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Signature Without Liability Primer

by Michael H. Keehn
November 22, 2006

Without a little foundation, Signature Without Liability may be a little confusing. This
primer is intended to provide some basic foundational knowledge which may make what
follows more understandable. If you have no previous knowledge of these matters, the ride
is going to be a bit bumpy at first. This is always the case when you encounter new truths
that do not coincide with "knowledge" you already hold. At least you think its knowledge
that we are holding, but as you learn more you may well think differently.
In much of the emerging teachings of law and contractual obligations there is a mention of
a strawman. The more appropriate term is Trade Name. You will need to know how the
Strawman or Trade Name came into existence.
Simply, a government issued birth certificate is issued with consent of one parent at the time
of birth. The birth certificate is sent to a government agency, generally the Bureau of Vital
Statistics. Here, another birth certificate is issued, this one spelling the name of the baby
in ALL CAPITAL letters, creating a fictional entity (strawman or TRADE NAME). If the
name on the birth certificate were to represent the baby as a natural individual, it would be
spelled with the appropriate upper and lower case lettering. For example, John Quincy
Adams, not JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. The all capitals spelling of the name creates a corporate
fiction (a strawman, a TRADE NAME), which the government can regulate and control.
With the issuance of a birth certificate on this fictional "person", this strawman or TRADE
NAME is placed into international commerce. The government issues a bond on the birth
certificate in perhaps the amount of $630,000 (todays value), and the bond is sold on a
securities exchange. It is always purchased by the same corporation, the Federal Reserve
Bank. Through trickery and deception, the baby becomes surety, which guarantees the
payback of the bond. The trick is to get the baby to volunteer to pay... all of his (or her) life.
And that is what all of us need to know: how to avoid becoming liable for a fictional
strawman or TRADE NAME that was a creation of government for the purpose of
defrauding the individual (the baby).
More Details...
When a child is born, the hospital generally sends the original, not a copy, of this record of
live birth to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, sometimes called, Department of Health
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and Rehabilitative Services (HRS). Each STATE is required to supply the corporate UNITED
STATES with birth, death, and health statistics. The STATE agency that receives the original
record of live birth (Certificate of Live Birth) keeps it and then issues another Birth
Certificate in a different form where the name of the baby is spelled in ALL CAPITAL
LETTERS. This creates a legal person as opposed to a man or woman.
The Birth Certificate issued by the State is then registered with the U.S. Department of
Commerce -- the Executive Office - specifically through their own sub-agency, the U.S.
Census Bureau, which is responsible to register vital statistics from all the states. Thus, the
birth certificate is registered in international commerce. The word registered, as it is used
in commercial law, does not mean that the ALL CAPITAL version of the name was "merely"
noted or recorded in a book for future reference purposes. When a birth certificate is
registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Treasury will issue a bond on the
value of the birth certification. That bond is then made available for purchase on a securities
exchange and is bought by the Federal Reserve Bank. This purchase then become the
authority or collateral to issue Federal Reserve Notes, which we use as a medium of
The value of the bond in todays world is perhaps $630,000. The bond is then held in trust
for the Federal Reserve at the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation at 55 Water
Street in New York City , about two blocks down the street from the Federal Reserve. It is a
high-rise office building and the sign in front reads: "The Tower of Power ." They also
handle hedges for the short selling of stocks and cannot be audited by the US
"government" because of their special organization as a Trust.
This process creates a burden in that the ALL-CAPITAL legal person named on the birth
certificate has become a surety, or guarantor, a condition and obligation that is
automatically and unwittingly assumed unless you rebut the presumption by effectively
noticing government.
"Guarantor. Person who becomes secondarily liable for anothers debt or
performance...One who promises to answer for the debt, default or miscarriage of another."
- Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Ed.
From this it is easy to conclude that the baby is to assume the liability for any burden
created or associated with the strawman or TRADE NAME listed on the birth certificate.
Let's make this really simple: If you sign as the authorized representative of the
Strawman's TRADE NAME, then you become the accommodation party, which makes you
liable for all payments and specific performance as though You are the STRAWMAN. You
take on the STRAWMAN'S debts and liabilities. All you need to do is make it totally clear to
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everybody that You are not the STRAWMAN, even though the names look similar. ALL CAPS
is not a very natural way to write your name, right? ALL CAPS is not natural, just like the
STRAWMAN. The STRAWMAN might be considered a person in court but not outside the
court. It can't eat, breathe, make choices, make plans or work for a living. But You don't
have to be responsible for the STRAWMAN'S bills. Not your job. The simplest way to sign
your name to clearly avoid being mistaken for the STRAWMAN is to simple write "Agent"
after your name. (Without the " ... " that is.) That's it. That's all it needs to be. By: John
Henry Doe, Agent. You could do it several other ways but this is the easiest to remember.
They've had to disguise this "authorized representative" relationship so that you wouldn't
catch on to the difference between John Henry Doe and JOHN HENRY DOE. They could
write INC after the STRAWMAN'S NAME but that would really give it all away. This is the
tool by which the banksters can legally make you a slave. No whips. No chains. No massah
or watchers. No fences. No gates. That's not necessary for you to be a slave. You can be
driving a Hummer and you'd still be a slave. You might have a big bank account or 401K or
a big house on the top of a hill or by the shore. No difference. You're just a richer than usual
slave. But you're a slave nevertheless.
You can see the evidence of this deception on "your" check blanks. Look at the name at the
top left that indicates the holder of that account... is that your name? .... really? Do you really
write your name in ALL CAPS? What's that word again? ..... Unnatural? The name is the
CORPORATE designation of your STRAWMAN. You've been doing all the work getting the
money to put into that account. Now you've been told that it doesn't really belong to you
but to a fictitious entity created by a fictitious entity that calls itself "GOVERNMENT". Yes,
government's a corporation, too. A fiction. It's in business to make money and control
people. Your money and you and me, the people.
Try getting some new checks at the bank, but ask to have them printed with the first letters
in CAPS and the rest in lower case. You know...the way you were taught to print your name
in elementary school. They'll usually smile and assure you that they would be happy to
accommodate your wishes. They'll try for a while, often getting a bit frustrated until they
have to admit that the machine won't let them do it. They'll usually just shake their head
and shrug their shoulders as they apologize. Bank personnel don't usually have a clue what
that's about, and I rarely try to 'splain it to them. People have to be really ready to face the
implications of this deception. It can get a little spooky at first.

