center,
1022 Almond Rd., Pittsgrove. Tues.: Trivia.
Wed.: Country Night, $5. Every third
Thurs.: Comedy Night, $5. Flashback
Fridays with DJ Scott. Sat.: DJ Mooses
Top 40 Songs.

{ 16 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Nightlife at The Cosmopolitan. 3513

S. Delsea Dr., Vineland, 765-5977. Tues.:
Karaoke with KAO Productionz featuring
Kerbie A. (9 p.m.1 a.m.). Wed.: Salsa Night,
Latin-inspired dance party. Thurs.: Singles
Night with DJ Slick Rick. Fri. and Sat.: Top
40 Dance Party with DJ Tony Morris.

Jazz Duos. Annata Wine Bar, Bellevue
Ave., Hammonton, 609-704-9797. Live Jazz
featuring area's best jazz duos. 6:30 9:30 p.m. No cover. RSVP recommended.


Nightlife at Old Oar House. Old Oar

Veterans Memorial Intermediate School,

424 S. Main Rd., Vineland. 7 p.m. The
schools PTO hosts event, featuring
singing, dancing, comedy and more.
Guest judges will be Dr. Mary Gruccio,
Superintendent; Scott English, Board of
Education President; Steven Calakos,
teacher at Petway Elementary School and
director of the Vineland All-Middle School
play; and Melanie Anderson, Vineland
High School theater arts teacher and
director of many VHS productions. Also, a
silent basket auction. All proceeds from
the event will benefit the students of
Memorial School. Tickets $5 per adult, $3
per student. Children 3 and under are
admitted free. 856-305-5420.

Hofenakus Trio. Bogarts Bookstore. 210
N. High St., Millville. Free. Live music 7 p.m.

The Fantasticks. Bridgeton High School,
111 Northwest Ave., Bridgeton. 7 p.m. The
schools Visual and Performing Arts
Department will present the longest running musical in the world. Tickets are $8
and may be purchased at the door.

Don Shaw. Bogarts Bookstore. 210 N.

Nightlife at Bojos Ale House. 222 N.

High St., Millville. Free. Live guitar music 24


High St., Millville, 327-8011. Tues.: Bike

Night with live entertainment. Wed.:
Nick@Nite Open Mic 7 p.m. Fri.: Live
music 9 p.m. Daily drink and food specials.

If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Luciano

Back in the Day Dance Party. Villa
Fazzolari, 821 Harding Hwy. (Rt. 40), Buena.
856-697-7101. 7 p.m.midnight. Five hours
nonstop dance music from 1970s and 80s.

Theatre, Guaracini Performing Arts

Center, Sherman Ave. and College Dr.,
Vineland. 4 p.m. The Centenary Stage
Co. presents this hilarious sequel to If
You Give a Mouse a Cookie, where the
young host is again run ragged by a surprise guest. Young people will delight in
the comic complications that follow

Art Portfolio Callout

This is a call for all young and aspiring artists of southern New Jersey.
Millville High School Fine and
Performing Arts Department, in
cooperation with The Riverfront
Renaissance Center for the Arts, is
co-hosting the first annual Fine Arts
College Fair and Portfolio Review
Night on Thursday, March 26, from
6 to 9 p.m. in the Riverfront
Renaissance Center for the Arts,
located at 22 North High Street
Millville, NJ 08332.
Colleges to attend include:
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine
Arts, Moore College of Art and
Design, Hussian School of Art, The
Art Institute of Philadelphia,
University of the Arts, Stockton
University Studio Arts, and Rowan
University Creative Arts. This event
will give an opportunity for young
artists to be in face to face contact
with college representatives for portfolio review in preparation for
acceptance to art school, an opportunity that has previously only been
available in Philadelphia or by
when the young host entertains a gregarious moose. This production is made
possible by The New Jersey Theatre
Alliances The Stages Festival.
www.njtheatrealliance.org, stagesfestival.org. Stairs are required for access.
Free for all ages, but tickets required for
seating assignment. Online sales are no
longer available for this performance.
Call the Box Office on the day of the performance. Outgoing message will advise
if tickets are available.

Spring Fling Fundraiser. Levoy Theatre,

Dancing with the Staff. Vineland
High School South auditorium, 2880 E.
Chestnut Ave., Vineland 7 p.m. The
seventh annual Vineland High School
performance is sponsored by Project
Graduation. Student and staff duos will
perform an individual routine and a
group dance that will be judged, and
then a finale dance as an exhibition
just before the awards ceremony.
Awards will be presented for Best
Costume, Best Presentation, Best
Choreography, Viewer's Choice Award,
and overall: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
The competitors are: Kal-el
Cartegena and Ms. Sabrina Hirleman;
Angela Doulis and Ms. Adaliz DeJesus;
Erick Guzman and Ms. Maria Alvarado;
Henry Orta and Ms. Alicia Serrano;
Joquan Porter and Ms. Stacey DeRose;

Samaria Silva and Ms. Jordan Pla; and

Anthony Sierra / Neeraja Thakur and
Ms. Vanessa Rasmussen
Tickets are $10 for reserved seats
and $5 for general admission, and may
be purchased from the VHS North
main office, or mail ticket requests
with payment to: VHS Project
Graduation, 3010 E. Chestnut Ave.
Vineland, NJ 08361.
Project Graduation is a free allnight drug and alcohol-free party for
seniors to celebrate their high school
graduation. The location for this celebration is always a secret known only
to a few of the organizers and never
revealed to the students until their
actual arrival at the site.
For more information, please contact Stacey Musey at

126-130 N. High St., Millville. 7 p.m. $75.

MARCH 26-29, APRIL 9-25

tick, tick, BOOM! Eagle Theatre, Vine
St., Hammonton. 8 p.m. except Sundays
at 3 p.m. Jonathan Larson's inspiring
musical is an endearing autobiographical
journey that grapples with the unrelenting
passion to succeed before the clock runs
out. While this may be classified as
Larson's "lesser known" work, many feel
it is superior to his Tony Award-winning
blockbuster, RENT. At the root of a brilliant score full of varying emotions, you
will find a simple yet relatable story; a
person with a dream. Thursday evening
Post-Performance Talkback Sessions.
Also, Saturday night performances will
include a pre-show concert featuring a
live band and two vocalists singing a
selection of Larson's unknown works and
influences (7:15 p.m).

Vineland Rower Ranks Ninth in World

Vineland High School senior Kyle
Leimeister broke a school record March 7
on the 2000-meter ERG (rowing machine)
and improved his rank to number 9 in the
world in the junior men's category, said
coach Joe LaRosa. Leimeister also competed in the 34th World Indoor Rowing
Championships, hosted on March 1 by the
CRASH-B Sprints at the Agganis Arena in
Boston. Nearly 2300 athletes from 34
countries raced, and many new World
Records were set throughout the day.
Leimeister finished in 12th place overall. In addition to live venue competitions,
many ERG racers compete by internet, either offline by posting scores to challenges, or live online races facilitated by computer connection The VHS student
athlete was selected by the USA Jr. National rowing team last summer to take
part in their highly selective high performance camp. Leimeister has narrowed his
college search to Syracuse University and the Florida Institute of Technology.


Prevent prescription drug abuse. Dispose of your prescription
escription drugs wisely.
Visit the website below for a disposal location
ion near you.

