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Volume 13 No. 2 “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” ~ Anonymous February 2010


1014 Pearl Street, Brockton, MA • Phone:508.588.5661
Founded and Houses The Brockton Blue Dog Shelter
This Month’s Cover
his month’s cover was
painted by painter Gordon
Sigler specializes in por-
traits of pets. Trained at the Rhode
Island School of Design and the Mu-
seum School of Fine Arts, Gordon
now paints professionally in Hamil-
ton, Massachusetts.

516 Washington Street

Hanover, MA 02339
Sunday Appointment
Hours Available!
The front page credits were inadvertently left out
Full surgical and of last month’s paper. The Pet Gazette apologizes
for the error.
diagnostic services, Top Left to right:
including ultrasound “Mona and Murray”
by John White
and specialty services “Best in Show”
by our Board Certified by Donna Ingemanson
Cardiologist and Internist by Kayo Motomiya-Walsh
.. . . . . . . . . . . . “Repose” by Dan Evans
“Arlo” by Ivy Francis
“A Lifetime of Veterinary
“Thinking Dog” by Anna Dibble
Care” “Teddy” by Jill Flynne All work copyrighted by the artists

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(Internal Medicine)
Megan Hwang, DVM
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Pet Gazette February 2010
Top Cat of the Month 1st Annual
“Ranger” Hearts and Paws
his is Ranger. He is oin the Taunton Animal Shelter for their 1st An-
10 months old right nual Hearts and Paws from Jan. 14 through Feb.
now and he is an all 14. Loving hearts and paws join together to make
black Bombay. He was born Valentine’s Day a little happier for everyone. Share some
on Feb. 1, 2009. We have had love with a pet currently awaiting a new home and family
him since he was 12 weeks at the Taunton Animal Shelter. Please visit the shelter and/or
old. But only one week after “visit” on line at to see
we got him everything went the many pets who are waiting for their “special someone”.
south. Make a donation in honor of a particular pet at the shel-
I was home alone and ter and/or deliver/send a special toy/treat/gift  for the pet of
Ranger was on my lap watch- your choice.  (This can also be done as a special “gift” for
ing my favorite television someone for Valentine’s Day and/or in memory of someone!
show. There was a loud noise If you do decide to do this, please allow enough time for
and he jumped off my lap. I your request to be processed and  sent in the mail to you,
thought nothing of it until he in order to receive in time for Valentine’s Day). Forms will
ran under the couch and the be available at the Taunton Shelter, requested via e-mail (
couch started moving and mak-, Raynham Town Hall, Taunton City
ing ticking noises. I knew it Hall, Roma’s Hair Salon, Ventura Grain, Leahy’s Liquors,
wasn’t good. I moved the side or through shelter personnel. (Your name and the name of
table and pulled him out. He and she didn’t completely be- ($900 later) Ranger is on anti- the pet of your choice will be noted on the Taunton Shelter
was foaming at the mouth and lieve me. seizure medication (liquid) he website and also at the shelter itself. In addition, you will
having a seizure. I called my One week later it hap- takes twice a day (it’s cherry receive a special photo of the pet you have chosen to spon-
mom immediately and broke pened again. We brought him flavored). He is good at taking sor).
into tears thinking I was go- to the emergency vet and they it and it seems like he knows
ing to lose another one of my said some kittens suffer with it’s helping him. He is my Top
beloved animals. She told me seizures. Cat of the month.
that she was going to be right He continued to have his
home. When she got home seizures, so that’s when we Michelle Demers Pleasant Mountain Pet Cemetery
just minutes later, he was fine brought him to a special vet. Bourne
& Cremation Services
Humane Society reaching out On Rt 3 76 Liberty St Plymouth, MA 02360

to help animals in Haiti

Where Heartfelt Responsibility is Practiced.

Visit our website at

he American Hu- by the disaster, as they move other animals in disasters can
mane Association into temporary camps. Plans donate at americanhumane. s0RIVATECREMATIONSVERYREASONABLYPRICED
has joined forces include providing food and org/aes-donate. American Hu- 5RNINCLUDED
with the Animal Relief Co- clean water, as well as vac- mane will be actively updating s3AMEORNEXTDAYPICK UPATYOURHOMEORVET
alition for Haiti its Web site and
(ARCH), an inter- social networks to
national group of inform people on s6IEWCREMATIONSOPENDOORPOLICY
professional animal the status of the ONOURFACILITIESEXCLUSIVEWITHUS
welfare organiza- coalition and how s0RIVATEBURIALSONBEAUTIFULLYKEPTGROUNDS
tions committed to they can help. Find
aiding animals in the them on Twitter at s2EASONABLYPRICEDAND
region. The group is canhumane and on s9OUMAYINSISTONWHEREYOURPETS
preparing a mobile Facebook at face- AFTERCAREISPERFORMED
animal clinic and
reach work in Haiti, The Animal
with training provided Relief Coalition for Call for info 1-800-852-0014 or 508-746-5550
by ARCH. The coalition also cinating companion animals Haiti was created by the World
will be assessing and assist- against rabies. Society for the Protection of
ing with the needs of animals People who want to sup- Animals and the International
belonging to people displaced port these vital efforts and help Fund for Animal Welfare. HEALTHY VETERINARY
Acupuncture and other natural & holistic
treatments to promote healing,
wellness and longevity

Dogs Serving the

Cats South Shore
& Horses and Cape

Dr. Mark E. Russo, V.M.D.

192 Main St. Kingston, MA 02364
February 2010
Pet Gazette 3
Pe t p o u r r i
Send items for the
Petpourri page to

The Deadline is
the 12th of each month.

Look, Ma — no hands

new hands-free leash system prom- hardware allows the walker to unclip the dogs
You’ve Always Wanted to Do More. ises to make pet owners the leader and use the system as a traditional leash. Each
Learn how you can protect cats at of their pack, whether it in- leash is adjustable to meet the needs of
cludes one, two or more dogs. Unlike both the dog and walker. For those who
traditional hands-free leashes, which have more than two dogs, the Alpha
attach at the waist, the ergonomical- Pac offers a double leash attachment
ly designed Alpha Pac allows the that when connected to each side
walker to safely and conveniently of the base can hold up to
W W W. A L L E Y C AT. O R G walk one to two dogs. The four dogs. The Alpha Pac
Education Advocacy Action Alpha Pac is worn over the Complete, which sells for
shoulders and back and uses $39.95, includes the base,
an individual’s core strength one 27-inch adjustable leash
to assume the position of alpha one 42-inch adjustable leash
dog or pack leader, keeping the and a single leash adapter
dogs right where they belong, to convert from two dogs
at the side. The Pac is made of to one. Additional leash-
durable fabric with nylon webbing es are available for
straps and reflective strips for night- $7-$15 to expand the
time safety, and it is ideal for dog use of the Pac. Find it
owners who love to be outside with at
ANGEL VIEW PET CEMETERY & CREMATORY their K-9 companions. Quick-release
Because We Care, We Share In Your Compassion, Love & Grief

Sponsor a shelter pet for
Valentine’s Day
FORMAL BURIAL ON OUR BEAUTIFULLY LANDSCAPED GROUNDS he Taunton Ani- enough time for your request
CEREMONIES & VIEWINGS AVAILABLE mal Shelter will to be processed and sent in the
24 HOUR PICK UP AT YOUR HOME OR VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE host its inaugural mail, in order to receive in time
Hearts and Paws event from for Valentine’s Day. Forms
EQUINE SERVICES: Jan. 14-Feb. 14 and invite will be available at the Taun-
PRIVATE CREMATION, GROUP CREMATION area residents to share some ton Shelter or can be requested
love with a pet awaiting a via e-mail paws4blue@aol.
new home and family. Visit com. They also are available
URNS, CASKETS & MARKERS the shelter or visit online at Raynham Town Hall, Taun-
at tauntonshelter.petfinder. ton City Hall, Roma’s Hair
~OVER 25 YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE~ com to see the many pets that Salon, Ventura Grain, Leahy’s
471 WAREHAM STREET, MIDDLEBORO, MA 02346 are waiting for their special Liquors, or through shelter
WWW.ANGELVIEW.COM someone. Make a donation personnel. (Your name and the
508-947-4103 OR 800-287-0066 in honor of a particular pet name of the pet of your choice
AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY - 7 DAYS A WEEK at the shelter or deliver send will be noted on the Taunton
a special toy, treat or gift for Shelter Web site and also at the
the pet of your choice. (This shelter itself. In addition, you
KINGSTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL, INC. can also be done as a special “gift” for some- will receive a special photo of the pet you have
-AIN3TREETs+INGSTON -! one for Valentine’s Day and/or in memory of chosen to sponsor.)
someone.) If you do decide to do this, allow
Spice up feeding time with variety
hen it comes to dog food, variety any particular ingredient, according to Michael
is the spice of life, say makers Farmer, co-president of Rotations Pet Food.
of the new Rotations Pet Food. Each box contains three separate re-sealable
With many people thinking of their pets like bags of food, each with a unique meat-first
their children, it seems only right that if they recipe with no by-products, fillers or artificial
wouldn’t feed their children ingredients. While all of the three recipes in
Extended Hospital Hours the same food day in and each box contain different ingredients for
day out, they shouldn’t nutritional balance, they are for-
Mon - Thurs 7 am - 9 pm do so to their pets. Ro- mulated with even levels
Friday 7 am - 6 pm tations Pet Food is the of the key food
Saturday 7 am - 5 pm first and only dog food groups for safe
designed specifically rotation without
2AYMOND2USSO $6- for rotational feeding. digestive prob-
-ARK%2USSO 6-$ !#6)- Three distinctly differ- lems. Rotations
0ATRICIA+(ESS 6-$ ent formulas in one box offers unique
3HARON$AVIS $6- provide a broader com- bination for- mulas for pup-
%MILY3#LAIR $6- $!"60 of nutritional elements and a steady rotation of py, adult and senior life
!GATA$E-ARCO $6- even levels of proteins, fibers, fruits, carbohy- stages. Rota- tions Pet Food
-ICHELLE2UDIN $6- drates, fats and essential vitamins that comple- is available at various online and retail
ment each other as a complete, safe rotating pet stores and sells in six-, 12- and 24-pound bags
A half century of hospitality and caring for food system. The bottom line: A simple, safe for between $20 and $56.
and convenient way to ensure a pet will never Find a nearby store or learn more about
the pets of the South Shore be bored, undernourished or over exposed to their products at

