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Lee el siguiente artculo de opinin y luego escribe el que se te propone:
Read the essay, ignoring the gaps. Match each paragraph to its purpose.
Paragraph 1

a) Give some facts to support your opinion.

Paragraph 2

b) Write a conclusion, restating your opinion.

Paragraph 3

c) Introduce the point, including your opinion.

Paragraph 4

d) Give some contrasting points of view and say why you dont agree with them.

Children under 16 shouldnt be allowed to have mobile phones. They are a distraction from
studies and an impediment to social interaction. Discuss.
These days it is difficult to think of a world without mobile phones. Many people have more than one and some
people spend half their lives on the phone. You also see more and more younger children with mobile phones.
Some might find this a worrying trend but in my opinion (1) ______________ modern societys obsession with
technology. (2) _______________ there should be an age limit for owning a mobile phone, but I would put that limit
at 8 or 9 years old, not 16. (3)________________ whoever believes that teenagers shouldnt have access to a
mobile phone is out of touch with modern society.
Mobile phones are a necessary part of a teenagers life. By using text messages and apps such as Whatsapp,
modern teenagers build up social networks which are more enriching than hanging around on street
corners. (4) ________________, mobile phones are a source of information. Most teenagers access the Internet via



and (5) ________________








aid. (6) ________________ owning a mobile phone is a form of security. Once upon a time parents didnt know
where the kids were if they hadnt arrived home at the expected time. These days a quick phone call can put
parents minds at rest.
There should be an age limit for mobile phones, in my opinion. Children under the age of 8 or 9 should not have
unlimited access to a mobile phone, for security reasons. They are not old enough to know the risks involved in
being part of social networks. (7) ________________ that this is also true for a 10 or 12 year old but I would reply
to this argument by saying that we are now living in a world where technology is essential. It is normal for
children to be in contact with technology at a young age. (8) ________________ mobile phones are an impediment
to social interaction that is not true. Teenagers have contact with huge groups of friends via their mobile
phones. (9)________________, they are an aid to social interaction.
(10) ________________, I would say that I am in complete disagreement with the idea that mobile phones should
only be available to over 16s. It goes against modern trends in society, and is based on the misconception that
mobile phones isolate teenagers from society. In the future, communication and information technology will be
connected to almost everything we do, so it is futile to try and stop teenagers coming into contact with it.

B. Use these phrases to fill in the gaps in the essay.


As for the idea that


far from being a


In conclusion


It can be argued that


it is no more than a consequence of


Many people would argue




Not to mention the fact that


On the contrary


Personally, I think that

C. Write an opinion essay.Children shouldnt be allowed to sit in their rooms surfing the net; its
antisocial. Discuss