Principal Gets Taped to Wall

Max Leuchter Elementary School kicked
off the celebration of "Read Across America"
with guest readers and a special challenge.
Carmella Heer, Leuchter Principal, challenged the student body to complete 100 or
more reading logs within a two-week time
period. If the students submitted at least 100
reading logs, the principal would accept their
dare. Students turned in their ideas to their
fifth grade teacher, Diane Rakotz.
"There were a lot of crazy ideas ranging from the principal being 'slimed' to eating green eggs and ham on the roof," said Mrs. Heer.
All the dares were written on slips of paper and put in a box. Mrs. Rakotz pulled
one of the dares out of the box, which happened to be duct taping Mrs. Heer to the
wall in the hallway outside the main office where she had to read a book for two
hours. The title she chose? "Little Women."
The fifth grade students "eagerly" taped their principal to the wall (with a small
step stool providing support) and adorned her with stickers.
Guest readers added to the taping. At least one jokingly held a length of tape up
to Mrs. Heer's face, as if to cover her mouth, and the students squealed with
delight. As other students went to lunch, they continued to "stick it to her", according to the principal. Throughout the day, the students chanted "Readers Are
Leaders" whenever they passed by.
"Quite literally, I am stuck on reading," said Mrs. Heer.
"We are really excited to see what she will do next year," said one of the students.


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World Classics

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Chain-drive mechanism allows for one-hand opening of both doors at the same time
Circulates heated air around food on all sides for perfectly uniform baking and roasting
Control oven functions from anywhere using your smartphone or other mobile device
Flexible options for thorough oven cleaning
Easily accommodates even the largest meals
Evenly browns dishes of all types and sizes
#ZET1FHSS Assures even baking, while maximizing interior capacity and allowing easy cleaning

NJ Sales Tax



French door design

True European Convection with Direct Air
Exclusive self-clean, (2 full-extension, 1 regular) oven racks
Backlit electronic control knobs and bright LCD display


Prices effective:

Lincoln & Landis Ave ShopRite Shopping Center

3600 E. Landis Ave. & Lincoln Ave. Vineland 856-696-5555

French Door Wall Oven

Store Hours
Monday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 8pm
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Come see the new

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Joes Butcher Shop



Mon.Sat. 8am6pm

On Landis Ave (Rt 56) Corner of Gershal Rd.

Sunday 10am2pm

(2 Minutes from Vineland Just off Rt 55)


(856) 690-5637

Happy Easter!
Crown Roast
of Pork $ 59


Standing Beef Prime


Have it Stuffed
Our Own Bread Stuffing
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We Will Bone Tie

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2578 E. Chestnut Ave, Vineland Custard Stand

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7am10pm 7 Days a Week NOW OPEN
Chestnut Diner Bistro

Weekly Specials

Monday: Stuffed Peppers

Tuesday: Senior Citizen Day.
Seniors eat 10% Off
Wednesdays: Chicken Pot Pie
Thursdays: Family Night. Kids eat
1/2 Off with purchase of adult Entree.
Sundays: Old-fashioned Chicken Pot Pie
All of the above includes soup or salad,
Jell-O or ice cream, coffee or tea.


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Lunch & Dinner

Patio Now

~ Delicious Dishes Bring Happiness ~




Easter Egg Hunt. Petway Elementary

Community Seder. Sons of Jacob

School, 1115 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland.

Dinner at 5 p.m. hunt 6 p.m. Bring a container for eggs and a camera to take pictures when the Easter Bunny hops by for
a visit. Book fair, sand art also planned.

Congregation, 321 Grape St., Vineland.

Services 7:15 p.m., followed by the Seder.
Passover will be celebrated with songs,
the holiday story, and a festive meal,
sponsored by Jewish Federation of
Cumberland, Gloucester & Salem
Counties. $36 per person for Federation
members, $45 for non-members, $18 for
children under age 12. Reserve no later
than 3/26 by calling 856-696-4445.

Macaroni Dinner/Egg Hunt. St. Padre
Pio Parish, Rosary Hall, 4680 Dante Ave.,
Vineland. 11:30 a.m.5 p.m. Menu features pasta, meatballs, sausage, salad,
roll and butter, dessert and coffee. Soda,
wine and beer available for purchase.
Tickets $10 and child $5, may be purchased at the door. Chinese Auction held
during the dinner. A childrens Easter Egg
Hunt will be held at 2 p.m. on the church
ground. All invited. 856-691-7526.

Passion Play: And Now He is Gone?
Frank Guaracini Jr. Fine & Performing Arts
Center, 3322 College Dr., Vineland. 7:30
p.m. The St. Padre Pio Parish Players will
present the play. To assure seating, tickets
are available at St. Mary School or St.
Padre Pio parish office. 856-691-7526.
Admission is free, but a Gift of Love is welcome (must have a ticket to attend),

The Living Stations of the Cross. St.
Augustine Prep, Rodio Gym, 611 Cedar
Ave., Richland. 6:30 p.m. Students, faculty
and staff will be presenting the 14
Stations of the Cross, commemorating
Christs passion from his condemnation to
death by Pilate, to his crucifixion and burial. Admission is free and the public is
invited to attend.

Good Friday Service: Easter Cantata.

New Bethel AME Church, 414 North 7th
St., Vineland. 7 p.m. Senior choir will
present an Easter Cantata by Mary
McDonald, "The Way of the Cross Leads
Home." 856-691-1349.

Easter Eggs-travaganza. Shannon's
Coffee Shack, 501 N. High St., Millville 10
a.m.noon. Crafts, storytime, Easter egg
Sunday, April 5
Sunrise Service at Giampetro Park,
6 a.m.
Sunrise Service at Weymouth Iron
Furnace, County Rd. 559, north of
the Black Horse Pike, Weymouth,
6:30 a.m. Breakfast served immediately following. Bring your own chair.
Sunrise Service at Veterans Park,
Bellevue Ave. between First United
Methodist and Presbyterian churches, Hammonton, 6:30 a.m. Breakfast
served immediately following.

y, April 5, 2015
at 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm

{ 18 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Centerton Country Club & Event Center

1022 Almond Rd, Pittsgrove T

Please call
c or e-mail for reservations:
25 sales@centertoncc.com

The Easter Bunny W

ill Be V
Omelet Station
Hot Breakfast Selec
resh Baked Breakfastt Pastries
Shrimp Cockta
Carving Stations of Prrime Rib,
Virginia Baked Ham, & Roast
Breast with the appropriiate Sides
Pasta Station
Decadent Chocolate Fountain
Delicious Desserts
and more!




children 512

plus 7% sales tax &

20% service charge

Owned and Operated by the Esposito Family for Over 30 Years

hunt, a singalong, goody bags, hot chocolate and juice provided. Treats by
Wildflower Cafe, and a visit with the
Easter Bunny. Bring your camera for photos with Easter Bunny. $10 per child,
must be with an adult. Register by 3/27
by calling 609-254-3021 or stop by any
shop in the Village on High, Millville.

Animated Easter Films. Millville Public

Library, 210 Buck St., Millville. 12 noon.
The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town,
and Yogi the Easter Bear, both rated G.
Easter candy served.Registerat 856-8257087, ext.12. Walk-ins welcome.Free.

Community Easter Dinner. Bethany
Grace Community Church, 31 North
Pearl St., Bridgeton. 13 p.m. Bethany
Grace Community Church and Hands of
Compassion Ministry will be co-hosting
the dinner, held at the Church
Fellowship Hall. Free to the public.
Volunteers and donations are needed.
Details and a volunteer form at
www.bridgetoncares.com or call 1-855818-3810, ext. 706.

Easter Services. Redeemer Lutheran

Church, 2384 E. Landis Ave., Vineland.
Holy Communion, 8 and 10:30 a.m.
Easter Breakfast in Fellowship Hall,
9:1510:15 a.m.