Pet Gazette February 2010
Line of collars, leashes offers

taste of the tropical
n the midst of a New England winter, has expanded its fetch toys, adding
it’s not unusual for people to dream the new chubby StarTurtle &OR9OUR,ARGE 3MALL
of warmer weather and tropical (pictured). Like their other AND%XOTIC0ETS
escapes. Though it’s not exactly a toys, the StarTurtle is a !&RONT3TREET 3UITE
dream vacation, the tropical feel durable, squeaky chew 3CITUATE -! 6ISITOURWEBSITEFORDETAILEDDESCRIPTIONS
of Island Dog Gear’s new line toy that comes in bright,   
of products could tide you colorful patterns. All Is- $R4RANBERGISACERTIlEDMEMBEROFTHE
over until the temperatures land Dog items range !SSOCIATION
rise again. Island Dog Gear of- from $10.99-$12.99
fers a range of Hawaiian-themed each and are avail-
collars, leashes, toys and acces- able online at 3ERVINGTHE3OUTH3HORE3INCE
sories, now available for dogs of all or at specialty retailers and boutiques (e-mail
size — from teacup Chihuahuas to Great Danes or call 408-416-3777
and everything in between. The company also to find out where). CAPE COD KENNEL CLUB, INC.
A holistic approach to pet care DOG TRAINING CLASSES

revention has always been the best a holistic approach is to Puppy Kindergarten • Beginner Obedience
guarantee for long-term wellness, and ask why the dog has ear Advanced Obedience • Show Handling
this is as true when it comes to man- mites and to consider the
aging pets’ stress as it is for managing our own. fact that chronic parasitic Agility Training: Beginner to Advanced
“The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats,” pub- conditions can be symp-
lished by Ten Speed Press in December, makes tomatic of a weakened
For more information, please call:
a convincing plea for caregivers to stress-proof immune system. The au-
their pet’s home life, environment and general thors review many case   sWWWCAPECODKCORG
care. “The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats” profiles where looking Cape Cod Kennel Club Inc. established 1947
describes the physiological affects of nega- beyond the immediate,
tive stress and how to manage it. Authors Paul superficial condition led
McCutcheon, DVM and Susan Weinstein en- to a treatment of a differ-
courage an integrative approach to veterinary ent sort — resulting in a much happier animal
care, one that goes beyond treating superficial and in a higher quality of life overall. “The
symptoms to achieve overall wellness for the New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats” retails for
animal. Instead of simply treating ear mites, $18.99. Find it at local bookstores or online.

Home on the (free) range

or health-conscious 100 percent natural, they
owners who want are unique in size and
the best for their shape. The Angus line of-
little doggies, Free Range Dog fers odor-free bully sticks,
Chews presents its new Grass- braided steer sticks, lung,
Fed Angus Dog Treats line. Paddywack, cow tails,
These nutritious treats come tripe springs and twists
from beef cattle humanely and beef trachea. All treats
raised in the pastures of Argentina where they are made without hormones, antibiotics, animal
dine on an all-natural grass diet. Beef and only byproducts, steroids or preservatives. Prices
beef is the single ingredient in the Angus line. range depending on product and quality. Learn
The grass-fed Argentina beef in these treats more or find a nearby store at the Web site, fre-
is higher in omega-3 fatty acids and beta-car-
otene yet lower in fat, and because they are

Make it personal
ou can love your pet and at a hotel or elsewhere. Made
not love everything from quilted soft suede and
about him — in- machine-washable,
cluding the havoc he can the pet cover is avail-
wreak on furniture. Sure able in three sizes —
Fit’s new pet couch cover couch, chair and love- 525 South Street
provides a way to protect fur- seat — in chocolate and
Walpole, MA 02081
niture upholstery while mak- taupe. Monogramming
ing it clear your pet is still an is available in two text Phone (508) 668-5454
important part of your life, by styles: Block and Script, Fax (508) 850-9809
monogramming his name onto the cover. The with up to 15 characters. Sure Fit cov-
cover can help protect couches, chairs and beds ers sell for $29.99-$49.99. Find them online at VETERINARY EMERGENCY
in the house or can be used in transit in the car, TREATMENT & SPECIALTIES
Carnivore kisses for Valentine’s Day
We Now Proudly Offer the Following new Services:
tella & Chewy’s has kisses of all fla- ingredient — salmon — right from the ocean. s,ASER%NDOSCOPIC#YCLOPHOTOCOAGULATIONFOR'LAUCOMA
vors to give dogs what they crave. There are no added grains, fillers, hormones s$ENTISTRY
Now one more enticing flavor or antibiotics, artificial preserva- - 24 hour Emergency Service
has been added to the Carnivore Kisses tives, colorings, sugars or salt. - Board certified specialties
line, and it’s perfectly pink for Valen- The treats, made with diced 100 • Anesthesiology - Emily McCobb, DVM, MS, DACVA
tine’s Day. Stella & Chewy’s new Wild percent raw salmon, are freeze-
• Emergency & Critical Care - April Paul, DVM, DACVECC
Alaskan Salmon Carnivore Kisses of- dried to lock in the nutrition and
Tara Hammond DVM, DACVECC, 6 ECC Residents
fers a bite-sized Valentine’s Day gift flavor. Through the freeze-drying
• Internal Medicine - Johanna Cooper, DVM, DACVIM
that may have your dog giving you process, the moisture is removed
kisses of her own.Stella & Chewy’s from the raw meat without cook- • Ophthalmology - Federica Maggio, DVM, DACVO
produces all-natural foods and treats ing, thus the nutritional value of • Radiology - Ryan King, DVM, DACVR
that are nutritious and tasty for dogs the raw meat is retained. Look for • Surgery - Nicole Amato, DVM, DACVS
and cats. The newest product, 100 per- Wild Alaskan Salmon Carnivore • Dentistry - Jean Joo, DVM
cent Wild Alaskan Salmon Carnivore Kisses Treats, at $9.99-$10.99 per • Dermatologist - Dr. Christine Prost, DVM, DECVD
Kisses, is an addition to the company’s package, at a retail store near you.
Our goal is to provide the best medical care combine with outstanding client service.
line of other Carnivore Kisses, including beef, or call 888-477-8977 for
Our qualified and compassionate staff is dedicated to serving the veterinary
bison, chicken, and duck. The Wild Alaskan more information or to find out about the com- community.
Salmon Carnivore Kisses are comprised of one pany’s full line of products.

February 2010
Pet Gazette 5
By Gerald F. Williamson Esq.
Handling a canine “A&B” look.

Pet Gazette Columnist A: There is a huge body In Massachusetts, Chapter
: My male pit of law around the country per- 140, Sect. 155 imposes liabil-
bull bit a cus- taining to our “best friend” ity on the owner or keeper of
tomer where he and how he (or she) reacts in a dog for property damage of
was being boarded at a ken- the presence of other people. personal injury caused by the
nel. I was not present at the Since we last wrote about this pet in the conduct of its “ca-
time. There is no history subject, there seems to have nine duties”. Notice that we
of dog bites by this pit bull. been a sharp increase in dog avoid using the word “negli-
Does this matter? Is there bite incidents in the Common- gence” in this situation. There
any more liability because of wealth. Your question raises is a reason: Massachusetts
the breed type? Am I liable? a number of issues, some of is one of the 32 states which
Is the owner of the kennel li- which are clear, others some- embody the so-called law of
able? what foggy. Let’s take a closer “strict liability”. In essence,
this is liability without fault.
Four of our states (Georgia,
Hawaii, New York, and Ten-
nessee) have modified this
toothy statute via the “one-bite
rule”. In effect, this gives the
angry pooch (and his owner)
one free chomp victim without
compensable fault. While there always brings Section 137, et seq., of
In our Commonwealth, whines of “I told you so!!” in Chapter 140 do contain vari-
there are (or course) one or the case of a pit bull attack, ous regulations pertaining to
two exceptions to the “strict scores of pit bull owners swear the keepng of dogs. There
liability” situation. If there are even local board of se-
was a clear trespass onto the lectmen for keeping noisy
owner’s property, liability or dangerous dogs. The
Dr. Rachel Francis Dr. Kelly Temple may not attach. If the vic- “keeper” of a dog seems to
Dr. Kimberly Suh tim was taunting or abusing explicitly include a kennel
the animal, once again, the operator, personal or cor-
attack may be a “Freebie” porate who “harbors” or
Hospital Hours: for Rover. If the victim “possesses” a dog. There-
Closed for lunch every day 12-1pm
was a minor under the age fore, the operative statute
Monday: 8am-5pm of seven, he or she will be (Sect. 155) should render
Tuesday - Thursday: 8am-5pm & 6:30pm-8pm presumed to have been free the kennel owner liable
Friday: 8am-5pm of blame as to taunting or for “Chompy’s” first bite.
Saturday: 8am-12pm
hurting the pet. (This may You may also be liable,
Sunday: Closed
be clear where a two-year since the statute does not
303 Wareham Road, Marion
old pulls the tail of a 100
pound shepherd; less clear Paws & the law automatically exclude the
where a six year old repeat-
508-748-1203 edly steps on the paws of a
Be careful how you
handle this canine “A & twenty pound Dachsund.) that their little furry critter is as B” case. One or more insur-
docile as the proverbial lamb. ance policies may be involved.
Pit bulls, at this writing, do not If your home is not protected
seem to have caused a modi- by a homestead, the hapless
fication of the primary statute victim could put the “bite” on
(above) which proscribes li- your real estate!!
ability after an attack on pets SILLY STATUTE OF
or humans. THE MONTH:
Be aware, of course, that In California, it is illegal
the rules of negligence do not for mountain lions to mate
simply get tossed out with the within 1500 feet of a tavern,
dog’s bath water. In every ju- school, or religous establish-
risdiction in America, there is ment.
some type of provision that Got a question about
requires all of us to use “due animal law? Send your ques-
care” in our dealings with oth- tions and feedback to Attor-
ers. Did the owner violate a ney Williamson and you may
local ordinance such as a leash see it in a future column. He
law? Was that violation caus- can be reached at pawlaw@
ally connected to the attack on or by mail to At-
someone or his property? Was torney Gerald Williamson, 71
there any type of contributory Legion Parkway, Brockton,
negligence involved? MA 02301.
A full-service hospital caring for the needs
of your four-legged family members.


