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RCBC Savings

Located at: G/F Emerald Business Center, Along Mcarthur
highway, Brgy. Dolores, CSFP

TEL NO: (045) 436 3951

WEBSITE: rcbcsavings.com

Narrative Report Outline


The Goals of My Off-Campus Practice

A. Personal Skills
B. Business Skills


Companys Background/Profile


The Nature of my Work in the Office


Getting Along on the Job

A. New Friends I Acquired

B. Observation on the Rules and Regulations of the Office

For the Employees

For the Student Trainees

C. The Floor Plan of my Office


An Evaluation of my Training

A. Office Procedures I Learned and Applied

What is the organizational set up of the department?

What are the different sections and function of each section?

How are sales conducted?

What are the marketing aids/promotional gimmicks used?

What sales records are kept in the department?

What reports are made by the department?

B. Office Equipment Operated

C. Duties and Responsibilities / Work Done in the Office

Observed Organizational Values

Interpersonal Relationships

Working Relationships with the Executives & Co-Workers


Quality Of Service Delivered


Personal Grooming



Problems Encountered During my Training and How I Solved Them


The Goals of my Off-Campus Practice

To gain more understanding in Marketing.
To gain more knowledge in Marketing.
To have a view and at the same time learn how the real world works.
To develop a sense of responsibility.
To develop my Interpersonal skills.
To experience working on a team.
To gain self-confidence and maturity through attention to qualities that is
needed in the world of work.
To acquire ability to work harmoniously with employers, workers and

A. Personal Skills
Good communication skills
Good Interpersonal skills
Computer literate

Leadership and Teamwork
Relational Skills
Good attitude

B. Business Skills
Everyone possesses an individual, unique talent and knowledge. And through
combining the knowledge and the unique talent, everyone will be able to put up their
own business, or help other businesses to achieve their corporate goals.
Individual skills are important but as you put up your business you need to act
as a leader, and as a leader you will have followers, and youll need to know on how
are you going to motivate your employees, and a good leader or a business person
must possess a good listening skill to understand the needs of your employees and
And as a business person you need to be competent, this is the most needed
in the industry that everyone should possess to gain confidence and make you
proud. Being knowledgeable can make you competent and that is what I want to
Being goal-oriented, risk taker, and being motivated these are my important
business skills.


Companys Background/ Profile

The Company

RCBC's main line of business covers Corporate and SME banking, Retail banking including
Consumer lending, Credit Cards, Wealth Management, Trust, Treasury, Investment Banking
and Remittances. RCBC has also ventures in the microfinance business to service the
smallest entrepreneurs via Rizal Microbank.
The Corporate Banking Group ("CBG") caters to four distinct major customer segments: (i)
top-tier corporations, (ii) Japanese multinationals, (iii) Filipino-Chinese businesses, and (iv)
Small and Medium Enterprises.
The Bank has maintained a long and mutually profitable relationship with Japanese entities
operating in the Philippines, originally stemming from its affirmation with Japan's Sanwa
Bank (now BOTM). RCBC is also a major player in the Filipino Chinese Market.

The Retail Banking Group ("RBG") provides a range of products and services to RCBC's
6.01 million customers mainly through the Bank's distribution channels totaling 448
branches, 1,181 ATM's, phone, mobile phone and the Internet. These services include debit
cards (RCBC MyWallet), Tiered Interest Savings Accounts.
In remittances, RCBC has international operations servicing Overseas Filipino Workers
(OFWs), consisting of several wholly-owned subsidiaries such as RCBC TeleMoney Europe
Spa and through relationships with other banks, exchanges and other international money
transfer agencies.

A full range of customer finance products such as home mortgages, auto, and
personal/salary loans is provided by the Bank's consumer banking arm, RCBC Savings
Bank, while credit cards variants are under the brand RCBC Bankard.
The Wealth Management Group manages the financial and investment needs of high net
worth clients and emerging affluent clients.
The bank, through its Global Transaction Banking Group, also provides cash management
services such as check invoicing, integrated collection, disbursements and remittance
RCBC Capital Corporation, the investment banking arm of RCBC, offers a range of services
which include: (i) the underwriting of equity, quasi-equity and debt securities for private
placement or public distribution; (ii) the syndication of foreign currency or peso loans; and
(iii) financial advisory services. RCBC Securities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RCBC
Capital, is engaged in the electronic and traditional trading of listed securities.
RCBC Forex Corporation is a subsidiary of RCBC dedicated to foreign exchange, offering
both local and international clients with expertise in dealing and brokering major world

