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Thank you for your interest in the revolutionary to the rear,a full brake action is applied to the right
new Mini-Dozer. track and it stops completely, allowing you to glide a-
The Mini-Dozer is a totally new concept in small round in the shortest turn possible - much shorter a
garden tractors. Its uniqueness comes from its ability turn than that possible with any conventional wheel
to do many more jobs around the home and farm than tractor or snowmobile!
could have ever been expected of conventional rear Reverse is almost an instantaneous movement. A hand
wheel driven tractors. Its accomplishments range from lever on the left side of the tractor completely con-
bulldozing top soil and mowing lawns in the summer to trols this quick forward and reverse action. While tra-
pushing snow and "snowmobiling" in the winter. veling forward, if you wish to go into reverse, just
By the use of a "life-time" steel track the Mini- pull up on this hand lever. The Mini-Dozer will slow
Dozer can travel over almost any terrain without fear to a stop and start again in reverse. When you wish to
of tire punctures. This type of track gives the ulti- go forward again ,release the hand lever and the trac-
mate in traction,for now you are replacing the conven- tor will stop its reverse travel and start forward, and
tional "cleated" tires with a track made of many indi- you're on your way again. This forward and reverse ac-
vidual "web-feet". This track hugs the ground over more tion will respond as quickly as you can pull up and
than 500 square inches. Compare this to the few square release this hand lever.
inches permitted by regular rear wheel driven tractors. The lever controls also have an important safety
This wide traction area also allows the weight of feature, for when either of the levers is released it
the Mini-Dozer to be spread over a much larger area-no returns automatically to a neutral position no danger
longer do you have to concentrate the»weight over the of an operator falling off the Mini-Dozer and having
rear wheels which dig up the turf. Rather, each "web- it roll toward him, for the moment he lets go of the
foot" track (because there are so many) receives much levers-the tractor comes to a quick unpowered stop.
less weight and therefore the Mini-Dozer literally The power transmission system of the Mini-Dozer is
"floats" along the ground with barely a trace of where one of the high points. It provides a highly efficient
it has been. and quick responding power train while at the same time
Each of the two levers controls its own separate its maintenance cost is extremely low.
track. A feather touch forward on both levers causes We're all familiar with the use of rubber "V" belts
power to be applied to each track and the Mini-Dozer as clutches for they are used on almost every major
moves smartly forward. While traveling, slowly pulling garden tractor and lawn mower manufactured today. This
back on,say,the right lever,causes power to be released type of clutch has proven itself highly efficient and
from the right track and the Mini-Dozer will smooth- when worn,requires the least time and expense for re-
ly begin a right turn. Pulling this lever further back placement. It's for these reasons and for the fact that
will slow the right track even more and your right turn even better "V" belt varieties are now available ,that
becomes much shorter. By pulling this lever completely "V" belts were selected as clutches in the Mini-Dozer
But don't be confused that the Mini-Dozer is a "V"
belt drive tractor, rather the belts are only used for
clutches which transmit, their power to heavy chain
driven rear track sprockets.
Each rear track sprocket, has its own separate heavy
duty #40 chain drive which is controlled by rugged "V"
belt clutches making each track a separate power unit. MD34-B KIT:This is a complete kit of parts necessary t,o
The mechanical design of the Mini-Dozer is the ul- build your- own Mini-Dozer! All parts are completely ma-
timate of strength and simplicity. The basic body is a chined and preassembled into units so that the tractor
single formed and electrically welded piece of heavy 12 can be put together with only common mechanic's tools.
gauge steel. It has rigid welded bracing at all points Only basic mechanical understanding is necessary,as no
of stress forming a strong and rattle-free body. machining or fitting of parts is required.
All low speed bearing surfaces in the Mini-Dozer MD34-C PLANS:These Plans are available for those who
are of "Oilite". This is a specially designed bearing wish to build a Mini-Dozer from their own locally se-
material developed by the Chrysler Corp. Oilite has the cured materials.
property of absorbing great quantities of lubricant and There's no question that the Mini-Dozer will spark
then slowly metering it out as the bearing requires the enthusiasm and imagination of any boy from 10 to
lubrication -this allows periodic oiling and eliminates 110. When purchased as PLANS , it becomes . a challenging
the chance of bearing burn-out due to improper lubrica- and extremely rewarding project for the more mechan-
tion. The remaining bearings are sealed (lifetime lub- ically inclined individual.
ricated) ball bearings. As a complete KIT it allows the person with the
Many attachments are available for the Mini-Dozer. same mechanical enthusiasm but with limited experience
Throughout this catalog various attachments are des- and equipment to still make the high performing Mini-
cribed and shown in actual use. Many other attachments Dozer - a perfect father and son project.
are available from other manufacturers which are easily After assembly of the kit, it provides its own-
adapted to the Mini-Dozer, further information on spe- er with a tractor of outstanding maneuverability and
cific attachments is available on request. performance and at a price, due to factory direct buy-
The Mini-Dozer, being such a completely new concept ing, much lower than comparable 6 hp tractors.
in the garden tractor field,has many properties as yet Please study this catalog. It has been organized
not fully utilized. Hence, it becomes the perfect "base- to give the best all round description of the perfor-
tractor" from which anyone with a little mechanical mance and ability of what we consider a truly revolu-
interest can build on to,to provide even greater use tionary advance in small tractor design.
of the Mini-Dozer's tremendous power and maneuverabil- If, after going through this catalog you have cer-
ity potential. tain questions about the Mini-Dozer,I would appreciate
The Mini-Dozer is more than just a bulldozer, lawn- your writing me personally and I will give your ques-
mower or garden tractor. Its much more than just a tion my immediate attention.
snowmobile. Rather it's a year-round vehicle that has a .Sincerely yours,
multitude of uses due to its strength, maneuverability
and varied line of attachments.