• Internal Medicine • General Surgery Debt Relief
MARSHFIELD • Dental Services • Oncology Services
chapter 7 chapter 13 trial work
ANIMAL Jeffrey M. Barrow, D.V.M.
Randolph M. Adams, D.V.M.
Jennifer A. Johnson, D.V.M.
Sarah E. Lafaver, D.V.M. Gerald F. Williamson, Esq.
71 Legion Parkway
Brockton, MA 02301
Serving South Shore Over 25 Years
(781) 837-5005 490 PLAIN STREET, ROUTE 139
(508) 588-2284
Pet Gazette February 2010
Brookstone’s Bad Idea
By Linda Huebner, MSPCA “adopted” Frog-O-Spheres that frogs do not naturally eat,

Special to the Pet Gazette and that they provide detailed and live in ponds, not aquari-
s an animal lover, care instructions to their cus- ums filled with the customer’s
you probably put a
lot of thought into
tomers and staff, even training
one person in each store to be
choice of various shades of
brightly and artificially col-
Cassandra Kelley, D.V.M.
adding an animal to your fam- a Frog-O-Sphere specialist. ored gravel. Full Service Feline Only Veterinary Hospital
ily. You may visit your local It’s true that Brookstone has If people become bored or
animal shelter regularly, surf an online manual for the Frog- frustrated and decide that they
Petfinder and other websites, O-Sphere, but that doesn’t no longer want their frogs, they • Preventive Care Programs
or talk with people who know mean that people will read may decide to release them to • Senior Wellness
a lot about the needs of spe- it carefully – especially not the wild. African dwarf frogs
cific breeds of animals. You before they buy the Frog- are non-native animals who • Dental Health
probably don’t think of going O-Sphere, will not fare well if released
to the mall in search of your in New England, and could • Complete Medical &
next family member – have negative impacts on na-
tive wild species and real eco-
Surgical Care
regardless of species.
systems (as could the bamboo
U n f o r t u n a t e l y,
that’s just how plants in their tanks). Many “Special Care For Your Cat”
some people other ecological problems
get their pets
– while out
have started in just
this way, and na-
shopping, and tive populations 80 Sandwich St., (Rte. 3A) Plymouth
on a whim. have suffered the
Brook- consequences.
stone is a If people
unique store do not
that sells un- have the
usual and in- time or inclination to
teresting items; people when they should c a r e for animals, then they
often shop there to find be considering whether should not be encouraged to
gifts for friends or fam- ily o r not they want to make buy or adopt them. Selling
members who “have every- the commitment to provide this product at Brookstone en-
thing”. Unfortunately, one of proper care for the frogs. Peo- courages impulse purchases – !(EALTH&OOD3TOREFOR0ETS
Brookstone’s current items, ple seem to buy this item as an something not appropriate for
(and a generally fun place to go for pets and their people)
the Frog-O-Sphere, a tiny extremely low-maintenance any animal. If people do want
colorful aquarium complete way to have pets, so it is not to have pets, there are many of /FFERING#USTOMER3UPPORT'UIDANCE
with African dwarf frogs, is likely that they will follow the them who need good homes
likely to attract mall shoppers detailed instructions, espe- available at the MSPCA’s Ani- Rawdiets & Natural Pet Diets
mal Care & Adoption Centers
and other animal shelters and Vitamin & Herbal Supplements
Brookstone is not a pet store. Selling exotic rescues organizations nation-
amphibians like the African dwarf frogs contained wide. It’s even possible that Pet Shampoo
in the Frog-O-Sphere is not appropriate. African dwarf frogs in Frog-
O-Spheres will even be sur-
rendered to animal shelters 4REATS TREATSANDMORETREATS
looking for an unusual gift or cially the use of spring water when people tire of them.
something to enhance their of- in the tank and the advisory The Massachusetts Society #ANINE-ASSAGE4HERAPY
fice decor. not to place more than 4 frogs for the Prevention of Cruelty
Brookstone is not a pet in each Frog-O-Sphere. In to Animals (MSPCA) is con- !LSOAVAILABLE&LOWER%SSENCE#ONSULTATIONSBY$IANE$EWBERRY
store. Selling exotic amphib- the online comments, people cerned that Brookstone is sell-
ians like the African dwarf even expressed concern that ing the Frog-O-Sphere and we
frogs contained in the Frog- they’d remember to feed their are worried about the implica-
O-Sphere is not appropriate. frogs – they do not really think tions for the health and welfare Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm / Saturday 9am-4pm
Clearly, problems are expect- of the frogs as pets, but rather of the frogs. We have alerted
ed, given that Brookstone will something interesting to look the members of our Animal
replace the frogs for free with- at from time to time. Action Team that Brookstone
es s i o n
in 30 days from the date of Brookstone touts the edu- is continuing to sell Frog-O-
g Im pr at io n
purchase and will sell replace-
ment frogs thereafter. Many
cational value of the Frog-O-
Sphere “ecosystem”, and mar-
Spheres despite concerns from
animal protection groups such
t e rl in hab il it
of the customer comments on kets it to classroom teachers, as the MSPCA. For more in- S al R e
Brookstone’s website included
complaints about dead frogs.
but it’s hard to see how this
completely artificial environ-
formation, including what you
can do about this, see www. Anim
Brookstone’s online let- ment translates to the real
ter to their customers states world where frogs eat insects, "Improved Function,
that thousands of people have not pellets made from things
Improved Quality
of Life"
Rescue Groups Marjorie C. McMillan, DVM, DACVR, CCRP • Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP


Forever Home Rescue At Sterling
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Impression Rehab
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with a network of foster homes in the Boots - Harnesses - Slings - Hot/Cold Packs - Low Calorie Treats
south and in New England. Please
check out our available dogs at Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England
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February 2010
Pet Gazette 7
By the Breed: The Chinese Shar-Pei
By Diane Donovan different dog for each particu-

Pet Gazette Contributor lar task. Our size and protec-
us here, I am not a tive nature made these jobs
breed you see ev- easy for us to perform. We
ery day, but I have still retain many skills we used
some unique characteristics in in those tasks such as herding,
the dog world that make me tracking, hunting and especial-
one of the most recognizable ly guarding, yet we are in the
breeds. My wrinkles are the non-sporting group today be-
first distinctive trait that draws cause we have not been bred to
people to me. I was a very do these tasks for many years.
cute, wrinkly puppy, but my We were then bred through-
personality is quite different out Hong Kong and Taiwan to
as I mature. My wrinkles are keep an established line from
mostly limited to my face and our original ancestors. We
neck now that I am almost full were introduced to the U.S.
grown. Our name Shar-Pei through a Hong Kong kennel
literally means “sand-skin” club that launched a success-
ful “Save the

by the breed Shar-Pei”

Because of
our rarity
which translates to “rough, and unique traits, an enthusi-
sandy coat” or “sandpaper– astic interest developed and
like coat”. This refers to the our breed flourished here in Because of the Shar-Pei’s rarity and unique traits, an enthusiastic interest developed and our breed
two qualities of my coat- the the United States. flourished here in the United States.
roughness and the shortness We are only acceptable in
that are unique in the dog show standards in solid color; the farms, we are extremely that has had dog experience in as adults. I am a great com-
world. We are one of two I am considered a Bella be- devoted to our family, almost the past to be sure we grow up panion for my family, I like to
dog breeds that have a blue- cause of my blue tinted color to a fault protective of them to happy and can give us the at- be active but do not need hours
black tongue, the other being on my face and ears. We outsiders. My masters are my tention we need. of continuous activity. I prefer
a Chow-Chow which indicates have strict guidelines in ref- property; it is my duty to be
we could be related. erence to our high set curling sure anyone who encounters
The Chinese Shar-Pei has tail, our broad muzzle and of them has only the best inten- The Chinese Shar-Pei has been traced back to the Han
been traced back to the Han course our coat. We should tions with them. We stand our Dynasty in China (200 B.C.) When China was formed as
Dynasty in China (200 B.C.) have the look of a hippopota- ground firmly with calmness
mus, as far as muzzle, head,
a communist country, the dog population was reduced
When China was formed as a and confidence. Our scowling
and overall structure. We are look can be quite intimidating;
mostly to farms outside the cities.
communist country, the dog
population was reduced mostly strong and muscular in stature. don’t push us too far because
to farms outside the cities. We We are regal, alert, dignified we will protect what is ours. Our special coat requires to use my energy in spurts, I’ll
were used in all tasks on the and independent in personal- I love my family, but I am a little grooming, and we do not play for a while and then I’ll
farm, as they could not have a ity. Due to our heritage on little guarded and standoff- shed. I am very tidy and keep have longer periods of rest.
ish to outsiders. Because of myself very clean. I need ex- It’s probably a good idea for
these qualities we may require tra help in keeping my wrinkles me to have my own bed. If
additional training time and and ears clean and my nails we share, I warn you, I do hog
more socialization than other clipped. We are 18-20 inches my space in the bed (which
breeds. We may need a family tall and weigh 45-60 pounds you may think is your space).
I am not easily moved during
my rest time, it’s like trying to
move a hippo. Again, I am
protective of what I perceive
as my property and I will not
surrender easily! Smaller
children sometimes are cau-
Advertising in the tious near me because of my
guarded nature and daunting
pet gazette delivers! look. As long as I am intro-
duced to outsiders properly, I
welcome them into our home.
• The Pet Gazette is a monthly newspaper directed at pet lov- Diane Donovan is the
ers. Our Our features and columns include interviews with local owner of K-9 to 5 in Hanover.
veterinarians, the latest in product and book reviews, local For more information visit K-
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Pet Gazette February 2010
By George Sommers
Parrot Star
of a video game, water drip- Squeak, a hybrid Catalina ma-

Pet Gazette Columnist ping and a champagne bottle caw from California, worked
ome of the finest uncorking. a swing, turning around 360
parrot performances Yet another grey, Einstein, degrees several times.
are featured on “Pet howled like a wolf, laughed Animals don’t ALWAYS
Star”, airing in reruns week- Snidely Whiplash-style for feel compelled to perform
days at 8 a.m. on “Animal “evil”, “Wshssh-wshh”ed for on cue. Echo the yellowhead
Planet”. The birds frequently whispering and even bragged Amazon ignored entreaties
fly away with first prize. about being “a superstar”. to speak, mortifying his lady
An Indian ringneck para- Iko the New Orleans handler – but later saved face
keet putted a ball in a REAL cockatoo somersaulted on a by speaking bilingually –
minigolf course. (OK, one tightrope for celebrity judges “Hello!”, “Hola!”; doing ani-
went into the sandtrap first) including Massachusetts’ own mal impressions and singing
along with sinking a basket- Maria Menounos, correspon- “Old McDonald”. The bird
ball and other tricks. The bird dent for “The Today Show”, from Hazel, Texas came from
was a gift from Johnny Carson, “Access Hollywood”, etc. behind to beat many strong
as a replacement for another A black headed caique contenders to by a beak.
that appeared on the “Tonight named Cassie and Willie the Ally, an Alexandrine para-
Show” but later; like Carson, greencheeked amazon from keet likewise blew his cues but
Florida showed off their Talented birds are featured on “Pet Star.” This macaw might redeemed himself by uttering
be next! –Photo by George Sommers
atheletic prowess on mini- a few words at the end.
stairmasters, tightropes, hang- Ricky, a 25 year old yellow
ing hoops, etc. while Marga- teer. a crowd pleaser as was a flag naped Amazon, didn’t quite
ret, a hyacinth macaw from Koalabi the sulphur crested raising conure, an artistic blue pull off his alleged signature
Maryland, in Houdini tradition cockatoo imitated NASCAR and gold macaw named Rox- trick of climbing into a paper
picked a latch and escaped fans by rotating his head along anne and a bare eyed cockatoo bag and laughing hysterically,
from a cage in 5 seconds; lit- with laughing, speaking, bow- named Dundee from Las Ve- but did do some talking and
erally a quarter of the time it ing and waving. gas who flew through hoops animal impressions.
took a human audience volun- Dutch, the patriotically at- and “delivered” mail, includ- That’s show biz!
tired roller skating macaw was ing raising the mailbox flag.