History & Background

RCBC Savings Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the country's top universal
banks, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). RCBC Savings Bank was
incorporated on the 15th day of January, 1996 to provide retail banking services to its target
clientele and serve as the consumer and retail banking arm of RCBC.
RCBC Savings Bank formally started its thrift banking operations on the 27th day of
February, 1996. It grew extensively in just over a year, from a lean one-branch organization
with a seven-man skeletal force to an institution with a network of six branches supported by
106 full-time personnel in 1997.
In September 1998, RCBC Savings Bank acquired selected assets and assumed deposit
liabilities of Capitol Development Bank. As a result of the strategic alliance, the Bank further
widened the reach of its branch network and became the 2nd largest thrift bank in the
country with 142 business centers, 5 extension offices, 15 provincial lending centers and 9
provincial lending desks.
To boost the Banks growth and support the direction to further advance its move to redefine
its position in the Thrift Bank industry, shareholders of the Bank infused more capital in terms
of issuance of new shares of stock in early 2004 and 2005.
RCBC Savings Bank upholds its direction to rationalize and expand their business center
network, along with RCBC, in order to utilize its branch network effectively, maximize its
reach and serve a wider client base. Today, it continues to provide seasoned banking
products and hone its financial capabilities to preserve the niche it has carved in the
domestic banking market.

RCBC Savings Bank is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), composed
of major players in all three aspects of Integrated Financial Services banking, insurance

and investment. YGCs core members include the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation,
Malayan Group of Companies, Great Pacific Life Insurance Group of Companies and House
of Investments. All of which gear towards one vision to be known as an Integrated
Financial Services group of companies its members working for the people it serves.


To be the most admired and trusted profitable financial services group providing and
adapting to customers' changing needs - for every Filipino worldwide - through innovative
products, excellent service and a highly motivated, committed and impassioned team.

As a leading Consumer Bank,
Our main concern is the quality of life of the family. We shall provide diversified and excellent
products and services that will guarantee our customers full satisfaction throughout their
As a highly motivated organization,
We shall work as a team, recognizing the role of each and every member in realizing our
goals anchored in the overall objectives of YGC which we are proud to be a part of.
As a distinguished financial institution,
We will conduct business with the highest degree of excellence and professionalism,
ensuring optimum return to our share holders.



It is really toxic working in bank since every task is vital and critical. Let me say its

also confidential when it comes to personal information. (amount deposited by each of the
branchs client.) So, the nature of my job in the office is mostly filing documents.
Photocopying the cleared checks for the banks copy
The daily forex exchange
List of dormant accounts
The cash and check deposit slip
Filing of signature cards
Sorting of signature cards. (By alphabet, it depends on what kind of account)
Sorting of Statement of account(SOA) that will be sent soon to clients
Filing of Time deposits.
Filing of different books. (deposit slip books, managers check record etc.)
Stamping Documents such as the forms for different application of account


Answering the calls when my supervisor is kind of busy

Calling different branches to update some information coming from the branch
We had an activity done outside the branch which I think is very related to my
course. It was a sales activity done in Collegio de San Sebastian. The Purpose of
the activity is to generate production. This means that were reaching out for
those who are, somehow, not available during Banking hours. These are the
students, faculties and the staffs of the school. We brought application forms for
those interested to open an account on some of our best offered accounts.
By looking forward to greet every client that enters our door with smile, followed by
asking what are their needs and somehow entertaining them with random positive questions
to let them feel that they are valued. Then, passing them to the employees which can really
attend to their needs.