Lenten Schedule
Bread n Broth continues each
Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. It is
followed by Lenten Service at 7 p.m.
at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 2384
E. Landis Ave., Vineland. Call 856691-4278 for more information.
For the month of April, The Church
of the Resurrection Episcopal will
have Sunday services at St.
Andrews Episcopal Church, 186 East
Commerce St., Bridgeton. Service
and Sunday School will both be at
10 a.m., followed by a fellowship coffee hour. For further information call
856-451-3233 or go to
Trinity Episcopal Church, 8th and
Wood St., Vineland, announces
Worship Services for Palm Sunday,
Holy Week, and Easter:
Palm Sunday, March 29: The
Liturgy of the Palms and Holy
Eucharist, 10 a.m., Trinity, Vineland
Maundy Thursday, April 2, Liturgy
of the Day and Holy Communion, 6
p.m., Trinity, Vineland
Good Friday, April 3, 12 noon, St.
Andrews, 186 E. Commerce St.,
Bridgeton and 6 p.m., Trinity,

The Great Vigil of Easter, April 4,

The Lighting of the Paschal Candle,
Singing of the Exsultet, The Hearing
of the Story of Faith, The Renewal of
Baptismal Vows, First Holy Eucharist
of Easter, 7:30 p.m., Trinity, Vineland
Easter Day, April 5, Holy Eucharist,
10 a.m., St. Andrews, Bridgeton
For more details, call 856-691-1589
or go to
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
announces Holy Week services. For
more information call 856-691-4278.
Palm Sunday, March 29,
Procession of the Palms, services at
8 and 10:30 a.m., Sunday School
Easter Egg Hunt at 9:15 a.m.
Prayer Vigil in Sanctuary,
Wednesday, April, 96 (Come any
time during these hours, reading
materials provided or bring your own)
Maundy Thursday, April 2,
Stripping of the Altar Service 7 p.m.
Good Friday, March 29,
Community Good Friday Service, 12
noon3 p.m. at First Methodist
Church, 7th and Landis Ave.,
Vineland. Tenebrae Service at
Redeemer, 2384 E. Landis Ave.,
Vineland, 7 p.m. (The Seven Last
Words of Jesus)

St. Padre Pio Parish

4680 Dante Ave. Vineland, NJ

(856) 691-7526


Palm Sunday Vigil, March 28th

Our Lady of Pompeii Church, at 5pm
Palm Sunday, March 29
Our Lady of Pompeii Church
7:30am, 9am and 10:30am

Annual Palm Sunday

Macaroni Dinner, March 29
Rosary Hall, 11:30am5pm
Easter Egg Hunt, 2pm

Holy Thursday April 2nd

Our Lady of Pompeii Church, 7pm

Good Friday April 3rd

12 Noon:
Assemble at the Grotto Shrine. In case of
rain, Stations will be held in church.
Liturgy of the Lords Passion and
Holy Communion
Our Lady of Pompeii Church at 3pm
Fast and abstinence today.

Holy Saturday April 4th

Our Lady of Pompeii Church at 8 p.m.:

Easter Sunday April 5th

Garden of Saints, Sunrise Mass6:15 a.m.
Our Lady of Pompeii Church at
7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., and 10:30 a.m.

Dairy Produce
Bakery Meats


Easter Holiday Hours:

Thursday 9-6pm Friday 9-7pm

Saturday 8-4pm (Upper Market 5pm)
Open for Breakfast at 7:30am (Thurs.-Sat.)

Wednesday 9-4pm Thursday 9-6pm

Friday Closed
Saturday 8-4pm (Upper Market 5pm)
Open for Breakfast at 7:30am (Wed., Thurs. & Sat.)

631 E. Landis Ave. Vineland NJ 08360

(856) 213-6002 www.landismarketplace.com

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Regular Hours:


For more information

about purchasing your
loyalty card visit



Bridal Guide

A New Life Together

That one special day sets the stage for the
rest of a lifetime together. So its worth
shopping around for the services that will
make your wedding day special.
Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-2
An Outdoor Affair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-6
For the Groom: L.A. Male Relocates . . . . . . . . . .B-7
Keeping the Guests Happy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-8
Brides Surveyed: Fun Facts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-9
Wedding Day Countdown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-10
Fresh Flowers All Around . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-12
More Than Just Beautiful Hair . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-15

Michael and Wandaliz Vasquez of Millville

at Masso's Catering in Glassboro.
Photo courtesy Robert Alan Studio.

s 2015 Bridal Guide


Marriage in a New Age


he health of the relationships

among married Americans is
good, although marriage as an
"institution" currently faces some
challenges. Statistically, marriages are more
successful than in prior decades and
divorce rates have steadily declined from
their 1980s peak. Yet, marriage as a cultural convention remains in flux as societal
factors have lessened its necessity.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist
Cynthia M. Allen recently reported that
public mores and traditions have eased
due to delaying marriage, cohabitation and
the unmarried childbirth rate. In
September 2014, the U.S. Census Bureau
reported the nations marriage rate
which now includes same-sex couplesas
the lowest since 1920, when 65 percent of
adults 18 and older were married. It
peaked in 1960 at 72 percent. Today the
rate is 50 percent.
Despite these findings, many experts
remain optimistic about the future of marriage. They claim that maintaining quality
marriages trumps the quantity of how
many there are. Marriages seem to be
more stable among the more educated,
affluent and financially mobile.
Economics play a substantial role in
marriage. Allen cites a Pew Research study,
which revealed that higher earning college
graduates marry and stay married at higher
rates; poorer, less educated adults more
often stay single or divorce at the earlier
peak years rates. These figures, however,
do not reflect single women having children, a scenario that profoundly impacts
the economic course of their lives.
Society should take heart. Marriage has

always survived other challenges throughout history and relationship experts believe
that will continue.
For centuries, a relationship leading to
marriage typically followed a formula. A
couple met at school, work or through
friends/family. Although the blind date
often failed, both parties knew the fixups source. And, while clubs or parties
were less than ideal, it too required face-toface encounters.
Enter the age of cyberspace, where
technology offers greater global exposure
beyond a persons immediate environment
and surroundings. Although the geographic
boundaries for meeting have changed, the
basics of personal interaction have not.
Common interests and chemistry are still
key to attracting someone and remaining
in a relationship. Savvy consumers have
begun selectively using technology as a
way to combine the two.
Dating websites are now mainstream,
but numerous sites have refined their
parameters to incorporate hobbies or special interests. This softens the dating disasters by narrowing it down to four Ps
pastimes, politics, prayer and professions.
Are you athletic? Do you love theater
and film? Does cooking interest you? Want
to meet only other pet lovers? For these
and dozens of other special interests, there
is a relevant website.
Other lifestyle differences may be overcome, but pet ownership can be a potential deal breaker. Using sites like www.petsdating.com or www.youmustlovedogsdating.com will guarantee that anyone who
meets under those circumstances is an
animal lover.
Although discussing politics or religion
in social settings is often discouraged, it can-

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~ Wed
Weddings All Styles ~
mantic Garden Herbal
Wildflowers Elegant
~ Bouquet
Preservation ~
~ Invitations Framed ~
~ Herbal Plant Faav
vors ~



359 Delsea
Dr., Franklinville


A (856) 694-4272

Aaron and Lorraine Dilks of Vineland at Auletto Caterers in Deptford Township.

Photo courtesy VGPHOTO.