Fish & fowl

earned its heavenly wings.
VCA South Shore
Max the parakeet followed
a grueling obstacle course of
ladders and ropes. The budgie
whisperer, a 12 year old San
Diego boy, led his friend with
a mirror, prompting celebrity
Animal Hospital
judge and former “Baywatch”
beauty Gena Lee Nolin to ad- Internal Medicine
mit that she, too, had a mirror
Michael Bernstein, DVM, DACVIM,
Medical Director
595 Columbian Street
Yahkee, a yellow naped
amazon, crooned: “Oh My
Darling Clementine” and
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM, DACVIM,
Intern Director South Weymouth, MA 02190
“Rockabye Birdy”. Another Alice Hadden, DVM, DACVIM
yellow naped named Korbell
sang opera, howled coyote
Susan Morrison, DVM, DACVIM
Jerry Perry, DVM
(781) 337-6622
style and cried like an infant. Bruce Walker, DVM
Kiri the African grey par-
rot from Washington, shopped
with a miniature shopping cart,
Cardiology • Full Service Veterinary Hospital
Susan Morrison, DVM, DACVIM
“read” a tiny book and even
flushed a parrot-sized potty!
(Internal Medicine)
Bradley L. Moses, DVM,
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
Wazoo, a Congo African
grey parrot from California, DACVIM (Cardiology)
performed uncanny renditions Neurology
• Appointments Available Seven
Stephanie Kube, DVM, DACVIM
Days a Week
Klaus Earl Loft, DVM Dedicated team of 29 doctors on staff –
Emergency/Critical Care
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM, DACVIM
including Board Certified specialists in
Angela Girello, DVM Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology,
Alison R. Gaynor, DVM, DACVIM,
DACVECC Emergency/Critical Care, Radiology,
Cindy Lopes, DVM
Ophthalmology, and Avian Practice
Bill Greentree, DVM, DACVO
David Diamond, VMD, DACVS
Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
Lori Hartzband, DVM, DACVR
Diana Rosenstein, DVM, DACVR
The Best of Quality Care for
Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine Every Stage of Your Pet’s Life!
Stephen Dyer, DVM, DABVP (Avian)

February 2010
Pet Gazette 9
Alpaca's High on the List of
Perfect Outdoor Pets her husband, Jim, could escape

By Sally Redmond from suburban Boston and buy
a farm in New Hampshire.
ooking for an outdoor wonder pet? Consider the
She chose alpacas because
alpaca. They’re gentle, intelligent, lovable, high- she didn't want something that
ly disease-resistant, inexpensive to maintain, safe you had to milk or kill. She
for little children, easy to handle, and income-producing. also had a life-long interest
People come to alpaca ownership for many reasons. Some in fiber arts. Since buying the
farm, Jim's life has gradually
raise them as a primary source of income; some as a part-time
changed from full-time secu-
business venture; some to escape the pressures of the corpo- rity analyst to part-time trust
rate lifestyle; some because caring for them is a rewarding officer to full-time breeder and
family experience. But all agree it’s the personality of the farmer.
alpaca that endears them to the breed. Like the Crews, the Kings
have grown to love the ani-
mals. Their farm, Skye View
Barbara and Ken Crews tall at the withers and weighs Alpacas, began with two fe-
raise 12 alpacas on their farm, between 125 and 150 pounds. males and one gelding in
Angelic Alpacas, in Virginia. Neither of the Crews had 1992. Today they have 75 al-
Barbara describes their per- any experience in farm life pacas, along with two Scotch
sonalities as catlike. They until they founded Angelic Highland Cattle, three llamas,
move slowly, smoothly, and Alpacas in 1998 to escape the angora rabbits, six chickens, a
quietly. They even sneak up dog-eat-dog business world. dog and two barn cats.
on the Crews' family cats. Although both still hold oth- Introduced into the US in
Like felines, they are also ex- er jobs, they consider alpaca 1984, alpacas are now banned
tremely curious. Barbara says breeding a positive step to- from being imported. They
they tend to be shy, but curios- ward simplifying and enrich- also don't reproduce quick-
ity always overcomes their in- ing their family's lifestyle. ly. Their gestation period is People come to alpaca ownership for many reasons. Some
stinctive reticence. They don’t Unlike the Crews, Sue 11-1/2 months, and they only
bite or butt, which is a big plus King always wanted to farm, raise them as a primary source of income; some as a part-time
have one offspring a year. So,
for a pet that stands about 36" but had to wait until she and business venture; some to escape the pressures of the corpo-
in order to increase their herd,
rate lifestyle; some because caring for them is a rewarding
the Kings buy new stock from
Canine Chiropractic one of the 30,000 breeders in
the US, selling babies and put-
family experience. But all agree it’s the personality of the
alpaca that endears them to the breed.
ting the money into females.
Owners and breeders are very costs $2,000 to breed a female, in an acre of pasture. With clo-
Improving the alignment and particular about propagating but that expense comes with a ven hoofs, like sheep, alpacas
performance of your dog will only the best characteristics of guarantee of pregnancy, birth, must have a "pedicure" every
improve their health........Naturally the alpaca. Most do DNA test- and survival of the offspring 2-3 months and need worming
ing and keep strict breeding for 30 days after birth. medicine monthly. Clean-up is
INDEK CHIROPRACTIC records. "Although we may
think we know who a sire is,
Both the Crews and the
Kings cite ease of care as a plus
easy since they deposit their
droppings in a few particular
alpacas can be sly," says Bar- to owning alpacas -- as pets places. Barbara says she's seen
or as income-producing ani- them stand in line to wait their
617-472-0661 bara Crews.
Why all the empha- mals. They need water, a cup turn at their designated spot in
sis on lineage? For breed- of mineral supplement, and the Crews’ pasture.
ers, it determines the value hay or pasture grass every day. Shearing is done ev-
Chiropractic can be used for
chronic & acute problems & part of an individual animal. The And they don't have expensive ery spring when the weather
of a wellness program with your Kings were just at an alpaca tastes. The Crews' 12 alpacas warms up. The Crews have a
Veterinarian. show in Michigan where a go through a bale of hay a tilt-top table that they sand-
male sold for $145,000. The week. They require minimal wich the alpaca up against
jackpot winner is an alpaca fencing; you can put five to 10 when the top is horizontal to
named Legacy, who sold for
“Dr. Bruce has been in practice for 26 years and $270,000 and is now in stud
has the utmost compassion and caring for your in Washington State. A female ALPACA FACTS
of average breeding quality
dog. Appointments at your home or (based on her fiber) goes for
Alpacas have a rich and deep history. Fossil records point to an
alpaca-like animal, indigenous to North America, that was the
Norwell Animal Hospital.” $1,500. Geldings that are not ancient ancestor of the genus Camelus. Now extinct, this ancestor
good for breeding range in crossed the Bering Straits into Asia and Africa to become the camel. price from $500 to $15,000. It The remaining descendants, alpacas, llamas, guanacos, and the
vicuña, are native to South America, with the heaviest concentra-
tions of alpacas in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.
CARING + EXPERIENCED STAFF /Ê8‡,9ÊUÊ1/,-"1 During the 1400s the Inca Empires bestowed special religious sig-
nificance on the alpaca and separated them from other livestock.
/-ÊUÊ , -ÊUÊ 8"/
- Only specially designated couturiers were permitted to spin and
weave the fiber. Alpaca garments were reserved exclusively for
- ,Ê-1, ,9ÊUÊ-1, ,9 COMPLETE DENTAL SERVICES members of the royal family and highest government officials.
Unfortunately, alpacas were all but wiped out with the arrival of the

781-340-0800 Spanish.
Alpacas were rediscovered in the mid 1800s as an excellent source
of fleece for making soft yarns and garments, and there are now five
to six million breeders, primarily in Australia and South America.
1389 Main Street Alpacas are environmentally friendly due to their padded hoof. They
(Route 18 South) do not bite or butt and do not have the teeth, horns, or claws to
cause injury. They don’t bleat or whinny; the only noise they make
Weymouth, MA 02190 is a humming sound. They need basic shelter from heat and foul
weather but love a light snowfall. They do not challenge fences.
Alpaca is considered by many fashion designers to be a pre-eminent
fiber, used alone or in combination with other luxury fibers like
angora, mohair, silk, and cashmere. The alpaca makes an excellent
companion animal, has a breedable disposition, and is easily trained
Ê-/, ]Ê 6ÊUÊ",Ê,6 9]Ê 6
and gentle enough for children.
To learn more about alpacas, turn to, www.angelical-
]Ê 6ÊUÊ  Ê
, ]Ê6 or

Pet Gazette February 2010
Alpacas in Duxbury
Julia Swem beginning and halter training them.

Special to the Pet Gazette The Bulmans have set up an appropri-
ast year three Alpacas moved in ate environment for them as well. They have
with the Bulman family in Dux- fenced in an area of their front yard that
bury. They arrived at the Bul- includes trees for shade as well as a little
man’s around Mother’s Day and are adjust- handmade hut for them if they want to get
ing well, according to the family. out of the rain or extreme heat. Many peo-
The Alpacas have been noticed around ple in town are a little nervous with the Al-
town because they’re not the typical Dux- pacas so close to one of the main streets in
bury Yellow Lab. Maura Bulman has loved Duxbury, but Maura Bulman doesn’t seem
Alpacas since she was a little girl and finally to be worried. Alpacas are herding animals
decided to try her luck with them. Every- that are pretty timid and love to stay in one
thing is running smoothly so far. place. They are not apt to challenge their
“They’re not much more care than a dog. fence, which The fence was built more to
They just need fresh water every day and keep other threats out than to keep the al-
their hay checked and changed every couple pacas in.
of days.” Bulman said. Even scooping their Overall the Alpacas are a nice addition
poop is easy. They all go in the same area to the town. They’re friendly and make great
and it makes wonderful compost which is a Jonas Bulman poses with one of his family’s three pet Alpaca pets that some people consider safer than a
very valuable and organic resource. llamas. Jonas’s mother Maura said she has always loved the lot of dogs. They are also not like Llamas
The Bulman family also includes three animals. that can be very nasty by kicking and spit-
kids, Jason and Ave and a foster child named ting. The Alpacas have this ability but will
Jaquarre. The Alpacas have been wonderful anything at dog level.” Jason said. All together the only use it if they feel extremely threatened.
with the children because they are very sweet and Bulmans have three Alpacas, one for each of their Alpacas are certainly not for everyone, but the Bul-
curious, Bulman said. Interestingly, Alpacas actu- children. The children have had a hand in taking mans and a growing number of area families are
ally prefer children because they are very timid by care of the animals, by hand feeding them in the finding them the perfect choice for them.
nature and feel less threatened by them. “They love