Getting Along on the Job

A. New Friends I Acquired

Name: Francis ran Manabat
Position: Co-OJT
Name: Ms. Karen E. Malig
Position: Branch Manager
Name: Mr. Alfred De Guzman

Position: CRO
Name: Ms. Tere Gunio
Position: CSH
Name: Ms. Marie Austria
Position: Operations Manager
Name: Mr. Ralph Manalo, Ms. Marian, Ms. Sheena.
Position: Bank Tellers
Name: Ms. Faye Acosta, Ms. Maan Briones
Position: Under New accounts

B. Observation on the Rules and Regulations of the Office

For the Employees
All employees are governed by the Bank's Code of Conduct, which revolves around the
Core Values of the company. It is designed to serve as a guide to employees on how they
should conduct themselves within and outside the Bank premises and in dealing with
clients/customers and co-associates.
The Code of Conduct is made available in the company's intranet and discussed during the
employee orientation program of newly hired employees. The Human Resources Group in
conjunction with the line managers is responsible for dissemination of the Code as well as
subsequent updates and monitoring compliance thereof.
Adherence to this Code is the responsibility of each and every associate. It is administered
uniformly throughout the Bank and is independent of the practices of other banks. It is a
condition for continuous employment. Any breach of this Code may result in disciplinary

action ranging from reprimand to termination of employment, depending on the gravity of the
offense, after the observance of due process.
All employees are required to adhere to and uphold the tenets of the Code of Conduct and
to report any violation thereof to a more senior officer, the Security Department, the Internal
Audit Division or the Human Resources Group.
The Code of Conduct is divided as follows:

Treatment of Clients
As a service-oriented organization, all employees are expected to provide consistent,
excellent and reliable service to both internal and external clients. The Bank adopts and
trains its associates to abide by the following Service Formula:
Preparation + Interaction + Follow-through = Service Beyond Expectations
Treatment of Bank Assets
All employees are mandated to protect the Bank's assets and to use the same for authorized
business purposes only. Guidelines for the Treatment of Bank Assets is divided into four (4)
major categories: (1) Proprietary Information; (2) Bank Funds and Property; (3) Bank
Records; and (4) Goodwill and Reputation.

Treatment of Others
Living out the Bank's Core Values in day-to-day interaction with colleagues assures a work
environment that is harmonious, productive, work inspiring, healthy and safe, free from
discrimination, harassment and intimidation. Attitudes and behavior that undermine this goal
hampers productivity and discourages meritorious performance, thus, are not tolerated.

This section also includes the Bank's Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy, including the
procedure for investigation and resolution of complaints involving sexual harassment.
Conflict of Interests
The Bank's policy on conflict of interests is simple - Do not compete with or unduly benefit
from RCBC or any of the Yuchengco Group of Companies and never let business dealings
on behalf of RCBC be influenced by personal or family interests.

Knowledge, Understanding and Compliance

All employees must ensure understanding of and compliance with all Bank policies and
Philippine laws directly affecting his/her employment.
Code of Discipline
Breach of the Code of Conduct is subject to the Code of Discipline which sets forth the types
of penalties which may range from reprimand, warning, suspension without pay, termination
or dismissal from employment, payment, demotion and/or reduction of pay/benefits, and
permanent transfer depending on whether the type of offense is minor, serious, or grave.
There are specific penalties attached to specific offenses.

For the Student Trainees

The company expects a good ethics from the trainee and this must observe by those

who entered in RCBC Savings Bank to be trained. The company is also prohibiting the
misbehavior of the student trainee to protect their employees and the properties inside the
They must also observe the rules and regulations of the company as what
employees also follow. Student trainee should be punctual, and apply the rules like: break
time, holidays, and rest day. Trainee must possess good attitude, proper grooming and
dress, and the willingness to learn. They shall inform the supervisor whenever they would
not come in the office and site the reason.






a. What










What are the different sections and their respective functions of each

Branch Manager

The Branch Manager is responsible for the administration and efficient daily
operation of a full service branch office, including operations, lending, product sales,
customer service, and security and safety in accordance with the Bank's objectives.
Develops new deposit and loan business; provides a superior level of customer
relations and promotes the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance and

staff motivation; achieves individual and branch sales goals through new business
sales, referrals and retention of account relationships.

Provides leadership, training and supervision; delegates day to day operations to the
Operations Officer or other branch personnel. Responsible for attaining established
Bank and branch goals through active participation in sales management and officer
call programs. Participates in community affairs to increase the Bank's visibility and
to enhance new and existing business opportunities. May perform duties in the
absence of the Operations Officer or other such management capacities as directed
by the Regional Manager.