Copyright 1967 by C.F. Struck Corp.

The Mini-Dozer shows its real muscle and maneuver-
ability the moment, it tackles its first "tough" assign-
ment. The minute you start the engine, you and the Mini-
Dozer take complete command.
Whatever the material; top soil, snow, sand, grave],
etc. it will melt before the rugged Mini-Dozer equipped
with the 42" No.100 Dozer Blade. A single control lever
mounted in the rear gives you complete control of the
Blade. It allows you to quickly and accurately fill and
smooth every rut and ditch in your path. A single pin
on the Blade allows you to angle it left, right, or
straight ahead to give you accurate dozing.

The unique No.16 Dozer Tracks give a sure"web-footed"

stance. This wide track allows the Mini-Dozer to run in
any type of ground condition; be it marsh, ice, snow,
sand or just plain old-fashion Mud! The Tracks being

segmented provide a self - cleaning action while you're

traveling which helps keep a clean biting edge cons-
tantly digging deep for the greatest traction.

The quick acting reverse is a delight for dozing.

You can change from forward to reverse travel "on the
go" by simply pulling up on the reversing handle. Re-
lease this handle and you're on your way forward again.
This "quick reverse" feature is perfect when you're
banking snow or trying to level top soil on your new

True, all around visability is another plus feature.

