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Serial murderer

In common peoples opinion a serial murderer is this person who killed another person
using cruel means which brought them death. The serial murderer is causing most of murders
using some cruel means almost every time, sometimes leaving the same clue at the crime scene.
Most of the serial murderers end up in prison as they were discovered and afterwards judged,
while others remaining out of the prison keep sentencing to death innocent people most of their
time. In other cases they kill people because they were asked to, at someones command; in this
category we can include terrorists, mafia groups etc.
The serial murderer, instead kills for psychological reasons. The specialists found
a trauma from the childhood or of the adolescence period which marked the life of that person
and lead to the production of the murders by the same typology
The police concluded that the criminals in series act in one area and they
must be found and judged by the law ans imprisoned for great number of years years. In some
countries the criminals in series are judged and sentenced to prison for life, or even to death

The police are striving to keep under control the criminality even if they

do not always succeed. In our country a criminal usually does not get to be considered criminal
in series because the romanian police is quite efficient in discovering the criminals in series.
Some criminals in series select with precision their victims, for example
Joseph Mendley killed only redheads women, Ramiro Artieda killed only women who look like
his girlfriend who abandoned him.
In order to understand this frequent of criminals we need to notice
some things which are characteristic to them:
- repeated murders (in series) often increasing in number after a period of time which
can mean even years; they continue until the killers are caught or until they are dead or they are
killed by another person;
- the murders tend to spend in relation to one-to-one like a pasional murder
committed in one moment of anger or frustration; the murder committed with cold blood often
motivated for hope of personal gain.

Killer couples refers to male-female pair almost always involved in sexual relationship,
the man is usually the dominant. We notice an interesting phenomenon that while both partners
as individuals have degenerate inclinations the combined personality turns deadly only
together. This phenomenon the French coined the phrase a film deux (delusion shared by two
people connected emotionally) and psychology-term Grestalt that the organized whole is
stronger than the sum of its parts.
The notion of partners includes couples that are not based on sex. Usually after
arrest partners accuse each other.
Although there is no general model as might discover among killer couple
and partners criminals, groups killer proved very effective tools of multiple murders, those
components being joined in most cases by a created common ideal of their own imagination.
Killer groups can apply the same principle of film of deux very well.
Individuals might be incapable of committing a murder but once
they gather under the wing of a group with a common cause and a leader they can be enrolled by
a wave of madness collective. There is very low connectivity between murderers and victims,
those involved with the family rarely direct relationship. This attribute of criminals in series is a
recent phenomenon: there are victims who have been chosen precisely because they belong to
the family of killers as in the case of premeditated murders which aim a financial gain.
Although there might be one model individual murders of
the series reveal rarely a rational reason. The criminal frequently has a personality very well
organized and rational, and often he plans his murders long before.
There is usually a high degree of the unnecessary
violence or excess of the murder to which the victims are submitted of exaggerate brutality.
Even more situations in which the victims are slowly tortured, sometimes for several days, this
delay having the purpose of extending the pleasure the killer resents in seeing his victim in

There are close connections between sado-sexual fantasies

and crime in series. Both of them involve the mixture of pleasure and violence.
In psychological analysis it has been established
that the criminals in series could be grouped into four main categories: visionaries, missionaries,
hedonists and power searchers.

The visionaries involve the criminals who act like

they answered to some voices and the received instructions serving as the justification and

legitimation of the crime act. Because of the nature of psychopathic behavior of the visionary,
they belong to some category much easier to identify among fellow citizens comparatively sane.
Victims tend to be strangers and seen as part of target category of persons. Killing is spontaneous
and disorganized.

The missionaries are those killers who clean up, who

take the responsibility of improving the life quality and to get the society rid of her undesirable
elements. That is why the victims of the missionaries are prostitutes, gays, tramps and racial

The hedonists is the complex category who includes the

killers for which the pleasure is reward assassin. There are three subgroups of this category:

- the criminals who kill of voluptuousness;

- the killers of emotion;

- the killers for gain.

Power searchers. The criminals of this category have the desire to hold the control over
life and over death of others. Often it proves too difficult that these criminals in quest for power
to be distinguished from the criminals of voluptuousness for which the domination is a strong
reason. But criminals act based on their desire to show total control over other human being.
Power is the main factor behind their crimes. Sometimes sexual abuse of victim is involved but
only to demonstrate their power of the victim. The act is often sadistic.
The above classification is only a general overview of these types of criminals.
The characterization for the purposes of a criminal investigation has to be more precise. For a
full profile to be shaped other details such as the scene of the crime, the type of person the victim
was, their physical appearance and so on are necessary.
True psychopathic personalities
- crime is unplanned and no gain from it
- crime caused by wild mood change and no clear pattern of type of behaviour (could be sexual
or just physical violence)
- offences committed on a whim, acts are chaotic and repetitious and occur in quick succession
- certainly appears to be clear link between criminality and psychopathy

- note that women are almost never classified as psychopathic