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Level 2

Reading Drum Notation
Rock Beat Variations
Fill Variations
Crash Cymbal
Final Mission

Complete all the missions for a Rocksteady Level 2

Rocksteady Drums Level 2


Your Mission:
Play these for one minute every time you sit down at the drums



R = Right
L = Left
B = Both

Your Tutor will:
Explain why warm-ups are important
Show you how the warm-ups should be played
Tips for your mission:
You dont need a drum kit. You can even do them on your lap with your hands.
Use you wrists, not your arms.
Try using different drums, or different sounds on an electronic kit.

Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Reading Drum Notation

Your Mission:
Learn how to read a Floor Tom, Hi-Hat, Snare and Bass Drum.
Complete the two exercises.

In Drum notation, the way the notes appear on the page tells you which drums to play and when.
Here is a guide on which notes mean which drum:

HI-HAT CYMBAL (Right hand, cross over)

SNARE DRUM (Left hand)

BASS DRUM (Right foot)

FLOOR TOM (Right Hand)

So on a sheet of music, this is how all those different drums look:


Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Floor Tom

Exercise I: Fill in the Blanks

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Exercise II Match the Beat with the Drum Notation

Draw a line to match each Level 1 Rock Beat with the music. The first one is done for you!

Your Tutor will:

Explain how to do the exercises.
Explain how learning to read Drum Notation will help.

Tips for your mission:

Do these exercises where you can see a drum kit.
Use a pencil in case you make a mistake.


Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Exercise II Answer Key

Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Rock Beat Variations

Your Mission:
Learn all four Rock Beat Variations off by heart
Play each Rock Beat Variation in a song

Rock Beat Variation 1

Rock Beat Variation 2

Rock Beat Variation 3

Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Rock Beat Variation 4

Your Tutor will:

Show you how each beat sounds, and how to play it.
Pick a game to help you practice.
Choose a song for you to play each beat to.

Tips for your mission:

Remember you dont need a drum kit to practice these your lap is just fine!
Start slowly and concentrate on playing in time.

Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Fill Variations

Your Mission:
Learn to play all 3 Coffee Fill Variations, and Coca-cola Fill
Play the fills along with a rock beat variation in a song
Create 4 new drum fills

All of the drum fills in this chapter use toms and snares. This is how to read them in drum

Coffee Fill Variation 1:

Coffee Fill Variation 2:

Coffee Fill Variation 3:


Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Coca-cola Fill

Combining Drum Fills

You can make up your own drum fills by putting coffee and coca cola in a different order.

Example 1: Coffee, Coca-Cola, Coffee Coca-Cola

Example 2: Coca-Cola, Coffee Coca-Cola, Coffee

Example 3: Coffee, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola

Now its your turn! Write down your new fills, and then play them on the drums

Your Fill 1: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________

Your Fill 2: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________

Your Fill 3: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________

Your Fill 4: ____________ _____________ ______________ ______________

Your Tutor will:
Show you how each fill sounds, and how to play it with a beat.
Pick a game to help you practice.
Choose a song for you to play each fill with.
Tips for your mission:
Say COCA-COLA COCA-COLA or COFFEE COFFEE out loud while playing to help.

Rocksteady Drums Level 2

Crash Cymbal
Your Mission:
Play a song using the Crash Cymbal in a Basic Rock Beat

The Crash Cymbal makes a Crash sound.

It is always played at the same time as a bass drum to give it a bigger sound.

This is how the crash cymbal is written in drum notation:

Using the Crash in a Basic Rock Beat

Learn to play this variation of the Basic Rock Beat:

Playing a Four Bar Phrase

Play these four bars:

Your Tutor will:
Explain how the crash cymbal is used
Teach you to play the exercises on this page
Teach you a song that uses the crash cymbal
Tips for your mission:
There are three different types of cymbal hi-hat, ride and crash.
Get used to playing the crash cymbal at the same time as the bass drum.

Rocksteady Drums Level 2


Play the three exercise four times without stopping along with a

Exercise I
Rock Beat Variation 1 Coca-Cola Fill

Exercise II
Rock Beat Variation 3 Coffee Fill Variation 1

Exercise III
Rock Beat Variation 4 Coffee Fill Variation 2

Your Tutor will:
Break down each exercise for you.
Pick a game to help you practice.
Pick a song for you to play along with.