Index of
Century Savings Bank B5
J&J Deli and Kakes B12
Jim Mains Bakery B10
PARTIES below)
Auletto Caterers B14
Massos Catering B11
Martins Custom Catering B12
One Atlantic Events B7
Bridal Manor B4
Dress 2 Impress B13
Juvante Formal Wear B14
LA Male B6
Rienzi Bridal Salon B6
Antons Florist B7
Colonial Flowers B12
Savannahs Garden B10
The Flower Shoppe B4
Triple Oaks Nursery B2
Happy Nails B15
Salon Fabrojae B6

Phoenix Business Forms B15
Dondero Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
Golden Years Limo B14
Touch of Class Limos B4
Bob Morgan Entertainment B15
Mer-Made Photography B10
Robert Alan Photography B2
T&F Camera B8
Auletto Caterers B14
Carriage House B3
Espositos Maplewood B10
Five Points Inn B5
Massos Catering B11
Martins Custom Catering B12
Merighis Savoy Inn B15
One Atlantic Events B7
Rental City B16
The Greenview Inn at Eastlyn Golf
Course B9
Als Shoes B7
Rental City B16

T meleleles
lessss E
sk aabout
bout our
our $7
9.00 Sapphire
Sapphire W
dding Package,
Package, A
rddable Luxury
all K
tin oorr C
arly (609)748-2400
48-2400 ext.
ext. 101
101 orr 1111
2255 South
South Pitney
Pitney R
oad, G
y, N
NJJ | w


the grapevine { B-3 }

The B
Bridal Manor
Large Selection
n of Gowns to Fitt Your Budget!

s 2015 Bridal Guide


pointments prreferr

Calll (856) 582-142


Bridal Collections
Mothers Gowns
Prom Evening Wear

not be ignored when choosing a mate.

Religious people, or those with a strong
sense of ethnicity, may sign up for their
appropriate spiritual site. Using sites like
www.christianmingle.com (Christian),
www.JDate.com (Jewish) www.Muslima.com
(Muslim) and www.CatholicMingle.com
(Catholic) may further hone in on a matching spiritual partner.
Political affiliations reflect ones basic
philosophical ideals, which often change
over time. It takes true compromise to
bond with another person who may hold
an opposite worldview, but it can be done.
There are sites for every way of thinking, from liberal to libertarian and all categories in between. So, if someone has an

absolute idea of his or her life view and

cannot imagine affiliating with the other
side, just google the appropriate key
words to find a good site.
Romance may be great, but there is no
denying the importance of how money
impacts a relationship. Most experts agree
that moneyincluding the issue of
whether there is enough, how is it spent
and what are the couples financial goals
plays a huge role in the success of a marriage.
Luxy, a new dating app for mobile
devices, is specifically geared to the one
percent top tier of American wealth. Its
spokesman states that men must earn at
least $250,000 annually to joinverified

Mon, Tues, Thurss 11 am8 pm

Wed, Fri 11 am5 pm
Sat 10 am
5 pm Su
un 12 noon
4 pm
587 Delsea Dr. Sewe
ell (856) 582-1422



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Kerri Belfi at Running Deer. At left, with her very patriotic bridal party.
Photos courtesy T&F Camera.

Ask Us About




780 S. MAIN RD. VINELAND, NJ 08360


Our 30th Year in Business


Color-coordinated party: Tania and Claudio Santiago of Vineland, at Bridgeton Park with
groomsmen. Photo courtesy VGPHOTO.

marriages so they grow old together and

stay healthy.
Larry Leonelli, owner of the L.A. Male
Fine Mens Clothing and Formal Wear in
Vineland, reports that social media and
styles have significantly changed wedding
apparel from his early days in business.
Old-time traditions may go the way of the
dinosaur as couples marry later and may
shy away from the big affair.
Leonelli says, Many couples are seeking more casual weddings, either here or at
some destination like a beach or an island.
They often dont want to spend a lot of
money on a splashy party. I recently sold
khaki pants and a white shirt to a groom
that was going to roll up the cuffs and
sleeves for his beach wedding.
However, those grooms who still desire
traditional nuptials are also toning down
the formality of their attire to look more
like a dressy suit. Leonelli says that
prospective grooms and their ushers
should expect more color in their formal
wear this season. This will include both
charcoal and medium-shade grey and even

Continued on next page

Check out our
three complete
Wedding Packages
on our website:

E. Landis & Tuckahoe Rd. Vineland, NJ

(856) 691-6080


Over 35 Years Experience

Simply the Best Value!

the grapevine { B-5 }

Since 1978


through tax recordsand women must be

attractive. He says that although most
current members are from San Francisco
including 850 sign-ups since February
Luxy is international and open to anyone.
However they meet, couples contemplating tying the knot should take comfort
knowing their health will likely improve
when they marry. New York Universitys
Lagone Medical Center conducted a fiveyear study, from 2003 through 2008, of 3.5
million American adults at more than
20,000 screening sites in all 50 states. The
sample was 90 percent white and the average participant was 64. Almost one-third
were women.
While it was an uneven racial and ethnic sample, one could expect results with a
more balanced sample would show many
of the same results. The data revealed that
marriage usually improves the wellbeing of
both spouses because they help each other
live healthier lives. They cited benefits that
include lowering risks of cardiovascular
disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other manageable ailments by
significant percentages.
So, marriage is a positive. These current
trends will help couples happily start their



Fine Mens Clothing and Formal Wear Specialists

Largest Selection of Colored

Accessories to Match Bridal Party

Bridal Guide
tan tuxedos with jackets that appear more
like a suit.
Bowties are back over the long tie and
grooms want a more sophisticated red-carpet look. Also, ushers are matching their
ties to the bridesmaids dress color,
Leonelli sates.
To be competitive, L.A. Male remains a
local, personal mens shop by offering
numerous incentives to its customers.
While Leonelli recommends ordering traditional formal wear three months in
advance, he can work on shorter timeframes if necessary.
A complete formal ensemble that will
even include shoes, with applicable discounts, would range from $125 to $175.
Leonelli says, We offer a $40 discount for
groomsmen and a free tuxedo for the
groom with a party of six. Children receive
a 25 percent discount on their tuxedo.
Rentals are available the Tuesday prior to
the wedding, with a return date the
Monday after the affair. We do not charge
late fees, sales tax or charge damage

Your Wedding and

Prom Headquarters
Groom Tux
6 or more


40 OFF any

Tuxedo Rental

25% OFF

3 LaSalle St., Vineland

(corner of LaSalle & Karen St.)


The All New Expanded L.A. Male

Andrew Stolar of Vineland and his groomsmen have a bit of fun showing their true
colors. Photo courtesy Robert Alan Studio.

For more than 25 years, Rental City has
provided complete tent and rental services
for outdoor weddings and receptions
throughout the Tri-State Philadelphia area.
Their tents offer shade; rental flooring
adds protection from the rain.
Rental Citys inventory includes, but is
not limited to, dance floors, tables, chairs,
linens, china, and glassware. They are fully

insured, so bridal couples and their guests

can enjoy the festivities without worry.
Doug VanMeter, co-owner of Rental
City with his wife Lisa, states, Todays
brides are gathering their ideas from wedding websites and Pinterest. They often
bring in pictures of what they want for our
meeting. Brides are selecting popular
Tuscan and rustic themes, and we can easi-

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Pleasing brides for over 60 years

{ B-6 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Visit Our Newly

Expanded Showroom
The latest styles for

Mori Lee high

illusion neckline

Bridal Gowns
Flower Girls
Mothers Gowns
Sweet 15 &
16 Gowns
Party Dresses

Prom Gowns
Bat Mitzvah

Before you say I do, do something special for

Your Bridal Party
your friends. Treat them to an aromatic Aveda
~ Receives ~
ritual based on Ayurvedathe ancient healing art
of Indiaand our own pure flower and plant
Coupon Off
essences. From facials, manicures and pedicures
First Facial
to hair and makeup serviceseach is a ceremony
in itself. Start the celebration by scheduling your When Your Wedding is Scheduled With Us!
appointments at Salon Fabroja today.
Call and speak to our Bridal Consultants


745 E. LANDIS AVE. VINELAND 856-692-4060

Mon. & Tues. 10 a.m.5:30 p.m. Wed. & Sat. 10 a.m.4 p.m.
Thurs. 10 a.m.8 p.m. Fri. 10 a.m.7 p.m.