the ground. They then tilt the in alpacas there are shows all tremely trustworthy and partic- goats. The Crews’ daughter's is something about animals
top until the animal is off the over the country where own- ularly intrigued by the young. baby-sitting clients always that is very calming. The se-
ground and lying down. Bar- ers compete and show in both Sue King says she thinks it get the extra treat of spend- niors relax around the animals
bara holds the alpaca and Ken halter and agility contests. In could be children's small size ing time with an alpaca. One and soon begin telling their
does the shearing. a halter contest, alpacas are of the alpaca's most endear- stories. To Sue, that’s what her
Alpacas are outdoor ani- judged for their conformation ing characteristics is some- farm is about.
mals so their coats have lots and their fiber, which is thing called “pronking.” The Kings also use their
of debris in them. Washing or considered one of the Barbara Crews calls animals at fundraising events.
brushing ruins the architecture world's finest and it their “Pepe Le They have two or three “PR
of the fiber, so the Crews use a most luxurious. Pew run.” Just at guys,” young alpaca males
vacuum to blow debris out of The special ar- dusk (when it's who are able to put up with
the coat before shearing. After chitecture of impossible to anything, that they've used
shearing, Barbara “skirts” the the alpaca fi- get a pho- for activities that range from
fiber, picking out debris. ber allows it tograph), Nativity scenes to carrying
The Kings and the Crews to trap air, they run in cakes for a black tie din-
both sell their fleece to coop- resulting in a and jump ner. This past December they
eratives and to local weavers lightweight, into the air, began training a 4-H group to
and knitters. Barbara Crews but warm hanging handle alpacas and take them
says the money derived from garment, as there for a to fairs. Because the animals
the sale of their fiber product soft as cash- few seconds relate so well to children, the
covers all their alpaca expens- mere, and four with all feet 4-H-ers had them trained in 2
es. The blanket fleece, which times warmer off the ground, days.
comes from the back, is high- than wool with- like the love- As word has gotten out
est in quality. The leg and neck out its weight or struck skunk of about Skye View Farms, the
hair is second quality and gets prickle. It comes in cartoon fame. Kings have had numerous
a lower price. Sue sells her 22 basic colors, more Sue and Jim King unexpected visitors that just
blanket fleece for $32 a pound than the coat from any use their alpacas' charm- drive down the driveway. A lo-
raw and $64 a pound cleaned. other fiber-producing animal. ing, gentle nature to give a cal television news magazine
She estimates she gets six to If fiber, fabrics, and weav- little back in life, philanthropi- show has just finished a piece
eight pounds per animal. ing are not your thing, agil- that draws alpacas to them. cally. Sue particularly likes on their farm, and the Kings
Sue estimates that it takes ity competitions, designed to Because of their gentleness, working with older people and foresee a flood of visitors this
her two to two-and-a-half show how easy alpacas are to it's safe to have even the very has a local nursing home bring summer. They're confident the
hours every morning and one handle, provide a great deal young and the infirm around people out in vans every week. alpacas can take it!
hour every night to care for her of fun and entertainment. them. They don't bite, stomp They even take the alpacas to
herd. In addition to feeding and The competition ranges from on feet like horses, or butt like nursing homes. Sue feels there
watering, she sweeps the barns beginning to advanced. The
every morning. The Kings feel course is set with a variety
that it's easy work because of obstacles. Tarps are placed
the breed is peaceful, easy to on the ground to simulate wa- Full Service Veterinary Hospital
manage, and packed with per- ter. There are tents to walk
sonality. “If you're willing to through, poles to walk around,
spend time with them,” Sue steps up and steps down, and
Dogs, Cats & Exotic Animals
says, "they are willing to re- blankets with bells on them. House Calls*
late to you." They are general- Barbara says the bells drive
ly extremely healthy animals. them bananas, or as much as Office Hours Mon-Sat by appointment
Birthing, too, is usually easy. these gentle creatures can go
Sue and her husband hope to bananas. Ribbons go to the Lisa M. Teixeira, DVM
grow their herd to 100 and can most unflappable alpaca. Be-
Paige Pongratz, DVM
handle the work between the cause they are so peaceful,
two of them. They do have an you'll see handlers aged three Jennifer J. Johnson, DVM
assistant so there’s someone to 73 leading their alpacas
to take care of the farm when through their paces. * Limited to active clients*

they are away at shows. Alpacas’ talents are far

Showing Alpacas? reaching. They are very good
Yes. If you're interested with children. They're ex- 115 Mattakeesett St.
Pembroke, MA 781-293-5184
February 2010
Pet Gazette 11
The passive-agressive BLM
By Rick Larsen resorted to passive aggressive dab through the middle of our

Pet Gazette Columnist personality disorder (PAPD). northern wild horse country.
ecember 28th, just According to the original Di- Finally, there’s lots of stuff
3 frigid mornings agnostic and Statistical Man- that Bob should do for horses,
after Christmas ual of Mental Disorders, pas- but he can’t, unless Congress
day, the US Bureau of Land sive-aggression is described as says it’s okay.
Management (BLM) started “a pervasive pattern of passive If I was Bob, I might also
capturing 2500+ wild horses resistance to demands for ad- find passive-aggression to
in Calico Mountains Com- equate social and occupational be the least vexatious way to
plex, Nevada. This branch of performance.” “Too clinical,” handle my job, but he doesn’t
our Department of the Interior I mused. I delved further. have to be that way. He just
has been rounding up an un- My favorite description needs some support from you
precedented number of wild so far is on the website www. and me. Bob and his boss,
horses and shipping them to Author Ce- Secretary of the Interior Ken
an uncertain future. BLM sci- cil Adams writes: “The term Salazar work for us. They are
entists say that the land can’t “passive-aggressive” was in- supposed to do what you and
support the horses, so for now troduced in a 1945 U.S. War I think is most important. One
35,000 horses have end up in Department technical bulle- way to get our views heard is
taxpayer funded feed lots, long tin, describing soldiers who to go to their bosses, Presi-
We should be proud of our horses and treat them with reverence,
term holding areas, or up for weren’t openly insubordinate but as individuals, it takes time and energy to advocate for what dent Barack Obama and his
adoption. It costs us millions. but shirked duty through pro- you and I think is right. wife Michelle. You can write
What’s the real deal? crastination, willful incom- to them at www.whitehouse.
I think it’s because the petence, and so on. If you’ve sense. Toward the end, it was saying that Bob is a pain in the gov/CONTACT/ or call (202)
BLM is passive-aggressive, ever served in the military easier to be passively resis- butt. They think he has little 456-1111.
just like I was when I was during wartime though, or for tant. I thought it was a rational regard for what others want. In If you and I don’t go to bat
that matter read Catch-22, strategy. fact, the Government Account- for our horses, corporate agri-
you realize that what the But since then, I have ability Office just wrote a big business and energy concerns
HORSE brass calls a personal-
ity disorder, a grunt might
learned to be a little more at-
tentive and focused, as a par-
report and told BLM that they
have no money sense. Three
will have first dibs, because
they talk to Bob and Ken all
TALK call a rational strategy to
avoid getting killed.” So
ent, as a horseman, and as a
better husband to my second
quarters of the BLM horse
budget goes to feeding cap-
the time. But I think we need
to tell corporate America and
what does that have to do
with my honey-do list, the
a husband – the first time BLM, and 35,000 wild horses
Respecting these horses is important for the soul, like a playground for your kid,
around… but I’m better now. in captivity? or a place to fish, or a local store up the street where we can get penny candy…
Lemme ‘splain. According to my ex, I for a quarter.
It used to be, when I was was a pain in the butt. I had
handed a honey-do list, and my own agenda and little re-
I had conflicting or different gard for others. And of course and final wife. I needed bet- tive horses that should be and our president that our horses
priorities than my then-wife, I neither of us had any money ter priorities. I had to decide, could be wild. Now they are are important too, just like we
“What is the most important planning to round up another did when congress passed the
contribution I can make to 12,000 horses in the coming Wild Horse and Burro act in
Black feather horse rescue those whom I care about?” year, and I thought I had no 1971.
508-951-4685 - BLM director Bob Abbey money sense? Respecting these horses is
writes, “The Bureau of Land What we don’t see is important for the soul, like a
Cinnamon is a small mare in her early Management’s top priority is Bob’s honey-do list. Every- playground for your kid, or a
teens. Cinnamon gets her name from to ensure the health of the pub- one is vying for a piece of place to fish, or a local store
the unique color of her coat which is lic lands so that the species de- Bob and his BLM pie. This up the street where we can get
Chestnut but is a much brighter color pending on them – including includes: agri-business that penny candy… for a quarter.
that almost resembles cinnamon. the nation’s wild horses and funds much of the cattle in- We should be proud of our
Cinnamon is approximately 14.3 hands. horses and treat them with rev-
burros – can thrive. To achieve dustry, our wild horses that are
that end, the BLM’s wild horse protected by a law called the erence, but as individuals, it
Sassy is an older Bay Thoroughbred takes time and energy to advo-
and burro program must be put 1971 Free Roaming Horse and
Mare, approximately 15 hands. She is cate for what you and I think
on a sustainable course that Burro Act, and most recently,
well schooled and possesses the kindest
benefits the animals, the land, the El Paso Corporation, who is right.
brown eyes. She came from an unfortu-
and the American taxpayer.” wants to bury a 3 billion dol- I urge you to take time to
nate situation, but she has now put on
Lofty words, yet many are lar natural gas pipeline smack decide on your priorities. If
some weight and is coming along nicely!
you are a teacher or a parent,
wouldn’t this make a great
research project and ethics

