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Pure is exactly what it sounds likea pure Alpha3 CMP
marine phytoplankton product! It is 1500mg of concentrated
marine phytoplankton in a Deep Blue mineral base of 92 ionic
minerals and trace elements naturally extracted from
nutrient-rich ocean water.
Retail: $94.00
Wholesale: $75.00 Wholesale QV/CV: 50
Family: $49.95 Family QV/CV: 25

FrequenSea features the nutritional abundance of Alpha3

CMP marine phytoplankton in an instantly-bioavailable
aromatic base of rose, frankincense, ginger, aloe vera, noni,
citrus, and nutmeg.
Also known as natures super food, marine phytoplankton are
microscopic plants that naturally occur in the Earths oceans
and promote the life and energy of our planet with a
nutrition profile of more than 200 vitamins and mineralsmore
than any other known naturally-occurring food source. Alpha3
CMP products exclusively from ForeverGreen, offer the
purest and most complex form of marine phytoplankton
available to man.
Make health enjoyable with a refreshing, chilled bottle of
FrequenSea, completely free of chemicals, MSG, gluten, GMO,
added sugars and artificial flavors. Consume and share
(4) 16 oz. bottles Retail: $169.00
Wholesale: $134.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 100
Family: $99.00 Family QV/CV: 50
(16) 16 oz. bottles Retail:$562.00
Wholesale: $449.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 300
Family: $299.00 Family QV/CV: 150


Azul, with Alpha3 CMP marine phytoplankton, is a
powdered blend of 24 raw whole foods that are air dried at room
temperature to improve their integrity before being run through a
proprietary procedure known as pop granulation. A brilliant-tasting
beverage, Azul boasts an ORAC antioxidant value of 14,800 per 100
grams and is fortified with microencapsulated probiotics. Packaged
in individual packets, Azul is a delicious way to include your daily
dose of marine phytoplankton into your busy lifestyle.
Retail: $87.00
Wholesale: $69.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 50
Family: $49.95 Family QV/CV: 25

Pulse-8 is a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade L-arginine
and Alpha3 CMP marine phytoplankton in a powdered drink mix
specially designed to support your cardiovascular system.
Backed by Nobel-prize winning research, L-arginine converts to nitric
oxide in the body, which relaxes and regulates blood vessel tone and
flexibility. This process naturally supports healthy heart function.
Each serving of Pulse-8 contains 5g of pharmaceutical-grade
L-arginine, the minimum amount recommended for maintaining
good cardiovascular health, with marine phytoplankton and eight
additional heart-healthy ingredients.
Retail: $75.00
Wholesale: $59.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 50
Family: $39.95 Family QV/CV: 25

Thunder is a 24-Karat Chocolate meal replacement shake made
with organic whey protein, vitamins, minerals, and a broad spectrum of
probiotics, enzymes, and apple fiber. Thunder is low on the glycemic scale
and is sweetened with the crystals of honey. Even at only 72 calories
per serving, Thunder is the most delicious meal replacement shake you will
ever experience! Mix with water or milk (dairy, coconut, rice, soy or almond).
Add ice, fruit, nuts, or Pulse for a special treat.
Retail: $70.00
Wholesale: $55.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 40
Family: $39.95 Family QV/CV: 25


Featuring guarana for an added boost of energy, FIXX is a
delicious 24-Karat chocolate meal replacement shake packed
with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and protein in
a fruit and vegetable blend.
FIXX comes in single-serving packets making it the perfect way to
stay healthy on the go. Simply add to water or milk (dairy, coconut,
rice, soy or almond) and enjoy!
Retail: $62.00
Wholesale: $49.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 35
Family: $39.95 Family QV/CV: 25

Enjoy raw, whole foods again! Pulse is a delicious
combination of 26 raw whole food fruits, nuts, seeds,
tubers and grains, featuring the nutritional benefits of
hemp. Packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, all seven
forms of fiber and essential fatty acids, Pulse offers
delicious sustained energy, natural immune support
and weight management benefits.
Available in three flavors and made fresh daily, Pulse is
the perfect snack or addition to your meal or dessert.
Eat liberally and feel good doing it!
Retail: $31.00
Wholesale: $24.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 15
Family: $19.95 Family QV/CV: 12

The key ingredient in Retrom is cycloastragenol, an all-natural

plant-based ingredient that has been proven as the most effective
element known for increasing the length of telomeres. The telomeres
in our chromosomes diminish as we age, effectively representing the
aging process as they shorten. More than 41 peer review studies have
demonstrated how cycloastragenol supports healthy telomeres.
Due to its patent-pending delivery process, Retrom delivers 98%
pure cycloastragenol to the body, helping to improve cellular function
while making you feel and look younger.
Retail: $625.00
Wholesale: $499.95 Wholesale QV/CV: 400
Family: $299.95 Family QV/CV: 200