782 Brewster Road, Vineland NJ


L.A. Male To Expand in New

Building on Landis Avenue
L.A. Male Fine Men's Clothing and Formal Wear owner Larry
Leonelli is soon to enter a new phase in his 40-year men's retail
clothing career. At 15, he began working at Stan-Lee's, one of the
region's most popular men's shops.
He relocated to Absecon in Atlantic County in 1984 to launch
his own first store, Outrigger's Men's Shop. Leonelli returned to
his Vineland roots in 1994 and opened L.A. Male. With an inventory of 1,000 suits, slacks and shirts, the store caters to men of all
ages who want the highest quality dress and sportswear.
Winning several retail awards, L.A. Male also stocks fine affordable formal wear. It boasts the largest tuxedo and accessories collection in South Jersey.
For years, Leonelli has wanted to expand the business while
remaining on Landis Avenue. After multiple attempts, L.A. Male
will finally relocate into the long vacant former Sun Bank building.
"Local businessman Bernie Brown owned the building and
donated it to a charity. They contracted with a real estate broker
who then put it up for an online auction. I closed the deal last
June 30 and have been renovating ever since.
I plan to open on Memorial Day weekend. I am thrilled because
we are moving from a back corner to a front corner, maximizing
Larry Leonelli plans to relocate his shop to Landis Avenue
our visibility on Landis Avenue," says Leonelli.
around the end of May.
The new 2,600-square foot L.A. Male will be 30 percent larger
than the current 1,500-square-foot space. Leonelli describes major renovations underway that include enclosing the bank's
former drive-through area, new heating, air conditioning, roofing, insulation, LED lighting for conservation, siding, landscaping, soffits and windows. Parking will be available for 37 vehicles.
Leonelli will also expand his product line. He says, "We will offer clothing for infants and bigger men, plus stock travel
attire throughout the year. We will have in-house tailoring for everyone and a shoemaker for repairs. We are also looking at
forming an alliance with a limousine service."
Open 9 a.m.to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday, except during the holiday season.
Special appointments available.
L.A. MALE, 3 La Salle St., Vineland, 856-794-3000, LAMale@comcast.net, www.lamale.net
Sharon Harris-Zlotnick

Floral Fantasies
Antons Florist was founded in
1973. Because of our Unique Style
and High Quality of wedding
creations we have become one
of South Jerseys PREMIERE
wedding designers.
152 Harding Hwy.
Vineland, NJ 08360





the grapevine { B-7 }

Keep Wedding Guests Happy

Watch any of the popular wedding
reality showsSay Yes to the Dress, My
Big Fat American Gyspy Wedding, Four
Weddingsand youll note that the
common denominator is money.
Wedding guests now spend an average of $592 per wedding on clothing,
gifts, transportation, hotels, etc., up from
$339 in 2012, according to a just-published American Express survey.
Eric Gulbrandson, a wedding photographer and author of the new book,
Dream Wedding Secrets: The All
Important G.S.F, (www. dreamweddingsecrets.com), notes that weddings
now cost more than ever for the guest.

Gulbrandson shares four must-haves

for achieving a high G.S.F., or Guest
Satisfaction Factor:
Have plenty of food and drink. If
you have to choose between paying for
more food versus paying for better
food, go for quantity. Nobody will mind
if the foods not stellar, but they will if
you run out!
Have details that show appreciation. When people take the time and
expense to attend your wedding, details
that show how much you care go over
very well.
Be sure to make people comfortable while they wait. Some delays are
unavoidable. Photos taken after the

wedding can delay the reception: Make

sure food and drink is available, and
entertainment, Gulbrandson says. It
could be a musician or a DJ, and slide
shows of the bride and groom growing up.
Have entertainment that almost
everyone can enjoy. Since DJs can usually provide more musical variety than a
band, they stand a better chance of giving all of your guests a good time.
Gulbrandson also recommends taking the time to choose your own music
rather than giving the DJ carte blanche.
Be sure to choose songs from a variety
of genres and styles. If thereare wedding standards you dislike, create a do
not play list for the DJ.

Lorraine Dilks chose a cascading wedding

bouquet, which makes a bold statement and
is very much back in favor. Note the matching boutonierre and necktie worn by her
groom, Aaron. Photo courtesy VGPHOTO.

{ B-8 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Fun Facts
Looking for something to talk
about while seated with strangers
at the next wedding you attend?
Below are some fun stats that are
sure to be conversation starters.
Back in the day, there was a
perceived order on how a couple
should start their lives together.
Although it may make our grandparents cringe, the modern bride
believes it is okay to do things a
bit out of order.
Living Single: A whopping 82
percent said living together before
saying I do was totally fine.
Real Estate Partners: If you
are living together, what about
buying a home? Not a problem
before tying the knot, according
to 56 percent of women.
Banking Buddies: Having a
joint checking account prior to
marching down the aisle is supported by 45 percent of brides.
Consummation Appreciation:
72 percent said having sex before
marriage is acceptable.
Newborn Before Nuptials: 38
percent of respondents supported
the idea of baby carriages before
Name Recognition: The modern bride has not abandoned all
traditions; most brides are saying
I do to taking their husbands
names71 percent of brides have
or will be taking their partners
last name after the wedding, and
another 17 percent will hyphenate
her name.
Source: www.davidsbridal.com

s 2015 Bridal Guide


count, and most of todays couples desire

more intimacy at their affair. That means
they are inviting their own close friends
over their parents friends.
To accommodate their budgets,
VanMeter claims couples are prioritizing
their amenities. For example, they are
choosing less expensive white folding chairs
over white padded chairs or chiavari chairs

ly help them achieve the look they want.

However, before we meet, couples must
prepare themselves to answer several planning questions like how many guests do
they expect and whether the reception will
be a sit down meal or a buffet, he says.
VanMeter says that each bride and wedding is different, with variable requests, but
budgets often influence any cost-cutting
decisions. The major issue is the guest
Danielle Wood also chose a cascading bouquet for her bridal attendants as well as
herself. Photo courtesy Robert Alan Studio.

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Eat, Play, Love.

Altering the Proposal

Your journey to the altar
begins with the proposalthe
moment he gets down on one
knee, professes his love and
asks you to spend the rest of
your lives together. Its like a
scene out of a movie or is it?
For the majority of the brides
surveyed (53 percent) they
would make a few minor
adjustments to the proposal if
they could:
Location, location, location:
22 percent of recent brides surveyed would have changed the
Its not what you say. Those
eloquent proposals Hollywood
writers script are difficult to
replicate in real life, and 20 percent of the women wished the
speech was different.

State of the Art Ballroom that can accommodate up to 250 guests with
a full-size dance floor. Featuring an outdoor ceremony area for
weddings on premises and beautiful outdoor patio for cocktails and
hors doeuvres before the reception.

Catering available for off-site events. Exquisite private bridal party suite with private bathroom for the bride and her
bridesmaids. Rooms also available for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, sweet sixteens, quinceaera, holy
communions, confirmations, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, class reunions, retirement and funerals. Ballroom can
accommodate over 300 without the dance floor for conferences, meetings, demonstrations, events, etc. Call for details.