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But the clincher for me

was the microprint of
the signature line. The
check company makes
a claim that this is
done to provide a tiny
print that cannot be
clearly copied by copy
machines. They call it a
security measure. But
why replace the
signature line with
microscopic words?
Why not anywhere else on the face of the check? Signatures are very important. They are
the difference between slavery and freedom. You haven't been signing your name on a line.
You've been signing on a hidden designation that permits the banksters plausible
deniability. "We print the truth right on the face of the check! Waddya want?"
It will take a very powerful microscope to be able to see what that line says. It usually says
in much smaller print than this,
Now imagine the line above micro-printed so small that after magnification at more than
20 X it starts to look like the tiny print above. I had to ask myself why they had to disguise
the fact that I, the real living man, had to put my money in a bank account of some
corporation that has a name similar to mine and then sign the check as though I'm just the
accountant who's got the permission to sign checks for the Corporation.
And it's very simple to get control of your TRADE NAME and become its First Creditor. You
just have to take control of learn how to write a Financial Statement for the Secretary of
State in your state and get the forms and provide the evidence that they need.
Sign your name properly to release you from hidden liability.
The first time I tried this was with a telephone bill. The bill was $172. So I wrote a check to
the phone company drawn on an account with only $.78 in it. Normally the bank would
send the check back to me NSF but this time (because I signed properly) the bank sent the
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check back to the phone company! The phone company then came after me. NOT the bank
on an NSF.
The next opportunity I had to use this technique was when I was arrested on June 28, 2007
and had to sign a $1000 Sig Bond the next day after being held against my will for 24 hours.
I was charged with "obstruction of justice" and "resisting arrest". Pretty serious charges. I
was facing up to 9 months in jail and a $10,000 fine.
When the D.A. discovered that I'd signed the bond "conditionally" (for MY advantage) he
(realizing that he had a worthless bond) offered (in writing) to reduce the charges down to
(get this) a $5 Ordinance Violation, court costs of $125.30 and an apology letter to the
sheriff for making him come on site and talk to me.

I accepted that offer at the pre-trial meeting but when I went to court I told the judge that
(yes, as Sovereign I knew I was the court and she knew it too) I was calling the 24 hours I
was kidnapped and held against my will without a phone call or an offer of counsel as "time
served" and I am dismissing all charges and here's your apology letter.
All she could (and did) say was: "OK." She knew she had to accept my offer to remain in
honor or I could have arrested her.
It's magick!!!
And here's the beauty part: The case, being that it was dismissed and all charges dropped,
provides me with prima-facie proof that the foreclosure (which is what all of this was
spawned from), arrest and (false) imprisonment opens the door for me to file
charges/lawsuits against EVERYONE who had a hand in the seizure of my castle which I
had paid for three times over. Over 50 people in toto.
This includes ALL 7 of the bank agents who wouldn't answer my questions about my
fraudulent mortgage, assorted county agents including the recorder and corporate counsel
(who denied my right to record 2 vital affidavits), the sheriff, the armed gunmen who
stormed my castle on June 28, 2007, the bank's attorney (and that entire law firm) and
even the purchaser of my home and the judge. All in their personal capacities!
Please post this prominently so that others can reap the benefits of signing without
liability. This is right out of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). Their rules!

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