Due to tlie unique design of the Mini-Dozer there are no
brackets, wheels, grills,etc. to catch onto clothing or
to obstruct vision. The driver can see equally we]] in
all directions for the utmost in safe and comfortable
operation .
The Mini-Dozer teamed up with the Nol2-36" Lawn provide a unique "web-footed" design. Forming a contin-
Mower attachment makes short work of the toughest lawns uous wide tread these "web-footed" sections help spread
the weight of the tractor over a much larger area than
The quick response of the Mini-Dozer control handles that possible with a conventional rear wheel driven
give the ultimate in precision mowing. Because of the tractor.
Mini-Dozer's ability to truly "turn on a dime" you can This ground hugging design allows the track to be
easily mow in and around the most difficult obstacles flat and eliminate the need for cleats that might dig
without a pause. up the lawn. This wide
The Mower is powered track feature also al-
by a single "V" belt lows the tractor to
and attaches to the "bridge and float over"
Mini - Dozer with only soft spots in the lawn
two pins making hook-up without leaving annoy-
a snap. The two large ing depressions.
19" mower blades gently
lift the grass as you Heavy grass poses no
mow for clean accurate problem for the Mini-
cutting. Dozer. Because of the
unique transmission
Notice the unique up system of the Mini-Doz-
front hook - up for the er your Mower is always
mower. By being forward under full power as it
of the Mini - Dozer you is connected directly
never crush the grass to the engine. By hav-
before you cut it as is ing complete control o-
the case with the con- ver forward travel with
ventional under - slung the control handles,you
tractor mowers. Also can start and stop in
this "up-front"mounting an instant without hav-
allows you to do more ing to do any complica-
detailed mowing. The ted declutching or gear
photo to the right shifting. H e n c e , when
shows the low silhou- the mowing gets too
ette of the mower and heavy you let up on the
how easily it can mow control handles stop-
under trees,bushes,etc. ping the tractor and al-
•The large caster wheel up front allows the mower to allowing the Mower to clear itself. When clear, you pro-
follow the terrain and thereby eliminate lawn scalping. ceed forward again. No matter how thick the going, you
The No.15 Lawn Tracks were specifically designed for can always "inch" your way forward by putting light
lawn mowing and other jobs requiring the least surface pressure on the control handles.
penetration. For even more convenience your "instant-reverse"
These Tracks give excellent traction while mowing lever is always by your side. Just pull up on it and
and at the same time provide reliable turf protection. you'll go quickly into reverse; release it and you'll
Each Track is made up of many individual sections which move smoothly forward again.
Even with all its serious work features, the Mini- want it to -a great help when that tree stump pops up
Dozer is still the first choice for a cross - country out of nowhere!
"funmobile". Its balanced design,coupled with its su- The all-steel tracks completely eliminate any fear
perior traction allows it to tackle the toughest hills of tire punctures or other maintenance worries. Each
and terrain. It gives little concern to what material tread is rigidly double bolted to a heavy duty drive
it's gliding over; be it rocks, swamp, sand, ice or chain forming a continuous band of superior gripping
snow.This confidence is a great assurance when you're power .
"snaking" your way through unfamiliar country. And when it's time to pack up and go home the Mini-
Another plus feature is the Mini-Dozer's quick re- Dozer can scoot up into your standard size station
sponce to the control handles. This means the Mini- wagon or pick-up truck and you're on your way content
Dozer will turn exactly where and exactly when you and relaxed!
Here's how the
dozer works








WITH NO HAND PRESSURE on the control lever, it stays PUSHING THE CONTROL LEVER FORWARD tightens the con-
in the center or neutral position. The rear drive belt stantly rotating drive pulley against the rear drive
is slack, so no power is transmitted to the track. belt, putting the track in forward motion.

drive belt and brings the brake arm to bear on the belt shaft down its slot to slacken the forward drive belt
so that it prevents track movement. and engage the reverse drive belt.

No. 100 BLADE
Kit contains all parts necessary to con-
42 x 16" all steel blade. Can be angled
vert 36" #32KF25009N Rotary Mower sold by
left or right with removal of single pin.
Sears RSSbuck Co. for use with our Mini-
Completely enclosed lift rod and mechanism;
Dozer. Our Conversion Kit contains front
connects to rear mounted lift handle.Comes
caster wheel and mount, tractor mounting
complete, mounts to tractor with only two
arms,and complete belt and clutch mechan-
pins $59.95
ism $34.95

No. 13 Chain Guards

Two 12 ga. all-steel guards used to pro-
tect the final drive chains from collect-
All steel, medium duty, 36 x uo x 12",
ing trash when going in heavy brush with
full up-swing tail gate,4:00 x 8 pneumatic
the Mint-Dozer;bolts on with four 5/16 cap
tires,roller bearing wheels,stake pockets,
screws furnished -you must drill four 5/16
over 1/3 ton capacity $98.95
holes on each side of Body, full instruc-
tions included $4.95


Complete one-piece track guard made of
12 guage steel and 1-1/2" pipe. Extremely No. 425 AERATOR
useful for keeping rocks and other trash 32" coverage, roller bearings, special-
out of the track when bulldozing gravel ly designed beveled teeth are reversible
or similiar loose materials. Also useful to permit smooth or rough spiking, comes
when going through unfamiliar country to with weight pan $79.95
protect the track and drive wheels from
h idden obstacles $29.95