Operations Manager

The operations manager supports the branch manager by overseeing the efficient
operation of the branch to ensure all operational functions are completely and
properly performed by the staff while conveying a feeling of trust, service, security
and satisfaction to customer and staff. The duties of the assistant bank branch
manager are contingent on the scope of the services that are offered at the facility.
The position is responsible for overseeing the teller function, ATM balancing, night
depository processing, Brinks processing and customer service duties. The assistant
bank branch manager must have a familiarity with IRA services and personal banking
products and services.

Although not primarily responsible for account opening administration, the assistant
bank branch manager will be available to assist the personal bankers during peak

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to

perform the essential functions.
Ensures the branch and vaults are opened and closed on a timely basis.
Enforces dual control procedures at all times.
Facilitates teller buys and sells to the vault.
Balances vaults, coin machines, taxes, FICA, etc.
Audits teller drawers.
Maintains monthly branch efficiency logs.
Assists new tellers with training.
Oversees teller duties and assists line with customer transactions during peak
Keeps staff informed of pertinent changes in operational policy and procedures.
Prepares teller performance appraisals and disciplinary notices as required.
Schedules tellers for adequate coverage at all times.
Performs pre-audits to ensure ongoing adherence with compliance procedures.
Maintains and tests alarms and other security devices.
Keeps educated on all deposit, business and consumer loan products.

Maintains adequate supplies at the facility.

Balances and troubleshoots ATM/debit card concerns.
Maintains proper teller and vault cash levels, including ordering coin and currency.
Reports facility/building concerns to maintenance.
Ensures excellent customer service skills are practiced by all the teller staff
Meets with staff regarding branch security and safety issues.
Facilitates meetings to disseminate operational information.


Business Acumen.
Customer/Client Focus.
Ethical Conduct.
Financial Management.
Decision Making.
Supervisory Responsibility
Supervises bank branch employees.
To perform all sales related activities for existing and potential customers to achieve the
assigned financial targets. This also includes cross selling of all bank products and services,
handling customer enquiries and delivering excellent service through communication and
team work.

Reporting to the Customer Relationship Manager, your responsibilities will be:

Ensure full awareness of all products provided and is constantly updated on all changes
and amendments on product features, procedures and processes.
Promote Bank products by providing consistent, accurate and transparent information to
Achieve sales targets assigned and contribute to the overall achievement of the team.
Maximize on cross selling growth of existing customer base and identify new potential
selling opportunities.
Follow up and close selling/cross selling lead referrals.
Pro-actively participate in Bank products campaigns & promotions
Consistently illustrate high levels of customer orientation and professionalism in day to
day conduct.
Ensure that all service levels and agreements are being met consistently without any fail.
Establish and maintain strong professional relationships/connections internally and
externally (Maintain Standard level of CSS results).
Ensure adherence to cut-off times and deadlines.
Perform occasional duties assigned.
Ensure right segmentation to match customer profile

Ensure implementation of strategic initiatives (TSE& Itqan) & channel migration(IB,MB &
Educate self on existing procedures and products
Participate in In-house training programmes and workshops.
Attend HR training courses nominated by line management.
Attend product training, presentations and road show events.
Proactive self development
Ensure that Bank policies and guidelines are consistently & strictly followed.
Comply with committed turn around times and laid down procedures.
Perform adequate care and diligence in day to day conduct to protect Bank from financial
and non-financial loss.
The Bank Customer Service Representative job is one that deals with constant
communications. These communications may take place face-to-face or in a virtual setting
(or in a combination of both.) Common duties for a Bank Customer Service Representative
to perform include: helping customers manage their funds; answer questions regarding the
banks products and services; troubleshoot problems related to customer finances and
management; research and solve issues as they arise; learn sales techniques to entice
customers to try new bank products and services; input customer and bank data; train other
Bank Customer Service Representatives and bank employees; contact customers; be in
charge of the bank vault; process payments; and monitor the finances held at the bank.

There is a high degree of trust placed in Bank Customer Service Representative job holders,
and they must prove that they are client-focused, credible, patient, capable and organized
team players.