We are open and here for discussion? On the web, it’s

easy to learn about all sides of
this wild horse debate. If you

our patients choose horses, I strongly en-

courage you to call the White
House and let your feelings
be known. Then we can help
Please call “BLM Bob” with his passive-
aggression. I think we need to
508-428-6393 to schedule or reschedule insist that Bob foster horse-
friendly priorities so he can
Monday - Saturday 8-5 be a good boss for our BLM.
We need to help him to know,
Cape Cod Animal Hospital has been in “what is the most important
contribution he can make to
continuous operation since 1930 and will be those whom he should care
Complete rebuilt. The hospital will continue to serve about.”
Rick Larsen lives in Marsh-
Medical Care this wonderful community. field, Massachusetts where he
enjoys both his own horses,
Scott E. Munson, VMD and helping others with their
Melaine L. Bikis, DVM horses. In 2006, Rick adopted
Heidi A. McMorrow, DVM and gentled a BLM mustang
from Sulphur Springs, Utah.
1411 Osterville Road West Barnstable See more about Rick www.
Pet Gazette February 2010
Vested Interest brings
safety to police dogs
“Protecting K-9s is Our
Priority” is the motto of newly Underwater Treadmill Spa Pool
formed organization Vested For Treatment of:
Interest in K-9s, Inc.
Seven days a week, 24
been available to help man’s s7EIGHT-ANAGEMENT
best friend…K-9 friend. For
the past eight years, she has Now offering Chiropractic Services!
volunteered organizing events
and raised more than $50,000 7ASHINGTON3T3TOUGHTONs  
to provide bullet protective WWWANIMOTIONANIMALREHABCOM
vests for law enforcement
K-9s in Massachusetts. In
2009, Marcal decided to pur-
sue her dream and organized WE ARE HERE WHEN
Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc.,
a non-profit whose mission it
is to provide vests for police Veterinarians and technicians on site 24 hours a day.
dogs in Massachusetts. New Locally owned and operated since 1975.
K-9s graduating from the Mas-
sachusetts Police Academy IN AN EMERGENCY
as well as K-9s with expired 508-580-2515
vests will have an opportunity 24 hour care for sick or injured pets. Chief of Staff
to be placed on Vested Interest Board Certified in Emergency and Critical Care.
in K-9s, Inc. wait list.
Marcal has had the oppor- WHEN YOU NEED A SPECIALIST
tunity to work with local po- 508-587-2700
lice departments, Mass. State Board certified veterinarians in internal
Police, Mass. Dept. of Cor- Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc., a non-profit whose mission it is
medicine, surgery, and cardiology.
rections, MBTA (Mass. Bay
to provide vests for police dogs in Massachusetts. New K-9s
Transportation Authority), YOUR FAMILY VETERINARIAN
graduating from the Massachusetts Police Academy as well as
Mass. Department of Men- 508-584-1600
tal Retardation and USAF- K-9s with expired vests will have an opportunity to be placed
Full service veterinary practice including vaccinations,
Hanscom Air Force Base to on Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc. wait list. dentistry, surgery and preventative medicine.
secure protective vests for the
CA. Fennessy teaches an Ani- Donations may be sent
dogs. She often attends K-9
training sessions, meets with
mal Law and Rights course at
Southern New England School
directly to Vested Interest in
K-9s, Inc. P.O. Box 9 East
New England
the handlers, and organizes
meetings between potential
of Law, where he’s an adjunct
professor of law and he teach-
Taunton, MA 02718 or online
at For more
Animal Medical Center
vest sponsors and K-9 teams. 595 W. Center St., W. Bridgewater
es a civil liability course for information, please call 508-
“I have had the honor to Routes 106 and 24 (Exit 16B from 24)
ACOAM (Animal Control Of- 824-6978.
meet many police dogs and
ficers Association of Mass.).
their dedicated handlers and
Having dedicated his career to
seen many of these K-9 teams
animal welfare, Fennessy was
demonstrate their talents of
invited to speak and present at
apprehension, obedience, nar-
cotics firearms and bomb de-
tection,” Marcal commented.
the 2007 and 2008 National
Animal Law Conference in
pet Drawing of the month
Portland Oregon and the 2009
“It is unfortunate that local
International Animal Law
and state budgets do not have
funding for bullet/stab protec-
Sarah Glaser has been an
tive vests, and that’s where
editor for GateHouse Media,
we step in to assist. Each vest
Inc. for three years, follow-
presently costs $725 and the
ing two years as copy chief
waiting list changes often,”
for MPG Newspapers. Be-
Marcal said.
fore working as an editor she
Marcal’s website displays
attended college in North
pastel artwork of law enforce-
Carolina majoring in com-
ment K-9s that was donated
munications. As an editor, she
by local artist Russ Wilkinson
oversaw reports about the K-9
of Wilkinson portraits (www.
program as it impacted the “His
town of Kingston. Ms.Glaser
work is amazing and com-
has grown up around police
pletely captures the personality
dogs and always found their
of the dogs and the handlers,”
work interesting. Being a life-
Marcal said.
long animal lover, she volun-
Vested Interest in K-9s,
teers her time with various
Inc. is run by Marcal with the
animal rescue organizations.
assistance of fellow animal
Her household consists of four
lovers, Attorney Robert H.
rescue cats. She became ac-
Fennessy Jr. and Sarah Gla-
quainted with Marcal during a Maggie is my Nana and Puba’s dog.
ser, both of whom are charter
fundraiser where the Kingston
members of the Board f Direc-
Police Departments K-9, Oly- Brady, Age 3
ver was featured.
Attorney Fennessy has
Marcal has plans for a
a solo law practice in Wal-
pole, MA that concentrates in
motorcycle ride and Help- Mail entries to: PET GAZETTE, PO BOX 1656, DUXBURY, MA 02331
ing Paws for the Holidays Pet
Animal Law, Municipal Law, Guidelines
Santa Photos in 2010 to ben-
Employment Law and Family Open to children 14 and under. Work should be on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper with no lines.
efit the cause. Anyone wishing
Law. He previously served as Please use colored pencils or crayons. Entries must include the name and age of child, parent’s name
to volunteer may reach Marcal
captain of the Law Enforce- and contact information, including phone. Please include a brief description including your pet’s name.
ment Department of the MSP-

February 2010
Pet Gazette 13
New hope for senior
pets with cataracts
pproximately 40
Specializing in Morgan Horses percent of the 130
• Boarding • Training million pets in this
• Lessons-Adult & Children
Briggs Stable country have some type of eye
• Leases- Show or Pleasure disorder. As pets age, their
• Breeding • Sales Tack Shop & Trailer Sales
eyesight often deteriorates,
623 Hanover Street
2008 Riding Camp Dates leading to impaired vision. As
Hanover, MA 02339
• June 23-27 • July 7-11 you might suspect, the major-
(781) 826-3191 ity of vision-related ailments
• Aug 4-8 • Aug 18-22
fax (781) 829-0091 occur in senior pets. When
25 Center St. Instruction • Training signs of visual impairment
Rte 14.
Pembroke, Ma.
Boarding • Sales become apparent in your pet,
781-294-7448 Full Service Tack Shop the culprit is usually a cataract. Kingston Trailer Sales According to a report from the
American Pet Products Asso-
Mare Willow Farm ciation, cataracts afflict over As pets age, their eyesight often deteriorates, leading to
12 million U.S. pets. A cata- impaired vision. As you might suspect, the majority of vision-
ract, which appears as a slight related ailments occur in senior pets.
clouding of the lens or sur-
All around Training for the
Welcoming two rounding capsule, can occur in pain, additional surgeries and now non-surgical treatment
Complete Equestrian
new instructors one or both eyes. This condi- even vision loss. options available. Senior Pet
Megan Means tion, if left untreated, will ini- Products now carries PetVi-
Equine Massage Therapy tially cause blurry vision and • Death. Undergoing anes- sion® eye drops, a nutraceu-
Jocelyn Maniglia
School Vacation Programs eventually total vision loss. thesia poses a risk for even tical ophthalmic product that
April, July, and August! 168 Beaver Dam Road While cataracts can afflict the healthy dogs and cats, and sur- has been tested and proven Plymouth, MA 02360 eyes of both dogs and cats, gery is even riskier for older to reduce the opacity in pet
1089 Main Street • Marshfield Barn 508-224-9559 the problem tends to be more pets. eyes, specifically due to in-
781-834-6166 Boarding & Lessons prevalent in canines. According to PetEducation. cipient cataracts, and assists
Historically, cataracts have com, while most senior health in maintaining their clarity.
Stonecroft Farm required extensive surgery, concerns tend to begin at 7 Historically, cataracts have
W. Bridgewater, MA which can cost in the thou- years, there are a number of required expensive surgery.
508-588-5576 sands of dollars. What’s even breeds prone to cataracts at Now
Boarding/Training costlier from an emotional per- a much younger age. Breeds carries the non-invasive alter-
Huntseat, Dressage spective is the stress of putting prone to cataracts at an earlier native requiring only a couple
Veterinary Owned & Operated Join our a pet through surgery, as well age and the age of onset for of drops in the affected eye, a
Middle/High as the recovery time and treat- cataracts are as follows: few times a day.
Boarding & Dressage
School Riding ment involved. In fact, many “I have used it [PetVi-
Training Facility pets suffer from post-surgical
Team Afgan Hound - 6-12 months sion] in three canine patients
Lessons available for all ages side effects ranging from in- American Cocker Spaniel - 6 + months to date,” says Judith M. Shoe-
fection, pain and swelling to
and levels of riding Year round lesson programs
ages 4 and up Boston Terrier - Congenital maker, DVM, of Always Help-
Summer Camp Indoor & Outdoor Ring total blindness. Some addi- Chesapeake Bay Retriever – 1 + years ful Veterinary Services inNot-
508-430-5393 Small, friendly atmosphere! tional risk factors to consider German Shepherd - 8 + weeks tingham, Pa. “I’ve used it for
include: Golden Retriever - 6 + months patients with cataracts when
Furnace Brook Farm Labrador Retriever - 6 + months surgery wasn’t an option,
• Scar Tissue. Development Mini Schnauzer - Congenital or 6 + mon dry eyes and chronic corneal
Erin Collins Van Steenburgh
Licensed Instructor of scar tissue from the surgical Old English Sheepdog - Congenital edema. Owners say their pets
procedure can limit your pet’s Siberian Husky - 6 + months seem more comfortable and a
With a new Indoor Arena, eyesight. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 6 + months visible improvement has been
Offering Lessons Standard Poodle - 1 + years noted in these three cases.” Dr.
beginner-advanced, • Glaucoma. Post-operative Welsh Springer Spaniel - Congenital Shoemaker has used the prod-
Training and Reschooling, Lessons: beginner to statistics suggest that this West Highland White Terrier - Congenital uct for about four months in
Horse showing, Ponies for
advanced, dressage, condition can occur in almost her holistic practice, and says
horsemanship camps,
lease and for sale. ages 6 and up. 30 percent of dogs that had Tom Bagamane, spokes- it is the only product she has
cataract surgery within 6-18 person for SeniorPetProducts. found helpful in patients with
Geraldine Burnet Marshfield, MA months. Glaucoma can lead to com, points out that there are cataracts.”
271 Main Street Plympton, Ma. (781) 837-2495
(781) 585-0295 Note: It is highly recom-
mended you visit your veteri-

Stonecroft Farm narian to confirm what type of

cataract your pet may have.
PetVision cannot address dia-
W. Bridgewater, MA betic cataracts, and should
508-588-5576 not be used on pets currently
taking a steroid-based medica-
Huntseat, Dressage was founded on two funda-
mental ideas - dogs and cats
require special care as they
Join our grow older and pet owners
need a place to go to learn how

Specializing in Middle/High to take better care of their ag-

ing pets. SeniorPetProducts.
com is committed to being the
Law School Riding expert, online resource for the
growing number of pet owners
Talk to the guy that actually does the work
Team with older cats and dogs. Se-
!SPHALTs2OLLs7OOD exists to
2UBBERs3IDING Year round lesson programs help senior pets live healthier
THE LAW OFFICE OF lives as they age, by providing
ages 4 and up news, information and prod-
ucts for health, wellness, com-
Indoor & Outdoor Ring
fort and mobility.
Telephone: 857-334-1880 (Toll Free) 800.617.9677
Fax: 857-288-5524
Small, friendly atmosphere!