Accurate feed regulator, lever type No. 525 ROLLER
feed control, welded steel hoppar, 10-7/8" 3 2 " wide by 2 4 " diamater, heavy gaugo
high by 10" deep by 30" long, holds lOOlbs steel, water ballast, scraper bar, roller
Non-corrosive nylon bearings on agitator, bearings, loaded weight 550 lbs $69.95
oilite bearings on 12x2.75 tires....$29-95

PARTS No. 1 2 , 13, and 14 not available until JULY 1, 1967 •••••*
Husky 8-inch Plow 30-inch Disc Harrow 34-inch Drag Harrow


This Mounting Bracket allows
you to use the 3-Point Hitch il-
lustrated below on your Mini -
Dozer. When used with this Hitch
ell implements pictured on this
page may be attached to the Mini
Dozer. Except for this Bracket,
everything else illustrated on
this page is available from
Sears, Roebuck and Co.and should Heavy-duty
Adjustable Foot Unit be ordered directly from them.
# 0 . 18 Mounting Bracket (does not
include 3-Point Hitch) $4.95

3-Point Hitch

Self Powered
MD34B Mini-Dozer Kit

Complete unpainted Kit of a l l p a r t s

necessary to make your own Mini-Dozer.
All p a r t s completely machined; can be MD34C PLANS
assembled with common mechanic's t o o l s .
Only basic mechanical understanding Complete detailed plans
necessary to sucessfully complete t h i s for building your own Mini-
Kit. (specify e i t h e r No. 15 Lawn Track Dozer from l o c a l l y secured
or No. 16 Dozer Track - pictured above material s.
with Dozer Track) Includes complete Parts
MD34B KIT with 6hp Tecumseh-Power L i s t with low, factory -
Products Engine $349.95 d i r e c t Prices on a l l parts
you don't wish to f a b r i -
cate yourself.
MD34B-LE KIT (same as KIT above Also includes plans for
less Engine $208 .95 building our popular, low-
cost Plywood Body and Hard
wood Tracks!
MD34C Plans ---$5.00

NOTE: all prices quoted in this catalog are FOB Cedarburg,

Wisconsin USA with the exception of items N o . 2 1 0 , 4 2 5 , 5 2 5
whicch are FOB Mt. Kisco, New York USA.
SPECIFICATIONS MD34 MINI-DOZER Max Speeds 1st - 2.44MPH (for bulldozing)
2nd - 3.83MPH (for lawn mowing)
Engine 6 HP Tecumseh - Power products with re-
3rd - 6.10MPH (for cross country travel)
coil start and single "choke, throttle,
Reverse - 3.53MPH (with removal of re-
and stop" control . Larger Engines not
verse belt this pulley step becomes
an extra low forward speed.)
Double "A" belt powering at a 37.8 to 1
Drawbar Pull Pull 3500# automobile up grade. Pull a
ratio, two #40 chain driven rear sproc-
8" moldboard plow 5" deep in moderate
clay soil.
Transmiss ion Step Cone "A" belt type, manually shif-
ted through four possible ratios. Re-
verse permanently operable.
Final Drive Single #40 chain driven sprockets dri- For 90 days from purchase date, we will replace for
ving each Track at a 6.75 to 1 ratio. the original purchaser, free of charge, any part or
Frame 12 guage electrically welded steel with parts found upon examination at our factory to be de-
10 ga. steel plate for all internal fective under normal use and service on account of de-
mechanism. fects in material or workmanship. All transportation
Cast Iron with "Oilite"bearings and oil charges on parts submitted for replacement under this
fittings riding on 7/8" axles. warranty must be borne by purchaser. This warranty does
Dimensions Width overall w/Dozer Track - 38" not cover engines as these are covered in a warranty by
w/Lawn Track - 36" the engine manufacturer through their regular distrib-
Length overall - 46" utor and service organization. This warranty shall not
Height overall - 34" be effective if our equipment has been subjected to
Clearance - 6" misuse or has been altered outside our factory in any
Turning Radius Inside Track - 0" respect which affects its operation.
Outside Track - 33-1/2"
Weight Approximately 350# shipping weight C. F. STRUCK CORPORATION
Stability Will climb or negotiate around 45° hill
C. F. STRUCK CORPORATION reserves the right to make improvements and change product specifications without notice.

Permit No. 3O