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The students will take a ball each other and will play and easy game. They
have to dribble around the court in pairs without getting out from the court
lines and they have to make what I say. If I say lay down staring at the
ceiling, they will have to do that while they are dribbling. They cant stop
dribbling. This game is for the warm up so it will take some minutes (5-10
min) that they have to complete with whatever they want, running and
dribbling more ore stretching.
The first drill they will do is for the ball-handling. They have to take a ball
and go dribbling from sideline to sideline with the head up. First they dribble
with right hand and then they will dribble with left hand and afterwards with
both hands.
After that, they will take a tennis ball and they must be able to dribble the
ball while they are throwing the tennis ball up with the other hand. They
have to pay attention on the tennis ball. It will last ten minutes more or less.
The second drill is for teaching the different types of passes. The class will
be separated in two groups. In the 1 cone position, there must be four
students with ball and in the rest cone positions just three students without
ball. All of them will rotate to the next cone where they make the pass.
The students of 1 cone position have to dribble few meters and make a
one hand push pass to the second cone. Then, the student of the second
cone will dribble three times and make a chest pass to the third cone. Now
the student of the third cone does the same as his previous classmate did
and after pass to the student of the fourth cone, he has to run to the high
post position to receive the bounce pass that the student of the fourth cone
makes to him and then make a lay-up. All of the students that have waiting
to the pas must be on target hand. It will last ten minutes more or less.

The third drill is for improve the mechanic of the lay-up. In the same two
groups but now the students have to make two lines, seven students next to
the 1 cone position and six next to the 2 cone position. The student that
start from 1 cone position have to move to the free throw line making the
two steps of the lay-up without ball, just only making for example right leg
step and jump with left leg raising the right hand simulating a lay-up. Then,
steadily, he will do the same but finishing with left hand up so he will
change the steps. When he arrives to the free throw line, he will receive a
chest pass of the classmate situated in 2 cone position and he will have to
do a lay-up with right hand. Then the students change their position so all
students make the drill.
It will last ten minutes more or less.

The fourth drill is for improve the ball-handling and the approach to the
basket and the foot work. The class will be separated in four groups that will
form lines next to the cones (1, 2, 3 and 4).
The students that begins from 1 and 3 cone position have to dribble
making zig-zag throw the cones and when arrive near the triple line, they
have to make a one-hand-push-pass to the students of their group (1 to
2 and 3 to 4). Then they have to run to the high post position put
target hand and receive the return bounce pass from their group mates and
finish with a lay-up.

To get cool down, the students will make shots close to the basket, in the
restricted area. If they score two baskets followed, they have to walk one
back step; when they miss a shot, they have to come back to the start