No matter the who, what

and where, one thing is for
sure: 100 percent of brides were
glad he asked the question!
Source: www.davidsbridal.com

Come dine with us at the Greenview Inn, Vinelands newest gourmet

restaurant. Open for dinner WednesdaySunday, 510 p.m.
and lunch 7 days, 11 a.m.4 p.m.

4 0 4 9 It a l i a Ave.

Vi n el an d, N J 0 8 3 6 1

8 5 6 - 6 9 1 - 5 5 5 8 ex t . 3

the grapevine { B-9 }

Sometimes more isnt merrier: While the majority of

women surveyed were thrilled to
share this special moment with
those around them, 14 percent
would have preferred that different people were present.


The ring is the thing: Lets

be honest, every woman wants
to show off her beautiful engagement ring as soon as she says
yes (hence the popularity of the
#ringselfie). Some 14 percent of
brides would make some
changes to their bling if they

s 2015 Bridal Guide


Wedding Day Countdown

Check out this list of what to do in preparation for the big day.

12 18 MONTHS

Capturing Your Wonderful and Authentic Moments

as They Present Themselves...
...with experience, expertise, incorporating your unique personality...


Thank you for shopping small and supporting our family

business. We look forward to seeing you at our Vineland location
for bread, pastries, custom cakes and pizza. To better serve our
customers, we have opened a satellite location in Malaga.
343 S Delsea Dr., Vineland (856) 691-1748
344 Delsea Dr., Malaga (856)-422-0784
(Pizza not available at Malaga location)

Say I Do With

Receptions Showers
Rehearsal Dinners and more
Newly Renovated Banquet Room

New Party Packages

Dinner or Luncheon

_____ Purchase engagement rings

_____ Take engagement photos
_____ Send engagement announcement
to newspaper
_____ Send engagement announcement
by email to friends
_____ Set wedding budget
_____ Set wedding date
_____ Decide type of wedding (informal
or formal)
_____ Interview wedding consultants
_____ Determine number of guests to be invited
_____ Select ceremony site
_____ Select reception site
_____ Choose caterer
_____ Choose photographer
_____ Choose videographer

_____ Final selection on wedding rings
_____ Open joint bank accounts
_____ Take dancing lessons for first dance if you
_____ Choose and order wedding gown
_____ Reserve limousine/wedding transportation
_____ Choose color theme for wedding
_____ Choose bridal party
_____ Select bridesmaid dresses
_____ Plan details of decorations (balloons,
_____ Select florist
_____ Select musicians for reception (live band,
DJ, harpist)
_____ Select officiant (pastor, judge) for wedding
_____ Select hair and make-up artist
_____ Shop for trousseau and going-away attire
_____ Select baker (wedding cake)

Photo courtesy T&F Camera

_____ Consult with attorneys (prenuptial agreement and other legal matters)
_____ Select bridal registry items
_____ Select music for wedding ceremony
_____ Reserve rental equipment, if needed
_____ Prepare accommodations for out-of town
_____ Plan bridal shower party
_____ Plan bridesmaid luncheon
_____ Purchase veil and bridal accessories
_____ Purchase gifts for bridal party
_____ Make appointment for practice
session for hair and make-up
_____ Order wedding favors
_____ Review plans for wedding ceremony and
_____ Have mothers choose their own dresses
_____ Make honeymoon plans

_____ Pick-up wedding rings; make sure they fit
and are engraved correctly
_____ If changing your name, order name
change kit
_____ Update Immunization for out-of -country
_____ Send out invitations to out-of-town guests

{ B-10 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

Voted Vinelands Best of the Best

Fine Dining & Italian Restaurant

Sit Down or Buffet Available

We can customize a package to
meet your specific needs

Off premises catering available

856.692.2011 maplewood3.com

120 Broad St. Elmer NJ 08318

Mon.Thur. 49:30
Fri.Sat. 410:30 Sun. 19 p.m.
200 N. Delsea Drive Vineland NJ



Megan McEvoy, with hair and makeup done, prepares to get dressed for her wedding
ceremony. Photo couresy T&F Camera.

_____ Make reservations for bridesmaids

_____ Complete trousseau shopping
_____ Purchase floater insurance for wedding
gifts (if necessary)
_____ Hire security for wedding reception (if


Photo courtesy Mer-Made Photography

_____ Make a photographers checklist of photos you want
_____ Purchase gifts for each other
_____ Apply for marriage license
_____ Address and send out invitations
_____ Select and coordinate wedding ceremony
_____ Appoint guestbook attendants for wedding ceremony and reception
_____ Confirm out-of town guest
_____ Get your hair trimmed
_____ Confirm and finalize details with florist
_____ Confirm rehearsal program officiant
_____ Confirm guest count with caterer/
_____ Final titting for bridesmaids dresses
and wedding gown
_____ Select tux styles for groomsmen
and fathers
_____ Finalize wedding day schedule (Itinerary)
_____ Confirm transportation schedule
_____ Reserve restaurant for rehearsal dinner
_____ Have bridal shower
_____ Have bachelor party (Groom)
_____ Change mailing address if moving
_____ Have formal wedding portrait taken
_____ Review checklist for wedding day ceremony and reception

_____ Call guests that have not yet RSVPd

_____ Get your teeth cleaned/whitened
_____ Confirm honeymoon plans and pick up
airline tickets
_____ Assign wedding day helpers
_____ Keep track of gifts received and start on
thank-you notes
_____ Arrange for a professional to preserve and
heirloom your gown and bouquet
_____ Pick-up bridesmaids dresses and wedding
gown (already pressed)
_____ Start seating arrangement and prepare
seating name cards
_____ Confirm final details with florist
_____ Confirm final details with photographer
_____ Confirm final details with officiant
_____ Confirm final details with videographer
_____ Confirm final details with baker
_____ Confirm final details with
_____ Confirm final details with
_____ Confirm final details for wedding transportation
_____ Confirm final details with bridal party
_____ Confirm final details with wedding helpers
_____ Confirm final details with rental equipment company
_____ Confirm final details with musicians
_____ Double-check attire and accessories for
bridal party and yourself
_____ Confirm schedule for hair and make-up
_____ Plan and create wedding day itinerary (15
minute interval)
_____ Get a facial

Custom Fit Wedding Bands

and Designer Bands from...


Simon G.


856-691-1164 www.donderojewelry.com

Massos Orchard Garden


1 2 DAYS
_____ Get a manicure and pedicure
_____ Get a massage
_____ Attend wedding rehearsal dinner
_____ Pick-up rental tux for groomsmen (Groom
or Best Man)
_____ Prepare final payment in individual
envelopes for each professional

_____ Nice long bath or showerRelax

_____ Go to hair and make-up appointment
_____ Get dressed
_____ Have FunIts your Wedding Day!

The perfect location for:

Weddings Corporate Events Fundraisers

Orchard Garden Features

Heat or Air Conditioning Appropriate to the season
Brand-new, modern bathroom facilities

Massos Catering And Event Rentals

Massos Crystal Manor & Red Pine Inn
210 S. Delsea Dr. Glassboro NJ 08028
(just a short distance from Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore)

856-881-6855 www.MassosCatering.com
Photo courtesy T&F Camera

Serving the
Tri-State Area
Since 1929

the grapevine { B-11 }


Introducing Massos NEW Outdoor Facility


_____ Final guest count with caterer/restaurant

_____ Arrange for Post Office to hold or forward
your mail during your honeymoon
_____ Relaxtake a long leisurely bath
_____ Re-confirm with travel agent or airlines
_____ Review all seating arrangements with
ushers and helpers
_____ Pack for honeymoon trip
_____ Arrange for bridal party, parents, family
and photographer and videographer to all
meet at a designated location (when taking pictures prior to wedding ceremony)

s 2015 Bridal Guide


Martins Venue
and Custom Catering

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Catering to Your Dreams for 30 Years