New Accounts Assistants

A new accounts officer at a bank, often known as a new accounts representative, helps
customers set up new checking, savings, and investment accounts. Even though they work
with loan officers to meet client needs, they usually only help with preliminary customer
requests and general product offerings but don't perform underwriting duties or finalize
loans. New accounts representatives help individuals with personal banking needs and
assist business owners with commercial banking demands.
Bank Tellers
The rustling of money is music to most people's ears, the responsibility of handling it is
something else altogether. But if you can deal with the pressure of managing one of the
most important assets in our culture, then being a bank teller is a pretty sweet job.
Minimal education is required; as long as you have a head for numbers, a high school
diploma and a clean background check (you will be handling a lot of cash, after all) most
employers will be willing to train you on the job. The pay might not be as cushy as some
other banking professions, but the work environment is usually pleasant. Whether the
temperature outside is sky-high or sub-zero, bank tellers are serving their customers while
cocooned in comfort behind their ergonomic desks.

As a bank courier, you will have to record information, such as whether items were received
or delivered and the recipient's response to messages. Couriers have to obtain signatures
and payments, as well as arrange for receipts to make payments. They must also plan and
follow the most efficient routes for delivering items. In addition to delivery, a courier must
perform routine maintenance on the vehicle she is driving by monitoring fluid levels and
filling the vehicle with gas. As a bank courier, you must check with certain offices to confirm
deliveries and get instructions on more deliveries.


This is the most important tool I need for everyday use.

The printer is important because we need to print the contracts and other materials
we use or give to our customers.
Typing the contracts, the petty cash, palengki list, & occasion board.

The stapler at the accounting department is the one that I always used in attaching
the forms.


Interpersonal Relationships
Those who are at customer relationship department are excellent at interpersonal

relationship especially to their clients, they can really persuade their clients to patronise the
products and services of the bank.
Greeting, smiling, confident and being polite are the important things I was observed
that one should posses, because these attitudes can help you to persuade your clients,
especially that there are customers who are rude or will always complain about your service,
and for you and for the company not to be put in a bad image, you still need to treat them
nice, answer them politely.
Thats why I felt like I was able to adapt their skills, I always observed on how they
persuade and how they talked to their customers.

Working Relationships w/ the Executive & Co-Workers

Respect is a critical element in every organization, you need to respect your co-

workers. It doesnt matter if your position is higher than their position.

Which, I think, is really being valued at any banks; they know how to respect each
other. As for me, I was able to adjust easily because the people are very friendly and they
will help and teach how to do your job at first and then will let you do on your own.
They have a good working relationship with one another because the people there
are very friendly.

At RCBC Savings Bank, they work as a team and this team is really doing their job,

they are very effective and efficient with their work, members of the team know how to listen
and follow to their supervisors.
You can say that their job are being done rightly because during peak days they are
still able to serve their clients and they are still able to provide their best service to them.

Quality of Service Delivered

We cant please everyone, but I think, in terms of delivering the service, RCBC

Savings Bank is doing a great job in satisfying the needs of their clients, they are doing their
best in doing and providing the service for their customers. They always think the best way
how to properly serve their clients and always think on building long-term relationship with
their customers.

I admire that most of the supervisors at the RCBC Savings Bank always comes

earlier to their subordinates, which I really think is a good thing because a good leader

should be a good example to its followers.When some employees come late, what they do is
they just spend more time in the office than their usual schedule.Its important especially for
those people under the Reservation Department to come early because there are customers
who are coming early to inquire.

Personal Grooming
All employees are always in their uniforms and they are always wearing their IDs.

And before doing their assigned task they all make sure that they are properly groomed and
look presentable.

For the bank tellers specially, theyre always looking neat & clean. Proper hair cut is
also being monitored always and wearing jewelries especially earrings for men are strictly


- To be honest, I never encountered any problem during my training.
I think its much better if the training is being conducted during summer when in
students dont need to attend their class everyday while doing their training, so that students
will be able to focus in their training and they can train into other places where in their skills
and knowledge will be more developed. Because its not easy that you are taking your
training and then at the same time you are attending your class everyday too.

And that the seminars at school should be conducted all before the start of the
training so that students dont need to go under time at their training site.

The program is really a very helpful for students to develop their personal skills, &
working relationship with other people.

Holy Angel University

College of Business and Accountancy
Angeles City


1. Organization


2. Content


3. Visual Aids


4. Analysis


5. Recommendation


6. Punctuality


7. Neatness, Presentation, Cleanliness



Submitted by: Martin Adrian S. Vestil


Duration: January 07, 2015 March 06, 2015

Submitted to: Ms. Leah Manalang \ Ms. Joy Anne S. Evaristo