Pet Gazette February 2010
dog training dog training dog training
Canine Etiquette, LLC THE EVERYDAY DOG
All Stages of Life
Positive Training
˜Êˆ˜ÛiÃ̓i˜ÌÊ̅>Ìʏ>ÃÌÃÊ>ʏˆvï“i Learn to read your s,ESSONS)N9OUR(OME
7 Ê°Ê,
", 9]Ê/, , dog; he already
knows how to
""Ê"Ê Ê-

]Ê°-° read you! s!DOPTION'UIDANCE

  /+1 // °

WonderDogs & Friends Josephs

~where training is a positive experience!~ Obedience Training School
55 Jonathan Bourne Dr. U-4
Agility s Rally s Obedience s Puppy Pocasset, MA 02559
s Behavior Modification s 508-563-1122
s Certified Pet Dog Trainer s
Group, Private and In-Home Lessons on
Classes Available
Cape Cod & the South Shore Puppy, Basic, Level 2, Level 3, Attention,
Adv. Attention, Open, Utility, Agility, Rally-O,
508-542-1512 Conformation, Canine Good Citizen Behavior Consultation, Private Lessons & Ring Rentals

Pawsitive Solutions
veterinary Dog Training Services
*ÀˆÛ>Ìiʘʜ“iÊ/À>ˆ˜ˆ˜} Basic Manners
Serving Upper Cape Area i…>ۈœÀÊ
We also have office hours
Dr. Ann Thompson
at 27 Robert J Way ÜÜÜ°«>ÜÈ̈ÛiÌÀ>ˆ˜ˆ˜}܏Ṏœ˜Ã°˜iÌ
Camelot Industrial Park
508.747.5444 Plymouth -ÕÃ>˜Ê7Þ∎ʇÊ/À>ˆ˜iÀÊUÊxän°xΙ°™ÇnÎ


Impression Animal
Rehabilitation Center Advertising in the
of New England
1008 East Street,Walpole, MA 02081
508.668.7946 (SWIM) • fax 508.668.7973
pet gazette delivers!
Marjorie C. McMillan, DVM, DACVR, CCRP
Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP
• The Pet Gazette is a monthly newspaper directed at pet lovers. Our
What we do… Our features and columns include interviews with local veterinarians,
Pre-op conditioning – Post-op rehabilitation – Orthotics –
Therapy groups the latest in product and book reviews, local adoption pages and much
Weight Management – Conditioning


LORI HARVEY, DVM • The Pet Gazette has a readership of more than 50,000 and growing!
Animal Hospital LIZ CZAPLICKI, DVM Our readers take an active interest in the well being of their pets and
516 Washington St., Hanover, MA advertising in the Pet Gazette promotes customer interest in local pet
Open 7 Days a Week FULL-SERVICE businesses.
“A Lifetime LASER SURGERY • Whether you provide a pet-related service or sell a pet-related prod-
of Veterinary 781-340-0800 DIGITAL X-RAY uct, the Pet Gazette can help you reach potential customers throughout
Care” 1597 Main Street ULTRASOUND Southeastern Mass. and all of Cape Cod. Reach your specific target
(Route 18 South)

781-826-2306 •
Weymouth, MA 02190
SOUTHCOASTALAH.COM market! Every person that picks up a Pet Gazette either owns pets or
enjoys pets. You just can’t target your audience any better than that!

Contact Robin Nudd • 781-934-2811 ext. 23

February 2010
Pet Gazette 15
Pet Sitting Pet Sitting Pet Sitting
Professional Pet Sitting
Serving S. Plymouth & Sagamore Beach
Serving parts of Plymouth, Carver, Kingston & Plympton

Licensed Insured A pet’s first choice in pet care...

when you can’t be there!
Professional 508-747-4259 Wishbones for Pets Founder
American Red Cross Certified
Pam Ranheim Owner 508-245-1389 Licensed & Insured - Est. 1994


Specializing in ~ Fully Insured ~
Geriatric, Health and Playgroups
Leash Walks
Behavioral Issues Transportation
House Visits
Also Available Martha Corcoran
5 Trudy's Lane, Scituate
Kim Kunkel, M.Ed., LMHC 781-545-7297
Certified Pet CPR + First Aid Serving Scituate & Cohasset since 2001

U We have everything for all your pets needs
U New & Used Pet Supplies
U Quality pet foods at great prices
U Professional Aquarium Maintenance
PT Help Wanted
352 Old Colony Rd. (Rt. 123), Norton


Where your pet is part of our family

3500 square feet of indoor play space
One acre of outside Playland!
Hotel Style Luxury Boarding
Full service pet spa
Full service grooming your pet’s gonna love
We offer all sorts of aromatherapy products!
Indoor training facility
Puppy kindergarten
Basic stinker obedience
Group classes, private lessons & in house residential program

FOOD - TREATS - SUPPLEMENTS - TOYS - AND MUCH MORE! Add a bite to your business!
Abady Canidae/Felidae Halo Nylabone
Back to Basics
Cloud Star
Innova & Evo
Kong Products
Old Mother Hubbard
Solid Gold
Steveʼs Real Food
Advertise with us!
Bil-Jac (Frozen) Front Line Merrick Wellness
Bravo (Frozen) Greenies Natureʼs Variety Worldʼs Best Cat Litter
California Natural Grizzly Salmon Oil Newmanʼs Own Wysong


1014 Pearl St., Brockton • 508.588.5661
Pet Gazette February 2010
• Easy acce
• Conviene
pick up h
• All air con
Cat B
Call for infor

Boarding Boarding Boarding

"Your Dog Will Love It!!" 1184

Where your pet is part of our family Clean
All phases from puppy to adult
Motivational Group and Private Lessons Small homey facility with owners
Techniques Resident-Stay Training in residence • Spacious condos
Equals • Outdoor views • Pre-boarding
Pawsitive Expert Problem Solving inspection welcome • Cats Only!
Results! Plymouth • 508-224-7085
1014 Pearl St., Brockton

Her reading’s much

improved since I started
working with her!

A Country Kennel with Resident

Owners and Caring Staff

Greengate Kennel is truly unique! It is family owned by longtime breeders

of world renowned Braeside Golden Retrievers and English Cockers. We
have been providing personal, loving care for visiting pets for 35 years.
– Individual climate controlled indoor/outdoor runs
Board at Best Friends Fo
– Large play yard for individual play or family groups
10 Fountain Street 12
– Individual nature walks around our beautiful grounds available Ashland
(508) 881-7557
– Our staff has been providing superb, gentle care for many years
– References upon request from long-term clients 150 Boston Post Road 3
Please come and visit our charming kennel in this beautiful, tranquil country setting. It’s Best To Stay (978) 443-2351 (

With Friends SM best

OUR PETS LOVE IT HERE, SO WILL YOURS! Boarding • Grooming Ask about our
Resident Owners: The Mason Family Doggy Day Camp • Training of enga
881 Congress St., Duxbury, MA 02332


Call for info about
our Upscale Five Star
Pet Condos
Pet Sitting
also available
Kim Kunkel, M.Ed., LMHC
Certified Pet CPR + First Aid

pet health

February 2010
Pet Gazette 17
Taunton animal Shelter all paws rescue
508-822-1463 781-749-0968 | 781-848-8065

Jackson is a male Am Staff about 3 years old. Jackson Isaac: This hand-
is a handsome, strong and muscular guy. He has been
Young Cats and Kittens
Available for Adoption Now! some boy is mostly
patiently waiting quite awhile for that special someone to solid grey and has a
walk in, fall in love with him, and take him home. He is One weekend in early fall, one of our vol- wonderful purr that
hoping this will happen soon! We recommend breed unteers arrived at Walmart only to dis- matches a loving
knowledge and a fenced yard would be ideal. He would be cover that someone was trying to sell kit- personality.
happiest as the only pet in the home. We also recommend tens to any passerby who wanted one. 
no toddlers. Jackson is a smart boy and could benefit Well, that didn’t sit right with our volun-
from obedience training. He needs someone who will let him know they are the teer, and so she convinced the person to
surrender these kitties to the comfort and Rita: Being the only
"leader" and give him consistent rules and structure. Jackson is friendly and female in this group
enjoys going for walks. He loves playing with all kinds of toys and loves great big safety of our shelter.
  made Rita very shy,
rawhide bones! Jackson is a sweet little boy at heart. He would be an excellent but she’s a loving little
They were originally very frightened and
running companion. He seems to like everyone and will often reach a paw out of lap cat who loves to
nervous, but have since relaxed and are
his cage to tap you on the arm to get your attention! :) joyfully responsive to any volunteer who be cuddled.
comes by to keep them company.  It’s
My name is Sheba and I am a female Tabby DSH. My hard to tell this group apart – each one is
owner moved and left me behind-outside in the cold! a gorgeous shade of dark gray – but each
Marty is
Neighbors called the shelter, but it take several days for has their own personality that would make
them a welcome addition to any home! warm and out-
me to be found. I was trying to stay warm. I am now at going like his
the shelter and have caught up on sleep and food. I have UPDATE:  We’re happy to let you know brothers and
a crinkled ear which makes me I think look very distinc- that Wallie was adopted – the first of our has the most
tive. I still purr when patted, I have learned not to hold Walmart kitties to find a home.  Only three tiger stripes of any in the group.
grudges against humans-not all people would leave more to go!
their pet behind in the cold winds of December. Please
come to meet me; I am approximately 10 years old.
A Helping paw inc.
508-743-8406 |
Mass HumanE
781-335-1300 -
Roxanne is an This pretty dilute-
This handsome boy is waiting for his big moment to older kitten with calico wants her
be adopted! Sam is a 3 year old German Shepherd / gorgeous calico own home so bad.
Lab cross Neutered male. Update on rabies and dis- colors. She is She loves attention,
temper and is heart worm negative.  He is light blond very shy at first, and most often
color, slim-light foot 80 pound dog and has lots of but quickly greets you, but she
energy and needs active people. He is a very affection- warms up and still has a shy side. She would do best
ate dog with a good disposition. Loves to go for leash wants your attention. Best in a home in an adult home with other kitties.
walks -- but does need some training in the leash without young kids, but she would Reduced adoption fee to the right
walking department. He likes the car and loves to play ball and run around in the thrive with the company of other kit- home.
yard so a fenced in yard would be great for Sam. He does ok with other dogs - he ties.
has been in a doggie day care with all kinds of dogs. Sam could go with another Squirrel is has
dog in the household, no cats or small toddlers but older kids ok.  His previous been waiting so
owner had no choice but to give him up and the other family members had to Ms Evonn is one long for the right
move and could not take Sam. He is looking for a loving caring responsible home of the sweetest kit- home who under-
that will keep him for good. If your interested come and meet Sam at the shelter ties - because she's stands her shyness.
or call MHS 781-335-1300 or email an older kitty, most Most often she greets you with purrs,
people won't con- but she is nervous in new places. She
Hi my name is Todd, I am a 3 year old DSH orange & sider her. Age has a best friend named Scribbles -
white neutered male, up to date on rabies & distem- shouldn't matter - not when a 'doll' they've become very bonded. We are
per, combo tested negative, de flea, de worm and like this would make such a loving offering a great deal for the pair. Please
micro chipped. I have a very laid back but lovable, companion. call or email for more info.
charming personality and love to cuddle up with you.
I love my head and chin scratched,  love to
be brushed and will carry a conversation with you. I Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Mass
prefer a quiet environment, I would do well being the 508-586-2053 |
only pet or with one other cat., no dogs, kids or small toddlers. I am an indoor cat
only,, not street smart at all. My previous owner died and I was waiting for some- Shrek is a handsome and sweet 5 year old
one to take me as I waited in the house and MHS opened there doors up to me neutered male boxer mix. His owner moved
and here I am ! Please adopt me and give me a forever home! Come and see me and could not bring him along. He has lived
at the shelter or call 781-335-1300 or email with cats and a god in his last home and got
along just fine with them. Shrek knows how to
sit and give high five!
Pet Gazette Adoption
Center Guidelines
• Adoption notices
are published free of
charge for all area
animal shelters.
• The deadline for sub- K.B. is a super
mitting pets is the 15th of Jada and
cute male Skyler
the month. Space will be given out on
a first-come, first-serve basis. guinea pig. are a pair
He's almost 2 of lovely
• Please send a photo and brief write-up years old and
for each pet seeking adoption to adopt@ parakeets.
he is very They are
friendly! K.B. about 2
• You may send four pets per month. was surrendered to us because the years old
All types of dogs, cats and other children in the home lost interest in
domestic pets are welcome. and must go home together. They are
him. He would like to find a home with friendly and with patience could
•  We encourage shelters to send news people that will love him forever! become hand tame.
of successful adoptions.