Reserve your wedding today and receive

50% OFF

Your Rehearsal Dinner

Coupon must be presented. Offer expires June 2015

(856) 697-1626
311 S. Harding Hwy. Landisville NJ 08326


Custom Cakes Made to Order

for Any Occasion

Party Trays Available!

and festival lighting instead of chandeliers

for a more economical, casual ambiance.
Food service will also be more laid back by
using family-style farm tables and serving
pieces. However, it may prove costlier.
VanMeter says, If a couple really wants
the Tuscan look and farm tables, they may
have to compromise and omit other items
like their limousine.
If there will be dancing, the size of the
dance floor must be factored into the tents
dimensions. Another consideration is
whether a band or DJ will provide the
music. Depending on the tents size, couples should also determine the number of
bars and their placement.
VanMeter advises a couple to reserve
eight to 12 months in advance if they are
planning a large wedding with many
rentals. A 50 percent deposit is due with
the reservation; the balance is due three
days prior to the wedding.
Seasons and color no longer determine
the possible types of wedding flowers and
floral arrangements. With a bit of planning
and technology from growers, there is an
ever-expanding selection of options.
Thanks to the experience of co-owners and
brothers-in-law David Cavagnaro Jr., head
designer, and Mike DeVito, operations

~ Family Owned & Operated ~

J&J Deli and Kakes

{ B-12 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

2 Northwest Blvd, Newfield

856-213-6533 JJdeliandkakes@gmail.com
Mon.Thurs. 117 Fri.Sat. 118

Providing the Perfect Flowers

for your

Perfect Day



311 N. High Street Millville, NJ 08332

Open Monday-Saturday

31/2% Sales Tax


Outdoor weddings are popular spring

through fall, and nuptials at the shore are
an option that Natalie and Anthony Harris
of Vineland chose for their wedding in
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.Note also the
lighter, brighter colors worn by the
groom. Photo courtesy Robert Alan

manager, The Flower Shoppe Ltd. can

accommodate almost every request from
bridal couples.
The shop, originally opened in 1988 by
Dave Cavagnaro Sr. and his wife Terri
Cavagnaro, expanded and relocated to its
current Main Rd. site in 1996. Last year,
Cavagnaro Sr. began to take on a lesser
role, allowing David and son in-law Mike to
handle all aspects of the business.
The Flower Shoppe now counts consumers throughout southern New Jersey as
its customers. Cavagnaro Jr. knows so
many floral professionals that he was asked
to work for various exhibitors at the recent
Philadelphia Flower Show. They cover the
entire South Jersey region from
Philadelphia to Cape May and will deliver
and set up an event for an additional fee.
Weddings are a major component of

Breast Cancer to contribute to wellness and educational services to those

impacted by cancer.

Brides Against Breast Cancer

Brides Against Breast Cancer contributes
to programs for cancer patients and their
families. Our outreach and educational
efforts during our Nationwide Tour of
Gowns bridal shows around the country help
ensure that people impacted by cancer have
the resources and information they need in
their battle with cancer.
Brides Against Breast Cancer is a wholly
owned affiliate of the Health Support
Network, headquartered in Sarasota, FL.
Health Support Network offers free information, programs and services to cancer
patients, caregivers and family members, while connecting them
with others who are undergoing a similar experience at
The revenue generated by Brides Against Breast Cancer on
our Nationwide Tour of Gowns charity bridal events and nonbridal networking events, makes it possible to deliver these free
educational information and support services to thousands of
children and adults impacted by cancer across the country.
Health Support Network programs and services available to
anyone, anywhere through the resource called the Health
Support Network Online. Health Support Network produces
more than 150 cancer related online programs annually. These
online programs include exercise, nutrition, meditation, education and caregiver support. The program content is supported
by evidence based scientific research. Health Support Network
has the expertise, experience and leadership positioned to deliver unmatched video content to an online network of affiliates.
Donate Your Dress: Wedding gown sales are an important fundraising event for Brides Against Breast Cancer. The thousands of
generous donations we receive from designers, manufactures,
bridal shops, and individuals worldwide, enables Brides Against

Brides Against Breast Cancer

sells all brands of new designer and
gently worn wedding gowns in all
shapes and styles.
Education, nutrition, exercise,
support and therapy are just some of
the many programs and services we
support, all designed to help cancer
patients, their families and caregivers.
Brides Against Breast Cancer will
distribute over 10,000 breast self-exam cards this year.
The average gown price is $600.
Gowns are available in sizes 4 - 18.
have a dress to fit any bridal budget, and we offer a convenient, interest free layaway plan.
The most popular gown styles are mermaid, lace, fit and
flare and gowns with a sweetheart" neckline.
Lace, return of sleeves, and the "illusion neckline" are
details making a comeback.
Lace is very trendy now, due to the royal wedding of
Catherine and Prince William.
If you are planning a beach wedding, we have great options
that are lightweight and beach worthy.
To register for a show, or for more information visit
www.bridesabc.org/upcomingevents or call 1.877.721.HOPE.
Upcoming shows in region:
Asbury Park, NJ, March 28 - 29, 2015, The Berkeley
Oceanfront Hotel
Philadelphia, PA, May 8 - 9, 2015, Wyndham-Philadelphia
Historic District
Pennsauken, NJ, July 19, 2015, Camden County Boathouse

Formal Gowns - Prom Dresses

Evening & Cocktail Dresses

Golf courses are another popular wedding venue, one that Matt and Desiree Balicki of
Vineland took to heart when they chose Eastlyn Golf Course. Photo courtesy Robert Alan Studio.

Tuxedo Rental
12 to 18 inches in length, he says.
Older or remarrying brides may forgo a
cascading bouquet to focus more on
matching the styling of their bridesmaids.
Roses and orchids remain the choice.
Color and seasonal availability, which is
often matched to the grooms and ushers
boutonnires, is never a problem. Growers
can now produce tinted colors in any shade
that may be used throughout the year.
Grooms and their ushers still want a
small, simple boutonnire, but with some

natural twists. It may be a single rose with

real foliage like a woodsy stem or leaves
that resemble a berry top added to it.
Centerpieces have also changed to
reflect a more informal appearance.
Cavagnaro says, On the tables, we are mixing our high centerpieces with low ones for
interest. Again, the natural look with
burlap and lace is high on the request list.
We can also provide submersible direction-

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Tailoring & Alterations

199 New Rd., Linwood, NJ 08221

(609) 653-4444

the grapevine { B-13 }

their business and they remain diligent

about staying on top of popular trends.
This year, David says that first-time brides
are requesting softer, more fluid bouquet
We are seeing a trend toward pale pink,
nude and light blue. Also we are seeing a
resurgence in an interest in cascading bouquets. Roses as well as ranunculus, with
their many petals, are asked for the most.
Regardless of the type or length of the
wedding dress, most bouquets range from


Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid

Mother of the Bride &
Flower Girl Dresses

s 2015 Bridal Guide


Weddings Garden Ceremonies Lovely Lake Views Wine Cellars

Dont Miss Our Complimentary Bridal Show on Monday, April 13th, 2015
Register Online at www.auletto.com

1849 Cooper Street Almonesson, NJ 08096

856-227-3800 856-227-0560

w w w. a u l e t t o . c o m
t. 1980

Tuxedo Sales Rentals

Same Day Service
735 Landis Ave.
Vineland NJ 08360

(856) 691-4963

{ B-14 } the grapevine | MARCH 25, 2015

We Are Your Wedding Specialists



Proud member of The National Limousine

Association and The Limousine
Association of New Jersey

Linda A. Ponzetto (609) 319-7793

al LED lighting that does not give off a

glare or shine in anyones eyes.
The Flower Shoppe Ltd. will rent wedding items like an arch for behind the
bridal table, the classic birdcage for the gift
table and, any centerpieces needed such as
three-foot tall glass cylinders and iron topiary stands.
Couples should book with The Flower
Shoppe at least three to six months in
advance. DeVito says they require a $100
deposit to save the date and a minimum of
two to three personal meetings to discuss
and confirm the plans. Full payment is due
two weeks prior to the wedding and credit
cards are accepted.
We want to build comfortable relationships. These meetings prove important

Stephanie and Tyreem Powell of Vineland

at Vineland Park (Elmer Road). Photo
courtesy VGPHOTO.