Pet Gazette February 2010
Brockton Blue Dog Shelter People for cats
508-436-6446| 508-540-5654|

Big Ben is a sweet mixed breed dog who recently DUCHESS lives up MICKEY is a
came to our shelter as a stray. We think he is about 8 to her name. She is short-haired
years old and he weighs 62 lbs. Because he has just a very regal and white and black
gotten his vaccines, we have not yet been able to beautiful kitty. She male Tuxedo
socialize him with other dogs but he has been friendly has medium to long who is 6 years
with our staff. If you would like a gentle senior citizen hair that is accented old. He came to
to keep you company, please come to meet Ben during with some strategi- PFC when his
any regular shelter hours. cally placed black owner had to
areas. Her long surrender him because she was moving
Montana is a beauti- black tail is a matter of pride to our into assisted living and could not take
Taco is a very small
ful adult female who Duchess. At first she was a little shy him with her. Mickey is a calm kitty who
senior citizen who
came to our shelter and took her time to warm up to new likes attention and who is becoming
needs a new home. He
when her owner could comers, but now she is very comfort- familiar with life at the shelter. After six
was originally found as
no longer keep her due able at PFC and has become one of years living in a loving home, he is eager
a stray and was adopt-
to family issues. the real favorites. She is very sweet to find another forever home where he
ed but his family has had some hard
Although she was very and affectionate. She has all her can take care of all his owners needs for
times and can't keep him any longer.
scared at first, she has shots, has been spayed and is litter love and affection. Mickey is neutered,
We think he is about 10 years old
become good friends trained. Duchess is a special cat just has all his shots and all he needs is an ok
now. Taco needs a quiet home with
with many of the staff and has a very waiting for you to visit the shelter and from you and his bags will be packed!
no dogs (or just with another tiny
dog) or small children. He needs an playful side. Due to her large size and find her!
owner committed to sticking with his strength, Montana can not go to a home
diet as he is over-weight and this is with small children. Because of her PEACHES is a young Scottish Fold female. She is a pale
very bad for a tiny dog. Taco loves to breed and size, Montana needs a family cream color and her fur is fairly dense, but easily taken
cuddle and go for short walks and with previous large dog experience and care of. Scottish Fold cats are all descended from one cat
has a great personality. If you would good leadership skills. Montana likes to with folded ears that was found in Scotland in 1961.
like a cute little companion, please play with dogs at our doggie daycare; we Peaches, like most of her breed. Is very affectionate, lov-
come to meet taco during any regular do not know if she has any experience ing and a great companion. She requires a special owner
shelter hours. with cats. because she is deaf. She needs someone who is patient
and willing to work with her. her new owner needs to find
Rusty is a very special dog who needs a very special home. ways to get her attention and anticipate times when being deaf is a handicap for
Rusty is almost 12 years old and when he was young he was her. Peaches is spayed, has all her shots and must be an indoor cat. This wonder-
injured in a fall off a cliff. He can not use his right front leg ful kitty needs to find a loving home with a very special family.
although he does have feeling in it and wears a bandanna to sup-
port it. He walks and runs on his other three legs very nicely.
Rusty came to our shelter because he had difficulty adjusting to JAKE is a year and a half male and is a tiger with dark stripes
life with a small child. Rusty needs a home with no children and on a grey background. Despite his young age, he has had some
a quiet lifestyle where he can get moderate exercise and lots of love. He will reward twists and turns in his life. He spent a while being lost and
you with lots of love and kisses! If you feel that you could help this special dog, looking for his owner only to meet up with a very kind woman
please come to meet him during any regular shelter hours at our new location 1014 who fed him and then brought him to PFC. He is a very resilient
Pearl St. Brockton. kitty and is very friendly. He likes to be petted and when you pet
him he gives you a look of complete devotion. He is looking for
German Shepherd Rescue of new england a forever home with a family that would like to play with him, cuddle him and love
978-443-2202| him. It¹s about time this sweet boy had a real home. Jake is neutered, has all his shots
and is waiting for you to come in to meet him and take him home.
When turned in to a shelter, 2 year old Frieda weighed 60
pounds….not starving; but, certainly, underweight. The ACO  Milton Animal League
said he had taken in a really nice female who deserved a 617-698-0413 |
great home. We  found the right foster home for Frieda, and
she made herself at home. Ten days later, Frieda surprised
(shocked, really) all of us by having puppies!  She was so Tazjah is a 3 1/2 year old spayed female pit bull ter-
thin, that even the veterinarian who filled out her health cer- rier, who is a playful and active tomboy.  She loves
tificate did not suspect she was pregnant! Her story is on playing tug, dodge and chase and would do best in an
our Website, along with pictures of her  pups, Fritz, Freddie, active home where she would get plenty of exercise. 
Tazjah recently spent a weekend with a shelter volun-
teer and displayed excellent  manners in the home. 
SNOW WHITE: Handsome one She can get overly excited when meeting dogs and
Gorgeous large year old black and pulls on a leash, so she would do best with someone who will work with her
white 6 year old tan Parker, is a these things.  She has lived with children and knows commands.  But what she
female of medi- delightful boy really needs is a forever home with someone who will be her friend and leader. 
um/high energy, who gets along
who gets along with dogs and
with most other cats. Olive is a 1 year Spirit is an 8
dogs, needs a old spayed year old spayed
loving home. female pit bull female domestic
terrier who really medium hair
thinks she is a who was found
OTTO will need a confident leader who can be in control lap dog. She as a flea-infested
when meeting other people or dogs, because Otto does not wants to spend stray. We
always have the confidence to face new situations in a as much time as possible around her thought we
relaxed manner.   He will do best with someone who can read humans.   Olive is still young and pup- might have been lucky since Spirit was
his body language and give him immediate feedback on how pyish…she plays with her toys and microchipped, but her owners had
to behave.  In the right environment, Otto will gain experience enjoys life.  She is a loving and sweet never registered the number. We can't
and confidence and learn to watch you, his pack leader, for dog who loves resting in the sun.  She imagine why no one came looking for
instructions before he reacts.  At 18 months of age, he’s still is not as active as other young dogs Spirit - she's is a sweet cat who is also
growing and maturing and figuring it all out. The ideal home and would love to be a companion for gorgeous, with one blue eye and one
for Otto would be with someone who wants a very intimate someone who spends time at home.    golden eye.
relationship with their dog and will provide strong leadership.  
Otto will do best with a structured life, to be taught what is expected of him in differ-
ent situations and that he should always look to you for guidance in how he should
Pet Gazette Adoptions:
behave and he has really been doing this in his previous foster home.  Please send a photo and a brief description to
February 2010
Pet Gazette 19
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Pet Gazette February 2010
VCA South Shore
(Weymouth) Animal Hospital
595 Columbian St., South Weymouth, MA 02190
(781) 337-6622
Internal Medicine
Michael Bernstein, DVM,
DACVIM, Medical Director
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM,
DACVIM, Intern Director
Alice Hadden, DVM,
Chronic Ear Disease In
DACVIM Dogs & Cats
Susan Morrison, DVM, If your dog has had two or more ear infections in his or her life, you might have been told that
DACVIM “all dogs gets ear infections,” or “it is normal for dogs with long, hanging ears to get ear infec-
Jerry Perry, DVM tions,” or “all dogs that swim get ear infections,” or even that “it is because your dog is digging
Bruce Walker, DVM in the dirt that he gets ear infections.” These are common misconceptions that Dr. Klaus Earl
Loft, who runs the Dermatology Service at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in South
Cardiology Weymouth, MA, has heard from owners who bring him their pets with chronic ear problems.
In reality, a dog that suffers from recurrent ear infections may actually have an underlying
Susan Morrison, DVM, allergic skin condition that, if diagnosed and treated properly, could eliminate or reduce the
DACVIM incidence of future ear infections.
(Internal Medicine) If your dog has had ear problems that began when he or she was younger than 3 to 4 years of
Bradley L. Moses, DVM, age, it is likely that the ear problem is secondary to allergies. Older animals that develop their
DACVIM (Cardiology) first ear infection later in life may have problems other than allergies that are the cause for the
ear infection.
Neurology In veterinary medicine, it is often the dermatologist who deals with chronic ear diseases in
Stephanie Kube, DVM, dogs and cats. This is very understandable, since the ear and the skin are one and the same
DACVIM (Neurology) organ, and clinical signs associated with the ears are often part of a generalized dermatologic
condition. Some dogs that present with an ear infection will have other clinical symptoms that
Dermatology are suggestive of allergies, such as foot licking and chewing, itchy skin, reoccurring skin infec-
tions in the groin or elbow area, greasy and scaly hair coat, and/or patchy hair loss. These
Klaus Earl Loft, DVM symptoms can seriously affect the quality of life in these pets, and managing patients afflicted
Emergency/Critical Care with chronic allergic ear disease has become a passion for Dr. Loft. Using the videotoscope at
VCA South Shore for both the diagnosis and treatment of these frustrating chronic ear prob-
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM, lems has increased Dr. Loft’s ability to determine the best therapeutic options for these
DACVIM patients, and to help deal with the often severe discomfort associated with ear infections.
Angela Girello, DVM If Dr. Loft suspects that allergies are the underlying cause for a patient’s chronic skin or ear
Alison R. Gaynor, DVM, issues, he can offer either intradermal or serologic testing for both cats and dogs. Once a spe-
cific allergic cause is identified, he will treat the patient with Allergen Specific Immunotherapy
DACVIM, DACVECC (commonly known as “allergy shots”). This hypo-sensitization is very similar to what is offered
Cindy Lopes, DVM to humans with atopic dermatitis.

Ophthalmology If your dog or cat suffers from reoccurring ear problems or other chronic skin conditions, ask
your regular veterinarian for a referral, or feel free to call VCA South Shore Animal Hospital,
Bill Greentree, DVM, DACVO to schedule a consultation with Dr. Loft. In Dr. Loft’s opinion, “Until proven otherwise, a
Surgery pet with chronic ear disease is an allergic pet.”

David Diamond, VMD,

Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging • Full Service Veterinary Hospital
Lori Hartzband, DVM,
DACVR • 24 Hour Emergency Service
Diana Rosenstein, DVM, • Appointments Available Seven Days a Week
Avian and Exotic Animal Dedicated team of 29 doctors on staff – including Board
Medicine Certified specialists in Cardiology, Internal Medicine,
Stephen Dyer, DVM, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Surgery,
DABVP (Avian) Avian Practice, and Emergency/Critical Care.
Michelle Politano, DVM The Best of Quality Care for
Sheri Procious, DVM Every Stage of Your Pet’s Life!
February 2010
Pet Gazette 21