More Ways of Keeping the Guests Happy

Brides-to-be have long checklists for planning their big day. Dress, flowers, venue, vows, will there be a sit-down dinner or hors doeuvres and crudits? Who will be in the wedding party?
Eric Gulbrandson, a wedding photographer and author of the new book,
Dream Wedding Secrets: The All Important G.S.F, (www.dreamweddingsecrets.com), says, Most brides overlook the guest satisfacion factor (G.S.F.)
because all the advice is geared toward beauty and budgets.
Gulbrandson interviewed hundreds of wedding guests and compiled more
than 200 dos and donts for ensuring a high G.S.F. Among them:
If you invite children, arrange a supervised activity area for them.
Couples often include children on their guest list because they contribute to
the family atmosphere and celebration, but weddings are not child-centered
events. Kids get bored; the wedding day is often a long one with extended
periods of sitting quietly and an abundance of adults consuming alcohol.
Help parents and children enjoy the event by arranging for a supervised
activity area on the outskirts of the reception. A couple of teenaged relatives
may appreciate earning some money for overseeing arts and crafts projects
and games. Hiring relatives for this job will help keep the costs reasonable.
Dont make costumes a requirement for your themed wedding.
Whether youve got your heart set on a Renaissance faire or zombie nuptials, dont require your guests to shell out money buying or renting costumes! Yes, you can ease any financial burden by requesting they wear costumes in lieu of buying gifts, but that doesnt address the potential for
physical and emotional discomfort.
Dont plan your wedding for a holiday weekend. Occasionally, brides
plan their wedding for a three-day holiday weekend thinking it will help outof-towners who want to attend. However, it also boosts the odds of local
guests being out of town! Given that most working people have only two
guaranteed three-day weekends a year, many plan ahead for them.
Additionally, hotel and rental car prices tend to go up during holidays, and
traffic doubles. Play it safe by avoiding calendar holidays and, of course,
Super Bowl Sunday.
Send thank-you notes. When its all said and done, dont ruin your perfect wedding by failing to follow through with that time-honored (for good
reason) custom of sending thank-you notes. Technically, accepted protocol
allows guests a year after the wedding to send a gift, so you may be on the
receiving end for quite some time! Gulbrandson says. Keep a list and
send handwritten thank-yous as quickly as you can. Most guests and
experts agree that one to three months after the wedding is fine, but my
advice is to get on it quickly!

Another popular trend along the lines of relaxed mens attire is what Jessica and John
O'Donnell chosesneakers, crazy socks and super hero shirts beneath their tuxedos.
Photo courtesy T&F Camera.

because they avoid any last-minute planning, says DeVito.

Jaime Pustizzi and Chelle Petit have
successfully operated their full-service
salon as licensed hair stylist/colorists since
September 1992. In 23 years, they have frequently upgraded the salon from its original 1,000-square-foot space that employed
three to the current 3,360-square-foot shop
with 25 employees.
Women and men enjoy Salon Fabrojaes
multiple affordable beauty and skin services. Wedding parties also have a one-stop
hair styling, beauty treatments and makeup destination.
Bridal Consultant Petit oversees all
wedding party activities and bookings. In
preparation for a meeting, prospective
brides should print out and complete the
online questionnaire about their wedding.

Salon Fabrojae aims to match the right

stylistby hair type and lengthwith each
member of the wedding party.
We try to get to know the personalities
of each woman because we dont want a
mix-and-match situation. If possible, we
advise brides and their attendants to come
in for a small service so that we can get it
right, says Petit.
Petit advises a six to 12-month advance
booking. To plan and reserve their special
time, Salon Fabrojae requires a $30
deposit per service per woman in the
bridal party. This agreement and deposit
must be completed and returned within 48
hours of scheduling services. They need
all information, including name, address,
phone number, e-mail and all contact
details. Men may also come in for a prewedding massage or facial.
To learn the latest techniques, all Salon

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for Brides and
Bridal Party

639 E. Landis Ave, Vineland

(856) 691-1180

1766 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland, NJ 08361

(South Lincoln & Dante Ave.)



Nails 4 U & Spa

3722 E. Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ 08361

856-507-1155 or 856-507-1551
Landis & Lincoln Avenues across from ShopRite

are Now 1 Company

10% OFF
Bridal Parties of 8
or more
exp. 3/25/16

Nail Care Full Day Spa Service Facial

Body Massage Eyelash Extension
Permanent Makeup Waxing
Birthday & Bridal Spa Party Available
A backyard oasis makes for a great photo session for Jessica O'Donnell and her bridal
party. Photo courtesy T&F Camera.

Gift Certificates Available

the grapevine { B-15 }

Appointments & Walk-ins Welcome

Hours: Mon.Fri. 10 am7:30 pm
Sat. 10 am7pm Closed Sundays



Any Purchase
of $25 or more


s 2015 Bridal Guide


Flower Angels: Weddings create

memories for all involved. Photo courtesy
Mer-Made Photography.

Fabrojae staff must attend at least two

educational classes each year. Pustizzi
says, While our stylists keep up with the
times through instruction, many brides
also get their ideas from websites like
Pinterest. This year, similar to floral decorations, the look is soft and more natural.
We watched the Red Carpet to learn
many styles. Look for long, loose curls
from small crimping irons and braids of all
types, many on the side. Some brides still
want updos, but mothers are shying away
from them and restyling their hair for a
shorter look. Because of modern color
technology, it will not be unusual to see a
bridesmaid add pastel colors to her hair,
says Pustizzi.
In addition to hair and makeup applications, there are other Salon Fabrojae specialties. As an Aveda Concept salon, their
aromatherapy treatments use earthfriendly products derived from plants.
The salon is large enough to offer five
manicures and four pedicures simultaneously. With three treatment rooms, multiple clients may rotate their services prior
to hair styling and makeup application.

Marriage marks the beginning of a couples new life together. Here, a bride and groom
share their first moonrise with a kiss. Photo courtesy Mer-Made Photography.

Pustizzi says, We have a new Aveda

makeup line called Rare Bloom that
incorporates bright orange, fuchsia and
lavender shades. Many of the brides and
their attendants are choosing bright lipstick colors.
Salon Fabrojae transforms the wedding
day into an event. They set up a special
table for the bride to supply food and bev-

erages for a festive afternoon.

Great photography is essential to
chronicle how beautiful everyone looks for
the wedding. Pustizzi likes the work of
local photographer Serena Star. The
award-winning wedding and boudoir photographer specializes in capturing the
memories of unusual themes as she creates romantic photos. I

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